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June Break-Episode 9



June Break-Episode 9

I didn't go to work that weekend, Louise was out early morning. Probably to work I don't know where exactly because he didn't tell me.

Our only interaction is mostly greetings. And I sometimes ask him how his day went and to inform him that I made food and if he will like to eat immediately.

He replies to my greetings very well but hardly eats. His excuse is that he already had something to eat.

One Friday he returned home very late with a visitor.
A lady who's probably in her late twenties or early thirties.
She looks good I must say but she appears not to notice my presence.

Louise kept ordering me around like a maid.
He will say "April, quickly fix Miranda's bath. Prepare a very rich tea with enough milk.. that's the way Miranda likes her tea...
".. April, come and clear the table and get Miranda chilled water to drink.
"..April change the television channel to an interesting foreign romantic movie for Miranda
"...April make the room ready because Miranda will be going to bed soon..."

This is what he kept doing and all through he never introduced who Miranda was.
I did everything he asked of me and slept in the living room.
I was not happy but what does it matter. As far as Louise was happy and his guest was comfortable, I'm good.

She stayed all through the weekend. I was washing, cleaning and cooking for them.
Miranda was referring to me as a maid but yet I never mind.
I will answer and do whatever she asked.

Louise was happy with the way I went about my duty and that was enough.

Finally Monday came and they both left early morning.

I did the cleaning that I can do That morning before leaving for my own work place.
I will finish up when I return in the evening.

I was very angry at work but I try to suck it all in and went about my duty like nothing happens.

I decided to work extra shift because one of my colleague couldn't make it to work.

I was busy and didn't notice Louise call untill I was done for the day

I try calling him back but he wasn't picking up.

After work, I changed my working uniform and set off. 
I stood at the bus stop waiting for bus but the buses I kept seeing were already filled up.
I need to board a bus that will take me to the nearest bustop to my place. From there I will take the last one home.

I was already getting frustrated with how time was flying and yet no bus in view.

Other people who were there before me are all gone is just me and one elderly man remaining.

It was night already and I was getting worried.

After few more minutes a car drove past then suddenly reversed back and packed in front of me.
He wound down and asked where I was heading to. 
At first I wasn't sure if I should reply or not.
 I'm not the type that jump on a car lift due to the strange stories I have heard in the past.

But I was in dare need of help to get home.
Maybe he was an angel sent to rescue me from this lonely night.
He was young, looks calm and very handsome.

I told him and he said he wasn't going to my exact direction but he will drop me close to the nearest bust stop linking to my house.
I thanked him and hopped into his car. I looked at the elderly man, and wondered how he was going to get home.

I kindly asked the car man if he can assist the elderly man who was trying to wave down a bus but none stopped.

He looked up and said "Sure. 
He asked if I was together with the man, if we're related. I replied "No"

He nodded, moved a little and asked the man to come in so that he can drop him.

The man hesitated at first before he entered.
The young man drove off. 

The elderly man probably thoughts we are a couple and began to thank me and the driver for our kind gesture.
He mentioned he works as a security guard in one of the companies and his colleague that was supposed to take over the night shift didn't show up in time.

He also mentioned that his boss who was supposed to pay him that day was not at work.
He had to borrow money from their food seller. He also have to buy somethings for his family and not go home empty like that because they are counting on him.
He was very grateful for the lift.

The young man told him that it was fine. He was happy to help.

He asked the elderly man where he stays and he told him.
He drove straight to the area and dropped him very close to his street. 

The elderly man was filled with gratitude as he continuesly thanked the man.

In addition, he brought out bond of cash, counted about thirty pieces of one thousand note and gave it to the man.

I was surprised, because he was a total stranger. The kindness was overwhelming.
The elderly man knelt down and began to pray for him.

The young man said he should use it and take care of himself and family until he gets paid.

He turned and drove off again. He apologized for the delay but I told him that it was alright.

He mentioned that his name is Phillip and he works in a very big firm as the managing director.

I got close to my place and informed him that I will be alighting.
Philip said he will rather take me home because is late and he contributed to it by going to drop the elderly man.

He asked for direction and I showed him. 
He drove straight to my place. 

I saw Louise standing in a dark corner where he won't be easily noticed.

my heart skipped. 
Thank goodness, Philip didn't see him.

He parked outside my gate and gave me his business card.
He asked me to call him whenever I wish to.
He wanted to give me some money but I quickly turned it down.
I told him that he had done enough and I'm really grateful.

I went down, he waved at me and I returned the waving as he speed off.

Louise entered inside without saying a word to me.

I don't know what going to happen tonight but I can sense is not good.

But I was ready and guilt free. He haven't said anything about Miranda maybe i should use that to hold him down.

He can't throw accusations when he is yet to clear the air on Miranda.

My happiness is that I'm home at last.

I entered the house to face Louise.

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