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June Break-Episode 7



June Break-Episode 7

I carefully arranged my cloths on the bed, brought out a matching shoe with hang bag.
I was grinning from ear to ear as I stood and looked at all the beautiful arrangements and how amazing I will be looking in them.

The outfit was a gift from Louis for my eighteenth birthday.
That was three weeks ago. There was no party but Louis made sure I had a great time.
His car was bad, he had spent so much on it already with no good result. He decided to park it down.

On my birthday he called a taxi that came over to pick us.
We toured round the city before going to a cool garden to chill.
It was a exceptional moment of my life because I have never experienced such special treatment.
Louis made it happen and I really felt very important and loved.

Back at home, I doubt if they will even remember.

My Mom forgot my fifteenth and sixteenth birthday. 
Even after telling her she was still doubting saying it was April 15th instead of 13th.
It was after sometime she remembered and the only apology she rendered for forgetting my real birthday was
 "I have so many things on my head. And your birthday is confusing sometimes.  My due date was supposed to be 15th but I later gave birth on 13th. So I still think of 15th as your birthday. But your sister Rachel was just accurate. That's why I can't forget her birthday. Anyway, happy birthday April. get read so that you will go and buy food items in the market. Your sister said she is craving for coconut rice and chicken. Is been a while we had that, it will be good dinner. Don't you agree?..."

I told her that I agree off course.

It was still about Rachel at the end, even on my birthday.

I was not happy. The only day that is about me she still find a away to bring in Rachel and made it about her.

I feel pained but having coconut rice and chicken as dinner healed my hurt sooner than expected.

Looking back now, I feel bad and wish I was treated with special attention and Rachel is not taking over everything.

Maybe by now they will remember my real birthday or probably forget about everything that has to do with me.

I can make silly, unnecessary excuses for my Dad but I don't see any reason to do same for my Mom.
Even if my Dad forgets, my Mom supposed to remember seventy percent of the details if not hundred.
She was the one that carried the pregnancy, suffered the whole hormone  imbalance, go through labour war before giving birth.
How is it possible for her to forget it all.
Although it may be possible if the child is not on favorite list.

I hate to look back because there is a sprinkle of sad and lonely days in it

To the present, looking at my beautiful wear, it feels so good.

Louis was the real definition of a gentleman. Maybe he is my reward for everything I went through back at home.

This will be the second time I will be putting on the dress. The first been on my birthday, a great outing with Louis.

This time around will be for my office 15th anniversary.
The supermarket where I work will be celebrating their fifteenth years anniversary and there will be big a big party.
My boss asked all the staffs to be in their best outfit, best behavior and best service because dignitaries will be coming to grace the occasion.

I was picked as one of the staffs that will be serving the VIPs. 
It feels real good and I will be on my very best today.

I quickly got dressed and just when I was majestically stepping out Louis who happens to be at home that Saturday asked.
"Must you go? 

Is that even a question? A party that I have so much look forward to.
Was he expecting an answer

"Offcourse Louis, is important for all staff, so i must be there. 

He nodded and said while getting up from the seat

"You look good April. All eyes will be on you today... especially the men. Maybe I should get dressed and come along..."

"I don't think that's a good idea. We were not asked to bring our family or friends but even if you happen to come...I wouldn't have time for you because I have a special assignment. I will be attending to the special invitees... the dignitaries. They will be in a different canopy. You may not get to see me untill the end of the party and everything is cleared..."

He paused and stare at me
"April, is an open party and you can invite anyone you wish. You need no permission to do that because you're a staff there. You can clearly tell me that you don't want me to come, maybe due to some other guy you may be seeing secretly. Go on and have fun"

My mouth was open, I was not expecting those words from him.
He said the last part and walked away.
I wondered what got into him.

For sometime now, I have been noticing his strange behavior but I never took it serious.

I followed him inside, trying hard not to get angry because he just accused me. And that's very annoying.

"What do you mean by all of this attitude you're pulling, I invited "some other guy" and not you. Really?? Can you listen to yourself. You're not making sense at all Louis. What is the matter with you? If you want to come to the party, fine. Get dressed let's go..."

He turned to me and said.
", I'm sorry April. Forget about everything I said. Go on to your party. I'm just pissed over some other thing and unknowingly transfered the anger to you. Please, don't pay attention to anything I said earlier... go on. I brought home work from the office. I will get busy with that..."

I asked him to tell me what exactly pissed him off and he said is the office work that was assigned to him. He said he was supposed to be resting during weekends and not working.

I also apologize to him before leaving.

I'm not fully convince because this was not the first time Louis will be working during weekends.
Sometimes he even go to the office on weekends.
Is nothing new and that is why I felt there was more to his recent behavior.

But again, I try not to think much about it.
I left for the party.

I'm gradually saving money for my school.
Louis helped me to open an account and he gets alert anytime I receive my salary.
If there is delay in payment he will ask me why haven't they paid yet because he gets alert on his phone.

I'm happy that is almost a year that I have been saving now. soon enough I will start my school processing.

Louis said he will be getting a new car soon enough and I look forward to It.

I don't know what is up with Louis but knowing that my savings is rising gives me joy..

Another thing is this party. I have looked forward to It. This will be my first "freedom" party too.

My boss said she will pay us extra cash at the end. 
That too makes me happy. 

I will use the money and get something nice for Louis, maybe that will cheer him up.

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