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June Break-Episode 6



June Break-Episode 6

The first weeks was quiet tough, it was difficult coping in my new environment.

No matter how much I try to forget home I can't seem to forget.

Louis was able to get the job and was mostly away during the first two months leaving me alone in the house.

That was the toughest period of my life but I was able to cope through.
I try to occupy my mind with movies.

Louis was making sure I had enough food and drinks, movies and phone game.
He got me an Android, I was only playing game with it because I don't have contacts to save in it.

Louis was the real definition of a gentleman
He permanently made the sitting room his sleeping place.
I told him that we can share the room but he said he will rather decline.

"Is risk enough that I agree to take you along to the city when you asked, living with me still does not give me right over you April. Your people may even accuse me of forceful kidnaping. As much I understand the huge risk that was involved in this whole thing, I was ready to do the little i can to make you happy April. I just wanted to see you happy...I felt your sadness and hurt each time you complain about the way you were been treated at home. You know I love you right? and my love for you has nothing to do with your beauty or body, I like your personality... and love you like a sister. The same way I will treat my kid sis is same way I will treat you April. You're special with great potential. I may not be able to give you everything you need but I will keep trying my best to make sure I do the little that I can for you..."

I smile and replied.
"Thanks Louise, I appreciate. Maybe I should go look for job instead of staying home and doing nothing. What do you think?

"I don't think that's a good idea. Like I said that I will try my very best to make sure you have food and every other necessary things. You're too young to be out there, is a dangerous world April and the risk as a teenager is high. I want to protect you from the world danger..."

I smile. It feels good listening to him say those words but I don't fully agree with him.

"You can't protect me because life itself is a risk. If I don't take the risk I took I will still be home. I will be turning eighteen soon, so I'm not a kid. Forget the fact that my parents treated me like a maid, delayed my entry to the university, make me feel less of myself...but in all this I know my right and what I want out of life. Food and shelter is not just the only thing I need. I need to discover myself Louis. I need to start working so that I can be able to save up for school. Because I still want to go to the university and I need money for that to happen. I love and appreciate everything Louis but I didn't run away from home to come and eat and sleep in your house. I want to discover myself now and not go home the same way I came. The mockery will be doubled...."

He stared at me in disbelief when I told him that i don't want to go back home the same way.
I was grinning.
"You're smart and intelligent April and that's why I love you..."

The following week I started searching for job.
Louis helped me to get my CV done
I submitted my CV in any vacant work place I came across.

I later got a job as a marketer, it was a new product. My job is to go around introducing it to different companies and market people.
Is more like a contract job, the  more people buy from me will determine how much I get at the end of the month.

Louis try to talk me out of it, saying is stressful, dangerous and time consuming.
He mentioned that men will start checking me out with promises at the end it won't worth it.
He also said why they employed me as a marketer is because I'm a beautiful young girl and many people will want to listen to me easily when I try to introduce the product to them.

I told him that I just want to explore and the Job looks like what I can do.

I thought his only concern was because of other men checking me out which I was ready to handle.
But after three weeks, I was so stressed out plus other little troubles I had to face during the marketing job.
Louis was the one giving me transport fare and I know is not very easy on him because it was just few months he started working in the new place.
My joy was I will soon get my own salary and I wouldn't have to depend on him for transport fare.

But after six weeks I know I had to stop.

I quit without getting paid. They said I didn't bring much expected customer.
It was supposed to be from the proceeds that I will get paid but since I was poor in my duty no payment for me.

That was not true at all. I did well on the job despite the difficulties I encountered. I was able to bring lots of customers to them through that short period.
They were taking advantage of me while enriching themselves.

Truthfully, it was not the kind of marketing job I wanted but I still put in my best but got nothing in return.
I was pained because my whole effort was in vain and Louis was right at the end.

I started another job hunt relentlessly.
Louis also promise to look out for any good opportunity.

I got one as a customer care, more like a sales representative in a big supermarket and resumed right away.

I'm hoping this time will be different.

I started off on a wrong foot, I will do all I can to make it on the right foot this time around.

That was how my journey kicked off.

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