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June Break-Episode 4



June Break-Episode 4

I couldn't fully make up my mind on what exactly to do.
Anytime I thought I'm fully ready to take the bold step and leave one thing or the other will hold me back and is mostly my homely upbringing.

My parents tried their best in making sure their children doesn't come out wayward or gangster types and all we ever did is to make them proud and to assure them that we won't be influence by worldly lifestyle. 

Well, that's exactly how much I respected my parents but their attitude towards me continued giving me a head strong to change that narrative.

As much as I want to be the good girl they wanted me to be, I hate to be their second best
I don't want to be unappreciated or overlooked in my own home.
I want to be where I will be appreciated and noticed.

I don't want to be a second choice and I'm only still here because I'm hoping my parents will truly change.

Louis asked me to make up my mind fast because he needs to leave soon and the reason why he kept delaying is because of me.

I asked him to give me just a week and after then I will give him feedback if I'm staying or travelling to another city with him.

A week was too much but he agreed to stay.
Actually, I was afraid to just take off like that and I wish I can get enough reason to stay back home

I was ready to ignore all the special affection showered on Rachel.

After all she was my kid sis and she deserves to be treated with love. There shouldn't be any competition to that but I wish I can sometimes get a pinch of the whole care. 

But then is alright, maybe with time my parents and every other person will also learn to notice and appreciate me.

I try to console myself with this thoughts and was already planning to inform Louis that I won't be going with him anymore.
We can keep a distance relationship and nothing will change. 

It was insane to just leave my family and disappear. 
I want to go to school under their watch and care, become a woman my parents will be proud off.
Leaving may devastate them or probably not but I don't have the nerve yet to leave.

This was my whole thought until the last straw hit me in a bad corner.

 Rachel was exempted from doing dishes and any household chores because she will be writing exams soon. She needs to really prepare while I was placed to do all the house chores despite how tired I am must time I return back from work.
I also had a university exam I needed to prepare for too but no one is considering that.

My sister will eat and come dump in the sink for me after I'm done washing and cleaning the entire kitchen.

She will use a whole lot of plates at once, mess up the kitchen and then come into the room where I'm trying to study to inform me that there's dirty dishes I need to go and tidy and the kitchen needs cleaning.

I told my mum but she said I complain too much
My dad will not even pay me attention whenever I come to him.

I only have night time to read for my exam

Rachel was gladly frustrating my life and no one will call her to order.

 So even if I fail is none of their business but they can't afford for Rachel to fail because she remains their favorite.
I have had enough, I can't take this anymore. 

Louis will be leaving for the big city tomorrow and although I have informed him that I won't be going again, I have a change of mind.

I called and told him not to leave without me.
I packed few important things into a backpack to avoid looking suspecious.
I took one last look around the house before stepping out.
As I was about walking out of the gate I thought of dropping atleast a written note.

I slowly walked back to the house and ran into my Mom coming out of the kitchen.

"I thought you were gone already, you forgot something?
I nodded as I kept walking

She called my attention again and said.
"April, Don't forget to return home early, the laundry needs to be done. Especially your sister's two weekend wears are there and I know she will be using one of them this coming Saturday. She mentioned her friends will be coming around and she needs to look good. Try and be home early to do the laundry, ironing and other chores. I can't be doing certain things when I have a grown woman like you in the house. So aside the laundry you will also be making dinner. Also remember to bring home some snacks from the bakery for your sister's friends who will be visiting her on Saturday... hope you understand?

I made a funny smirk face and replied
"Yes Mom... totally"

I walked back to my room write few words in a paper, wrap it up and dropped it on the bed before finally walking out without looking back.

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