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June Break-Episode 34



June Break-Episode 34

I walked to the door with my heart in my hand, it was racing with speed as I held the door knob.
I decided to ask again with a  very loud voice "who is knocking on my door?

"Is me o, your neighbor.." the female voice replied.

I breathed in relief, my heart was almost pumping out of my chest.

I opened the door and stared straight at the woman, she was grinning from ear to ear while holding something in her hand.
Her protruding belle has grown an inch longer from the last time I saw her.

She is beautiful but the pregnancy was hiding all the beauty and making her look way bigger 

"I can see you have finally moved in, I have come to welcome you with a little something. Is actually a delicious banana biscuit. Is not home made, my hubby usually bring it for me. He is a manager in one big supermarket. Sugary biscuits is part of my cravings, this is the last remaining ones. Since I don't want to come with empty hand I decided to bring this. In some countries, is wrong to go welcome a new neighbor with nothing..."

I smile, thanked her for coming to welcome me. 
Truly, her kind gesture melt my heart at that instant. 
I felt at peace knowing that I have a good neighbor.

", I'm not really into snacks like banana biscuit but I deeply appreciate this.."

I said as I stretch hand to collect the biscuits.
Instead of giving it to me, she held it back.

"I wouldn't want you to go and trash it or abandon it somewhere and forget. Since the biscuits is not your thing let me take it back then because is my kind of thing and I have to satisfy my cravings while waiting for my hubby to buy another. do you like peanuts, chin Chin or cakes? I'm a baker but I haven't baked anything for a long time, ever since I became pregnant. I want to be stressed free and concentrate on the baby but I can make small chops, egg roll, chinchin and smoothie. Let me know which you will rather prefer.."

"I appreciate ma'am but I'm fine. I wouldn't want you to stress yourself because of me..." I replied.

"Alright, but don't fail to ask if you need anything. Let me allow you finish with unpacking and settling down. You will love it here, is a Cool place to be. By the way my name is Cecilia.. you can just call me Ceci.."

I nodded with a smile before walking back inside.

I quickly rounded up with some packing as I plan to do the remaining one another day

I took a quick shower and got dress but as I was dressing up, I realized some of the office clothes were very rough, I need to iron them.

Time was running, I can't make it today again. Is very obvious that I won't be able to go to the office.
Before I will get there they might have closed for the day.

I made up my mind that it was the next day I will go as I silently pray that they won't have anything negative to say because I really need the money.

I called the furniture guys to send my bed and chairs by weekend and they agreed to do so.
I was happy that I paid for almost everything before now, the remaining money with me isn't much again.

I still have money in my account, I will use it for food stuff and care for myself untill I finally gets a Job.

After arranging my things, I will go and meet Ceci to ask if I can get an iron, so that I can straighten my office wears.

She said I should ask her if I need anything, I hope my asking won't cause problem.

I took my time to put my things in other. I walked round the room, parlour, kitchen, bathroom and the toilet.
I can't believe the apartment was mine. It was all mine. 

I was really free from Louise claws, I wonder what he will do after walking in and realized that I have taken everything that belongs to me.
It will be like a film trick, he never expected it neither did he see it coming.

I'm free and with this freedom that I have really craved with passion, I still felt sad within.

I was really not free from my guilt and conscience.
Loosing a good man like Phil in my life, is like loosing almost everything that matters most to me.

I pray he will someday forgive me. It maybe hard but that's my only prayer right now.

I was too tired by the time I was done.
I needed food but is already late.
I don't know my new area yet, I will take my time to walk around by weekend but for now I will just stay indoor.

I regretted not taking the biscuit that Ceci was offering.
It could served as dinner snacks because I have nothing in the house.

Since there was no bed yet, the furniture man will bring everything by weekend I have to put some of my clothes down.
I made bed and pillow with them.

Few minutes after lying down I slept off, I woke up around 2am.
I was really cold, I stood up from the cold tile ground, i added more cloths to the ones down, I used some thick ones to wrap myself before sleeping back again.

Strange, terrifying nightmare woke me up by 4am
I couldn't sleep back, I was afraid to go back to sleep.
I remained awake, occupying my mind with lots of thought until day break.

I was really famished as I walked to knock on Ceci's door for the iron that morning.
It was the husband that opened the door.

He called out to his wife who was inside immediately he saw me
"Is our new neighbor.."

I greeted him and asked for iron, just then the wife showed up by the door ushering me inside.

I told her let me get my cloths so that I can quickly iron them

Within few minutes I returned back with two cloths and was shown where to iron

I can perceive a delicious aroma and in no time I saw Ceci eating White rice with fish stew.

My throat was patched, I needed something to eat.
My stomach growls immediately it perceived food.

Cecil's husband later left for work. After I was done ironing, I couldn't look pass the food.
Ceci noticed and offered me some, I didn't even think before saying yes.

She puts the food in a plastic pack and I went with it to my apartment.

Immediately I entered my house, i sat on the ground and ate it up to the last grain.
It was too spicy but I didn't really care, I just wanted to satisfy my belle with whatever at hand.

I drank deeply from the two sachet water I collected from Ceci too

I was energized and quickly got dressed and left to Phil's office.

I was looking okay with my appearance but my inside burn with hurt.

I took a cab that carried me to the place.

I sat at the reception counting hours and waiting for the HR after I was told that I needed to see the HR first and she was busy at that time.

I wasn't the only one at the reception waiting for one thing or the other.

I don't know what I will do if I see Phil, I'm not ready to face him again.

Just as i was still praying not to see him, he walked into the reception.
I try to hide my place so that he won't see me but it was already late, I saw him matching towards me.

Fear gripped me, I try to remain steady and calm but my raising heart beat wouldn't corporate.

I wish I can disappear into a hole right now but it was too late, i have to face my fear fully.

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