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June Break-Episode 33



June Break-Episode 33

Immediately I saw him he was staring straight at the passenger side of the cab.

I was wearing a black sun shade which I thought of taking off and hiding under the chair.
But on a second thought I just remained seated and watch as he struggles to see who was in the cab.

Yes, I must have looked very familiar to him because I was putting on one of my blue t-shirt that he has seen on me before
What maybe confusing for him will be the shade, the black eye glass does alot of good for me and it covers the black swollen line around my eyes which is a clear evidence that I need a good rest.

If I can get enough sleep then it will all be gone in no time.

I sat there and stare back at him through my glasses.
He was actually looking at me as he tried to mark the face, is obvious I look familiar to him and he was trying to place the recognition.

No more running or hiding from Louise, he was a big siege and I have already overcome it.

As the cab drove past him, he stopped and kept staring.
He must have recognized my top but I wasn't bothered.
Rather I did an unexpected thing, I wish I can spat on his face and kick his balls.

 That was exactly how I feel, I was boiling inside seeing the man that caused so much trouble to me.
As the cab was a little far from him and he was about turning to continue on his way home, I pulled out my middle finger from the window, raised it high so that he can see it.

I don't want anything that will make him miss the finger.

I really wanted him to see it, I wish there was a stone nearby inside the cab I could have used it to stone him but what if I miss him and the stone lands on another person.

Pulling out my middle finger at him was the little salvage I can used to shed him.

That was the time he probably knew that I must be the one.

He began to run after the cab but we were really far this time and out of the street gate.

He was calling another cab to stop but unfortunately it drove pass him without stopping.

As he was trying to call another we entered the express road and speed off.
all through the time I did not stop with the middle finger thing.
I kept doing it until he couldn't see me anymore.

He was looking for a cab which he will use to pursue me.
He wanted to know what was going on and where I was going with a cab.
Yes, I dressed like I was traveling and that must have confused his cheap state of mind.

I looked back along the road to know if he was actually following us but I didn't see him.

I looked back severally and didn't see any sign of him or any cab or a motorbike following.

The cab man speed off immediately we entered the express road.

Louise is no more to be seen again.
I don't know if he later got a cab to follow us but he may never be able to catch-up.

There are several cab with the same colour as mine on the road, he may not even know which exactly am in except if there is something he used to recognise my cab 

I really wanted to shout out insults to him, I wish to curse him and also the day I met him but again he won't be able to hear me and is a waste of my strength.

I checked the time it was past mid day. If I should reach my place first I won't be able to go to Phil's office for the money because I really need the money right now.
I don't know how much it is but no matter the amount is still very important.

I asked the cab man to take me to the office first, he agreed but on a second look, i needed to change into something more official.

I know I'm not part of their staff anymore and no one will care about my dressing or question me over my appearance but I still want to look good, I want to atleast dress like an office person one more time.

My next job may not be an office job, I may go back searching for job in supermarket, hotel or restaurants. I will search until I get a better offer that will enable me pay my rent whenever is due and fend for myself too.
I asked the cab man to take me to my rented apartment instead so that I can dress in something appropriate.

He drove me straight to my the apartment and I quickly began to take my things out of the car.
The cabbie also assisted me carrying my things out and in no time we were done.

He asked me to pay him that he can't wait for me to finish everything that I was about to do. Maybe I should look for another cab that will drive me to the second place I intend to go.

I paid him and the cabbie left immediately.
I began to pack my things inside. My apartment was so empty and quiet. My voice echoes when I say something.

I need to quickly get dressed so that I can get to the office before they close.

Is really going to be very lonely in here but just a little time I will get used to it.

Is better lonely than staying in the dëvil's den. Louise apartment was the ëevil's den and I'm finally over it.

A knock on the door startled me. Who could be knocking on my door, Louise?
Did he followed me to my apartment, God forbids it!

Oh my God, he probably traced me down with either a hired motorbike.
Louise is a dëvïl and ready to do anything to hunt me. 
He thinks I'm his prey and will remain in his mercy  forever but he lied because I'm free from his claws and he can't hold me down anymore.
If Louise followed me here, it means I have to do something fast because I won't feel safe in my house anymore.

I quietly asked who was knocking but got no reply.
That must be Louise because he's a bully and will not reply untill I open the door.

I was trying to control my heart beat as I walked down to open the door.

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