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June Break-Episode 32



June Break-Episode 32

In the night, I decided to step up my act by trying to forcefully engage him into kissing and smooching.
I hated every bit of this part of acting but I was certain he wasn't going to fall for it.

And just as I thought, he pushed me so hard that I fell off.
"What are you trying to do wicked Jezebel? After you got infected you want to come and finish me off. I haven't run test yet to know my state of health but I'm already feeling feverish inside..."

"... You have never given me yourself willingly before, now that Philip is out of the picture and you maybe carrying diseases that's when you decided to do this. You think I'm a fool to fall for this nonsense act? Let me go to the hospital tomorrow and they dictate anything bad, you will regret ever knowing me. Just be praying hard that nothing should be wrong with me and even if at the end I'm totally fine I won't still touch you. You're useless to me from now onwards. So if you have to continue living here, then you must find other means and start making money, not just any type of money but huge amount. That's just it and is simple and short.."

He barked like a dog and I stood apologising like the good girl that I was all of a sudden.

He mentioned that he was already having fever, that's so funny and I feel so proud of myself.

The next day, he was up early and began to prepare to go out.
I crawled into myself in the sitting room where I usually pass the night.
He came and shouted my name so loud but I pretend not to hear until he slapped my shoulder hard.
I sat up pretending like I was in shock and was waking up from deep sleep.

I yawned lazily while struggling to adjust to the early waking.

"I won't have you sleeping in my house by this time of the day. People are already in the office but here you are still sleeping. After collecting the money from Philip today, make sure you check around for job vacancies before returning here. I can't be feeding a grown woman like you, we're neither related or even in a healthy relationship so you have to take care of your own bills..."

"... I'm heading to the hospital, from there I will go to work. I will report to the office sick so that I can return home on time and wait for you to bring the money. Keep the money you collect from Philip, don't use it and buy anything, just keep it for me untill I return. My hospital test results will determine further, just be praying that nothing should be wrong with me because I couldn't sleep through out last night, the fever and body itching seems to be getting worst. So pray very hard otherwise you won't like what I'm going to do..."

Immediately Louise stormed out of the house, I quickly began to arrange all my things in bags which I can easily move at once.

I made breakfast and ate, I left the place unkempt and did not wash the plates.

I thought of turning the whole house upside down even the bathroom and toilet too but I waved it off.

I really wanted to do something that will hurt Louise, something that when he comes back and see he will scream and by then I will be gone.

I left only the kitchen untidy,  I didn't bother to wash or tidy it up.
I decided to save my energy for some other useful things.
Turning the house upside down is a whole lot of work which I wouldn't have mind but again I just wanted to get out of this house and disappear.

I took my bath, dressed up and walked out to look for a cab.
I wanted to leave without anyone in the street staring at me with my plenty luggage.
I didn't want to look suspicious.

My plan was after I move my things to my new apartment, I will go over to Phil's company to collect the money.
If I can see him I will plead with all I got but I still need to be careful before he carry out the threats and get me arrested.

If such should happen I don't have anyone that will come and bail me out so is better I trade carefully.

After getting a cab, I went inside to picked my things. I wish to empty Louise house and take everything he owes but it won't still give me peace or replace the lost years.

 I didn't fail to pick everything I owe. Including every kitchen utensils that I bought with my money, home appliances and other small properties I own in the house, I picked everything that was solely mine. 

I did not touch any of Louise things. I could have but I decided not to.
The urge to carry the television and the fridge was really high. It would have been a compensation for my money but I decided not to.

If I want to picked almost every items in this house, including the cooker, utensils, chairs, bed, dining, home theater, curtains and every thing including the rockcarpet it won't still be enough for the pain, the trouble, the tears and offcourse my money Louise took from me with lies

This house hold a whole lot of hurts, bad memories and sadness but I'm going to be finally free from all of it.

I will start breathing fresh air, sleeping in my own bed, my own house from tomorrow, I'm moving forward
That I can't wait.

After picking up my bags filled with my things, I gave the house another round look before carrying my luggages one after the other into the waiting cab.

I try to be certain that I didn't leave any pin belonging to me in the house for Louise.
I needed all my stuffs especially now I no longer have Job or enough money to stuck up my new place.
Everything I picked will be very useful to me.
I made sure not to touch any of his things but I picked every of mine.

I entered the cab and the patient driver drove off. We were about to get to the end of Louise street when  I saw Louise coming back.

I didn't see him on time as he entered the street.

My heart skipped immediately I saw him.

He stared at the cab, it seems he was ready to block the road just to be sure of what he was looking at.

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