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June Break-Episode 31



June Break-Episode 31


If I have to get out of the house without Louise suspecting me then I have to come up with a better idea.

I will pretend to corporate with his orders and even dance to whatever music he tries to play. I will pretend to worship him like a small god and reply him back with a pretentious respect. Whenever he says something I will reply back with a "yes sir"

He will try to mock and laugh at me for having no other choice but unknown to him that I'm cooking something up.

If you want to catch a thief, then why not act like one too.
Louise will feel like I'm at his mercy finally and won't suspect me for any reason.

Philip leaving me is something I may never be able to get over. I hurt deeply but I only got myself and need to be strong.

That night, I allowed Louise taunt me non stop.
He even pushed me harshly as he was walking past me and I fell aside and stood up again.

I cleaned up the sitting room because I really needed to engage my mind to avoid depression or breaking down.

I swept and cleaned up the sitting room while Louise kept talking and insulting me.

I did not reply him or react to anything he said. When he was tired of shading me he quietly went to bed, leaving me alone. I couldn't sleep that night.
I lay in the sitting room thinking over my life, I cry quietly most part of the night

A silent sob with tears that almost soaked up the pillow.

The following morning was a Sunday, Louise continued from where he stopped. He kept mocking me but I was not bothered.

I have grown a thick skin, nothing he says or do moves me anymore.
He kept on insulting me and asking me about the money they paid me in my place of work.

I kept thinking of what to tell him. The lies formed perfectly in my head.

As Louise continuesly asked about the money I made from Philip's company, I told him that I was duped and that was how my first salary went.
He asked me to explain how I was duped. He didn't believe me and called me liar.
I was very ready to tell him anything that will make him leave me alone.

I quickly arranged the whole lies in perfect order and began with how I was hypnotized inside a taxi which i boarded the very days my salary was paid to me.

I told him that the two guys with me collected everything i had on me before throwing me off the cab.
And I was hoping maybe after collecting the present month salary I will open an account, the accountant paid me cash because I don't have bank account yet but they said they will open a salary account which they were going to pay this month salary into but everything came crashing.
I told Louise that I was planning to open an account so that I can start saving for my school.
Even Philip asked me to go and open a personal bank account so that he can be transferring money to me, Phil said he does not always move around with cash.
I wanted to do all of that this week before tonight trouble came to play.
I said all this to Louise, making it seems believable enough.

I told Louise while adding little sad drama to the whole fake stories

Louise said I maybe lying but is a good thing that I was scammed because I try to outsmart him but look at where it got me.

He asked me if the two men that hypnotized and took my belongings touched me after collecting my money.

I told told him that I can't really remember anything except that I just found myself by the bush side, fluid was running down my thighs and I was too weak to walk.

Louise screamed and said hope I haven't given him any disease because is quiet obvious I might have gotten infected after the men had their way with me.

I replied back that I don't know but I was feeling discomfort and discharge with odour after then. Two days after the incident he also forcefully had me to his satisfaction so he should go to the hospital for check-up.

I told him I later bought some drugs to treat myself after the incident but is not a hundred percent guarantee.

Louise almost went nut as he screamed.

 I was silently laughing because it was all working perfectly out.

He said first thing tomorrow morning he will go to hospital and run a test and if he finds out that I infected him in anyway, he will skin me alive.
He said I planned to transfer the diseases to him that's why I kept mute all through the time.

He said that he used condom during the first round and could have continued using it but he had none left and needed to restock.

If he had known he wouldn't have even touched me at all.

Louise told me that first thing tomorrow, which is Monday I should go and collect my money from Philip and bring it to him so that he can use it and treat himself from whatever disease he contacted from me.
I replied "yes sir" with respectful tone.

He suddenly began to laugh. "Really, you're replying me with "sir" life humbled you baby girl, now you're left with no choice. Philip left you, you're broke and no help at all. I'm your only help right now April, I'm your savior which you just realized and decided to step up your respecting game but hey, I hate to break it to you my dear, none of those your tactics is working on me..."

"...Go bring the money from Philip tomorrow, when I return from the hospital I can then decide if you're going to stay or not. But the money should be big enough, beg him to add more since he has broken up with you. The amount and my hospital feedback will determine my next line of action towards you..."

I replied again with a nod "yes sir, thank you very much sir.."

He looked at me like a weirdo before walking away.
I smiled inwardly as I waited for tomorrow to come.

I got him with the whole fake robbery and råpé story
He will be out early tomorrow morning for his checkup
That will give me time to escape.

My freedom begins tomorrow

I will finally be free from Louise.

All I'm seriously praying for is that nothing should obstruct my freedom plan.

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