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June Break-Episode 3



June Break-Episode 3

Another year came for me to write a university entry exam but my parents said I should hold on because there was not enough cash for fees due to the big money that was spent on Rachel new international boarding school that she was changed into.

I was running out of patient but waiting an extra year won't be bad right but the point is how do i?
Waiting until next year will almost kíll me because I'm tired of staying home, doing nothing and getting unnecessarily accused.

If my parents will let me get a job, I don't care about the pay all I'm more after is to be leaving the house daily.
Maybe I will be accorded some recognition and respect.

I summoned courage and told my Dad about it but he shut me off

"What do you need a Job for? Did I or your mother tasked you into paying of the rent or feeding? I don't understand you April, what is your reason for wanting to get a job? We only asked you to hold on for sometime concerning your school because we need to be financially ready. Your sister, Rachel fees is quiet huge and we just paid off the fees with other things. We're running low on cash and need to be well footed before any other huge expenses pops up. We explained our reasons for not agreeing to your University entry this year and all we asked is time to sort things through. I expect you to understand April, not coming up with this nønsense ideas of yours..."

"But Dad, I have been home for two years already. Last year was due to the same financial story, year before last was because of Rachel and again now... I'm just tired of staying home. I need to do something before I go insåne. I'm ready to wait but I can't stay home waiting until there's enough money for me to start school. Please...I really need this Dad. I'm  going to get a job that will make me come home early...I won't be staying out late or become wayward if that's what you're afraid of. Please...I need this Dad"

He later promised to think about it and the following day he was done thinking.

He gave me his usual law that will be guiding whatever kind of job I find to do and when exactly I should be home.

I took it all in and nothing matters again because i will be leaving the house.

I took a week to go job hunting not too far but certainly where I can transport to.

I later got one in a bakery and was asked to resume immediately because they needed extra hand.

I excitedly resumed and that was how I started my first job

I still have school in mind and if I can save enough money from the bakery shop I will be able to support my parents in paying my fees.

After a month I got my first pay and I couldn't hold back my joy.
I was encouraged by a colleague to open bank account of which I told my parents.
My dad said I should do whatever I please with the token that I'm been paid.

I opened the bank account and began to save.
I was enjoying my work and also learning how to bake all kinds of snacks.
The constant accusations and my siblings calling me out over every fault reduced.
Sometimes i even bring home snacks.

One day, my Dad called and asked me if I can help my sister out with the drama costume she wanted to buy for herself and her group members

She was obviously the drama cheerleader and had promised to buy costume for each person in her drama class for their upcoming drama competition
But the issue is Rachel has no money yet she was making all those promises.

When she told my Mom, my Mom talked to my Dad about it and he agreed to give her the money but again he does not have it right away and decided to ask me to help out.
When my Dad asked me to help my sister out, I was willingly to do so but after realizing the whole amount it was way too much.
Is not just going to eat deep into my months of savings but also going to squander my own plans.

I have plans and things I wanted to do with money which is mainly my upcoming university school runs and I have been saving towards that so that I can also assist my Dad to avoid another excuses.

And now everyone was looking up to me to help Rachel cover up all the costume expenses.
After much persuasion I gave in and everyone was happy.

I after giving out my savings, nothing much was left but as far as everyone is happy I'm happy.
I will start saving again and soon enough I will make it up.

I kept to my dad's rules and try not to do anything that will make him to stop me from working.
But that was untill I met Louis.

He was young, handsome and also smart.

We get along very well until our ordinary friendship became something more.

I kept it all to myself and did not mention it to anyone because if my Dad finds out I will be in serious trouble.

Rachel was rounding up with her final high school exams and my Dad already purchased a university entry form for her.

I was pained when I discovered that I will be sitting for the same exam with my kid sister.
My Dad said even though the money was not really available but he has enrolled both of us.

I know if anything should happen or the money happened not to be enough anymore one person had to step down and it's not Rachel is definitely going to be me because they will expect me as the elder sister to understand.

I started making plans of my own because the favoritism was becoming too much.
I sacrificed my savings for my sister yet no one is considering that. 
I don't have enough money for back up if anything should happen.

Louis will be traveling to another city soon to resume his new office and he has been begging me to come along with him.

I sometimes sense terror in his eyes but I really do not care.
He loves me and I do love him too because he is the only one that understand and listens when I need a listening ear.

I told him that I can't, is impossible to follow him without my parents knowledge.
They will disown me if they even hear of it.

But after much thought I was begining to reconsider.

I don't want to be in a house or family where I'm not wanted or loved and even my little effort is not recognized.

I have a better plan and when my mind is fully made up there will be no looking back.

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