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June Break-Episode 29



June Break-Episode 29


I was too anxious as I watched Louise open the door, he startled seeing the person at the door.

"Hey..." he said to Louise with a surprised tone, I heard his voice clearly and my heart skipped many times.

I wanted to crawl into a hole or plead to the ground to swallow me.
It was Philip, I knew I was literally dead.

He stepped into the house with the items I forgot in his car. He actually returned the forgotten bag to me

As he stepped in, I was transfixed on the ground and couldn't get up which made him not to notice me immediately. Thank God for the dim light close to me.

"...when do you return back.. and how was your commute? I believe the journey went well? Is really being a while Louise..?

"Same here Philip, I never traveled rather I should be asking you how was your journey and when did you return because I was told you traveled for a long time now... wait, you didn't actually traveled right?

Phil nodded in confusion.

I slowly crawled behind a chair ready to run to the room, pick my things and escape because I know for sure my cover was blown.

Philip was looking around as he looked at Louise and at the spot I hit him which was all swollen now.

"What is going on..? He ask more absent minded, he asked again this time around more serious than the first.
... where's April? He was searching with his eyes as he scan through the living room.

"So all this while that stupid girl has being lying to two of us. That lying witch, that good for nothing..."

Louise looks very angry at this time as he scratched his head gently. Philip hushed him to stop calling me names as he repeatedly asked Louise what was going on.

Philip called out to me twice but I didn't reply.
Louise joined him in shouting my name.

I quietly crept out from behind the chair.

"Are you okay April...what happened here? I just dropped you few minutes ago and you told me that Louise was out of the state for sometime...?

He looked at me closely again "...what happened to you, are you alright April..?

He looked back at Louise "...what happened, you engaged her in a fight? What...why? What brought about such? Hope she's not injured? What could be the problem?

"... Is It because she forgot the food items? Whatever it is Louise, you shouldn't have touched her, for Christ sake she is your sister,  I believe you're the only family she got here and you should be protecting her not hurting her no matter what..."

He paused and took few steps closer to me and turned to look at Louise who suddenly started laughing like a måd man.

"Don't mind this pretender, a big time liar. She is a good actor Phil. You don't really know much about the girl you're dating. Don't fright over her she is very fine and we're not related in anyway"

Louise said as he sat hard on a chair closest to him. Philip turned and stare at him, not sure of what he just heard.

If Louise start spilling things to Philip, I won't be able to stand and watch him humiliate me.

I will quietly walk into the room, pick up my bag and run away from everyone and everything.

Is obviously the end came quicker than expected.

"What do you mean by you two aren't related...? Phil turned to Louise and asked.

Louise looked at me and said with a smirking smile in his face " April, do you mind telling your lover boy the truth, atleast this time around say the whole truth for once in your misërable and pathetic life or do you mind if I take the lead and tell him everything..?"

Phil looked from Louise to me, I avoided looking at him by all means.

Whatever was in his eyes, be it disappointment or hate I really don't want to see it

I wasn't going to back down without a self defense atleast

Louise will rub me in the mud no matter what, Phil will still trash me at the end so is better I say something in my own defense.

"Yes, I will gladly do so Louise, atleast this will end your greedy blackmailing request.."

He stared at me maliciously but I no longer give a dåmn about anyone.

"... I'm sorry Phil that you have to find out this way, I really tried to tell you but I was too scared...too frightened. I was seriously afraid that you will leave and hate me. I didn't want to loose you... atleast not yet, but I guess the truth will definitely find its way out one day and the dreaded day is here..."

I breathed in, Phil was still standing watching me without a word.

"... Louise isn't a relative, he is not my cousin and in truth we're not in any way related. He deceived me and make me leave home, I left my family to follow him. I was only young and naive and didn't understand what he was trying to do until later, when I found myself in this place. not having a choice I decided to work and make something good out of my life and also to go back to school and study law but Louise again deceived me by collecting my salary every month all in the name of saving it for my future..."

"...Few months ago he revealed to me that I have no money with him because he has used it for his personal needs and will continue to use it because I'm living in his house and my salary is one of his rewards. He was also trying to blackmail me in asking you to buy your kind of car for him and also give him more money fo..."

Louise stood up and interrupted with a loud clap.

He suddenly began to clap while smiling

"April, do you need a sash, a crown or award for being the biggest liar in this whole wide world? Wow... you're really good with this lying thing, infact you're the queen of lies. You said I deceived you and took you from your home? Really?

"... You that your family háted, they despised and condemned you. Nobody wants you around because you're not only badly behaved, you're self centered, wanting everyone to worship you and when you didn't get what you wanted you became a thorn in their flesh. You hâte your parents, your brother and even your kid sister whom you wished dëäth and you said you wish she was never born..."

"... Is it truth or not? Because everything I'm saying now is purely truth. You even stole your brothers money and nobody knows what you did with it. You insisted that you wanted to work and make money for yourself just after highschool, instead of going to a higher institution like your parents wanted, you were making money but refused helping out with anything and even giving a dime to your sister who you hated so much..."

"... When they couldn't take any more of your rubbish, they try to punish you by putting you on a house arrest but you escaped, you ran away from the house and got lost. Thank your star that i found you in the cold, lonely and dangerous street. I even try taking you back to your family but you refused. You pleaded to go to the big city with me and make me promise never to go to your parents to report because they will never look for you which happens to be true..."

"... They never looked for you, it was good radiance to pieces of rubbish like you. They have been looking for a way to get rid of you and you made it very easy for them by running away. I picked you up from the gutter, I gave you everything you wanted and even a job. I agreed to help you save your money because from history you're very careless and excessive spender. But I lost my job and the rent was due, it was never supposed to be a problem because you knew even before you got the job I was taking care of bills, took you several shopping, allowed you date any man that pick interest in you. I don't mind sharing you with other men..."

"...all I wanted is for you to be happy. I even marked your birthday with many presents but as usual, your stingy and self-centeredness came to play again. Just like you have been doing with Phil, I guess you even lie to collect money from him because that's the only thing you know how to do best and you must have told several lies about me or he has given you something to deliver to me but you claim it all. I know everything about you like the palm of my hands. You're a croøk, a líar and a cheap prøstitüte..."

"Enough said already...I have heard enough please. All of this can't actually be true? I don't believe it... you're making everything up and I don't believe anything you just vomited out of your mouth. If any of what you said is true then you should be arrested for kidnapping, you shouldn't have eloped with a teenager, you supposed to have taken her back to her family"

Phil said to Louise after shutting him up.

Louise tries to defend himself but Phil paid no attention to him.

Louise is a master liar.
 the way words was just flowing out of his mouth baffles me.

Phil's focus was on me now..
He turned to me and said quietly

"Is any of those things Louise just said true..?

"... you're not related to Louise? You two are lovers and have been living together after running away from your people? None of this can't...be true. Please tell me April...did you lie to me about yourself and about Louise...?

I remained silent as I gasped shakily.
My whole body was shaking 
My breathing was speeding
Words failed me at this time .

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