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June Break-Episode 28



June Break-Episode 28


Louise haven't stopped threatening to deal with me if he does not receive my salary alert soon.
He also threatened to go in search of Philip too so that he can expose me.

He suspected that I was up to something but he couldn't figure out exactly what I was really up-to.

And I like the fact that he can only guess and will continue to guess.

After texting Phil that I will like to see him, he asked me to wait after work which I did.
I waited for about thirty minutes after close of work before I saw him coming.

I hardly see him after work, he stays back in the office untill late evening working but that very day, because of me he decided to close earlier than usual
He asked me if I was okay, I told him that I was knocked down yesterday by a moving car.

He screamed in shocked and began to check my body if I was okay.
I told him I was fine, the car wasn't speeding if not it could have been worst.

There was no time again to waste, I don't want further delay in executing my plan. 

with a sad face and a little touch of makeup wound on my cheek because the real bruises I sustained in Louise hand has healed up I have to come up with a fake one.

I started narrating my ordeals to Phil. Is not all true but that does not dispute the fact that I was really going through a lot in the hands of Louise.
I lied and told Phil that it was because of Louise. "since he will be coming back from his journey soon, he sent me to buy some gifts from one female designer shop were his girlfriend usually shop, he needed me to go there after close of work yesterday to go buy somethings for one of his numerous women and keep it in the house so that when he returns back and the lady comes visiting he will present the gift to her, pretending like he got it at wherever he traveled to...It was on my way back that I was hit by the car..."

 I watched the sad expression on Philip's face, I didn't stop there, I continued with the sad tale.
I told Phil that Louise sent me on an errand one day to go and deliver a package to his girlfriend who lives far away.  "...that was before Louise traveled and I almost had an accident too but thank God for saving me that day.."

Philip was not happy that I have to go on such errands, he wondered why Louise didn't send the item through dispatchers.

I told Philip that is Louise's way and I'm already used to It. he will send me to his numerous girlfriends even late at night, and when any of his babes comes over, Louise forbids me from entering the room.
Sometimes I have to leave the house because of them.
One day, I was almost molested by some guys in the night due to the same thing.
They tore my clothes but I managed to escap.
Philip screamed and asked me why I kept quiet this whole time. He said I should have speak up and let him know.

He asked me if I wanted to get my own apartment,  I replied him that I was already working towards that.

This was a great opportunity that I have been looking for, It finally came unexpected. I have actually being looking for a way to nail Louise, a way to let Phil know that living with Louise was dangerous for me.
I was happy because I nailed it and make Phil believe everything I said.

Phil said I should speak to my parents about it before making any plan to move, that no matter what, Louise was still my family.
I told him that my parents are already aware of It and they can't wait for me to get out of Louise house before he indirectly hurt me.

Phil agrees to everything, he asked me to let him know whenever I want to move so that he can get me a better place of my own.
He gave me some money after we shared a long kiss. while at it I remembered that I was supposed to be having body ach or slight pain because of the fake accident, I quickly winced in fake pain.

He stopped, apologise and promised to come over and see Louise whenever he comes back and tell him to stop sending me on a dangerous errands just to please his women.
I told him it wasn't necessary but he insisted and I decided to lay low.
He also wanted to take me to my place that day but I asked him to stop me in the market, I wanted to buy some food items. I asked him to go but he refused.

Phil said he was going to wait and take me to my house. I couldn't talk him out of It.
I picked few things in the market, things I didn't plan to buy before.
All this while I always give him one excuse or the other on why he shouldn't take me home but I couldn't come up with anything reasonable.
The market could have helped out but he insisted on waiting.

When we got close to the house, I was looking around for Louise as I quickly stepped down from the car immediately Phil parked.
He was even trying to say something else but I was already out. I waved at him and rushed into the gate.

When I got in,  I was happy that everything was going as planned. 
Louise was not even home yet.
Just then, I heard the sound of the door, I know it was Louise because we both have our own house key. I rushed into the bathroom 
I counted the money Phil gave me in the  bathroom and it was eleven thousand.

Phil also promised to transfer money to me and will also help out in searching for a suitable apartment for me to move into unknown to him I have gotten a place already.

Is high time I leave Louise and stay on my own, that's what Phil said and I totally agree.
I wish have waited a little and speak to Phil about Louise first, he could have gotten me a furnished apartment. 
I wouldn't have to spend all my money for the second time getting another place after the first one went as wind.

I will get to summon courage and tell Phil the real truth about Louise once I move in fully into my own apartment.

I suddenly remembered that the food items I stopped in the market to buy, I forgot it in Phil's car.
It must be when I was rushing in to avoid Louise seeing us that I forgot it 

Philip may not even notice the food stuff in the nylon bag until tomorrow and I will ask him for it and throw it away because perishable things are there and will spoil since in is not in the fridge or cooked.

When I stepped out of the bathroom, Louise was in the sitting room.

"I saw somebody that looks like Phil and even  his car? He drove past me and didn't even notice me walking down. He came to drop you right...I thought you said he traveled?

"He traveled but he's back. He came back this morning.." I lied.

"Really.." Louise said while looking at me angrily.
"...Well, I'm glad he is back, so now I can either get my own car and money too or throw you overboard like a spoilt garbage. You don't have any excuse again April.. I need Phil's contact and I mean now.."

"I still don't have his mobile number, I will get it tomorrow.."

"Is a lie, a big fat lie.. let me see your phone. Give me any phone you're using and I don't care if you want to lie that it belongs to your friend or to your boss..."

I refused, he bounced on me and collected my hand bag.
I  know that I saved Phil's number with another name but our recent interaction and even today's text message to Phil is all there in the phone.
Louise will see it and knew that I have been lying all this while.

As he grabbed my handbag, he poured everything in it to the ground and my money fell off.
Louise collected the money before taking the phone.
He started scrolling.

 I won't let him do that, I rushed and began to struggle with him to collect the phone.
He slapped me, I spat on his face while still holding onto the phone with both hands.

He kicked me hard and I fell far off, I screamed and stood up again.
I grabbed something, I didn't bother to know what it was.
I ran with so much anger and håte in my heart and hit him right on the head before he could dodge the weapon. It was after hitting him that I realized it was an empty wine bottle.

He screamed, abandoned everything in his hand and came for me.
Just as he was about to throw this heavy punch on my face, there came a sudden knock on the door.
I'm sure that with the force Louise was coming at me, he could have disfigured me that night but I'm still thanking God for whoever was knocking on the door that night.

By tomorrow morning, I'm definitely moving out of Louise house into my own apartment.
I will pick my remaining things and disappear. I may not even sleep in this house tonight.
Louise will destroy me without thinking twice.

Louise was still holding onto the phone  with one hand and his head with another, right at the spot I hit him as he went to answer whoever was at the door.

I quickly began to put pack things into my handbag.
But who could be knocking by this time?

Did Louise invited one of his numerous women over?
What if it was Phil?

I heard the sound of his voice and my heart beat doubled

 My heart skipped severally the moment I thought of Phil.
I pray and hope is not Phil or my end will come quicker than expected.

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