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June Break-Episode 27



June Break-Episode 27

Is being three weeks, and five days ever since the scam incident. I have not fully recover from it and it makes me very unhappy.
I never expected in my wildest dreams that I will be scammed. I understand now that is a waste of time trying to get back already spilled milk.
I'm done sucking and is time to really move on.
Phil asked me last weekend if Louise was back so that he can come over, I told him that he was not.
He wanted to Come around and spend some time but patiently waiting for Louise to return.
He asked me again few days ago and because I have told him "no" long enough, I decided to let him know that Louise will be back the next weekend.
Atleast I have had enough time to think on my next line of action.
The right agent said anytime I want to rent another apartment that I should let him know.
If Louise will be back next weekend means that Phil will want to come over and spend sometime.
I'm thinking of a way to convince him that I now have my own place so that Phil will come to mine instead.

I picked up my phone and called the right house agent that afternoon while at work, I informed him that I was ready.
He asked me to meet him over the weekend so that he can show me houses.

Back at home, let me call it just a house because it doesn't feel like a home to me anymore.
Louise was taunting me, he was threatening nonstop, he was harassing and insulting me continuesly.
I'm afraid most nights, we fought three straight nights when he try to force his way on me.
He had his way in one of those recent nights of struggle, with a serious force and several hitting, I sustained bruises and more insults even while he was at it.

I dust off and acted like nothing happened the following day, even while at work I was ready to lie and tell anyone that ask that I fell down and sustain bruises.

Louise did not stop there, he was still asking me why he haven't gotten my salary alert for two months and why he can't reach Phil.
Who took off Phil's mobile number from his phone, he was threatening and asking but got no reply because I wasn't ready to spill.

I make sure I never reply, I totally ignored him and acted like I suddenly gone deaf like he used to ask me sometimes.

I have developed a very thick skin, I know once in a while I still break down and cry but is only when I have had enough of life troubles.

Especially during those times I was scammed off my three hundred thousand and the sadness of living with Louise, the troubles I have to go home to meet daily.

Which was more reason I want to speed up my moving out before my cover blows off.
After the house scam incident, I'm beginning to have trust issue.

Life does not work the way it works inside my head, reality has hit me severally, so is high time to face it full.

I got my salary for the second month in my new work place and also add it with the money Phil willingly gave me whenever we hang out.
No matter how busy his schedule was, he still try to create time for me.

He planned to take me to his family house soon, I will get to meet his family.

I was seriously looking forward to that and also planning in my head the outfit I will put on during then.

I have almost  five hundred thousand when I calculated all the money I had on me.

After paying for the house, I will start working towards getting an admission to study law.
I have think it through, I want to be a lawyer and I know if I seriously work towards it, I will achieve it.

The following weekend, I went to see the agent. I lied to Louise that I was going for work when he asked. My company asked us to come to work. 
He said I was probably going to see Philip, I assured him that Philip travelled and not yet back.

I met the agent and he first of all showed me another apartment in the same compound that I was scammed, he said there was another empty room and parlour with kitchen and toilet but is far more expensive than the first one.
He showed it to me briefly and I like what I saw.

He took me to two other houses but I told him that I prefer the first one.

We went back there, the pregnant woman and her husband saw me.
She waved at me and I returned the greetings.

 the inside of the apartment was wide and neat. It even has a store and a veranda. The room is big, sitting room big, It has two toilet and bathroom, the kitchen is also big.
I like it and asked him the amount, he told me everything will be three hundred seventy thousand.
The agent said the rent is two hundred thousand per annum.
But every other thing which includes agent, agreement, damages, light and waste management bill for the first six months is included in the three hundred and seventy thousand.

I told him there was no problem, he was looking at me when I begin to ask for account number.
Baba gave me and I quickly made transfer to him.
Baba said it seems like I'm one of the rich big girl in town. I really don't know what he meant by that statement.
 He probably thinks I make my money from sleeping with men due to the funny way he looks at me after getting alert.

About four weeks ago, I was scammed off three hundred thousand and here I am making another transfer for another house, the agent must have thought I don't really stress to make my money.

I told him that I actually work in a big place and I'm not whatever he was thinking and even if I am, is none of his business.
His business was to collect the money, issue me a receipt and hand my house keys over to me.

The man smile with a nod and asked me to follow him, he had a single office and it was not too far from the house.
He wrote a receipt for me, and also gave me my apartment key.

I finished early with the agent, I decided to go to the market to check prices for bed, kitchen utensils, chairs and so many other things.

I even made payment for few items, collected receipt and said I will come back the following weekend to carry them and also buy more stuffs.

Having gotten a place, I started looking for a way to present it to Phil because he may want to know why I moved out, why I don't want to stay with Louise my supposed cousin brother.

Different lies kept forming in my head, I was waiting for a perfect moment to execute it.

I was happy that I can afford my own place.

 I began to move out my things little by little to my new apartment.

It will really shock Louise and by the time he finds out it will be too late because I will be far gone.

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