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June Break-Episode 26



June Break-Episode 26

Knowing that convincing Phil to change his mind about coming over by the weekend for a visit will be hard, I started strategizing other means.

Phil visit will ruin lots of things for me, sitting and talking to Louise will be throwing my life offshore.
I know I can't convince Louise to leave or go out on Saturday or Sunday but I'm sure I will be able to convince Phil.

If I ask him to come over to my side for a visit he may agree to do so and going over to Louise will become a history.

Why will Phil go over to Louis's house when I have a place of my own.
He can visit anytime he likes and Louise will never know where I live.

I have been able to delay his coming by telling him that Louise traveled and won't be back until next month.

He agreed to wait until next month when Louise will be back
Louise doesn't know that I'm working ahead of him.
At the end of the day he will be at lose.

I was already thinking of forgetting about the money he owes me.

This my new job is everything I need and I can make enough money here to do whatever i wish to do.

I understand clearly that asking Louise continuesly for my money will only makes him more mad and he will continue to threaten me.
Reminding me of how he is feeding and accommodating me. He will include other expenses that isn't necessary which he will use as a cover up.

I will just agree with the fact that my money is really gone.
All my year of saving, over a million disappeared in Louise hand.
He was still not satisfied after that.
He is still not okay after collecting all my hard savings. 
He remains greedy and asking for far more than anyone can offer him.
Blackmailing me and waiting for who will buy him expensive car and accompany it with a million again for his expenses.

He won't get a pin from me or Phil, he won't even see Phil to start telling him nonsense.

I need to set up my house as quick as possible.
I paid three hundred thousand for my new apartment and I still have money remaining to furnish it.
I have about two hundred thousand in my account and that is the money for bed, chairs, kitchen appliances, television sets, wardrobe and other necessary things.
I will make sure that the money is enough for everything.
I will buy alot of food stuffs with my next salary.

I needed to call my house agent to get my house keys across to me
He can keep the receipt because i don't really need it.

I called the agent number at work that week but his number was not going through.
I kept trying It until the following day.

It was in the following day that a man picked up and I told him that I have been calling since.

I thought it was the agent that I was talking with, unknown to me is not.
The person said it was a wrong number after I explained the reason why I was calling.

I told him it can't be a wrong number because that is the only number he gave me.
The man insisted that I was calling a wrong number because he does not know anything about any house or agent.

He said he was a butcher, he sell meat in one market in a far away state.

He asked me not to disturb his line again because I was distracting him from attending to his customer.

I took excuse and left work early that day, I was unstable as I took taxi and rushed down to the house.
It was open, already occupied by another.

I was angry as I began hitting the door.
Who is that occupying my apartment?

A pregnant woman came out to open the door.

"Yes, can I help you? she said?

"You're in my apartment madam. I paid for this apartment three weeks ago and I plan moving in this week.."

She seems surprised as I began to rant non-stop.

"You're probably in the wrong house my dear. My husband and I rented this apartment two months ago but we needed to put things in order before moving in. We informed the landlord about it. We just moved in last week. Which agent are you talking about..."?

I know he mentioned one difficult long name, very hard to pronounce and I didn't bother taking it seriously because what do I need his name for, so I thought until now.

I refused to believe what was staring at me in the face.

She went back inside and came out again with a receipt which she hand over to me.

The house was even a hundred thousand and the agent, agreement and damages was eighty thousand.
Is not even up-to two hundred thousand.
She said since the area is just developing that houses here are not expensive and that's why she and her husband grabbed the opportunity.

They used the remaining money to do their interior and equipped the house with their other properties.

All this tale is none of my business, I just wanted my money back.
 since the house wasn't up to two hundred thousand, why did my own agent collect three hundred thousand from me?
The man that rented it out to me said the house is one hundred and fifty thousand and the agent and agreement is also one hundred and fifty thousand making it three hundred thousand.

I paid three hundred thousand for a house that is just a hundred thousand.

Is not even up-to two hundred thousand.

No problem madam, all I need now is my money.
If the house is taken then I need my money back.
Since the agent has given my apartment to another, a couple. The pregnant woman looks like she planned to born all her children in that house. Is obvious that's her first pregnancy and she will give birth to more children in that apartment...my supposed apartment.

Well, they should give me back my money then.

I kept ranting as I refused to come in term with whatever she was saying.
She quickly called the right agent in connection to the house.
I waited for thirty minutes before the man in his late fifty's came.
A different man and obviously not the same agent that rented the house to me.

He explained exact same thing that the woman already said and asked me to show him my receipt.
I told him no receipt was given to me.

I told him that the agent said my receipt and house key will be brought to me anytime I'm ready to move in.

The elderly man began to laugh sarcastically. He asked me of my age and I told him that I was twenty years.

He asked me if I was a child, how can I make such expensive mistake and not insist for a receipt or even collect the house key after payment because that is the only way I will know if the agent is real or fake because there are a lot of fake agent collecting money from people snd showing them a rented house or vacant apartment that they don't have access to.

He told me that I have been scammed and I should accept it that way.
My money is gone and he can't help me because he doesn't even know anything about my transaction.

I showed him the person's number and he called but the butcher picked again and shouted that is a wrong number.

He warned that nobody should call him again, he knows nothing of whatever we were talking about.

And that was how reality hit me hard that I have been scammed.
Wait, how can this even happen.
Was I really scammed?
Oh yeah, my three hundred thousand is gone.
Gone like the wind.
How did this kind of thing happen to me?

Why didn't I ask and insist on a receipt. Even collect my house key after payment.
Is this how my money will go?

How did I make this kind of mistake.
What of the plans I have to take Phil's attention and mind from visiting Louise.

I'm really doomed right now.

How can they scam me that have never scammed anybody in my entire life before.

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