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June Break-Episode 25



June Break-Episode 25

I was shown my new office and the company's HR said I was going to be assigned to the BDM, business development manager who will guide me through on what my job entails.

I don't even know the position I was put on, it was during the week that I found out what I will be doing
I will be acting as an assistant to the BDM, our office is close to each other.

I was like a junior staff but when I was given my employment later and the salary amount I saw there makes me check if the letter was for me or belongs to someone else.
I checked the names on it again and it had my name on it which is still unbelievable because the salary and benefits was far beyond me.

One hundred and fifty thousand, what? How can they pay me this huge amount, I don't even know my left and right when it comes to this white collar job.

The ladies and guys were all well dress and majorly graduates.
Some higher office men and madams have cars and I wonder how much will be there own salary.
They are the ones to collect this one hundred and fifty thousand, while the younger staff will be hundred

People like me should be around fifty. My mind was focused on fifty thousand highest as salary.
My previous place of work was thirty which they later added five thousand making it thirty-five.
Since Phil said I will be paid well here, I assumed it maybe fifty not one hundred and fifty.

My job was only to assist and is not every time that my assistant is needed.
Phil just wanted me to be coming here and at the end of the month I get paid huge amount for leaving the house.

I only saw him on my first resumption day, he came to welcome me and introduce me to the entire staff.

I haven't seen him again because he is always busy while in the office and he told me that we have to respect the office ethics.. whatever he meant by that.
But i guess he meant we have to act official and not start playing lovey dovey in the office. 
That's obviously not allowed.

I love it here, I'm enjoying it and it still felt like a dream.
I was also giving a new phone with a new line and I'm allowed to take it home.

Phil sometimes call me with the office phone whenever I'm home.
My new office phone is on silent and always inside my bag whenever I'm home so that Louise won't get hold of it or start asking questions.
I changed the pack of the new phone and since Phil is the only important caller I usually get I saved his name with a female name on the contact.
I know what I was doing and it was just the best idea that can work around Louise.

Phil is the overall boss here, he have alot of beautiful female staff that I did not even reach half in anything.
They are classy, beautiful and smart.
I sometimes wonder how Phil did not see all this women yet he came to me, a nobody with no class or educational background.

Maybe I'm just lucky, luck played a good game on me with Phil but a bad game with Louise.

Talking about Louise, he has been whining and complaining that he doesn't know how Phil's number disappeared from his phone.
He wanted to call him to complain over his phone that I deliberately smashed on the ground which was obviously a lie.

He asked me for Phil's number, i lied that my phone was missing at work.

I  have started leaving my other phone at work and also switched it off because leaving it in my bag may backfire when Louise finds out.

I was using the office phone secretly. Either whenever Louise is out or asleep.

He caught me one day and asked me which phone I was using, I was not afraid to defend it.
 I got an old phone pack for the phone which makes it appear like an old phone but I make sure I switched it back to the main fine pouch that the phone actually came with whenever I'm at work.

Louise asked for Phil's mobile number.
I lied to him that I was not talking to Phil rather to a female friend at work who happens to be my best friend too. She was the one that gave me the phone to be using until I'm able to get another.
I showed him the name of the person.
Angelica was the name I used in saving Phil's name.

Louise asked how I was communicating with Phil, I replied that I haven't seen Phil for days now because he traveled and won't be back soon until maybe a month or two.

He insisted that he needed his number and also time was running out for him to comply with the things he wanted.
He haven't heard from him all this while and he was tired of waiting, action is what he will be taking next because I have failed in telling him repeatedly, sounding it like warning so that he will get him his car and money. Phil was supposed to comply and do the needful by now.

Louise said he will look for means to get Phil's number because Phil is the only means he has now in getting rich and driving a big boys car.

I totally ignored him, I know that there was no means for him to reach Phil.
He can threaten me all he wants but is the end of the game for him.

He can never communicate or see Phil again. So, I'm smarter, wiser and I'm
winning as usual.

My new account was given to the company for the paying of salary.
I told Louise that there is a setback in the supermarket that I work and our salaries are being delayed.
He thinks that I'm lying and making stuffs up but I don't care.

I have contacted an agent to search for a room and and parlour but the amount he mentioned was extremely much.

I decided to go for a standard one room. After work, I went to see the two houses.
I liked one more and choose it because it was very far from Louise place and hidden too.

It was a new house and very fine too.
I made payment of three hundred thousand for everything, which includes agent and agreement.
The rent will be one hundred and fifty thousand per annum.
Paying that amount in a year is not much because is actually my one month salary.

Isn't that amazing, I'm happy that I have gotten a place of my own and the agent said once I move in he will bring my receipt and I can always call him anytime I'm ready to move in so that he can bring my keys for me.

Just as the month about to end, Phil said he was coming to my place to visit  during the weekend.

I also got my salary that week which was around 23rd of the month, way too early for salary but I was happy.
My former place of work, if the month is not up-to 28 or 30th no salary.
I love everything about this place.

I told Phil that Louise wasn't around.

He insisted that he wanted to come anyway.

"Louise number haven't been going through and is being a while I visited you guys.." Phil complained.

I know I blocked Phil's number on Louise's phone and before taking it out.

I know that's why he can't reach Louise but coming to my side will ruin my life.

He was insisting and I was trying to come up with a lie that will discourage him.

I can't afford Louise seeing Phil it will be a disaster. 
Not now that my life was begining to make sense

I won't allow anything ruin it for me.
I'm hoping that Phil will change his mind from coming over.
Instead, he can visit me in my new apartment which I'm planning to secretly move in without alerting Louise 

Maybe after I settle into my own house, I can tell Phil all about me and Luise and beg his forgiveness.

Even if he decides to dump me, atleast I have a place of my own.
Faraway from a narcissist of a man, Louis.

All I need is for Phil to hold on just a little and not show up this weekend.

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