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June Break-Episode 24



June Break-Episode 24

I thought deep and hard on what next to do.
I have already dropped my resignation at my place of work and will be resuming at Philip's company.

I can't seem to relax or even sleep. I try to close my eyes and clear my mind but I can't stop thinking.
By morning I supposed to be at my new place of work early.

Louise doesn't know that I have resigned and that I asked the accountant to to pay my salary into my new account not the old which will be like sending to Louise.

No more, I'm still thinking of how to recover my money from him.

My salary was paid into the new account I was in charge off.

I will also pay in the new money I collected from Phil into the new account.
I have about 200k in the account, 

if I include the recent one I just got from Philip it will be 450k. Four hundred and fifty thousand. That will be enough to get a place of my own, buy bed and few items inside.

My colleagues didn't want me to go, they said that they will all miss me. I told them that I will also miss them but our hopes and prayers is to grow in all aspects and time to aim higher has come for me, I don't want to miss out.

They all bid me farewell and promise to call once in a while.

My two close friends there asked me to also look out for them, they also want something better and if I happen to see a vacancy, even if is at the new company that I was resuming they said I shouldn't fail to let them know.
They want to also upgrade just like me.

I promised to look out for them and to call from time to time.

I was thinking about everything, I couldn't sleep. And my most worries was Philip calling Louise.
It was just Saturday that I was with Philip, I have watched and kept my ears down to know if Philip will call Louise, I was on my feet, scared and worried how disasterous everything will turn out for me.
But I was lucky enough that Philip didn't call Louise, I was very sure of it.

Even when we spoke that evening, I did not want to mention anything Louise to Philip's hearing because that may remind him, he has probably forgotten and saying something about Louise may remind him

But even at that, I can't still excuse my fears, I was still very much afraid.

Just then an idea pops into my head.
A fantastic idea that can help me out.
I wonder why I haven't thought of it all this while.
It was very risky, dangerous idea and may Land me into more serious trouble if I get caught but that is my only way out from Phil reaching Louise.

I checked the time it was almost 1:30am. Louise supposed to be asleep.
I will tip toe to the room, where he is sleeping and retrieve his phone from where he kept it.
I will go through his contact, find Philip's number and block it.
Even if Phil calls it won't be reachable because his number is blocked on Louise's phone.

My sleeping place is mostly in the living room and if Louise decided to sleep in the parlour then I move to the bedroom.

I'm avoiding him like plague, he had made attempt the other night with me and I began to scream very loud and he quickly left me alone but not without insult and more threats.

I know living in this house is at my own risk and that is why I have to move out.

I'm not ready to lose Philip yet, I'm not ready to face the pending trouble.
I have to think smart and be smart too.

i got no one to figure out things for me or advice me, that's why I have to think ahead so that I won't be taken unaware.

Phil is the only man that cares about me, he loves me and want the best for me.
He is well to do and can help me run my life smoothly.
I won't let Louise ruin all of that for me. I won't.

I stood up and tip toed to the room, the room light was off, only the bedside light was dime.
I try to be careful in order not to wake Louise.
I haven't seen his phone yet as I scanned through.
He moved his body like he was trying to change position.
I quickly rushed out of the room.

I just have to think of how to get hold of his phone.

As morning approached, that was when I started feeling sleepy.
I can't be late on my first day at work.
Atleast I managed to catch an hour sleep after my unsuccessful mission in getting Louise's phone.
I started preparing for work, I got ready and when Louise came out, he saw that I was almost ready.

"Are you now the security guard that opens the gate at work or they have made you the manager? Why so early or you want to branch at Philip's house and collect morning romantic dose in his bedroom? If you're now your office manager you tell me so that I will know how much we will be expecting at the end of the month. By the way why haven't they send your salary yet, anyway...is still early. Let me wait for more days and after then I will know what to think..."

He walked to the toilet without his phone.
I rushed to the room, found his phone and realized it was on password.

I started trying different things that pops into my head.
I suddenly remembered that he once told me his password in the past and I used to unlock his phone back then.

I tried it and it opened, I quickly typed in Philip's number and blocked it before deleting.
I can hear the toilet door opened, followed by foot sound.
I hurriedly try to return the phone but it dropped from my hand to the ground.
I wanted to leave it there but it will look suspicious.
I picked it up and checked if the screen is okay, just then Louise came.

"What are you doing with my phone, hope is not my phone that fell. I heard something fell...is not my phone right?

"I'm sorry, I was trying to make the bed and it slipped off my hand when I wanted to drop it on the dresser but nothing happened to It. The screen is not broken...no damage..."

He took it and began to examine it.

"You're lucky today but don't rejoice yet because I know exactly who to call for a new phone the moment this phone start misbehaving. This phone cost.. hundred, no... two hundred and fifty thousand, plus all the work I did in it, in total it will be about 300k. The way I'm looking at this phone you dropped to the ground is going to start malfunctioning starting today. I will definitely call Philip for a new phone because already I was looking forward to getting a new phone, you brought opportunity on my way and made it easy...I will make sure I use it well.."

I quickly made the bed that I don't intend doing before, picked up my bag and left.

I'm glad that mission of removing Phil's number is accomplished.
Let me see how he will call or receive calls from Phil again.

I want to get to the office early, even before Phil so that he will see how serious I was with my new job.

Today is going to be a good day. I must focus on the positivity and forget everything that will spoil my day.

I slept off while in the bus and was awaken when I got closer to the place I will alight.
I just hope sleep won't embarrass me at work.

I thank God that nothing happened to Louise phone, I'm very happy that Phil's number is out of his phone.

That alone makes me happy.

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