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June Break-Episode 23



June Break-Episode 23


I started planning on how to get more money, save up and move out.

I don't even have any friend or colleague that is free and I can go stay with.
They're either staying with somebody or theirs no space at their end.
That includes Ella my colleague, she would've been the best option but no space at her side.

I couldn't even move in with anybody even if there was a space because Phil already made it clear that he does not like the idea of me staying with a friend.
His fear was they may mislead me 

The only option right now is to get a place of my own and I can also be able to start fighting for my money that's in Louise hand from a different location.

I'm definitely not given up on my money yet.
That's my two years hard work, it can't just go like that without a fight.

I'm still very scared of telling Phil about Louise, I wish to but each time fear get full hold of me.

I really want to move out of Louise house. I don't want to associate with him any longer.

I will be starting my new job by Monday and Louise isn't aware yet and I don't plan telling him anything

I plan on doing something to get money, I don't know if is the right thing but I can't think of anything else.
I told Phil that I needed small cash to send to my younger sister who wants to write her school exam and also money that she can use to buy some books since my parents have other responsibilities.

Phil asked me how much I needed, I told him anything he can afford.
He said I should be specific. "how much is the exam fee" he asked again.
 I was quiet and shy to mention any amount but after much push I told him about 200k.

He said two hundred thousand just for exam? What kind of exam was my kid sister writing?

I never thought of the lies and it was not properly organized.
I never thought Phil will start asking all of that.
I started stuttering again, as I began to think of any exam that's very expensive.

He asked me to stop stuttering that he will give me the money but he will have to see me first before giving it to me.
I was afraid at first but I have no choice than to see him that weekend.

He picked me up and I can't hide the fact that I was truly afraid
Did Louise mention anything to him, was my lies very obvious.
Did he knows anything else about me apart from the fact that I'm Louise cousin sister.
Why did he make it sound urgent when he said he wanted to see me.
We hanged out and had a good time with good food.

Is been two weeks already after our last hangout that he gave me money and also for Louise.
I was supposed to be resuming in his company few days from now which makes it begining of a new month.
What exactly is the problem.

As I sat beside him at the passenger side of the car. He looked at me with a full smile.
"My Queen, my angel. You're as beautiful as ever. When is your next birthday? I want to make it special for you..."

I blushed with full smile and told him
"April 13th. That's my birthday and is just around the corner. Two months time....I will be 20 years. I remember when I clocked 18 and then 19. My 19th birthday was at work nothing special. I can't believe that I'm already turning 20..."

This time I was actually laughing.

He pat my cheek gently.
"You don't look 20, you look 25.  You actually act and think like some 17 to 20years old tho..."

"... Some of your behavior is childish sometimes also  in line with your age. Well, I still love everything about you. You're still my baby. Have you thought of school? What is your plan for the future? Have you thought of any yet? Your Mom and Dad... you don't talk about them. Hope they're alright? I know Louise is your cousin, do you have siblings or you're the only child. I really want to know more about you my love and see if there's a way I can be of help. You mentioned your sister writing exam..."

I quickly interrupted
"Yea...yes she called asking me for some money. My parents are alive and well but they're not working big jobs that fetch them lots of money if not I wouldn't have asked you for help. I have plans for school but it didn't work out the way I planned it but I'm working on another plan. If you don't have the money or up-to the amount I mentioned then is fine. I totally understand..my sister is ready to wait until I have the money or she may even choose to skip it..."

He looked at me puzzled
"What kind of exam is that April? I mean why will she wait, will the exam be waiting for her too until she is fully ready? Skipping it.. that part I don't get it.. isn't it an important exam... maybe high school exams or planning to get into higher institution. I guess is your kid sister? 

I nodded and try to think of another lie to cover up the first lie.
"... you don't need to say anything again, I'm guessing the exam stuffs is probably not true..!

He was quiet as he stared at me for few seconds. I try to defend myself he continued.

"... you sound scared and uncertain when you talk about it but that does not dispute the fact that you probably needed money or your family does. I Love you April and you don't need to paint words or lie to get to me. I told you to feel free and always let me know whenever you're in need of anything..."

"... I want you to understand that I'm a man of my word. Come straight out to me and tell me you needed money or anything at all and I will definitely try and make it happen. Even if I don't have it at that moment, I will let you know when it will be ready. Don't cook up any story, fabricate lies or be scared when you need something from me dear. Is absolutely unnecessary. I will give you the money alright but please try and be straight forward with me. I told you what turns me off the last time and lies is part of it. Please is more classy when you're open with me and direct. I won't have cause to start worrying... alright?

I nooded quietly. My lies and the attitude I portray didn't go well.
I felt so much ashamed.

"...What about Louise? Is he okay...he did not get back to me concerning the Highlander in my garage? What did he say when you told him? Also the money... hope he didn't feel indifference with the amount? He didn't call or say anything... I'm more concerned about his stand on the car. Does he want it or not?

I thought of what to say.
I never gave the money to Louise and the car he insisted is Phil's kind of car. He said he won't settle for anything less, is either Benz or nothing else but I can't possibly tell Phil all of that.

I was scared and didn't know what kind of lie to tell this time.

"Louise is busy...I guess and he will get back to you.."
 that's all I can think off.

"I will call him tonight or tomorrow, he probably felt the amount I gave him is too small or he does not understand fully that the car is Highlander which is almost all big boys choice of a car. I'm sure I will get to understand what exactly is the problem and why he haven't called. Being busy isn't an excuse though. Don't worry April, your cousin will come to understand that I love you and ready to go extra mile to prove that. Just knowing me alone, Louise will have alot to be thankful for in future..."

He smiled and kissed me. He straightened, brought out an envelope and hand it over to me.
"..that's two hundred and fifty thousand April. I might be rich but I don't squander or spend cash anyhow. I work hard for every dime I spend and I will like you not to spend it on useless things. I'm not a fraudster and money may not always be available to spend as we like at all time but it won't get so bad not to spend at all. If you plan sending to anybody then whatever is left, kindly manage it untill I have more to give you okay..? I will call Louise tomorrow..."

I was scared and shaky at the moment he said he was going to call Louise.

I asked him not to bother himself calling Louise that I will ask Louise to call him instead.

But he insisted and said it wasn't a problem.

 "...If Louise wanted to call he could have called the moment he got the money i sent to him through you last two weeks or even at the mention of the car to him. Phil added.

Phil felt that something must be bothering Louise and he wants to know what exactly it was so that it doesn't affect me in anyway.

I thanked him for the huge amount as he went to drop me off.

I was thinking hard and deep or what to do next, especially now that Phil plan to call Louise.

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