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June Break-Episode 22



June Break-Episode 22


"Nothing serious, I just wanted to talk to you about...bout..."

I was thinking of anything to say to him that makes sense.
He urged me to continue.

"... about Job. Yes... Job.."

He gave me a serious look and said with a surprised tune.

"Oh, you remember I asked you sometime to come work in my company but you later declined. Did they sack you from your present place of work or you just want something new and better..."

I told him that I wasn't sacked I just wanted to upgrade.
"I'm happy that you're finally agreeing to my initial plan. Give me this coming week, I will fix you up somewhere nice and and comfy in the office. You will resume next month. Atleast I will get to see you whenever I wish. But was that the only reason you wanted to see me? I thought it was something serious... you almost scared me. I was afraid that you wanted to break up with me. I was ready to knee and beg like a child begging his momma for some extra snacks. I feel relieved that it wasn't something serious..."

I thanked him and we had alot of other things to converse.
We later left and he asked me what he can get for Louise, he suggested some designer wears but I told him that Louise likes money and will prefer money instead.
I even chirped in another thing carefully.
"..Louise also likes cars, I wish I have money I would have surprised him with his dream car..."

"That's sweet. Louise is indeed taking good care of you and he must be a nice brother for you to think of him in this special way. I have an old car in my garage, not too old though.  I bought it three years ago but is still very okay and looks new too. I wanted to give it out to one of my friend having little challenges but because of you I'm ready to give it to Louise. If making him happy will put a smile on your face then I'm ready to do anything. Is a Highlander, very fast and strong car. When this my car came out I wanted to get it because it was like machine. I worked hard and gathered enough money to buy it. It was after then I stopped driving the Highlander SUV Jeep
I'm sure Louise will love the Highlander, it's nice car.."

I was happy but I had little fear due to the way Louise was making serious emphasis on Phil's expensive car. 

Phil's car is called Benz, one of the most expensive and fastest car in town.

Louise wanting something he can't afford baffles me, he can't even afford half of the money yet he wants to reap where he didn't sow. That's the normal Louise way.
Phil opened an envelope, counted lots of money and deep insides the envelope before closing.
He handed it to me for Louise.
He also deep hand into his wallet, brought out plenty cash and hand it over to me without counting it.

"I know you don't like cash gift, you made it known the first day we met and I know I have tried to change that by buying you gifts instead. But I will love you to give yourself a little treat, I want you to keep looking radiant and beautiful for me. I know your salary is just a stipend and may not even be enough for a whole month. So take this cash and do whatever you want with it.."

He does not need to say anything, I actually needed the money and plan to start saving again by myself to avoid heartbreaking story.

I thanked him and we shared few kisses, followed by more kisses.
It was only kisses and nothing more.

I didn't want the moment to stop. Phil got me in a very special way.
Louise does not even come close to such affection.

He dropped me that night and didn't move immediately untill I was safely inside before I heard him drive off.

Louise did not even allow me get inside he began his ranting.

"You would have slept there since you can't differentiate night time and day... look at the time that you are coming back. I know Philip must have gone ten round on you because you're cheap. You're now acting like a hārlot around him because he is rich. You want to use your body to entice him, you are just too naive. Philip will dump your ass when he is down sucking every juice left in your body dry. Be deceiving yourself, thinking he loves you, a wealthy guy like that only wants to have fun and after he is tired of you then he will kick you off. But for the main time that he is still enjoying your over stiffed body, I want to get my car and my money. So how far with it... when did he finally agreed to get me my car?

I try to be very calculative in my reply.
Anger was trying to have the best of me but I tried to hold back.
",Phil said, business isn't very fair at the moment, so he can't afford that type of expensive car. But he is ready to get you another...a Highlander Jeep that's worth about lots of millions..."

Louise cut in as I was still talking.
"He can't afford what? Philip is a millionaire, I checked his company's net worth the other day and it is worth a Fortune. That guy has money, he is only stingy. I almost thought you didn't mention anything to him because I actually called him the other day and stylishly asked him about the car he sounded like he knows nothing about it. Well, I'm glad he is aware but only pretending like he does not understand exactly my point. Tell him that I'm not settling for less, Highlander Jeep maybe expensive too but is that Benz that I want. Is not everybody's kind of car because not everyone can afford it. I'm not settling for less or anything that looks like Benz. Is either Benz or nothing else. Tell that to him and I expect it before this month ends. That's period...he wants to substitute Benz for Highlander, that's madness, who does such a thing?..

"... If you have to serve him your body as breakfast, lunch and dinner just for him to consider my request..then you better do so because I promise, I will expose you. I will disgrace you and you will loose Phil at same time loose me, when you loose me you have loosed everything. So you better act fast because there is no time for all this lovey dovey thing you're doing with him. I'm warning you for your own good..."

I went into the toilet with my bag and began to count the money he gave Louise.
It was seventy thousand, while mine was fifty six thousand. In total I had over a hundred thousand because I wasn't planning on giving Louise a dime.

I will use the money Phil asked me to give him to nurse all the insults he threw at me today.

I stepped out and saw him coming out of the room.
He asked me if Phil gave me some money because he needed some urgently to send to one of his woman visiting him the next day and I told him that Phil only bought a gift for me. He does not like giving out cash.
Louise called him a stingy man

He asked me to come and show him the bed style I did with Phil.
I told him if he dares touch me I will unfailingly go to the police and report him as a råpist.

He was shocked when I threatened him.

"You've really grown wings. I will teach you a serious lesson by the time I wait this month end and I don't see my car. You think you're wise, I will prove you wrong... watch and see..."

He angrily left.
I walked into the room with all my money. I'm feeling rich with all the money I got in one day without doing anything. I looked around before hiding it securely.

I still haven't thought of a way to go about telling Phil the truth
I don't know how I'm going to go about it but I will find a way but for now I don't want to ruin this moment or the little time I still have with Phil
 before everything will come crashing let me enjoy the moment.

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