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June Break-Episode 21



June Break-Episode 21

As I went home that day, I was busy singing different songs while going around doing my chores.
Louise who happened to be home was wondering what was going on with me.

Instead of me to be sober I was busy singing and smiling
He did not bother asking me immediately.
The following day, he asked me if I have communicated to Phil concerning his latest demands time for It to be achieved.

I told him that I haven't informed him of the latest and he went on and on ranting about what he was going to do to me.
I was not moved one bit with his whole threats, I didn't even stop to stare at him or show him that I was scared.
I did not reply or say anything, deep down I can see that he was wondering what I was up to. He kept ranting nonstop seeing that I was not giving him attention.

The very day I was supposed to meet Phil, I got ready, wore one of my favorite t-shirt with a blue jean jacket and trouser. 
I wore a white sneakers and a portable single chain bag
I put on some cologne just to smell nice. I apply simple make up. I wasn't a serious makeup type but once in a while I try to apply little.
I checked myself in the mirror to be certain that I was looking okay.

It was a weekend, he was coming to pick me up maybe to a cool spot where we can chill out. It will be a private lounge just for two of us, quiet with nice music playing in the background 
There I will tell him everything he needs to know. 
Today May be our final departure, it maybe the last day that we get to be together. 
After telling him everything about me he may decide to dump me and even insult me too.

He may feel like I was deceiving him and leading him along while living with a man.
Phil will be very angry and may never forgive me. It will hurt me really bad, it will be a deep wound.
 I will be sad, lonely and frustrated but I know with time I will be alright.

No one understands my journey, no one will understand my story even if I try to tell it all.
But it does not really matter if they understand or not.
Is my life and I won't let myself down.

I will return back home someday, a lively and happy person. I will be a better version of myself and live my life to the fullest.

When I'm done with Phil, I will put Louise in his place.
I will find a means and get my money from him.
I won't let him hold back everything I have worked for all this years.
I need that money to restart my life again and I will try different means to get it even if it means involving the police.

I was standing by the mirror watching myself and wondering how today will go.

I gasped out slowly before taking the last look at myself.
I was looking alright and my outfit was perfect.

I try to look on the bright side by smiling. I gasped again before stepping out.

Louise who was in the sitting room saw me and asked me where I was dressed to.

Before I could answer him he said "...oh Phil, you're going on a date with your rich boyfriend who will dump your fat a$s if you don't dance to my tune soon. Infact I'm giving you this week to give me a positive feedback, a positive answer otherwise i will take the honor of exposing you. This week and it won't pass it..."

I didn't reply because I know the honor will be mine at the end. Louise won't have the last laugh, I won't let him. I'm going to expose myself and he won't have anything to hang onto. He will loose balance and fall flat. 
I ignored him and started moving towards the door

"....By the way you're looking nice. I can see the good handwork of your rich boyfriend showing on your body. I will be a partaker of his giveaway soon, You can't be enjoying alone. Today is another opportunity to remind your Phil and beat it loudly into his ears that I need my car and money urgently. Use this opportunity well April or you will have alot of regrets coming your way..."

I stepped out without a word.

I called Phil again that I was already out waiting for him. He asked me to hold on that he was close by.

In no time I saw Phil's car driving down.
I started moving slowly from the bustop where I was waiting for him.
He parked and I crossed over to join him and we drove off.

We chatted for a while as I try to feel at ease with the tension building in.

My heart beat wanted to start speeding in fear but I try to slow it down.

Phil admired my outfit and said I was looking beautifully smart.

I smile and thanked him as he bent over and pecked my cheeks while still driving.

"You're beautiful April, I know you must have heard this line severally but I still want to let you know that you are a masterpiece, smart, outspoken, intelligent and fun to be with. Another thing is that you don't disappoint with your dress sense. You dress like a model and I love everything about you. This is not a flattery, I mean every word I said..."

I thanked him as I blushed a little with a full smile on my face.
Who will hear all this lovely things coming from a well exposed man like Phil, who has so many beautiful, matured sophisticated women crowding around him all the time yet he choose me. Which woman will hear him say all of this things without feeling like she is on top of the world.

"...I got something for you. I hope you will love it
He said and I replied while still smiling
"You spoil me too much Phil, you're always getting something for me..."

He was grinning from ear to ear. He looks so happy. Either because we're hanging out together or my presence was giving him joy.

"I will give it to you when we get to the place. Putting smile on your face is my job...I never want to see you unhappy. And please whenever you need anything... anything at all please don't hesitate to let me know. I love you April with my whole heart. You occupy all the space... Nothing is left."

I began to laugh, I felt relaxed and at peace whenever I'm with Phil. He has a special way of making me feel at peace with myself. 
I replied back that I also love him.
I thought of Louise and frown
An idea pops into my head and I decided to ask.
"...what will I do that will make your Love for me to diminish or turn into hate? I mean what is the highest offence that I will commit that will make you dislike my person and will not want to have anything to do with me again?

I asked playful but deep down I really wanted to know. I became scared of loosing him and stylishly throw in the question.
He became silent while still smiling.

"I can't really think of anything that will warrant such. Hate is a strong word...I don't think I will ever hate you April. You're like an angel and very special to me. You do no wrong in my sight and nothing will ever make me dislike you... I'm not sure there's anything as such..."

I urged him to think deep. What is his turn off in a woman that he happens to be in a relationship with.

"..uhmm, I still can't think of anything. Maybe because you're seated close to me, I'm not thinking straight anymore. But.. maybe when my woman cheats. cheating is a turn off for me. Is better the lady breaks up with me and start another relationship than having another guy and pretending like I'm her only man. No one deserves such a disgusting treatment...not the guy or even a lady. In a relationship, the both party owns each other loyalty. Respect, care, truth and love. That's not a demand is just natural for both party involved.  Lies, cheating and violent is a big time turn off for me. I know most faithful fellows can relate to this. No one deserves to be treated with disdain, disrespect or lies. Being faithful shouldn't be up for a debate in a relationship, is a must..."

He turned to look at me. I managed to smile. I wasn't okay at all. It was as if he was indirectly talking about me. 

"... April, you don't have anything to worry or fear when it comes to be being faithful to you. Is your right and I will never deprive you of that. I can beat my chest and say that you're hundred percent faithful too. you're cool headed, calm, homely and probably never had a serious boyfriend...or have you been in a serious relationship. Not the high school kind of relationship. I mean a very serious one...?

"Yes...I mean not really..I used to, well..is not.. I wanted to say that I use... never had..." I was obviously stuttering.

I look so guilt stricken but Phil suddenly began to laugh and his laughter eased my tensed body.

"I knew it...I know the relationship you're talking about is the high school type. I'm probably your first or second man. You're too young and might not have any serious experience when it comes to relationship. Don't be frightened my love, I will never hurt you or make you sad... deliberately. If I'm doing anything that you don't like please, don't fail to call my attention to it. I might be carried away or unknowingly act without thinking. But I will never deliberately hurt your feelings. So make sure you let me know whenever I do things that you're not please with... alright?

I nodded. He gently brushed his hand on my cheek.
He kept driving. "What of your cousin...brother, Louise..hope he's doing alright. He called me last week, I forgot to tell you... but I assume you are aware. He was obviously checking up on me. He asked about my car model and how much I got it. He mentioned he loves it and looking forward to having something like it soon. When I told him the amount I got the car he screamed and said is really expensive but he is still interested in having it. He later asked if you told me how much he admires the car? I said you never mentioned it. He said no problem, he just wanted to check up and to tell me that while taking care of you I shouldn't forget him too..."

Phil began to laugh as he continued. "...He said it jokingly and we both laugh about it. I appreciate him for checking up. My mind felt at rest knowing that you're in a safe hand. I love the fact that you're with a family rather than a friend. I don't like my woman staying with her friends because they may mislead her. Maybe, if we're going home we will get something nice for Louise. Like a thank you gift for taking good care of you. What do you think?

I nodded with a smile. 
I felt relived when we finally arrived at our destination.
He parked and we stepped down.
He had a square small box in hand which I believe is the gift. 

"Did he want to propose to me? I said silently to myself.

That's a crazy idea and the beautiful box looks bigger, not the type of a ring size box
He was holding my hands as we walked into this nice cool spot.
He took me to the VIP and we got seated.

He ordered for things and handed the box to me.
He asked me to open it and I quickly did.
Curiosity got the best of me.

The inside was indeed beautiful, a gold chain with two fine bracelet.
They're so beautiful.
I was thanking him repeatedly. 

Untill I met Phil I have never had anything so expensive.
Phil never stop giving me gifts. Different types and all expensive.
I have never gotten him anything. 

What can you get for a man that has it all.
Maybe I will think of something that I can give him.
Is the heart of giving that matter not the gift itself.

I couldn't take much of the goodies that was brought to the table. I was just thinking about how I will tell him about Louise.

Isn't it the reason I asked him to hang out, is the major reason why we are here.

Before leaving the house my mind was strong and I was ready to spill it all out to him. I wanted to let out the cat from the bag and didn't want to hold back anything

The strength and zeal I had before I entered his car has vanished.
I no longer have any strength, I'm just like a scared little mouse right now.

I don't know where or how to start anymore.
I can't afford to loose Phil but if I don't do this Louise will expose me.

And from everything that Phil said today concerning his type of relationship, I'm standing on a dangerous lane.

Phil has been good to me, he had loved me effortlessly and supported me.
He made me feel loved, he appreciates me. He does not only cares for me but also for people around me.

I can't hurt him, I will never.. ever hurt Phil with my secret.
He does not deserve such and I may never find a man like him again.

Phil maybe my gateway of escaping Louise and I can't allow anything to rùin that.

Men like Louise are everywhere, men feeling entitled and trying to reap where they did not sow. Abúsive men, pretenders, womanizers. Egoistic men, prideful, rude and liars. They're cheap to get, they're everywhere and very good in pretending.

Their names may not necessarily be Louise but Louise is a perfect example.
If a Lady meet them, they will mistake them for a prince charming not knowing that they are wolf in sheep clothing.

They can pretend for months but one day they will show off their true nature and leaving the lady in a shocked state.

Phil type of a man is rare, not cheap, not pretenders, they are real and expensive.

If a lady is lucky to encounter one, she should avoid those things that will hurt him and make sure she reciprocate their love.
I'm lucky to have Phil in my life and I won't let anything to ruine it.
Not even Louise.

"So, what is that you wanted to tell me?
Phil asked bringing back to the present.

"... you seem to be a little bit distanced. Is anything bothering you April? Remember, you can talk to me...I promise I will always be here for you and will support you emotionally, physically and financially. All I need from you is trust, trust me because I trust you.."

".. you wanted to tell me something, you sounded desperate. Tell me whatever it is.."

Words dries from my mouth. I didn't know where to start from again.

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