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June Break-Episode 20



June Break-Episode 20


Ordinarily, i wouldn't have reacted if he accepted my offer, I will still be caged under his webs and continue doing his biddings.

Yes, even after he might have taken the whole money, my salary will continuesly be sent to this so called bank account he opened and managed for me which I have no control over.

With no doubt I will live my life trying to please Louise and may even get molested and insulted nonstop, it won't stop him from disrespecting me but offcourse I will never mind whatever he throws at me because him accepting my offer and trying to keep my real identity hidden from Phil was a huge favor.

Not telling Phil anything will be a favor and my over millions savings that I have saved up for school and hoping to finally start soon, handing him this whole life savings as compensation will definitely hunt me for a long time. I will feel broken that all I have worked all this years is gone.

My hard earned money, my sweat, my only hope of finally becoming somebody important and becoming a better version of myself is gone.
Just gone without any gratitude, it was more like an arm robber breaking into the house to steal your life savings and takes it without trace.
Yes, that was how Louise stole all my money, his weapon was not gun or matchet, is not even a heavy stick but only his tricky big mouth.

He sweet talked me into believing that he was helping me to save money for my future and telling me how I might start spending the money that was supposed to be for my school. He said he was only trying to help me and him saving the money for me will help me to be disciplined and focus.

He will be in charge but the account details are all my information, like the name and age.
His email and phone number will be used for this my bank account so that he can monitor it properly.
When the money comes up and i want to use it for the admission or anything else he will gladly hand it all to me.
Nothing will happen to it, is under his watch and he will manage it well for me and I shouldn't have any reason to fear or worry.

I trusted him so much, Louise was supposed to be my confidant, he was supposed to be my friend and someone to run to whenever I'm in danger.

Now he has become the danger that I have to run from.
Whatever posses Louise is strong and it sometimes baffles me.

I have come to accept that I'm alone in this big city, I used to think I have somebody but not again.

Louise has bullied me enough and collected every dime I saved for my future.
It was as if all the job I was doing was only for this man.
I was practically workin for Louise, enriching him without knowing.

Is paining me so much that I can't stop thinking about it.
This whole issue is hurting me  badly, I can't think of something else.
It took my appetite, it took my peace and my happiness.
I'm at war with myself and wondering how am I supposed to start all over again.
I feel broken and hurt, I envision how much I had each time and hang onto the hope that atleast I have money and if anything goes wrong my money is my backup.

Knowing that I have over a million naira in the account gives me confidence, it makes me happy that no matter what I have something to fall back to.

Louise blackmailed me, greedily asking for  what he can't afford even in his ten years of working.
Phil's car is not common, is one of the latest model and super expensive. The interior is breathtaking, the chairs are so comfy and inviting.
The car is unique and not common. Phil and few other rich guys, very few drives it in the big city.
Louise want to feel belong, he want to start chilling with the big boys and feeling like he owns the world. He will start walking like he has the entire world on his shoulder.
He even said that Phil will add a million naira for his few expected.
Louise is a greedy maggot.

"God" this whole thing is almost driving me crazy. I'm so angry right now.
I want my money, no, Louise can't have my sweat and call it nothing.

Is everything to me, is like my Life, my entire hope depends on it.
Now is taken away by trick and force, I feel empty.
I can't relate, I can't let go, I can't keep calm.
I'm bitter, I'm broken.
Running away from the house was to find a better version of myself so that by the time I finally returned back home I won't be the same again.
I will be somebody my parents will be proud of, they won't have to look down on me or make me feel less of myself.
I will be able to gain back my lost glory and take my place as a full daughter of her parents not as a slave or maid that they almost turned me into.

Now Louise is making it difficult for me to achieve that goal.
I supposed to be in school by now but he kept using different storyline whenever I ask for my money to hold me down.
Now I was even ready to let it all go, all I wanted was for him to leave me and Phil alone and to appreciate the fact that this money I was letting go was my all.

He didn't see it as anything, he makes my years of hard work to look like nothing.
He insulted me and did not see any wrong in his actions.

Letting go of my money like that was killing me inwardly.

Since I know better now, I will strategies before coming at him. He won't see it coming I promised him that.
He rubbish my whole efforts and making me act as maid and his prøstitute. The very thing I dreaded most. 

I'm practically his househelp just like I was doing in my own house back home.

The only difference was the ill behavior coming from your own people is very painful.
I try not to count it as anything over here but Louise makes everyday in that house looks hellish.

Louise was only pinning me to the fact that I lied to Phil that he was a family while he is not.
He planned to expose me, planning on telling Phil that I even ran away from the house.

Louise want to expose and ridicule me. He probably thoughts he has me exactly where he wants me.

It will shock him to know that I'm planning ahead of him.

I'm putting a call across to Phil, I will love to see him tomorrow. Let me tell him everything by myself.

In that way Louise will loose out, he won't have anything to use against me again.

Phil will end everything he has with me, it will break me into pieces but I will be fine at the end.
My happiness will be that Louise won't have anything to hold onto anymore. He will be at the loosing end, even though he was still having my money.

I will ask questions and get around on how to get my money from Louise so that I can use it and move out and move on. I will rent a place of my own and start my life again, this time on a better note with no obligation to anyone.

First of all, I really need to see Phil.

I took a phone and called Phil, he asked me if I was alright I told him that I will love to see him.

He asked again if everything was fine with me and I replied that everything is fine. He wanted me to tell him whatever it was over the phone but I said no.

Phil said he will come and pick me up the next day so that I can tell him whatever that's bothering me since I refused to tell him over the phone.

He was anxious to know what the problem is but I said is something I have to see him face to face.

We finally concluded and I look forward to seeing him the next day and confessing it all to him so that Louise can finally leave me alone and I will have my peace of mind and rest too.

Sincerely, I had fears but there's no turning back now.

This seems like the only solution to this whole trouble from Louise.

I have made up my mind, i will do it and face whatever consequences that comes with it.

Louise face will be lost in shame. Let me see what he will use again to blackmail me again.

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