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June Break-Episode 2



June Break-Episode 2

"April... April... wakeup... April.."

That was my second elder brother's voice tapping me awake.
Mark had always had this loving caring nature but he can be so annoyingly too.

They say is normal for siblings to get in each others nerves sometime.
That wasn't different from my siblings.

I opened my eyes, my seventeen years old self actually dozed off in our sitting room. 

I looked up at Mark and saw his long face.

"What happened?

"Why did you take the money I kept under my pillow?

I try to sit up because he looks like he was ready for trouble.

"What money...I didn't see your money Mark..."

"April, I kept that money for a purpose and you have no right to go into my room and take it. this isn't the first time and is no longer funny that you have become a thíef and nothin is safe in this house any more..."

"Uhmmm Mark, first of all I did not go into your room or take your money.. secondly, I'm not a thíef, is better you stop calling me that or I will tell Mom. Go and look for your money and leave me alone...I have never taken anything that is yours before without asking you first..."

I was standing to his face as I voice out my own annoyance. It angers me that he had to call me a thíef. I'm the last person that will go around taking people's things without thinking.

I can't wait to get into school. I would have been in the university by now but I had delay and since last year I finished high school I have been home hoping and waiting.
Maybe that is why they can accuse me as they please. 

It used to be Rachel always asking or searching for her stuffs which she kept carelessly and now Mark had joined the queue.
Who knows who else will follow next.

"Rachel told me that you were the one that took the money... she saw you go into my room this morning..."

", She's lying... Mark. Believe me I never went to your room or take your money. I have never done that..."

He looks confused but someone still have to take the blame and Rachel was the little sweet princess who can do no wrong.
While I on the other hand takes most of the blames.
If Rachel does something and I will be blamed for it.
Is sad but there was no escaping.

Mark did not want to escalate the issue he angrily walked away.
I felt so bad and went out to look for Rachel.
She was no where to be found.
She supposed to be back from school looking at the time.
Is already  4pm. Maybe she had after class lesson's to attend to.

She was in senior high school, she got promoted twice in school making her skip some classes and now she was about to graduate at age thirteen.

She seems to be getting all the favor even from God, my parents, siblings and general public.
She was the most favored.

I never mind before but recently I can't help but feel bad.
I wish I was the last born of the house who still gets the attention and care.
Everyone thinks I'm grown, unlike Rachel who will always be the baby of the house no matter how old she was.

If I have to be sincere, sometimes I wish she wasn't born but I'm still grateful to have a sister.

Immediately I saw her, I didn't fail to ask her why she told Mark that I was the one that stole his money but she didn't answer me.
Even when Mark said I should drop the issue, I didn't listen.

"You can't go around telling people that I steal when you never even caught me once. Except you stole it and looking for who will be the scape goat and I perfectly fit into the idea of a thíef as usual. Stop that nonsense Rachel...is no longer funny. don't take my quietness for granted because next time I will react and you may not like what I will do.This is all expensive jokes and I'm not finding it funny anymore...be warned..."

Her eyes was fixed on the television and she did not even turn to look at me or reply.

Whenever this sort of thing happens she will become speechless and not having any word to defend herself but on a normal day Rachel is always defensive.
She likes playing the victim every time she did something wrong.

This was part of my ordeal in the house and it all started after Rachel was born.

My parents heard of the missing money and you can guess the first person their eyes was focused on, me off course.

"I'm raising you all to be better in life... don't allow the dëvïl to use you and bring shame to us and to yourself..."
"... April, if you're the one that took Mark's money return it and never you do that again. Whenever you need something you ask me or your mother. At your age you should be a good example to your sister. Rachel behaves well and I know she can never do such a thing as taking what is not hers. Please... for God sake, stick to the good morals that holds this family together. I don't want to hear anything like this again... hope I'm clear"? My dad scolded.

I try to defend myself that I wasn't the one but none of them are ready to believe or even listen.
I went to my room to suck like a child.
It was very painful and I couldn't just keep quiet.

As I went to join my Mom in making dinner that evening, I raised the topic, hoping she will believe and all she said was.

"April, no one is accusing you. But look at it this way... your elder brother David is out in the UK studying, Mark is in school and also helps your Dad's friend in his electrical engineering shop during holidays, the little money he gets he saves it for  his future plans, is very unfair for anyone to go and take it. It makes it seems like nothing is safe again in this house... which calls for worries. Your sister is small and not the type that will take something that isn't hers..."

"Mom, Rachel is almost thirteen... she is not a baby. Why not ask her too before looking at me as the black sheep. What if she was the one that took the money but blamed it on me so that she will remain the little princess..." I said to my Mom while cutting the onions.

"Let's not turn this into argument April, just stick to the warning. Don't take what is not yours. Ask whenever you're in need of something..."

I couldn't win this, no matter how I try. It was a total waste of time.

And that was how I accepted what I never did.
I'm not trying to play saint but this was how the politics run in my house and I hate it.

This was the reason June became very important to me but we're on a long way to getting there.
I want to tell you everything before you judge me without knowing the whole story.

(Do not take credit or Plagiarize AMAH'S HEART stories)

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