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June Break-Episode 19



June Break-Episode 19

For days I try to avoid Louise, I didn't want to get in his way and did not want to have any reason he will talk to me in manner that will warrant me talking back at him.

I still saw Phil and he sometimes brings me home after work.
Since Louise is already aware of our relationship there was nothing to hide again or be afraid off in Phil bringing me home.

It was before I used to be afraid whenever he decided to drop me off at home after work and I was afraid of Louise seeing us because he may want to strangle me if he dares find out but not again because now that he knows Phil I felt a little bit relieved.

I did not forget about Louise condition or how he threatened to expose me if his wishes are not met in two months.
Is been about three weeks and within this time, Louise had asked me more than ten times if I have informed Phil and how much is Phil preparing in getting him his dream car.
He asked me that hope I made it sound very serious so that Phil can hasten up in doing so.

I lied each time that the question comes up.
I don't need to say much I just told him "yes, Phil is working on it".

Louise will smile and I can see that he was already dreaming of his soon to be new ride.

I did not tell Phill anything, I dare not even try such.
I was only strategizing a means, thinking of my next move with Louise.

After another week passed by, he asked me to invite Phil over, he wanted to host him and to also ask him about the car and the color he was planning in getting for him.

I lied that Phil traveled and whenever he returns I will inform him.
Few days later he asked me why he haven't heard from Phil, a month has gone by and there's no news about his car.
That was when I told him is because business was not moving well for Phil, he asked for more time to get back on his feet.

Louise became very angry, he said it was a lie and he does not care if his business wasn't moving well, all he was after is that he needs his new car and after the time he gave passed by he will do exactly what he intend to do.
He said Phil is rich and his parents got money too so if his business was not going fine he should collect money from his parents and get him the car.
And if the car will delay he should send in the one million expenses that he attached to the car first so that he can use it as compensation pending the time the car will be ready.

I decided to tell him what I have been planning. deep down I knew he will love the idea and may decide not to disturb Phil ever again.

"Louise, my money is with you and is more than a million, I'm ready to give you all of it but on the condition that you let Phil be. You can use the money and get a car or whatever you want but you will have to promise me that you will stop disturbing Phil and i.  you will have to keep whatever you have to say to yourself because I'm literally paying you off. Is my hard earned money Louise and doing this was a very hard decision for me because I have plan for that money which is to train myself in school with it and you know how much hard I have worked just to have savings and now I have to give it all away for the sake of my peace of mind..."

Louise interrupted me while i was still talking.

"You are talking nonsense April, please shut up your mouth. You don't pay for accommodation or feeding in this house, even toiletries, I make sure is available. I practically do everything myself and you hardly contribute nothing. How do you think I run this house and it's upkeeps? You think is with my money alone? All the bills are paid by me which includes the rent and light bills. So, you selfishly think that my own money is meant for expenses while yours is meant for savings?

"... You will be enjoying and feeling entitled with your money in my hand and thinking that you're wise. My dear I don't owe you shishi, i owe you nothing and wasn't saving anything for you. For your information you don't have any money with me, I was only trying to play with your stupidity all this while and making you believe I was actually saving your salary for you so that you can use it for your school, well in case you don't know, now you know and please don't ask me of any money again...."

I was shocked, I opened my mouth to say something but no words came out.

"...oh you're surprised? Don't be baby, that's the way life works in case you have forgotten. If life was fair you won't run away from your house. Back to the main topic, you have just a month to make your lover boy buy me that car plus my one million for expenses. Also inform your boss at work that is time for increment. They should increase your salary. Things are very expensive now and your salary is no longer enough for a week expenses..."

I was frozen at the spot as Louise stood and walked away.
After then I knew I have been very foolish to have entrusted my Life savings into Louise care.
I trusted him and thought my money was safe, if I decide to start my school processing i can ask for it and get it, so I thought.

Now, I understand the reason he kept trying to talk me off the actual amount anytime I raise the topic.
I was done being foolish, is time to actually show Louise that I'm not the naive, stupid girl he thinks of me.

I was boiling angrily as I stepped out of the house.

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