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June Break-Episode 18



June Break-Episode 18

The following day before I left for work I asked him kindly if he will tell me of his condition but he got angry.

"You're begining to piss me off April, with the way you are eager to know of my conditions and how you're going about it I may end up extending it more than the intended time just to keep you in suspense since you don't want me to breath in peace in my house..."

I decided not to say anything again in order not to escalate the whole issue.

I apologise just to calm him down and left for work.
I spoke with Philip almost all day as he calls in time to time to check up and know if I need anything.

I was not very bright, Louise was getting me all worked up and I was worried with all the suspense.
I can no longer keep calm but I try not to show it in my voice while talking with Philip.
I acted like I was really alright but deep down I was dying.

After work I quickly went home and waited for Louise to come back, but he wasn't alone when he finally returned which was very late in the night, I was already sleeping.
Maybe because he was with a visitor he didn't say anything concerning the matter on ground.
It was really getting me worked up and I decided not to ask because he may start getting angry again and may even decide to worsen the condition.

I served him dinner and also the lady he came with and waited for them to be done before clearing the table like a good girl.
Without being told I quickly set bath for the lady and dropped a clean towel and one of my clean new night wears, just in case she wanted something to wear because I didn't see her come in with any clothes aside her handbag.

I was really behaving like the good old maid and I didn't care.
Maybe that will make Louise to think twice before giving me any condition.

I kept hoping he will somehow tell me that night while the lady was bathing.
Every little opportunity I got I used it to cross my fingers and hope.

I evacuated the room right away without being asked and lay my sleeping things in the sitting room.
I also removed the things I'm going to use the previous day for work.

Louise suddenly began to laugh as he was heading to the room.
"April, all this your show off is funny and suspecious, what's the catch?

I looked at him and then looked away. I didn't reply.

The lady with him who i don't even know her name because Louise refers to her as "babe" only
She looked at me pitiful while wearing one of my night wears that I dropped for her.
She probably felt the fine nighty is from Louise, her one night lover.
She maybe thinking that she is very special to him, unknown to her that Louise changes women anytime he feels like.

There used to be a time I was also special to him, oh well I felt I was until he started showing me his other side that I never knew existed.

The lady looked at me and said to Louise

"I thought she's your maid, is there supposed to be a catch when she's only doing her job? 

I looked at her long mouth like that of a pigeon.
Louise turned to her and said

"Maid? No... April is my cousin. The cloth you're putting on is from her, her way of saying she likes you..."

I was quiet shocked because Louise usually tell his other girlfriends that he usually brings to the house that I'm a maid
But referring to me as his cousin, I really don't know what to make out of that. 

Maybe admitting that I'm a maid would have been more preferable to me.

"Oh mine, she's your cousin? With the way she was trying to please me by all means I thought differently. Is only maids that goes the extra mile to make their bosses girlfriend feel welcomed. You mentioned her name... April? What a name... why not June or July?.. hahahaha.."

She chucked aloud, all by herself and then turn to me 
 ".... Forgive my manners April, you're a pretty girl. I said it within me when I saw you that this beautiful maid living with my fine Bobo, hope there's "no body touching" privately because I know my man likes fine girls. hahaha!  sorry for referring to you as a maid. Is obvious you like me and I love your cousin brother too and he's my baby boo. Thanks for this nice, cuddly wear...I love it..."

I only told her that she was welcomed before leaving them to the kitchen.
I don't have any business again in the kitchen that night but I wanted them to leave me alone and it worked.
By the time I came back they were already whispering and moaning in the room.

After sometime I slept off but was awaken by a very loud laughter which was obviously from Louise and the lady.

I managed to sleep off again until the following morning.
I woke up early and began to prepare for work after I might have tidied up the house and set breakfast of tea and bread with tomato egg sauce on the table.

I ate little from the breakfast before getting ready for work.

Already, I brought out my work clothes and everything that I will need to get ready in order not to disturb Louise and his guest.

I was almost done when they finally came out.
I greeted them and informed them that I have set out breakfast for them.
I saw the satisfactory smile on the lady's face.

"This your cousin is super nice, I don't have any little money on me I could have find something for her as a token of my appreciation"  she said while hanging her hand on Louise shoulder.

Louise gave that mischievous laughter again before saying "you will be surprised that this fine cousin of mine is far richer than you. And her boyfriend is super rich too. So she does not need your little pocket change, April will feed you for months or even a year without troubles... she's a big girl"

He winked at me and I went back arranging my things so that I can leave the two crazy people staring down at me.

The Lady looked at me jealously before turning to Louise.
"You belittle me when you say things like this in front of her. I feel insulted already but I will let it slide because of the love we both have for each other. I saw handbags in the bedroom, I know is for your cousin but there's this particular handbag, is actually very expensive in the market, I was wondering how your cousin managed to afford it but I can totally understand from what you just said... 

"...Now, the issue is that I love that handbag, two of those designer bags are super expensive and very outstanding because they're designers offcourse ,very expensive and I want them, Hope your cousin wouldn't mind..."

I was about to caution her not to touch any of my things because I know is the two new handbags that's Philip recently got for me that she wanted but Louise interrupted and said.

"You can have anything you want babe, I told you that April got a wealthy boyfriend and she can afford whatever she wants, two designers handbags is really nothing to her. I bet you before next week she will replace them..."

He turned to me and said "...April, everything i said is true right?
I ignored him.
The lady having gotten permission from Louise, retuned to the bedroom probably to finally take the handbags.

"You don't have any right to ask her to go take whatever she wants. My stuffs is mine and not up for negotiation and yours is yours and you shouldn't use what is mine to play a love card with your girlfriends. If they admire something then you should get it for them, not doing giveaway with mine. I have been nice to you and your guest but I guess I over did it because now her covetousness has taken all over her. Please, keep them away from my stuffs. I respect yours, please respect mine... I'm begging you and I'm asking kindly..."

I said angrily to Louise and I try not to be loud so that his guest won't hear me. 
But along the line I loosed it all, I was really boiling angrily because I can no longer hold it all in.

"Are you sure you know or understand who you're talking to? I'm holding everything about you in my palm April and can expose you to the sun and that will be your end yet you challenge me without fear, you disrespect me while my girl is still around, hmmm! You're going to pay for every words you spoke.."

I ignored him as I pick up my bag and started leaving.
He called me back and said
".... you were so eager to know what your condition will be, one of them is...I want that type of Philip's car with a million naira to accomplany it as fuel and maintenance money. The same, exact type of model, it can be different color I don't really care.   I'm giving only two months... that's enough time to get it done. I will tell you the second condition another day, let's focus on this major one and get it done first.."

"This is a pure blackmailing Louise? How can you want something that's impossible... how do you want me to get that. Philip can't even afford half of what you're asking for. You're being greedy and impossible...!

He began to laugh and later said.

"Remember you have just two months. That's my condition so I don't care how you and your Phil will make it happen but that is exactly what I want and nothing will change it. The ball is in your court.... remember this is just one of my conditions, you're yet to know the second one. Make sure you make it happen otherwise Phil will know all about you and I guess you wouldn't want that, you will do anything to protect your identity. Is up-to you now April..."

"Maybe I should just clear the air with Phil, is better than you trying to extort him. I will let him know everything about me and you.." I replied back while trying to keep my emotions in check.

"You're a little maggot without brain. April, I bet you that you don't want to take such risk. are you sure you want to loose Phil? It's obvious you are not ready to do anything that will jeopardize your relationship with him. Loosing Phil means you will still be at my mercy and your stay with me will be worst than it used to be. Even if you decide to escape from me, I will comb this entire city until I find you. You can never escape from me only Phillip's money can distract my mind from you. Be careful before taking any steps because I'm watching you like a hawk..."
"...Remember my first wish is the exact car like Phil's own and you got only two weeks.."

He try to pat my shoulder and I slâp off his hand.
I saw his woman coming from the room.

I ran out as quick as possible because if I stay any longer I may stone him with whatever I lay my hands on.

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