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June Break-Episode 17



June Break-Episode 17

I sluggishly followed him outside and all of what he was saying during the time that we are outside wasn't reaching my ears.
My mind was very far and so was my thoughts.

Philip coming to my house was a bad idea, so bad.
Why didn't he try and find means to reach me first?
He knows the exact bustop I normally wait for bus to take me home every evening after work.
I have told him where I work and he can aswell come and look for me there

There are many options apart from my house that he can still see me but instead he choose the worst place and now I'm left with no idea or option on how to face Louise.

"Are you alright, you're not happy to see me or what? Philip asked after handling me a fancy bag filled with things.

"No, I'm happy that you're finally back. You almost gave me a heart attack. I'm only a bit surprised that you choose to come down to my house of all places..."

He smiled and touched me gently on the cheek
"I did not see another better option. I was worried sick about you. I'm sorry for showing up the way I did, I was just so eager to see you my love. Beside, your cousin is not that bad. He's nice, accommodating and entertaining. I don't know why you haven't introduce me all this while. What were you afraid off? 

"Nothing, but I'm not just comfortable with you coming to my house. Louise maybe nice but he can be troublesome sometimes and I don't want trouble at all. You may not understand Phil but it will be better if we can keep our relationship far from my house. I won't be comfortable if you start visiting me here.." I said to him without mincing words.

"April, but there's obviously nothing to be afraid off, I told you that I don't like hide and seek love... and getting to know one of your family member that you're staying with in this big city is one of my wishes come true. Louise made it known that I'm welcome anytime. I don't see reason why you should be up-tight because of that. Is all good April and I'm happy and feel free, I can visit you anytime and spend time with your family... Louise is your only family that I have met so far and he has already accepted me without troubles so you shouldn't be worried because everything is settled and you won't be hiding from anyone again..."

I saw that convincing him to stop coming to the house or seeing Louise may raise a suspecious dust, I decided to drop off the topic.
I will sit and plan for another way out of this later.

He kissed me good bye and drove off.
I returned back inside to face Louise

Immediately I entered the sitting room he began to clap, laughing hilariously

He pause from clapping and laughing then said to me.

"So that's your secret lover? Unfortunately for you is not a secret anymore. He was the reason for those your Sicky behavior and you kept lying and fabricating different things just to cover up but look at how you were exposed? You didn't even expected it to happen this way right? nothing is hidden under the sun my dear April. I have been sharing you all this while with Philip and didn't even know it. I guess you're giving him the lion share of your body freely and I have to take mine by force from you. See how you've been exposed and the funniest part of this whole thing is that I'm not even angry rather I'm very happy because I have seen avenue to become one of the biggest boys in town.... hahaha"

"I'm begging you Louise, please leave Phil alone. Do with me as you please but leave Phil out of your troubles. I will do whatever you say or ask of me... I'm pleading"

He began to laugh hysterically again

"So you mean that you can actually plead like this because of a man? Look at the way you're holding your hands together and begging me to leave your secret lover alone... hahahaha! I have not even started and you're already pleading. Anyway, because of the true love I have for you, I will do as you say but on one condition..."

I was very eager to hear whatever condition it was. 
Maybe he will ask me to sleep with him and that is no longer anything to me.
He can have me as he please but he should leave Phil alone.

I was waiting for him to tell me the condition but he sat down and pick up the television remote control.

"Louise, what do you want? I'm ready to accept anything just for you to let Philip be. I will do anything you say or want please..."

"I know you will April because you don't really have a choice. You will do anything either good or bad in this case... you will do anything to cover up your tract. Your Phil thinks we're related, your Phil thinks you're a good girl but you're not. Your Phil does not know you ran away from your parents...or does he? He doesn't know you eloped with your lover, which happens to be me and we have been living together for years now or am I wrong? And the reason you refused him coming to the house is because you lied that you were living with your uncle... your relative but in truth you got no relative here. You're just a naive girl who ran away from home with her lover and has been living together with him as a couple..."

He laughed sarcastically and continued

"...You wanted to prove a point to your family and make them understand that no one orders you around, you will do anything for your freedom and damn all consequences. You don't care about their feelings or what your eloping may cause them. You're self centered, spoilt brat that thinks of no one else but yourself. So yes, you will definitely do anything I say because you don't have a choice..."

I was moved to tears but I refused showing weakness in front of Louise.

"None of what you said about me is totally true. You convinced me, you made me believe that following you to the city was the best and I stupidly believed you. Louise you of all people knows the truth but since you decided to tell your own fabricated version no problem, I'm not even surprised. You don't know anything about me or my pain but none of that matters because even if you know you will still choose to say whatever you want to say..."

"Watch your mouth April, I have the keys to your doom in my custody. I also have the keys to your happiness so you better watch what you say or do to avoid more regrets. Whatever you do onward should be centered on pleasing me... maybe for the rest of your life because I got the power to make or destroy you. Go and make food, I'm hungry...I will tell you tomorrow the conditions that you have to meet if you really want me to leave your Phil alone..."

I started leaving and he called me back and asked me to open the fancy bags filled with things that Philip got for me.

I emptied it on the chair for him. Philip really got me nice stuffs, fine foot wears, nice body fit, colognes, beautiful portable hand bag, two fine tops and few other things.

"... This your Phil is truly a lover boy. Hahahaha, lover girl deceiving lover boy. Anyway, he gave me unexpected big amount of money... which means that he is wealthy guy or he got a rich Dad or Mum. I don't really care how rich he maybe I'm just happy that breeze blew him to my end and we finally met..."

I began packing my gifts back into the bag. I suddenly pause and asked him

"You want to sleep with me? If that's what your condition is then get on with it. I'm giving you right to my body but please leave Phil alone. You will have to promise me and keep your words Louise"

He started laughing again
"April just shut up please. I don't need permission from you or anyone to sleep with you when I want. I have every right to it and whenever I want...I take it. You're even very boring in bed. You will lay there like a log until I'm done, nothing about you is interesting... you're so boring. Don't be faster than your shadow and start running your mouth, I said I will tell you my conditions tomorrow. You better quit thinking that sleeping with you will be the condition. That's the must craziest, stúpid idea but coming from you I'm not shocked... you're very stúpid and your thinking is lame. Please take what your lover got for you out of here and go and make food for me to eat. By tomorrow I will tell you whatever my conditions are..."

I heaped a sigh before walking away.

I really don't know what Louise is up-to, I don't have a clue of the conditions he probably wants to give me but I'm so much eager to know.

If he's not interested in having my body then I really don't know what he wants but I hope is something I can do because I will do anything to protect Philip from Louise.

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