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June Break-Episode 16



June Break-Episode 16

I made up my mind that I will find a way to get my money from Louise then get a place of my own and move out to an unknown place where Louise will never find me. 

From there I will start my life again, start processing my admission and get into school.
Any money, either a tip from a customer or any monetary gift I happen to get from now onwards goes to my new account. 

After another week pass, my colleague whom I used her phone the previous week to call Phil told me that she mistakenly sent the already dialed number belonging to Phil and he picked she quickly ended the call.
He called back asking who she was, and she ended the call again and decided to come and inform me first.

I told her he wasn't important anymore. She should try and dismiss him anytime he calls.

That same week, I summon courage to go to Louise demanding for my money on the ground that I want to start school.

I told him that the school form was out so I need to get mine right away before it runs out.
He told me that I needed to work few more months so that the money will be enough for my school runs.

He said my money in his account was not enough for all the the things I mentioned and is not like he does not want to give them all to me but I will squander it he release the money to me, I wont manage it well if it happens to be under my care. 

He asked me to work more hard so that I can save more money for my school.

I almost threw spit on his face for saying those things but I held back myself.

I told him that I will like to get a new phone because the old one he smashed is totally damaged and can't be fixed.

Louise bluntly refused. He said I should find another means and get a small phone because a single dime won't leave my bank account.
He said there is a plan for it and taking anything out will affect the plan.

I silently wondered if he was making plans for himself with my hard earned money or was he making plans for me concerning my school.
I don't want to focus my mind on the negativity of this whole thing, I want to hold on to some ray hope of getting my money.

Why won't he give me just little to get a phone, after all he was the same person that smashed it until it's screen glass was littered everywhere.

I have removed my sim card and trash the phone, all I need is little out of my money to get another phone. 
He can also do the buying himself, all I'm concerned about is to get a phone. but Louise bluntly refused.

He was obviously making plans with my money, I kept wishing is not true because my almost two years of hard work and sweat can't go in vain.

Louise even asked if I'm looking out for a better place with a fat salary and I said yes. 
I wanted to slap him very hard for everything he is putting me through emotionally and physically also for not wanting to give me my money but pretending like he want to.

If I ever had one chance to do that, I will make a very good use of it and I will make sure that Louise feel the pain even to his bone marrow.

I will not let him take my money. I will fight it even if is the last thing I do.

After another week went by, that Saturday I was out to the market to buy things for the house as Louise wasn't doing that anymore and weekend is my only free time to shop for grocery with the money Louise drops.

After buying the things, my next plan was to go home and cook

Returning from the market, getting to the gate I saw a car parked close to our house, it looks so much like Phillip's car.
I stopped to examine the car properly.

Is not possible, it can't be Philip.
I refused to believe it.

I wanted to turn and go and hide somewhere but since I wasn't very sure and the car can belong to anybody and mustn't be Philip,
 I proceeded to the house.

But fear clouded my mind.
What if Phil was actually inside the house with Louise?

I decided to go in, I tip toed to the house.
I put my ears to the door and felt sudden fear grabbing me.
I can hear noises and laughter.

I quietly opened the door and went inside.

There he was seated with Louise, drink in hand as they talk and laugh like pals.

Philip eyes lit up the moment I came in.

"Hey April, oh my God...is so good to see you again". Philip said excitedly.
I stood there staring and trying to understand what was going on.

"... you are staring at me like you have seen a ghost. Well, I'm really sorry. I lost my phone on the second week of my journey. I managed to retrieve my sim card later. I was really worried that I couldn't call you, the mistake I made was that I didn't save your number in my head, i regretted that. There was so much to do and needed to stay back to finish up before returning. I have try to see you since I returned but couldn't, I had no choice than to come down here. I met your cousin brother Louise, he is simple and nice and I wondered why you were so scared of inviting me down. I and Louise had been catching up and I'm so happy and free too, April. Truly...I have really miss you and got lots of things for you... they're in the car..."

I looked over at Louise, he was sitting with his drink in hand, leg crossed and wearing a mischievous smile.

Philip continued

"... unfortunately, I  couldn't get anything for Louise because I'm just meeting and knowing him for the very first time but hope he wouldn't mind a cash gift..."

Before Philip will complete his sentence Louise replied
 "cash gift? you don't need to Phil but if you insist I will have to accept. You're like a family friend already..."

This is not good at all. I need to do something but the point is what exactly am I supposed to do now.

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