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June Break-Episode 13



June Break-Episode 13

He asked who was calling and I sounded like is a nobody after letting him know is a colleague.

Louise didn't say much about it. He went back to chatting with whoever he was chatting with on the phone.

I get to see Philip through out that week as he makes sure he picks me up after work and drop me close to the house.

I asked him not to call me whenever I'm home because of my strict uncle.
He agreed and said I should always let him know whenever I'm away from home or my uncle isn't around by either texting or calling.

We continued that way for two months and I refused to accept any gift from him, even monetary type.
I told him that my uncle won't like that.

Philip respected my decision and stopped trying to give me things.

I try as much as possible to keep everything about Philip away from Louise.
I felt more happy and safe with Philip and I made sure I don't jeopardize our relationship.

He really wanted to visit me at home just to know where I stay and to make known of his intentions towards me.

He said his hearts are pure and he loves me dearly and will also like to get a permit from my guardian. 

There was a family dinner date he wanted to take me to but he will need my uncle's permission.
He wanted to make himself known to my people, so that whenever I delay a little after work they would know that I was with him.

He try all he could to convince me but I told him it wasn't time yet because my uncle is stubborn. He is not very understanding like he presume.
My uncle will even stop me from seeing him if they find out that I was already keeping a relationship.

Philip said he does not like hide and seek kind of relationship.
But he was ready to wait until the right time

He informed me one day that he will be traveling out of the country with his Dad. Is a business trip.

They will stay months before returning.
I almost break down in tears because I was already used to him, he makes me feel cherished and loved. 
And they were real feeling not the type that Louise used to showcase. 
I was really going to miss him and wish he will either stay or take me along.

He also said he was going to miss me. 
He asked me to come over and work in his company with good salary  but I told him it was not a good idea.

As he dropped me off one day, he kissed me so passionately and I didn't want the moment to stop.
He reassured me that I will always be in his heart and he will never stop loving me. Just at that moment I saw Louise coming.
He was staring at the car while walking down. 

I almost disappeared but since I don't have such power I decided to squeeze myself under the car seat.

Phillip did not understand what exactly was going on.
,"That guy coming will tell my uncle that he saw me with a man. Please, don't let him see me... please or I will be dead..."

Philip nodded with confusion written all over him.
He carried his office back pack and place close to my seat while I try to hide properly.

After sometime he told me that the guy has walked pass.
I asked him to check if he was looking back and he said he wasn't that I should get up.

"This is more reason I need to come and see your uncle so that you can be free, you don't need to hide from anyone..."

I heaved a sigh of relief and told him that he won't understand. 

I later got down from the car after making sure that everywhere was cleared of Louise.

 Louise was sitting in the living room when I entered.
The first thing he said was.

"April, did you see that blue Benz packed down the street...?

My heart skipped but I try not to show my fear. He was referring to Philip's car.
 I only nodded and waited for his next question.

"... that's the kind of car I have in mind but  not exactly because that one in the street is super expensive. I want another model of it which is equally expensive  but not as the one outside and I'm seriously saving towards that.."

I smiled and with a nod before walking away.

Suddenly my phone began to ring. It was Philip, he probably wanted to know if I'm okay.

Louise rushed to where I was.
"Is my colleagues that's calling..." I replied Louise who wanted to know who was calling me and for what exactly.

"Which of your colleagues... male or female? you did not save the person's number..."? He said as he snatched the phone from my hand to check the caller.

 I was very happy that I did not save Philip's number on my phone and I make sure I delete his call log and messages everyday from my phone.

"Which of my colleagues do you know...? I believe the answer is none. Stop being so inquisitive. Trying to know what comes and goes in my life... I'm not a child Louise. You're acting like a control freak. I told you is my colleague wanting to know if I have gotten home due to the cufew at the bus station today. Let me be a little free without you breathing down my neck every time. Is begining to choke... seriously..."

He began to smile as he turned properly to face me

"I bought this phone for you, you are under my roof and also under my care. You're my girlfriend, I'm the only one you know in this big city. I'm your only family basically. doesn't any of that make sense to you? I have every right to know everything happening in your life. You don't know how much I spend in a week just to take care of you and the feeding too. So you really have to get used to me breathing down your neck... that's if you haven't done that already..."

He walked away and I quickly turned off my phone.
After bathing and getting ready for the night, I couldn't wave off what he said.

"Whenever we have a simple conversation you always make sure to remind me of how you're taking care of me and all. You make it sound more like I'm a liability. If you feel I'm becoming a burden please, let me know or better still since my money is also in your care, feel free to use it for any expenses that concerns me in this house. I really don't want to be a burden to anyone. Quit making it seems like I'm a liability... please"

Louise laugh for so long before saying.
"What can your little stipend do? You are obviously a novice.... yet to understand how this things works. Your money is too small compared to what I spend weekly. Is just too little April my love. You're probably thinking you have plenty money in your account, i hate to break it to you that the money in your account can't do anything. You really need to work more hard and ask for another increment. You can even be looking out for another job that pays high..." 

"My money is not a stipend Louise. When I started work my salary was 30k, which lasted for six months before it was increased to 35k which is a normal staff salary. I have worked for twenty one months and all my salary in all of this months have been sent to you Louise plus other allowances that was also sent to my account. If I calculate it properly I'm sure my money will be more than 900k and if i include the allowances and yearly bonuses, It will be more than a million Naira so you can't call that a stipend..."

Louise must be thinking I'm stupid.
Even though I don't keep records of the whole money paid into the account, but I know clearly is almost two million.

I have been working for about two years. Apart from my salary, I get other money that's all paid into the account.

He had this puzzled look when he stared at me.

"You're bluffing April. Your money is not up-to... such amount you mentioned. but I'm not ready for such debate. Also why all this unnecessary calculation? Since you know that your money was safe with me what is the need to calculate again... don't you trust me?

I told that I do and there was nothing wrong in keeping tap of my money. And it was just a rough calculation and not exactly. If he says my money is not up-to a million then is still ok but at least is more than 800k
Louise had this angry look on his face, I decided to drop the topic.

The following day, it was a Saturday. while Louise was in the bathroom getting ready to leave, there was a knock on the door.
I went to open, I almost fainted when I saw Philip standing by the door.

"Hi April, I'm here to see your uncle..." He said to a puzzled me. 

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