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I Hate You Jace - Episode 9&10




I Hate You Jace - Episode 9&10


By Naomi Cindy B.


"Then... Go on your knees, little cat" he whispered, looking so blank as he stared at her teary face.

Jarvis was still shivering, her palms landing on the cold floor as another tear fell from her right eye.

Cold was getting the best of her, it's like her blood got refrigerated.

She's not the type to bow for jerks, but what is she to do now that she's being threatened by the weapon she fears most ? A gun!

"The time is counting" Jace's voice came again.

The whole room is now silent, every single member of the gang is expecting the apology, they're craving so much to see her on her lowest knees.

She looked around, and her eyes caught Latto and Megan on each side of Collins.

Their faces hold satisfactory smiles, one she would gladly tear off if she wasn't in this position.

She hates them with passion, she hates everyone in this room but she hates Jace more, madly!

Her eyes met with Collins who's still holding the gun, and a cold sweat ran down her spine when he  slid his finger under the trigger.

She quickly went on her knees, gulping as she tried to find something to say.

"Wait...I need to ask a quick question" Megan said, coming out to her.

Jace stood and Megan replaced him, squatting in his initial position.

"Are you a virgin?" She asked, and the silent room became loud as the gang started whispering among themselves immediately.

* She is

* No she is not, her b*+*bs aren't standing anymore

* Doesn't matter, she might not be wearing a bra.

* She looks brand new though.

"Answer the question" Megan said.

"Why would I answer that? Who are you to ask me stupid questions!" Jarvis shouted, and Megan made to slap her...

"I don't remember saying you could touch her" Jace's voice said, and her hand went down.

"Then tell her to answer the question. Collins tell her to do it!" Megan stood, walking to Collins.

"Why don't you answer the question? Tell us if you're brand new" Collins said, and Megan smiled victoriously.

Jace said nothing, he only took his seat on a sofa not far from Jarvis.

"You're wasting the damn hours!" Collins snapped, pointing the gun directly at Jarvis whose heart flew to her throat immediately.

"Yes! Yes I'm... I'm a virgin" she stuttered and started crying again.

Latto was the first to laugh out, and Megan followed, then the rest except Jace as usual.

"You're a f*+*king prude! Virgin in college? What have you been doing with your life!" Megan grinned.

"She needs a good f*+*k, someone needs to f*+*k the virginity out of her. Maybe Collins, or Wolfie" Latto said.

"Wh..what!" Jarvis gasped breathlessly.

"Yeah, let's watch live p0rn" Megan said, taking her seat.

"Relax everyone! The movie is starting!" Latto announced, her bob hair so rough as a result of how Collins f*+*ked her on the couch earlier.

"I'm all in for it" Collins stood and started unbolting his belt.

"No! Someone help!!!" Jarvis cried out.



Nikki was breathless as he ran in, and despite his sweaty face, relief washed through him when he saw Gabby and Craig in.

The room is loud with rap music from the electronic speakers, but Craig lowered the volume immediately Nikki came.

"Why the hell are you sweating?" Gabby asked, getting down from the bed.

"Jace has Jarvis, and I've searched every corner in the hostel but she's nowhere" Nikki replied, and Gabby's eyes widened.

" I just knew he was up to something with the smirk earlier" he muttered.

"Have any other idea of his location? His phone is off" Gabby asked, panting hard.

"Have you searched the building behind the library?" Gabby asked.

"I searched every damn place!" Nikki yelled impatiently, and Craig grabbed his jacket from the bed, rushing out of the room at the speed of light.

Nikki and Gabby ran after him immediately.


*ROOM 20*

"Where are you Jarvis? Why are you not picking up?" Dorothy complained for the 100th time as she paraded the room with her phone glued to her ear.

 Jarvis isn't back and isn't picking her calls.

Scarlett said something about how it's not safe for freshmen outside their rooms at night, what if something bad happened to her?

What if the bad final year guys touch her inappropriately? What if she's in danger right now?

A lot of What ifs ran through her head as she dialled the line again.

Scarlett won't be spending the night here tonight, she went to her boyfriend's.

Nicole went to the Rizz Party alone, so she's the only one left to worry right now.

After trying her line again and she still didn't pick, she left the room in search of her, not minding what might happen to her outside the walls of her room that night.

"Jarvis!!" She screamed, running down the corridor.

It's freezing cold outside, and she didn't realize it's snowing till she stepped out of the corridor into the lawn.

The white balls of snow decorated her hair immediately, and her fingers cramped as she got her phone to dial Jarvis's line again.

"Please...stay fine Jarvis" she muttered fearfully as the line rang.



"Go Collins!"

"F**k her hard!"

"Give it to her!"

"Make her scream!"

The gang were hailing as Collins removed the belt from his trousers completely, and it fell on the ground.

Jarvis was already on her feet, running around the room while trying to find an escape, but the gang blocked her everytime, and she cried louder.

Everyone in the room is having fun watching her run, but Jace's eyes are closed on the sofa.

He's holding an unopened bottle of vodka, letting in all the ongoing noise into his ears.

The noise got louder and louder by the minutes, and by the time Collins got to Jarvis, his eyes opened.

"Let her go" he said, and a dead silence descended in the room as his voice dropped.

"What!" Collins said shockingly.

"You brought her here to be punished, why letting her go at the climax? We're just starting the fun, come on don't be a mood spoiler" Megan said, walking to him.

"Let...her...go" he said, putting stress on every word.

"She's not leaving till I'm done with her, dude you should have known what she's gonna be sinking into before bringing her here" Collins replied.

"I won't say it again" Jace said, rolling up his eyes.

"Are you threatening me now? Your drugs are nothing without me remember? I'm your biggest guy and you'd have died if i didn't save you last semester" Collins replied, and Jace stood.

"Then you can kill me right now and take credit for your help. I never asked you to save me anyways" he said with a wicked smile, and Collins walked to him angrily.

He punched him in the face, and Jace fell back on the couch as his lips bursted.

"Collins calm down" Latto held him.

"Did you just say calm down? He's a bloody f**ker who loves getting on people's nerves whenever he's on the edge!" Collins yelled.

The whole room became tensed, and it got worse when Craig barged in with Nikki and Gabby.

"And now our hideout is bursted" Collins said.

"@sshole!" Craig spat lividly, and in the next minute, he was in Jace's face.

Three punches from him made Jace fall on the ground, bleeding from the nose.

"Stop it Craig" Gabby held him back.

"Jarvis is not here" Nikki said after searching the room.

"And where the hell is she?" Gabby faced Collins.

"Ask Jace, he brought her here so he should know!" Collins spat and left the room.

Megan and Latto followed him, and the gang started dispersing.

"Where is she?" Craig said as Jace struggled to stand.

"Are you tired of punching? Come on, bring it on" he said with loud breaths, and Craig angrily gave him another punch, sending him back to the ground.

"Craig!" Gabby held him again.

"Can't you see what he's after? He's knowingly allowing me to punch him! He wants this!" Craig shouted.

"We don't have time for this" Nikki said and rushed out of the room.

"If anything happens to that girl, then you're surely having it from me again tonight" Craig spat and left the room with Gabby.

Jace continued laying down there, and his long lashes hugged as he closed his eyes with blood all-over his lips and cuts on his face.

"Jace!" Ashley rushed in, and her eyes widened when she saw his condition.

"Jace what the hell! Jace!" She ran to kneel beside him, raising his head to her laps 


His eyes opened, and despite the blood on his lips, he smirked lightly.

"The f*+*k are you doing here?"

"I'll get you out, I can treat you in my room" she said and made to help him up but he sat up immediately.

"I don't need your help" he said, standing up slowly. He was staggering as he walked to the sofa he sat on earlier.

He got the bottle of vodka and started walking out of the room, but Ashley held him back.

"Jace you can't go out that way, your face is bloody and...

"I said no! Is it so hard to stay away from me? If you want me to f*+*k you then say it! I hate clingy girls!" He snapped harshly, and Ashley smiled.

"We're friends, right?"

"Snap out of it" Jace scowled, walking out of the room.

Ashley bit her lip hard, and blood came out as she fought back her tears.

"That jerk, he knows just what to say to hurt anybody" she muttered.



"Jarvis!!!" Dorothy screamed, coming out of the library.

She has searched every building in the hostel now, this is the last place.

"What should I do? What should I do?" She muttered, turning to rush down the library stairs.

"Dorothy" Jarvis's voice came, and her eyes widened as she turned immediately to see Jarvis below the stairs.

"Jarvis!" She shouted, literally jumping down the stairs to hug her tightly.

Surprisingly, she started crying.

"Where were you? I thought something bad happened and I almost started crying. You're my first friend and I won't be able to get over it if you get hurt, I won't" she sniffles.

"I'm so sorry" Jarvis replied, hugging her back just as tight.

"Where did you go?" Dorothy finally broke the hug to hold her arms affectionately.

"I was abducted by Jace" she replied.

"What!" Dorothy gasped.

"I was lucky to escape when Nikki and his friends came. I took advantage of the distraction and sneaked out of the room. I was threatened with a gun and...

"What! A gun?" Dorothy shouted, and Jarvis nodded.

"And now I need you to please call the cops for me" she said.

Dorothy dialled the cops immediately, and when the call ended, Nikki showed up with Craig and Gabby.

"Gawd! I'm glad you're here" Gabby said, releasing a pent-up breath.

"Good" Craig exhaled in relief.

Nikki looked at Jarvis shortly and walked away, making Jarvis wonder why.

She stared at him till he was out...

"Nikki alerted us about it, and I'm so sorry you had to go through all that, Jace actually goes out of his mind at times" Gabby said.

"I called the cops" Dorothy said, and they gasped.


"I told her to" Jarvis said, and as if to confirm her statement, students started rushing out of their rooms when a police car drove in, blarring it's siren loudly.

Two cops came out, and Jarvis went to meet them.

"I made the call" she said.

"Where is he?" The cops asked, and thanks to Craig's description, they were able to locate the room.

It was Jace who opened the door when they knocked, he's with the vodka bottle which he's already drinking from, and his left hand is holding a joint he's about to lighten.

"Jace Braun? You're under arrest for the kidnap and assault of Jarvis Dobrev" the cops said, and Jace frowned a bit, but it didn't last as he dropped his vodka.

He willingly followed the cops, and a big crowd of student followed them behind as he was taken away.

* Who had the guts to get him arrested?

* Heard she's a freshman!

* Yeah, the Jarvis girl?

* How dare she! What was she thinking!

* I hate her guts!

Girls were busy firing at Jarvis till Jace got to the park with the cops, there he met Jarvis waiting with Dorothy and his friends.

He looked sad as he got in the car with the cops, and he was taken away.



Dorothy has a cup of milk cornflakes with her on the bed which she's munching.

Jarvis came out of the bathroom not long ago after her warm night shower, and she just finished putting on her purple thick PJs and comfy socks.

"If high BP kills, then I'll be dead by now" Dorothy said over a mouthful of cornflakes.

"Sorry for making you worried" Jarvis replied.

"But...why did Nikki just leave like that?" Dorothy asked, and that instant, a knock sounded on the door.

Dorothy held her cup with an hand and adjusted the cute headband in her hair as she walked to the door.

"Nikki?" She said surprisingly, and Jarvis rushed to the door too.

It's really him.

"Nikki" she smiled.

Gabby and Craig appeared too, and Craig grabbed Dorothy.

"Come with us" he said 


"You guys are going to Rizz Party with us tommorow night" Gabby said.

"But where are you taking me to?" Dorothy asked.

"Shh, just come I won't take your cornflakes" Craig replied, taking her away with Gabby.

"Jarvis!!" She was calling till she was out, and Nikki came in.

"I thought you were mad at me or something" Jarvis said, inhaling his scent immediately he came close .

Unlike Jace, he smells like sweet candy, so calming.

"I have no reason to be mad, I'm just guilty...if I hadn't made you stay with my at the library, then...

"Don't say that, I'm fine now and that's what matters, and thanks for coming with the guys to find me" she smiled.

"You have the habit of saying thanks at every little thing" he replied.

"I was brought up that way" she said, and he gave the heartwarming bunny smile again.

"Your smile is sweet" she said before she could stop herself, and he smiled again.

"Thanks pretty" he said, and she held eyes with him for the first time since they met.

Maybe the contact gave her boldness, and she could feel her heart thudding as she took another step to him.

"Can I... Yunno...hug you?" She asked with a bite on her lip, and he raised his brows, and she regretted asking immediately.

"No! Just forget about what I just said! I must be crazy and...

He pulled her into a gentle hug before she could finish, and she gasped as their bodies touched, her head staying on his chest.

"You don't have to ask next time" he said, and a big smile beautified her face as she hugged him back, feeling so cute.

This should better not be a dream, and even if it's a dream, she doesn't wanna wake up.

She's in Nikki's arms!

She tightened the hug, and Nikki smiled too, closing his eyes on her shoulder.


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