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I Hate You Jace - Episode 7&8




I Hate You Jace - Episode 7&8


By Naomi Cindy B.


He got in, and the mad chase started. He started chasing after Jarvis.

Right from the first two minutes, his jaw dropped on the floor of the car at her incredibly fast driving.

The taxi driver couldn't even match up with her, and the smooth road is a big bonus for her cos she kept moving left and right.

He completely lost his cool as the taxi driver tried to match with her craziness.

"Give that to me!" He told the driver when it got to a point.

 He had to take the wheel from him and tuck himself beside him in the front so he took over the drive, but it still wasn't enough.

Thanks to Caroline's driving class, acing the drive was a piece of cake for Jarvis.

She's surely gonna buy a car before the end of her first year, and that's why she took the class. 

Two minutes later, she drove into the wide campus. Thanks to the map with her, it was so easy to locate the park.

She rammed the car in, and girls were already swooning around the car for Jace when she came out.

"Sorry, he's coming behind" she winked, slamming the door shut before rushing away.

* What the hell is happening?

* Why would a b*+*ch drive Wolfie's car?

* Is that his new one?

* No! Even if she's new, he's not the type to allow girls drive his car!

The girls were already arguing jealously when Jace arrived in the taxi.

He threw a few dollars at the driver, and the man drove out, then he gritted his teeth when he saw his parked car.

* Hey Wolfie!

* Who's that bitch?

* You look s+xier this morning!

* Can I touch you d*+*k once?

He wasn't listening to their shameless requests at all, and before he knew it, anger overtook him and he threw a punch at the window...same one Jarvis cracked.

The girls gasped shockingly...

The window broke with a hole, and his fist ended up wounded.

"Jace!" A girl came rushing, and he squinted.


"Your hand" she said worriedly, taking the wounded knuckle.

"I'm fine, I hate people worrying about me" he replied curtly, taking his knuckle from her before opening the car door.

He got a black face cap and swept back his hair, putting it on.

He didn't bother to wipe the blood on his hand as he made his way to his block.

"He hasn't changed" Ashley smiled as she watched him leave.

She's in same department as him, and they did most of their assignments together last semester though Jace obviously hated it, but he had no choice since they always got paired.

"His tattoos got darker, he obviously got new ones" she said again before moving.

"Wait for me Wolfie!" She ran after him.



ENG 101 is taken by almost all freshmen so as expected, it's a full hall when Jarvis arrived.

She could already hear the lecturer's voice booming inside the hall.

The time is currently 8:20, thanks to a jerk...

She has been standing by the door for two minutes, thinking of how to go in without getting the lecturer's attention, but she has no idea.

She just doesn't wanna give any lecturer a bad impression about herself.

"Go on in, Prof. Marcus isn't the harsh type" Nikki's voice suddenly said beside her, and before she could turn, he opened the door and gently pushed her in to meet the eyes of several students.

What the f*+*k! 

The hall became as silent as a graveyard.

She froze for a second as their eyes almost left holes on her body, and the questioning eyes of Prof. Marcus reached her from the front.

"You are?" He asked, and she composed herself before smiling a little.

"Jarvis Dobrev, and I'm sorry about my lateness, it's...

"Menstrual cramps!" Dorothy's voice spoke from the middle of the students, and all attention shifted to her.

"She's got menstrual cramps this morning and I advised her to stay back, but I guess the pain went down already. She's my roomie" she continued.

"Take a seat" Prof. Marcus said, and Jarvis rushedinto the right column.

She could hug and kiss Dorothy right now cos she saved her a seat as promised.

She settled beside her and snuck a kiss on her cheek.

They exchanged secret smiles before concentrating on the class.

She hasn't missed a lot, so it was easy to catch up, and surprisingly, he talked about Wet Kisses which caught her attention.

Jarvis raised her hand for almost every question, and Prof. Marcus was smiling throughout.

He's still so young unlike other professors. Jarvis concluded he'll be in his early thirties.

Maybe he's gonna be her best lecturer cos she likes him already.

The class ended in another thirty minutes, and students started rushing out for their next classes.

"I'll see you later! I have my major class right now" Dorothy said.

"Sure, see ya!" Jarvis waved, and Dorothy left class with other Computer Science students.

Jarvis next class is in thirty minutes, so she has to find what to do with the free period.

She was about leaving the class when the Prof. Marcus called her back.

"How many times did you read Wet Kisses?" He asked.

"I lost count" she replied.

"It's obvious" he said jovially, and she laughed.

"You should try and get to know Nikki, he's my best student and I think he's gonna help, then if you want another novel to spend your time with, you can try Pride and Prejudice" he said.

She left the class after thanking him, then she released a loud inhale.

She decided to find her way to the library, but that changed when she sighted Nikki coming out of a class.

Her heart skipped a beat, and she literally ran to him, holding him back by the arm.

He gave her a blank look first, and she slowly let go of him.

"Actually...I'm a fan of your book, and... Thanks for trying to help me this morning, and... Thanks for being a nice person, and...

"I guess I'm down for a long list of thanks" he interrupted, and she couldn't help but laugh.

"I'm serious, thanks Nikki" she said after recovering.

"How was the class?" He asked.

"You were right, Prof. Marcus is cool" she replied, touching her throat stylishly.

It's dry, and she obviously needs coffee, warm coffee.

"Coffee?" Nikki said when he noticed.

"Yeah, please" she smiled.

"Let's go" he led the way, and she happily followed him.

She needs to write down today's date! She just had a long conversation with Nikki Ronald and now they're going to get coffee together?

Gosh! Today is a good day after all.



The ongoing lecture will soon come to an end, and the lecturer was already wrapping up.

Their classes don't take long since they spend more time on practical.

The lecturer (Mrs. Sally) removed her spectacles and faced the class, searching for Jace with her sharp eyes.

She finally sighted him in the middle of the big class, in-between many girls as usual.

He's seated in a relaxed manner on his chair, and his eyes are staring into space.

He might be a nuisance and a jerk, but he's a brilliant sculptor, and every single lecturer in the department knows him.

"Jace Braun?" The lady called, and he raised his brows.

"I don't see your work at the workshop, any problem?" She asked.

"You told us to sculpt the most important person to us, i have none" he replied flatly.

"Your mum is still alive, Jace" Miss Sally said.

"I said I have no one" he said, and Ashley held his hand.

She's sitting beside him, and she's aware that he's trying to keep his temper down.

Talking about his parents triggers him, she knows it and she's wishing for the lecturer to stop already, but she ruined it by saying the next words.

"And your dad is still alive too" she said.

"Shut the f*+*k up! you should know when to stop!" Jace snapped, removing his hand from Ashley's roughly.

He stood and walked out of the class, leaving everyone dumbfounded.

He met Latto and Megan waiting for him in front of the hall, and he planned to walk past them, but they blocked him.

"The new b*+*ch did this to my eyes, she poured sand!" Megan complained.

Her eyes is truly red and Latto's eyes aren't exceptional.

"You should do something about her, and I even heard she snatched your car and brought it to school this morning. She can't continue growing wings and...

"I'll take care of her" he cut Latto off and left through the other side.

Megan and Latto stuck hands happily .

Ashley rushed out of class and caught up with Jace just in front of the building.

"You should have kept it down till the end, Mrs Sally is strict" she said.

"What will she possibly do? Give me zero on the assignment? It's just 10 marks and I don't care" he replied irritably, and she sighed.

"When are you gonna stop being a moody guy? Your mood swings are enough to drive anyone crazy" 

"Wanna go get coffee?" He asked, and she instantly jumped on the offer.

Anything just to be seen with him.

"By the way, who's that girl in the morning? The one who came in your car" she asked.

"No one" he replied, and she decided not to press further so she won't irritate him.

He got them two cups at the campus bay, but despite the weather, he got a chilled cup for himself.

Jace is immune to cold for some reasons, so even if the world is freezing, he's the type to go for cold water, and he's even wearing armless white shirt right now.

Ashley stole another look at his arm tattoos, admiring the traces of the dark ink...

They were about to leave the bay when he sighted Nikki and Jarvis.

They're sitting on a table, talking like they've known each other for centuries.

Ashley recognized her immediately, the girl who came in his car.

Jace was about to walk to them when Gabby and Craig blocked him.

"Nah, you don't get to cause a scene Wolfie, just chill out" Gabby said, and he looked over at Craig.

"Save it for another day, she's too pretty to be tormented on her first day in school" Craig said.

Jace gave them a knowing smirk before leaving.

"Bye guys!" Ashley waved at the guys and rushed after him.

"The smirk he gave, why is that bothering me?" Gabby said.

"He's up to something" Craig replied.



"So...did you also read the smut scenes in the book?" Nikki asked curiously.

They've been talking about nothing but Wet Kisses, and Jarvis is currently on the third cup of coffee.

He's more lively than she expected, and she's enjoying every bit of her conversation with him, especially when he smiles like a bunny, he's got a cute dentition.

"Of course, and it's unbelievable that you wrote those spicy scenes with your innocent face, especially when Ares s+xed Nina inside his new car" she replied, and he chuckled.

"Do you plan to be an author in the future?" 

"Yeah, and I wanna write like you" she replied.

Her eyes widened when she saw she's got just five minutes before her next class.

"I have to go now!" She stood.

"You can come to the library at 5 right? I read till 7" he said.

"Of course, bye!" She smiled, rushing out of the bay.

"So what's happening between you two?" Craig asked, instantly joining the table with Gabby.

"It's been long since I saw you smile so wide, you have a crush on Crazy pants or something?" Craig asked.

"Next class is in ten minutes" Nikki replied, leaving the table

"@sshole, he knows how to dodge questions so well" Gabby said.

"Let's go" Craig replied, hanging his headphones on his neck as they left the bay too.



Jarvis came out of her last class and met Dorothy and Scarlett waiting for her in front of the hall...

"Girls" she pouted.

"Tiring day, right?" Dorothy pouted too.

"You guys will soon get used to it" Scarlett stroked their hairs like a big sissy, and they smiled.

"By the way I'm gonna go read with Nikki at the library" Jarvis said.

"You both are close to the point of reading together now? How fast" Scarlett said.

"He's cool and friendly" Jarvis said.

"She actually has a big crush on him" Dorothy said, and Jarvis made faces.

"Just come back to the hostel in time, it's not safe for freshmen outside their rooms at night" Scarlett said.

"Guys!" Nicole came rushing with a flyer.

"Guys there's a party at Rizz House tonight, Rizz parties are already steamy and there's gonna be endless Jell-O shots! I promise to get our dresses let's...

She hasn't finished speaking when Jarvis walked away.

"Let's go babe!" Scarlett grabbed Dorothy too.

"Guys!!" Nicole ran after them.



Jarvis and Nikki came out of the empty library, and Jarvis stretched tiredly.

It's already dark, but thanks to campus LED lights, they see each other's faces.

Having a reading partner who's a senior colleague is the best thing ever. 

He explained difficulty word for word and she actually gained a lot.

"I'm guessing you don't have many classes tommorow" he said as they walked to his car.

"Just three" she replied.

They got in together, and the drive to the hostel went smoothly.

It's just five minutes, and when they got to the hostel, it's already as wild as it always becomes at night.

They could barely hear each other's voices as they made their ways back to the buildings.

The first corridor they passed through was so noisy and crowdy that Nikki had to grab Jarvis hand, urging her to walk faster.

"Nikki? Why are you holding me?" A different voice asked, and he turned to see he's holding a stranger. Jarvis is nowhere around.

"Jarvis?" He called, looking back and forth.

"Hey, care for quickie?" The girl touched his face, but he hit her away and started rushing down the corridor.


He was shouting her name as he opened every door he came across, not minding if it's a girls room or not.

He opened a lot of girls room, and the girls squeal each time but he just needs to find Jarvis.

They exchanged numbers at the library, so he dialled her line when he got to the corridor end, and he swallowed hard when she picked.

"Where are...

"I need to have a word with her, little cat is with me" a nasal male voice said, and his eyes widened.




Filled with twenty members of Rizz Boys and Girls, the room is cloudy with smokes coming from their cigars and joints.

Collins is seated on a couch with several Ecstacy pills in front of him which he's preparing to use.

Latto and Megan switched sides tonight, they're beside him, touching him everywhere.

They're like balls, always getting kicked around by either Jace or Collins.

Jace came in, and another girl went to him

She dropped on her knees and started unbolting him for blowjob, but he stopped her when Jarvis's eyes opened on the couch she was placed on.

She wriggled for a second, but immediately she inhaled the smell of smoke, her eyes flew open and she spranged up.

"Where am I?" She demanded.

No answer.

"Where am i!!!" She yelled loudly, and still no answer.

She was about to scream again when she saw Jace.

"You? You abducted me!" She said, and he stood his groud as she started walking to him.

"Mad psycho!" She shot and raised her hand on him, but he caught it firmly.

She raised the second but he caught it too.

"Let go of me!" She screamed.

"You're not leaving this place till you apologize to me on your f**king knees!" He replied.

"And why would I apologise? You're mad!!" She yelled.

"Cos you might die if you don't" Collins voice said behind her, and she turned around to see him on his feet already, but he's not alone...

He's holding a pistol, a freaking gun!

Her head banged, it's the first time she's seeing it for real and air left her lungs.

She shakily fell on her bum, and everyone laughed except Jace and Collins.

All her defense wall broke completely at the sight of the gun.

She almost peed on herself , and she started crying fearfully.

"Don't... Don't shoot me... please" she stuttered, unable to breathe well.

Jace squatted in front of her, smiling dangerously as his brows pulled.

"Then... Go on your knees, little cat" he whispered.


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