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I Hate You Jace - Episode 5&6




I Hate You Jace - Episode 5&6


By Naomi Cindy B.


"Nice to meet you again, Little Cat"  he said, his nasal voice sounding like a whisper as he stood.

"What are you doing here in my room? Why are you here and...

"No one asks me that. I enter anywhere I need to enter and do whatever I need to. I own 50 percent authority here" he replied egoistically as he began walking to her.

The voice in her head was telling her to run out far away from this psycho, but she wasn't listening to it.

She did nothing wrong, and there's no damn reason to run, so she stood her groud till he was in front of her, and she looked up slowly, their eyes meeting again.

"You did that to the shower, didn't you?" She said, trying not to inhale the smell of smoke coming from him. She just can't tolerate smokes.

"Yes, so?" He replied, his smirk deepening as he moved closer again, his body touching hers.

"Get away from me!" She pushed his chest, but it was as hard as a rock, so he didn't move an inch back, but he grabbed her hands, holding her firmly by the wrists.

"I haven't done anything yet, by the time I start, you'll beg me to stop. I plan to ruin you and I'm not stopping till I achieve that" he threatened.

"What can you possibly do? You're nothing but a sick guy who's looking for who to take out his frustrations on. I've encountered many people like you but I'm not the type to run away, so..." She paused and smirked too..

"Bring it on, Jace" she said, and the smile on his face went down slightly.

"The housing officer told us to stay away from Jace, and I'm sure you are. It's just so obvious, jerk!" She shot.

"Let's hope you won't die" he muttered, letting go of her hands.

He turned back and walked out of the room without looking back.

Jarvis released the breath she didn't know she was holding, then she walked to the chair he sat on earlier and wiped it like she's wiping him away.

"Who does he think he is?" She muttered, and her mind went back to the bathroom.

She rushed back inside and turned the shower handle. The water ran this time, and she scoffed.


She washed herself clean and rushed out again to dress up in a bum short and a thin strapped chiffon singlet.

Thanks to the dryer, getting rid of water from her hair was so simple.

She got her phone and left the room, texting Dorothy immediately.

She wasn't looking up as she typed the text, walking through the corridor which was starting to get filled up.

She bumped into a body, and she had to hold her phone tightly so it wouldn't fall.

She looked up to meet the angry eyes of Megan on herself, and she quickly apologized.

Megan pushed her out of the way, and she almost fell, but thanks to Dorothy who appeared and held her.

"I apologized, the pushing wasn't necessary" she said, and Megan scoffed.

"How dare you talk back at me? Seems you weren't lectured about this place. Freshmen respect the older students if they wanna stay long!" She said and made to move closer, but Scarlett appeared, blocking Jarvis from her.

Surprisingly, Megan only rolled eyes and left.

"Let's go, girls" Scarlett held Dorothy and Jarvis by their arms, pulling them away.

"That's b**chy Megan, a final year student, my mate" she said.

"You're a final year student?" Jarvis blinked shockingly.

"Yeah, Nicole too, and we're in the same department. Chemistry" Scarlett replied.

"Then we should probably start calling you big sis" Dorothy said.

"I'll kill anyone who calls me that, makes me feel old" she replied, and they laughed as they continued their tour.

It was so enjoyable cos Scarlett added the needed spice at every new angle, and she didn't spare any building.

The hostel swimming pool which is so wide, the hostel laundry rooms for washing, the hostel kitchen and cafeteria, the hostel library...

Everything is just as it should be and so conducive.

They were still in front of the library when Nikki suddenly came out of it, and Jarvis gasped when she recognized him as one of the guys from yesterday.

"Wait... isn't that one of the guys? The cute one!" Dorothy said surprisingly too, and Jarvis smiled as she watched his backside.

"I guess you met the four already. His name is Nikki, he's the most popular and brilliant English student" Scarlett said, and Jarvis faced her immediately.

"Wait...you mean...

"Nikki Ronald" Scarlett smiled.

"Oh my goodness!!! My favorite! I swear I didn't know when I saw him yesterday! There's no single picture of him online no matter how hard I searched and...

"He's actually an introvert somehow, he likes keeping his private life private" Scarlett explained, and Jarvis smiled.

Just her type of guy!!



The workshop is the assignment spot for Jace, and he's the only one who uses it in the hostel since he's the only sculpture student among his friends.

Gabby and Craig are English students like Nikki.

The assignment is to sculpt the image of the most important person in his life, and he has been having a hard time deciding who to sculpt.

He totally has no one, everyone in his life are selfish greedy people who don't deserve even a glance from him.

He took off his shirt and put on the workshop uniform, his fine muscles flexing so good as he gathered the needed ivory.

He was about to start when his phone started ringing.

Immediately he looked at the screen and saw Brenda again, he smashed the screen with the hammer with him, and the phone scattered to bits.

Finally he has the solitude he needed, but then someone came in...

"Out, I'm not in the mood" he said, thinking it's Megan or Latto...

"Are you sure?" A deep male voice asked, and he turned back to see Collins, his buddy!

"Dude! Thought you weren't resuming anyone" he smiled, dropping the hammer.

"No way, even after graduation I'm still staying" Collins replied, and they laughed.

Collins Douglass owns the hostel literally cos his rich father built it, and the fact that Jace is his closest buddy makes him have authority too.

Apart from that, Collins is his biggest customer, a drug addict. He buys drugs than any of the students, and he's also part of Rizz Boys together with Jace.

Rizz Boys are a group of the most powerful students in the hostel, and they're really dangerous too.

"Is Brenda disturbing again?" Collins asked, looking at the smashed phone.

"I don't wanna talk about it, what do you need?" Jace asked, taking off his gloves with his teeth s*xily.

"Molly, one million worth" Collins replied, and Jace nodded, dropping the gloves.

"Let's go get it" he said, and Collins was about to follow him out when he turned back.

"Mind having fun with me tomorrow night?" He asked.

"Is there a mouse to catch?" Collins asked.

"It's a cat this time" Jace smiled slowly.



Scarlett and the girls returned from the tour not long ago, and they met Nicole back in the hostel already.

They all ignored her, and Scarlett opened an hidden door in the room which led to a small kitchen.

"There's a kitchen? Nice!" Jarvis said, checking it out with Dorothy.

"You know there are days we get tired of cafeteria food, then we try cooking" Nicole said, and they both turned to face her.

She talks to people?

"Thought you didn't like us" Dorothy said, and Nicole stood.

"I just don't like too many people cos I'm somehow antisocial, and I'm sorry for how I behaved earlier" she said.

"Her mood swings are terrible. Don't be surprised if she changes again tommorow morning" Scarlett said.

"Shut up" Nicole rolled eyes, and Scarlett did same as she fell on the bed.

The four had a good time talking about hostel life and boys and the school lecturers.

 Scarlett ordered them pizza and drinks which they took before going to bed.

Dorothy was the first to sleep off, but Jarvis couldn't .

She spent almost ten minutes on a call with Caroline, telling her how she's adapting to the hostel already.

After the call, she got up and went to the shelf to getWet Kisses.

She was imagining Nikki's face as she flipped the pages, biting her lip again.

Maybe Dorothy was right...love at first sight? He's drop-dead handsome!

Her mind went to Jace's threat earlier, and that was when she realized she didn't tell the girls about it.

It's nothing anyways, she can handle it.

The smell of smoke suddenly hit her nose, and she turned back slowly to see Scarlett smoking cigar on her bed.

She smokes?

She turned back to her book and had to cover her nose from the smokes.

Maybe she's gonna talk to her tommorow morning about it.

Tommorow will be her first day in the campus?

How is it gonna be?



Dorothy was the one who woke Jarvis up, and immediately her eyes opened to meet a new day, she sat up.

"The time says 7:30pm and ENG 101 is by 8" Dorothy smiled.

"How come you're all dressed up?" Jarvis gasped.

"I didn't take my bath" Dorothy replied.


"So far I'm not on my period then I'm good to go! The cold is too much and I can't kill myself and no one is gonna detect cos I'm pretty!" Dorothy flaunted herself.

"Please..." Jarvis pushed her out of the way and mistakenly grabbed Nicole's towel, but Nicole snatched it from her.

"It's mine, you don't touch my things" she snapped.

"Easy, it was a mistake" Jarvis replied without breathing, and she left the room immediately.

"If only she knows how bad she smells"  Dorothy muttered.

"You should go first and save a seat for me" Jarvis told her.

"Really? Will you be fine alone?" 

"Trust me just save me a seat" Jarvis replied.

"Alright bye!" Dorothy kissed her cheeks, and Jarvis chuckled as she rushed out of the room.

Jarvis entered the bathroom immediately, and the thought of shower malfunction disturbed her throughout, but it didn't happen till she was done.

Thankfully she washed her hair last night so she didn't have to wash or dry it.

It saved her time, and within ten minutes, she came out of the room dressed in a short jean skirt accompanied with pop socks, boots and a hoodie.

She's carrying a cute purple backpack this time, and her eyes widened when she checked her wristwatch...


"I can't be late for my first class!" She said as she ran down the corridor..

It was already 7:52 when she got to the hostel gate, and it became worse when she couldn't find a taxi.

"Why is my life like this? I was hoping to build a strong relationship with my lecturers! It can't happen if i start the semester with lateness!" She scolded herself, stumping her boots, but a large smile hit her face when she saw a taxi coming.

It halted right in front of the hostel, and a student came out of it..

"Campus!" She told the driver and was about to open the door...

"Sorry, no" the man said and drove away.

Jarvis staggered like she'd fall, and she held her head.

"I'm late!!!" She shouted dramatically.

The time is currently 8:01.

She suddenly looked up, and her brows raised when she realized what might be going on.

"Jace? No it can't be" she muttered.

"Of course it can" Latto's voice interrupted her thoughts, and she looked back to see her driving out of the hostel with Megan in a brown car.

They both came out to her, and she stood her groud.

"You're quiet bold, and I definitely hate that. You should be shivering like other freshmen do when they see us" Megan said.

"Why would I shiver? just leave me alone" Jarvis replied.

"You should go back to your room and sleep. No taxi is gonna take you. They all respect Jace and you're just a nobody" Latto laughed.

"And who're you both? Nothing but his pleasure materials." Jarvis fired back.

Scarlett talked about their s*xcapades with Jace last night, so she knows everything.

"Materials?" Latto stepped closer.

"Yes, materials. Excuse me please" Jarvis replied and turned to leave.

"Come back here" Megan pulled her back with her hoodie, and in the process, she pulled her bra strap with it.

The strap went loose and came out out under her hoodie, dangling beneath.

Latto and Megan began laughing, but she took them aback when she scooped sand from the ground and poured it all on their faces.

"Geez!! F**k!!" They screamed, unable to open their eyes.

"I clearly told you both to stay away" Jarvis said and removed the strap completely, dropping it in her backpack.

She decided to walk to school, and she was already at the verge of tears as she zipped her bag.

First days means a lot that her, and the fact that today is not going well is already scaring her, what if the remaining days get worse?

She was already walking away when a sports car drove out of the hostel, stopping beside her.

She decided not to stop, but when the window went down, she looked back, and she stopped when she saw Nikki.

The backseat window went down too, revealing Gabby and Craig.

"Crazy pants? Damn, you're a freshman here?" Craig said surprisingly.

"It's good to see you again, you're a whole mood actually" Gabby added with a sweet smile, but she wasn't even looking at them

Her eyes returned to Nikki.

"Nikki" her voice came slowly.

"Want a ride?" He asked simply, and she blinked.

"In this car? Your car? Me?" She asked senselessly, and he kept looking at her.

She stared back, and for some seconds, she was still standing.

"Are you gonna continue standing there?" He asked, bringing her back to the present.

"Oh..." she smiled, opening the car door to sit beside him in the front.

Nikki was about to drive when he got a text on his phone.. from Jace.

📱 You can't give her a ride.

"Wolfie? I guess" Craig said.

Nikki ignored after reading, then he dropped his phone and grabbed the wheels.

"Thanks for helping" Jarvis said.

"Not yet, you can thank me after we leave this place successfully" he replied without looking at her, and she was about to start wondering what that means when a Maybach drove in from the front, blocking the car from moving forward.

No one needs to tell her, that's definitely Jace's car.

Jace came out of it and rested on the car body, then he got a stick of joint to start smoking.

Nikki stepped out of the car, and Jarvis got down too.

"Ok another spectacle? Maybe she's gonna break the second window this time" Craig grinned, coming out with Gabby.

Nikki walked to Jace and hit the joint away from him just when he was about to smoke.

"I think it's hightime you stop. You can go to the kitchen and smash plates or break things like you always do when you're at the edge, but leave her alone" he said, and Jace looked over at Jarvis who's currently behind Nikki.

His eyes said something to her, and she returned the words with an hateful look immediately.

"The only thing I'm interested in breaking right now is her" Jace said, and Nikki sighed.

"Move your car, you're blocking my way" he said.

"I don't want to, unless you let her go" Jace replied.

"What the f**k is wrong with you!" Nikki raised his voice surprisingly.

"It's fine" Jarvis's voice finally came, and Nikki turned to her.

"Don't worry about me, I know what to do" she smiled at him.

Both guys were looking at her as she walked to Jace's car.

The front door is open, so she got in and locked the door on herself.

Within the blink of an eye, she moved the car, almost knocking Jace off.

"Yo! I love her!" Craig chuckled.

"Damn! I wanna marry her" Gabby added, laughing as he tucked an hand into his jean pocket.

"The f**k is she doing!" Jace shouted, and Nikki smiled.

"Exactly what you deserve"

"Catch me if you can" Jarvis said from the car window and smirked like him before driving away speedily.

"Damn it!" Jace spat, stopping a taxi.

He got in, and the mad chase started. He started chasing after Jarvis.


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