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I Hate You Jace - Episode 33&34




I Hate You Jace - Episode 33&34


By Naomi Cindy B.


"Don't say anything, just stay still for me, and wrap your arms on me too... Little cat" his voice came in a hush.

Jarvis's eyes widened again...

Did he just apologize? Did the almighty Jace just say sorry to her? Did he just hug her and did he just tell her to hug him back?

She's still in shock as she stayed still, and Jace's arms tightened on her.

"Your arms" he whispered, and she slowly raised them, wrapping them on him too, hugging him back like he wants.

She could feel him inhale in relief, and the fresh breath from his thin nostrils hit her neck, tickling her so much that she couldn't hold back her chuckle.

He broke the hug to look at her, and she had to pin her lips on each other.

"You're ticklish" he said with raised brows

"No. I only chuckled because...

Before she could finish, he tickled her on the sides, and she laughed out loudly, stepping away from him.

"Stop it! Ok fine I'm ticklish, jerk!" she laughed, and he smiled, going closer to grab her hand.

"What?" She asked, but he didn't reply till he took her back to the seats where they sat beside each other. He made sure there's no space between them this time.

"You haven't told me where you got my number from" she said.

"Housing office" he replied, touching his brow ring slightly.

"What about your wound?" She asked, and he turned to her.

"You can see for yourself" he said, and she raised her hand to his bangs, raising them from his forehead to see the wound.

The plaster is gone, and it's starting to scar.

"They sell anti-scar creams at the pharmacy, you should get it to clear the scar" she said, but he remained silent.

She looked down at his face and met him staring with a naughty smile on his pink lips.

"What are you thinking?" She smiled.

"I badly wanna see how your backside moves in that bum short" he whispered, and she gasped.

"You say anything that comes to your mind, don't you?" She said.

"Yeah, I hate pretending" he replied.

"But you love pretending to be ok when you're not" she said seriously, and he went silent.

"Something happened in England, right? Where did you get the wound from?" She asked carefully.

"You ask too many questions" he replied without looking at her.

"Can't help it, I'm curious" she said.

"My family is far complicated" he said.

"I know, and... maybe if you share the story you'll feel better" she replied.

"I'll tell you a little the next time we visit the orphanage" he said.

"Promise?" She brought her face closer, and he smirked.

"You know how dangerous that move is" he said, and she quickly made to shift back, but he grabbed her by the neck, gently pulling her in.

He lowered his lids, staring hard at her lips, and that made her nervous again, then his palm ..the coldness on her neck...

How could a human palm be so cold? But despite the coldness, his touch burns...

And as a smoker, she wasn't expecting his palm to be so soft, but it's so tender that she found herself leaning into it, and his eyes darkened.

"If you keep tempting me like this, then I can't promise i won't lose control, and if I lose control, I won't stop, so unless you want me to grab you and kiss the f*+*k out of your pretty lips, then avoid bringing your face closer all the time" he whispered, and she swallowed as he gently let go of her.

She couldn't form a word for the next two minutes, just staring into space, and the spot he touched on her neck was still burning as if his hand is still there.

When did she even become so vulnerable to his touch? She has no idea.

"Speechless?" His voice came.

"Huh?" She faced him, and he suddenly stood, squatting in front of her.

His eyes went to her knees, and he remembered their first meeting when he knowingly set his leg on the way and made her fall, the scars are still there.

His mood changed slightly, and she noticed immediately.

"Are you ok?" She asked.

He hasn't replied when her phone rang...it's Dorothy calling.

"Where are you? We're about to start cooking! Come fast!" She shouted over the phone.

"I have to go now, bye!" Jarvis waved at him, and he replied with a short smile as she rushed out of the stadium.

He badly wants to comment on how cute her @ss was moving in the bum short, but he didn't talk till she left completely, then he sat back.

GUILT, that settled deep inside him immediately he saw the scars on her knees-caused by him, and he couldn't fight it.

Someone suddenly settled beside him, and he didn't bother to look up before knowing who it is.

"What are you doing here, Marcus?" He asked, and Prof. Marcus smiled.

"I can't remember the last time you talked to me respectfully" 

"F*+*k respect, you don't deserve it" Jace replied and stood.

"If you're planning to play with Jarvis like you do to other girls, then stop it right now" Marcus said, and he stopped.

"She's my best student, and i won't want a situation where she'd start losing focus cos you played her" Marcus continued.

"You really think you have the right to tell me what to do?" Jace faced him with piercing, glaring eyes, and he stood.

"I'm your brother, and...

Before he could say the next word, Jace already landed a punch on his face, causing him to fall back on the chair with a bleeding lip.

"Brother? Don't you dare! We might have the same mother, but heck,, you're far from the word brother and you know it! I started getting tattoos because of you motherfûker! Stay away from me!" He gnarled and stormed out of the stadium

Prof. Marcus stood and got an hanky which he wiped his lip with,  then he wiped the little tear that came out of his eyes.


Jace went to the hostel kitchen straight, and immediately he started breaking plates, the maids clustered on a side, watching him display his rage as usual.

Ms. Zoe isn't around this time.

"Dude!!" Collins shouted, appearing with Megan, Ashley and Latto.

He tried stopping him, but Jace pushed him away and he fell on the broken plates, getting wounded.

"Collins!" The girls rushed to him as he started bleeding.

Jace dropped the last piece of plate, and blood was dripping down from his left hand as he left the scattered kitchen.

"I'm fine" Collins told the girls as they helped him up.

"What was that?" Ashley said, looking terrified.

"You haven't witnessed Wolfie's madness before? Well that was it" Megan replied.



Ms. Zoe and the caregivers are currently tucking the kids to bed in their various rooms...

"Ms. Zoe, when is Jarvis coming to visit again?" Camille asked.

"You miss her already?" She smiled.

"A lot, I wish she'd come on Saturday when I won't go to school, then I'll get to spend time with her" 

"I'll tell Hot Daddy" Ms. Zoe said.

"Alright" she replied, finally going to bed.

Ms. Zoe came out of the room, and one of the caregivers came to her.

"There's a woman at the gate" she reported.

"Woman?" Ms. Zoe said, following her out suspiciously.

True to her suspicions, she met Brenda there...

"How may I help you?" She asked.

"Zoe, I'm begging please let me in, we need to talk" Brenda replied.

"Why should I let you in?" Zoe glared.

"You're the only key to talking to my son. He listens to you and...

"Don't you know when to stop? He doesn't wanna see you Brenda! You trigger his anger and do you know what happens to him when he's angry? Madness! Do you know how many plates he broke and how many times he got hurt? Do you know why he tried suicide last semester in his hostel room? Do you know why he smokes? Do you know why he never opens up to anyone? Do you know why he's full of venom? You!!! It's you Brenda, yet you have the guts to show up here and try to talk to him? You're still shameless" Zoe shouted, and Brenda started crying, holding the gate rails.

Water was coming out of her nose too.

"I really wanna make things right, I know I deserve everything but please I only need one chance, I promise to use it wisely and...

"Go to hell, Brenda" Zoe said, walking back in.

"Zoe!!! Zoe please!!! Zoe!!!" Brenda cried , going on her knees in front of the gate.



Jarvis couldn't hide her disappointment when the guys came in without Jace, and she bit her lip hard...

Dorothy told them about the hangout here and they took their time cooking to surprise them.

Only Gabby and Craig came though, Nikki is still not back to the hostel.

"Welcome to the surprising hangout!" Dorothy shouted.

"Hmm! The air smells nice already" Craig said.

"I know, right?" Scarlett said.

"That bra is big by the way" Gabby said, referring to the one on Scarlett's bed.

Her eyes widened, and she quickly rushed to hide it.

"Big? Stop exaggerating, my b*+*bs are like teardrops, so small" she said, and he smiled as he sat.

The guys sat in front of the table, and the girls stood behind them.

"Ready?" Nicole asked.

"Let's have it" Craig replied, and the girls opened the dishes.

The smiles on the faces of the guys disappeared immediately they saw what's inside...

"Noodles? Are you kidding me?" Craig said.

"Garnished noodles to be precise, my favorite food!" Dorothy squealed.

"Craig, you said you gave her money enough to cook for ten people" Gabby said.

"Yes he did! But I got these!" Dorothy replied, bringing out brand new cartons of cornflakes and custard, goody bags and junks...

"F*+*k! Babyish why?" Craig roughed his hair.

Jarvis, Nicole and Scarlett were already laughing hard.

"Well, we ain't eating this" Gabby said.

"Says who?" Scarlett replied, holding his face to forcefully open his mouth.

She started feeding him, and Dorothy began doing the same to Craig.

Jarvis and Nicole picked their forks and were about to join in when the door suddenly opened.

Nikki came in breathing hard, and he grabbed Jarvis's hand, taking her out of the room.

Gabby and Craig exchanged glances and made to follow, but Scarlett held them down.

"Let them talk first before joining them" she said.


Nikki let go of Jarvis when they got to the middle of the corridor, and they faced each other, her arms went folded under her b*+*bs.

"I... I'm...I'm sorry you had to find out that way" he said awkwardly, and she kept looking at him blankly.

"I was planning to end things with her then concentrate on you but...

"End things with her when she did nothing wrong? So let's say we start dating now, what's the assurance that you won't end things with me if you fall for another?" She interrupted.

"She was betrothed to me when I was 7, and we got engaged so...

"Engagement is even involved? Since you were 7? Oh my gawd Nikki!" She gasped shockingly.

"I can fix this Jarvis, if you can just wait and...

"No, no Nikki, I...

"I told you Nikki is off limits!!" Esther's loud voice interrupted behind them, and they both turned at once to see her glaring at them murderously.

"Esther" Nikki muttered, and she walked fast to Jarvis.

She raised her hand on her face to slap, and Jarvis's eyes widened, but the hand was grabbed by someone.

"Jace" Jarvis muttered, eyes still wide as she stared at his bandaged hand.

He grabbed Esther roughly by the shoulders, and she groaned at the tightness.

"Ahh! Let go of me!"

"You came here with ten fingers, but you'll be returning fingerless if you tried that" he glared, his eyes red ... it's obvious he smoked.

Esther was shaking in his grasp, and the students in the corridor are gathered already, watching the show.

"If you ever try this shit again, I'm gonna kill you" Jace said and chuckled.

"Sorry did that sound like a joke? But I'll actually kill you" he said seriously, pushing her back.

She fell on Nikki, and Nikki caught her before she could fall on the ground.

Jace walked to Jarvis and grabbed her hand, and students made way for them as he took her out of the corridor.

She followed him wordlessly, and he kept going till they got to his workshop where he let go of her and sat on a chair, closing his eyes.

"Jace what happened to your hand? Why is it bandaged?" She asked worriedly.

No reply.

"Jace?" She talked again, and his brows moved, but his eyes remained closed.

She rested her palms on the armrest of the chair so her face is close to him enough.

"Jace!" She shouted, and his eyes flew open at once.

She gasped with popping eyes when he pulled her by the waist to his laps and leaned in fast.

"I warned you" he whispered, and without giving her the time to comprehend, his lips captured hers.

For the numberless time today, Jarvis's eyes widened, and she blinked close to ten times that minute.

None of them is drunk right now, and she's on his laps, he's kissing her, Jace Braun is kissing her!

She was unsure of what to do at first, but the moment she felt his tongue in the space between her mouth, she couldn't resist the urge to open up, and immediately she opened up and his tongue slid into her mouth, she lost it!

His minty taste, the softness of his lips, the way his mouth worked on hers, and the way his tattooed arms wrapped on her immediately...she couldn't think.

Her eyes closed gently, and she made her arms climb his shoulders, holding him there as she began kissing him back sweetly.

He was kissing her so hungrily like she's his life insurance, pulling and sucking on her lips before tasting the full plumpness.

His tongue did wonders, and she can't count the number of tingles passing through her skin that moment as the sound of their kissing lips filled their brains.

Matching his pace became harder and harder every minute, and he became so aggressive with it, not sparing any part of her lips as his mouth covered it all, no f*+*king breathing space.

His lip ring and the taste of smoky mint in his mouth made it more breathtaking, and she literally couldn't breath anymore as he sank his tongue into her deep throat.

"Mmm...mm" her moan came as she tried breaking it, but immediately their lips left each other, he pulled her back into the kiss, and it became damn faster as his hands grabbed her backside, holding it firmly.

"Mmm..,." She m0aned again in another attempt to break the kiss, but he grabbed her hands and pinned them down to the chair this time, caging her completely.

"Ja..c...e..." She gasped into his mouth, and he slowed down, breaking the kiss gently to give her a emotive look.

"What is it?" He whispered, his lips so wet like hers...

"I... you're high" she said with fast breaths, looking scared as she stared into his slightly red eyes.

"I'm not, I only smoked one stick" he replied, and she blinked.


"Kiss me again" he said with drowsy sleepy eyes.


"Kiss me, little cat" he whispered, and she found her eyes going to his lips immediately.

Her body just reacted to the nickname, has she come to like it?

This shouldn't be happening, she shouldn't be on his laps in the first place, they shouldn't be having this kiss, but she's not controlling anything right now, she couldn't resist.

"Kiss my lips" he talked again, and as if pulled by a strong magnetic force, she leaned forward and placed her lips on his.

Jace sighed into the fleshy contact and circled her arms on his own neck before grabbing her by the throat, but he didn't choke her.

He just kissed her deeper, so deep that she forgot whose air she was breathing as their tongues wedded with an insane sync.

"Mmm!" her raspy moan erupted again, and Nikki came in through the open door, followed by Ashley.


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