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I Hate You Jace - Episode 31&32




I Hate You Jace - Episode 31&32


By Naomi Cindy B.


"I'm Esther Laurence, Nikki's girlfriend, all the way from New York" she said, and Jarvis gasped.

* Oh my gawd!

* Mad!

* She's pretty though!

Jarvis couldn't believe her eyes as she stared at Esther who's also staring back at her like she's the only one in the cafeteria...

"So now that the owner is back, i want everyone else to back off! Nikki is off limits!" Esther continued, and Nikki walked fast to her.

He grabbed her hand then grabbed her bag too, dragging both out of the cafe.

"Where are you taking me? Nikki!!" She shouted as he took her, and her voice echoed till she was completely gone.

Students returned to eating their lunch, and Ashley was taken out of the cafeteria by her friends, but Jarvis couldn't move.

Nikki has a girlfriend? Then why was he fooling her with his love confession? Why was he chasing after her? Why was he...

"Jarvis, we really need to talk" Jace told her again, but she rushed out of the cafeteria without replying.

Jace gritted his jaws as Craig came in with Gabby.

"Dude! What the f*+*k is the gist on the blog? Nikki's girlfriend?" Craig asked.

"It's a joke" Gabby added.

"It's not. She was here some minutes ago, he took her away" Jace replied, and their eyes widened.

"You're f*+*king with me right? Nikki? Girlfriend? How come?" Craig said shockingly.

"Maybe I'm not the only one keeping secrets after all" Jace replied.

"You didn't know too?" Gabby asked.

"I didn't f*+*king know!" Jace snapped, and Craig smirked.

"This friendship, it's like I and Gabby are the only truthful ones but you and Nikki? Forget about it. You both are besties anyways" he said.

"There are reasons for my secrets, they aren't just something i can still like water" Jace retorted.

"Ion think there should be reasons for secrets in friendship dude! Heck we've been friends since our 100L days and this is our final year, meaning we've been in this for three years, and you still can't tell us anything? I'm tired!" Craig replied and walked out.

"Why do you think we moved in with you after you tried suicide last semester? Cos we do care about you and we'd understand whatever your secret is, but maybe you don't see us as your friends after all" Gabby said and left the cafeteria too.

Jace was still standing there when his phone buzzed, and when he got it out to see a credit alert from Klaus for the third time this month,  he hardened his bones, almost smashing the phone.

"F*+*k" he closed his eyes.



"Nikki easy!!" Esther shouted again when Nikki got there with her, and he finally let go of her hand.

She flipped her hair, crossing her arms below her b**bs before clearing her throat.

"Why are you here?" He asked.

"For real?" She scoffed. "My boyfriend has been refusing to pick my calls since weeks ago and you expect me to sit uselessly in New York?" 

"Go back" Nikki replied.

"What! Are you crazy? Wait is it because I didn't tell them the most important part? Is it because I didn't show them this?" She glared, raising her left hand where a gorgeous ring is sitting.

"Is it because I didn't tell them we've been engaged since we were kids? Huh?" She said.

"An engagement we were tricked into when we were still too young, we were both seven years old back then Esther, and now we're both 23! Things changed!" Nikki snapped.

"You were fine with it Nikki! You didn't complain and you were picking my calls and calling me! I visited you two months ago and we has s+x!!" She shouted.

" That happened cos you made me drink! You did it on purpose to get me in bed!" He retorted.

"And even after that you were still picking my calls, but it all stopped last month when you met a silly freshman called Jarvis!" She replied, and his eyes narrowed.

"How did you...

"I put tails on you from New York, and they captured all your moments when you both went on an outing at Pennsylvania! I won't let her take you away!" She snapped.

"Go back Esther! Get out of Washington" Nikki glared.

"You don't make the rules here Nikki! I'm here to stay and I'm completing my education here! I transferred to business administration already so get ready to see my face every day! Your mum is aware so deal with it!" She rolled eyes and took her bag, dragging it down the stairs.

"Damn it!" Nikki yelled at the verge of tears.



"What!" Nikki has a girlfriend?" Scarlett said surprisingly as she sat with Gabby on a table.

"No one knew" Gabby replied.

"Even you guys? His friends?" She said.

"I dunno... maybe he has a reason but...

"Scratch it Gab. For the record, the four of you are the closest and the oldest friends in this campus, I see no reasons for secrets anymore" she said.

"I know, right?" Gabby replied.

"Now I know why they call him Slow Poison" she said.

"Wolfie started it" Gabby smiled.


"Yeah, he was the one who started the trend of calling him Slow Poison since our first year here, and then I and Craig joined him, then everyone else started calling him that even when he hates it" Gabby explained.

"Why did Wolfie start calling him that anyways?"

"No one knows, they're the closest so it's between them" Gabby replied, grabbing a coffee cup from the table.

"Thanks for the advice. I'm currently snubbing Ronnie and it worked! I think he's gonna tell me why he's ghosting very soon" she said.

"I knew it'd work, just keep it up" he said, standing up.

"You still have classes?" She asked.

"Yeah, one more" he replied.

"I'll see you later then" she came closer and hugged him lightly.

"Bye" she smiled, leaving first.

Gabby couldn't stop staring till she went out the door, and he eventually smiled before leaving too.



Dorothy was looking like a dead corpse when she came out, so stressed and exhausted as she dragged her foot on the ground.

"I should have suspected a foul play when we didn't have any class yesterday, i can't even feel my legs" she muttered, and a hand suddenly appeared in front of her, holding pie and diet Coke.

She quickly took them and was already eating the pie before coming back to her senses.

She turned to see Craig, and she frowned.


"I knew you must be starving after your exhausting classes, so eat it all and don't give it back" he said.

"Who said i was gonna give it back?" She replied and resumed eating.

"I was thinking about hanging out with you tonight" he said, and she faced him.

"Why? So you can try to kiss me again?" 

"No, that's not it, and that was a mistake, I wasn't thinking" he replied.

"Are you sure? Cos I know if I've allowed the kiss, then you'd surely f**k me behind that car. Wait do you love s*x around cars?" She said.


"That bikini bone said you sexed her inside a bus, and you almost kissed me behind a car, that's enough evidence" she made faces.

"Dorothy that's not true. There's no way I'd f**k you behind a car, you're not my girlfriend" he replied.

"Whatever" she rolled eyes.

"And the hanging out is not outside the hostel. It's with you and your friends, I'll bring my friends too, to your room" he replied.

"Really? What are we gonna do?" Dorothy's eyes brightened.

"We're tired of cafeteria food, and we don't wanna order too, so homemade food" he replied.

"Are you saying you want we the girls to cook for you guys?" Dorothy said.

"Yeah, give me your account number, I'll wire you enough money to buy the necessary things, just cook anything" he replied.

"Maybe it'd be fun after all, send me the cash" she said, giving him her account number.

He was still trying to make the transfer when some girls walked past, chatting loudly...

* The girl is so damn pretty!

* Are you talking about Nikki's girlfriend?

* Of course! She's a bae!

"What are they talking about?" Dorothy asked, eating the last bite from the pie before drinking coke.

"Oh... Nikki's girlfriend showed up today" Craig replied, and she choked on the pie and coke, spitting it all on his face.

"What! Nikki's... Nikki's what? Girlfriend?" She said shockingly.

Craig kept staring at her, looking funny with his soaked face.

"Jarvis!" Dorothy gasped, running down the cafeteria.

"My Jarvis!!"

"Dude!" Gabby joined him, and when he saw him that way, he started laughing hard.

"Darn" Craig muttered.



The last class is just ending, and though students are starting to leave the class... Collins, Megan and Latto are still in.

They're the truants and miscreants of the department who rarely attend classes but despite that fact, Collins is one of the students with the highest GPA, thanks to his rich dad.

There were four classes today but they only attended this last one.

The class became empty in a matter of minutes, and the girls got their joints while Collins got his Molly.

"Guys!" Ashley came in, and Megan smirked.

"And what the hell are you doing here?" 

Ashley came closer, and Collins smiled.

"Aren't you the girl who has been following Wolfie around like a dog?"

"Heard he showed you his crazy side today at the cafeteria, such a loss that I wasn't there, I'm a sucker for Wolfie's action" Latto laughed.

"No matter what he does to me, I'm still on his side" Ashley said.

"Whoa! Nice!" Collins clapped.

"The real one who needs to be punished is the girl, and I'll do anything you want me to do. Please take me into the gang" Ashley said.



"Jarvis!! Don't tell me you're crying!! Jarvis!!!" Dorothy was still screaming as she ran into the corridor, bumping into the door to push it open, but she was surprised at what she met.

A loud pop song is playing in the MP3 player... Jarvis, Scarlett and even Nicole are in, dancing wildly.

"Oh my gawd!" She gasped.

She was expecting to see Jarvis in tears cos of Nikki's betrayal, but it's a whole different level.

Scarlett came to her with heavy breaths.

"Pretend like nothing h youappened and just join the dance. I met Jarvis sulking when I came, and this is the only way to take her mind away from it" she said.

"Ok!" Dorothy smiled.

"C'mon!!!" Jarvis screamed over the music.

"Coming baby!" She threw her bag on the ground, flung away her gown and joined them.

Jarvis laughed immediately, sweeping back her hair which got stuck to her sweaty face.

She's aware that they're trying to make her happy, and she's also trying to make their efforts count by going with the flow..

Nikki made a fool out of her but she won't allow it ruin her day.

She was still moving to the music when she saw her phone screen come on.

She took the phone and saw a new message from a new number.

• Can we meet at the stadium?



Nikki's sports car drove in fast, and he slammed the door shut when he came out of it.

He rushed into the gigantic mansion, and the maids in uniform bowed respectfully.

He didn't meet his mum in the living room, so he figured out she's in her room, and he was about to climb the stairs when the sassy looking woman came down.

"Look who we have here!" She smiled, her lips flattening.

"Why is Esther back?" He asked straight.

"Wait ... Don't tell me she caught you sleeping with another girl, you know how possessive she can be, she might wound the girl" Mrs. Ronald said.

"Seriously? How could she show up at my school!"

"To mark her territory!" We have plans to get you both married after college, so she came home at the right time cos for all I know, you both will be done with it in some months" she replied.

"Call off the engagement" he said.

"Stop idling and go back to school, take good care of her, and why are you still going around in the sports car? There are four new rides in the park, pick one or two...have a nice day" she said and started climbing the stairs but suddenly turned back...

"About your book, Wet Kisses. A filming company submitted a proposal about making it into a movie, let's talk about it next time, I love you son!" She blew him kisses and left completely.

Nikki walked out of the house and almost started crying..

He got his phone and stared at Jarvis's line for long ...

Everything has been ruined, how is he supposed to explain things to her? Even his friends! 

The tears finally came out as he walked to his car.



Judging by the choice of words, Jarvis knew the owner of the message immediately she saw it, and she decided to come.

She's on a bum short and her top is off-shoulder on the right arm.

She saw him sitting on a chair in the middle of the big stadium when she arrived, and she made sure her eyes weren't soft as she walked to him.

She sat beside him, making sure there's enough space between them...

"How did you get my number? And why am i here?" she asked, and he looked at her.

He wanted to talk immediately, but when he saw what she's wearing, he couldn't help but stare for minutes, looking away was impossible.

"You look good in that" he said.

"I'm not here to listen to your sweet words, I'm returning if you have nothing serious to say" she stood to leave.

"They aren't sweet words. I've experienced enough bitterness to make me forget what sweet feels like, so anytime I compliment you, I mean it" he said, and she stopped to turn back.

"Then...the words you said to me at the orphanage yesterday, were they also true? You meant every word, right?" She said, and he stood.

"Tell me Jace, were they true? Or did you say them to push me away like Prof. Marcus said?" She asked, and she immediately regretted mentioning Marcus.

"I see you got close to him, what has that @sshole been telling you?" Jace said.

"He's not an @sshole!" She shot.

"Hell you don't know him more than me, do you trust him cos of his flashy smiles? you trust everyone, silly" he replied, rubbing his tongue slightly on his lip ring.

"Yeah, just the way I trusted Nikki and he made a fool out of me, and the way I trusted you to change but you said mean things to me and pushed me away!" She snapped.

" I say crazy things when I'm mad, and you were just unlucky to meet me that way... I don't think when I'm angry, all that's gonna be in my f*+*king head would be venting it out to everyone around me, and I have no control over it, I have no control over my madness and it wounds me everytime! I thought my words were meaninglessness to you but that changed when Zoe told me you cried, and I wanted to say...."

He stopped talking this time and bit his lip like he's having difficulty to say the next words.

He swept his hair back frustratingly, and Jarvis felt like something hard is pressing on her chest.

She badly wants to hear what he has to say next... Anticipation was drowning her, and she couldn't wait any longer.

"You wanted to say what?" She asked impatiently.

"Forget it" he replied

"Jace if you refuse to say the next words then I'm never talking to you ever again!" She threatened, but he said nothing, just looking at her helplessly.

"Fine" she said and started walking away.

"Don't walk out on me" his voice came behind, but she kept walking.

In the next minute, his hands grabbed her arm, pulling her back tightly.

"I said don't walk out on me!" He said loudly, and Jarvis looked at the hand he's holding.

He's holding so f*+*king tight that his fingers might just dig into her flesh, and when she looked back at his face, he met a remorseful look, and he slowly let her go.

She turned to leave again, but the next thing she felt was his arms wrapping around her waist gently from behind.

Her eyes widened, and he held her quickening breaths as his cold body collided with hers...

"I wanted to say SORRY for being a d*+*k...don't you dare stay away from me" he whispered in a soft voice, and she gasped when he spun her around, hugging her from the front this time.


"Don't say anything, just stay still for me, and wrap your arms on me too... Little cat" his voice came in a hush.


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