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I Hate You Jace - Episode 3&4




I Hate You Jace - Episode 3&4


By Naomi Cindy B.


"Let me go, else the next one is going into your mouth" Jarvis muttered daringly.

Jace's hands left her collar, and he started looking for what to wipe the spit with.

"Punk!" Jarvis added before going to Dorothy.

She got to her and saw Wet Kisses with Nikki, and she walked briskly to him.

She snatched it, causing their eyes to meet again, then she grabbed Dorothy's hand and pulled her away.

They were already gone before Jace was able to wipe the saliva with an hanky.

He threw away the hanky and looked at the broken window, and the smirk returned to his face, but this time it's evil.

"I'm gonna ruin her I swear it. She's gonna regret ever coming across me" he muttered meanly, his eyes brimming with fury as his brows pulled together.

"Gee, you could have apologized when she asked for it gently" Gabby said.

"And why the hell would I apologise? Not like I killed anyone! No one f**king died!" Jace shot.

"Chill Wolfie, you got her friend wounded, and she's not your regular type of girl so you should have expected that. I'm glad she didn't hit you on the d**k" Craig said, trying to keep the laughter that's trying to burst out of him.

Nikki said nothing, just staring at the three.

"The ride is over, we're going back" Jace said, getting back in the car.

"Close to 500 thousand dollars to change the broken window, Crazy pants did him bad!" Craig said, finally letting out his laughter.

Nikki entered the car, and Jace drove away, leaving Gabby and Craig.

"Wolfie! Jace!" Gabby called after him, but he wouldn't stop.

"I f**king hate when he's like this, the hostel kitchen plates aren't safe" Craig said.

They both stopped a ride which took them back to the hostel.



Dorothy and Jarvis got to the bay ten minutes ago, and they took turns to treat each other's knees with the stuff they got from the nearby pharmacy.

Dorothy got them warm cups of coffee, and they both took long sips before sighing out at once.

"That warmed me up" Dorothy smiled.

"Me too" Jarvis returned the smile, and they both laughed.

"But girl, you're crazy! You stoned a Maybach window? Only the window is almost 500thousand" Dorothy said.

"How did you know?" Jarvis asked.

"I googled it while buying our coffee" Dorothy replied, showing her phone screen.

Jarvis looked unfazed, she only just drank from her coffee.

"What if the guy comes after you? He looked dangerous with the tattoos and the multiple earrings, he was even smoking and...

"Dorothy can you stop worrying too much? Let's just enjoy this coffee" Jarvis cut her off, and Dorothy rested back on her chair.

"Fine, let's stop talking about him and talk about the one you snatched Wet Kisses from, is it like love at first sight? I see you way to stared at him" Dorothy moved closer.

"Love at first sight? Pfft!" Jarvis made faces and stood, walking away.

Dorothy rushed after her immediately.

"I'm gonna be completing my registration online tonight, so I'm resuming tommorow" Jarvis said.

"Same here, so let's meet at Rizz hostel tommorow" Dorothy replied.

"Sure" Jarvis smiled, and they exchanged numbers.

"Bye!" Dorothy waved as she stopped a taxi which took her away.

Jarvis did the same, and she met Caroline waiting already when she got home.

"I told you to give me a call" the worried looking woman said.

"A jerk almost ruined my day, and i told you it's my browser right? The letter has been on my portal since five days ago" she announced.

"Oh no, you have to resume in a hurry then" Caroline replied.

"I'm resuming tommorow" 

"What! No it's too...

"The school resumed since a week ago, and I can't imagine the classes I've missed. I can't miss more so I'm gonna go start my online registration on my laptop" she interrupted and rushed in before Caroline could finish talking.

She dropped her bag on her bed and pulled off her booth 

Thanks to the jean, Caroline didn't notice her wounded knees, so she kept it on as she sat in front of her laptop to start the registration...

Her eyes caught Wet Kisses on the bed, and she remembered the face of the guy she snatched it from earlier.

She smiled and gave her plump lip a slight bite but she snapped out of it immediately.

"I'm gonna resume school tommorow and I'm gonna meet Nikki Ronald, I should focus on that" she said, starting the registration.



Dark periods like this are the most enjoyable at the hostel for all students except freshmen.

Freshmen are advised to stay in at night cos the senior students in the hostel are wild animals.

Loud speakers are everywhere in the hostel corridors, blarring music loudly, and students could be seen dancing, screaming, drinking and smoking... doing drugs.

Public make out is the order of the night, some girls even have d**ks in their mouths, sucking on their knees in the crowdy corridors, and some guys have their faces stuck in the middle of girls thighs, drinking juices.

Jace came out of his apartment, still looking pissed.

This time he's on black shirt, and as he walked past the corridor, girls begged him with their bodies, but he's not interested right now.

Since the incident with the girl earlier, he has been having this hunch that he has seen her somewhere before, and it has been disturbing him, so he decided to come check the only place that'd end his restlessness.

He got to the housing office and barged in. The man was already packing to go home.

"Get me the forms of freshmen who rented rooms here this semester" he ordered.

"Sure" the man replied, dropping his bag to turn on a laptop..

Jace took it from him and started scrolling down the list, checking out the attached passports one by one 

"Is there a problem? Jace" the man asked, but he ignored him and concentrated on his search till he suddenly saw the face he's looking for.

Jarvis's passport came up, and a thin smile appeared on his lips as he stared at her form.

"Oh... She applied since last week but she hasn't gotten admission into the school yet, so I'm just gonna cancel her form" the man said, and almost immediately, he got a phone call.

"Hello?" He picked.

"Hi, this is Jarvis and I hope my room is still intact. I'm finally resuming tommorow" Jarvis's voice said.

"Really? Sure... You're welcome" the man hung up.

His eyes met with Jace's, and Jace gave him a pat.

"Thanks man" he smiled, walking out of the building.

Another three minutes walk brought him back to his apartment.

There are two beds in the wide room, he shares one with Nikki while Gabby shares the other with Craig.

They all have their separate rooms in different parts of the hostel, but after an incident happened last semester, they moved in here with Jace.

Nikki was eating dinner when Jace arrived... 

Craig was on his phone while Gabby was preparing to go shower.

"So what did you find out?" Gabby asked, getting himself a towel.

"I'll keep it to myself" Jace replied curtly.

"I don't think you have the right to torment her. You're at fault" Nikki finally spoke.

"Why the f**k is everyone saying the same thing! She stoned the window and I'm still at fault?" Jace spat.

"Maybe if you apologized..." Nikki continued.

"I don't do that shit! Why would I apologise to a f**king girl?" Jace fired.

"Your ego is something big to worry about" Nikki said.

"Do you plan on f**king her? Is that why you're defending her so hard? Or is it because she's your fan? Which one is it?" Jace demanded.

"You're going too far, dude" Nikki stood, dropping his fork.

"I haven't even started" Jace smirked, walking away from him.

"Don't tell me it ends here. You guys should exchange punches!" Craig encouraged, giving his phone a break.

"Shut up Craig" Gabby faced him, and Craig returned to his phone.

Latto came in immediately, and Gabby dropped his towel with a loud groan.

"Why is my Wolfie so frowny? Did something happen?" She asked, caressing Jace's face.

"Where the f**k is Megan?" He asked, still maintaining the frowned face, his fox eyes so dark.

"She has some business to settle, so I'm alone, but don't worry you know how we do it" she winked and stepped back from him.

Jace sat on the bed edge, and she began taking off her clothes, starting with her top.

Nikki left the rest of his food on the table and got his books, leaving immediately.

Gabby followed him out, but Craig switched to playing Xbox.

Megan was already completely naked in the next minute, and Jace had to bend her over the shoe rack, lowering his pants.

"I missed this!" She moaned loudly as he plunged his length into her..


Her palms gummed on the rack rails as he smashed her from behind.

Her cheek pressed on the rack surface as her butt wrenched out.

Jace thrusted forcefully, spanking her @ss cheeks so hard.

Pain went straight to her labia, and the sweat on her skin increased.

"Yeah! Wolfie please..."



A taxi pulled up in front of the hostel, and Caroline was the first to come out.

Jarvis came out from the other side, and she smiled when she beheld the wide, beautiful hostel.

She did every single registration online, so it's her first time here...

"It's even better than what I saw in pictures. I love what I'm seeing" she said, sucking on her bottom lip.

The taxi driver brought her big bag out the trunk, and he left after aunt Caroline paid him.

She'd have resumed earlier, but she had to get some needed things and prepare more, though she didn't even get to buy new clothes but she'll surely shop for them after settling down.

"You should leave now aunt, I can find my room easily. It's in block C, room 20. The housing officer will guide me, I'll call you" she said.

"You always say that" Caroline held her face.

"I mean it this time, you should leave. You can't get fired at the supermarket" Jarvis said.

Caroline gave her a gentle forehead kiss.

"I'll be the one to call you, and don't forget what I told you about parties. Avoid them, and avoid final year guys, heard they're all jerks here" she whispered, and Jarvis hugged her.

"Sure, I love you"

"I love you too" Caroline replied, breaking the hug to stop another taxi which took her away.

Jarvis looked at the hostel again and smiled.

"New life, New school"

"Jarvis!!!" A loud voice screamed behind her, and she turned to see Dorothy coming down from a black car which obviously belongs to her uncle.

"Dorothy!" She widened her arms, and they hugged.

It's hard for her to make friends easily, but she loves this girl already. Dorothy's liveliness is on another level.

"Meet my uncle Zach" she introduced as the man came down from the car.

"Howie you young lady?" He smiled.

"I'm good, and thanks for bringing this talkative" Jarvis replied, and he laughed as he offloaded Dorothy's three big bags.

"You don't have to worry, I'll help her with one together with mine, and she'd carry the remaining two" Jarvis said.

"Well then, remain a good girl Dorothy" Zach replied.

"Sure uncle, I'll call you when I settle down" she said.

He waved at the two before driving off, and they dragged the bags in together.

"I can't wait to see what my room is gonna look like" Dorothy gushed.

"I wish we got the same room" Jarvis muttered.

"What's your room number?" 

"Block C, room 20" Jarvis replied.

"F**k! Same!" Dorothy jumped.

"For real?" Jarvis said surprisingly, and Dorothy winked.

"Yes!" Jarvis shouted, and they hugged again.

They got to the housing office in a jiffy, and the man handed them their keys and direction map.

"Avoid Jace though" he said, and they exchanged glances.

"Who might that be?" Dorothy asked.

The man only smiled and closed the door.

They exchanged secret smiles before starting to drag the bags all the way to block C.

Jace is currently standing on the rooftop of his hostel apartment, looking down at the girls from there.

He's smoking as usual, and Latto is beside him.

"Who are they?" She asked curiously.

No answer came from Jace, he only turned his back and walked away.

Latto looked at the girls again and frowned.


Luckily for the girls, it's not the time when the corridors are crowded, so there aren't many students out. Most of them are still in the campus for evening lectures.

Finding room 20 was easy, and they took deep breaths before opening the door 

Their eyes widened when they saw how wide it is.

There are four angles in the room, and each has a bed, a cute wardrobe and a rack, then in the middle of the room there's a reading table for four. There's a bookshelf beside the door.

"Wow!" They both said at once.

They were too carried away to see the other two girls in the room, and they didn't come back to their senses till one of them stood with a loud hiss.

"I hate too many roomates! Why would that stupid housing officer do this!" She complained, walking out of the room.

Immediately she walked past the girls, their eyes widened and they had to hold their breaths till she was out.

They released their breaths at once, and the second girl stood.

"Nice smell, right? That's Nicole Fisher, our rich roommate who's suffering from body odour. She's rude and hot tempered so don't ever tell her, and don't touch her things" she said and smiled.

"By the way I'm Scarlett, Scarlett Jones" she said.

She could pass as the nicest girl in the universe cos she helped the girls arrange their things.

Within an hour, they already arranged everything.

"I'm so glad you guys came, i was already at the verge of killing Nicole" Scarlett said.

"Is she that worse?" Jarvis asked.

"You'll find out before tommorow morning" Scarlett replied.

"By the way who's Jace? The housing officer told us to avoid him" Dorothy asked.

"Wolfie? He's the School Psycho, and I have nothing more to say about him so let me take you both on a tour round the hostel" Scarlett replied.

"I have to bath first, I sweated too much. I'll meet you guys outside" Jarvis said.

"Okay!" Scarlett grabbed Dorothy and pulled her out of the room,

Jarvis stripped herself, wrapping her towel on her curvy body before grabbing her toiletries bag.

She rushed into the bathroom for a warm shower, but three minutes into the bath, things changed.

She was using her facial wash when water suddenly stopped running in the shower.

She dropped the wash bottle and struggled to open her eyes, but the soap stings.

She closed it back immediately and turned around on a spot for minutes before finally finding the shower handle.

She turned it repeatedly, but the water wouldn't come out.

"What the hell! How am I supposed to wash my face and the rest of my body?" She said, struggling to find her towel.

She almost fell as she searched with her eyes closed.

She finally found it wiped her face with it to get rid of the lather.

She was able to open her eyes after that, then she wrapped the towel back on her soapy body.

She rushed out of the bathroom, deciding to go give Dorothy a call, but surprisingly, there's another person in the room when she arrived.

He's sitting on the reading table, and his back is on her.

Judging by his familiar arm tattoos and the minty scent in the room, she had a guess of who it might be but she blew it off.

It can't be, and what the hell is a guy doing in a girls hostel room?

Is this how they do here?

"Who're you?" She asked in a low but firm tone, but no answer came from him.


She hasn't finished when he turned to face her, and her eyes instantly came so wide, she froze on her spot.

Her guess was right! It's the motherf**ker from yesterday!

He's chewing gum, his jaws contracting and relaxing slowly as their eyes met, and a baddie smile appeared on his lips as he rested back on the chair.

"Y..you?" Jarvis stuttered shockingly.

He ran his eyes over her wet bare legs then back to her face before smirking hauntingly.

"Nice to see you again, Little Cat" 


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