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I Hate You Jace - Episode 29&30




I Hate You Jace - Episode 29&30


By Naomi Cindy B.


She didn't know how much his words hurt till she felt a tear fall from her right eye as she ran down the stairs.

"Jarvis?" Ms. Zoe met her at the base, and the look on her face shows how shocked she is to see the tears.

Jarvis couldn't wait, she ran past her and never stopped till she's out  of the orphanage.

Ms. Zoe quickly climbed the stairs, and when she met Jace standing on the passage, she knew what happened immediately.

"What did you do, Jace?" She asked, and he slowly faced her.

She gasped when she saw his wound.

"What the hell happened this time?" She asked shockingly.

"She pulled a gun, I was ready to die if that would make her feel better, but Brenda and Marcus had to come interrupt. I told you not to call them Zoe" he replied .

"Come get your wound treated first" she took him in and disinfected the wound, treated and plastered it, then he covered it with his bangs.

"You were ready to die by Brenda's gun? Are you still suicidal?" She asked gently.

"It's not her fault that I trigger her anger. Everything started with me. She lost her son because of me and...

"None of this is your fault Jace! None of it! Can you just stop blaming yourself and open up to people? I'm bearing the pains just fine because i kept seeing your face. Don't leave me Jace... You know I have no one else" she started crying, and Jace wiped the tears immediately.

"Stop crying, I'm still alive" he said, and she smiled, hugging him so tight.

It lasted for minutes, and when she broke it, she gave him a fond kiss in the hair.

"What did you say to Jarvis? Why did you make her cry?" She asked, and he frowned.

"She cried?"

"I'm sure I saw tears in her eyes. She's a sweet girl and she doesn't deserve that from you. I know your hobby is pushing people away but please not her. She's... she's kind of different from the other girls you've been mingling with" she replied, and he swept his hair back.

"I know" he said, grinding his jaw softly.

"Then promise me you'll fix things" she said, holding his hands.

He looked up at her, and she nodded.


"Fine" he replied, and she smiled largely.

"I'll make you dinner"

"Nah, I don't have an appetite" he replied.


"Don't bother yourself and just go to bed" he cut her off, and she sighed.

"I'll be on my way" he stood.

"I'll walk you to your car" she stood too, and he packed his rings from the drawer before leaving the room with her.


Jarvis is still in the taxi taking her back to the hostel, and though her tears ended already, she's still hiccuping.

If there's one thing she's grateful about, it's the fact that Jace didn't see her tears, she'd have hated herself so much if she cried in front of him.

 Even when Nikki called her a whore, she didn't cry, why the hell did she cry cos of Jace's words?

She shouldn't take it to heart, but she kept thinking about it despite the many distractions she saw in the streets as the taxi moved.

Anyways it's over now, she only got carried away for a while and now she's back to her senses.

She payed the driver when he pulled up in front of the hostel, and she was surprised to see Nikki waiting.

"Nik?" She said, and he smiled.

"It feels good to hear you call me that again" 

"Why are you here?" She asked.

"Did you check the voicemail yet?" He asked.

"Oh! Just a minute" she replied and turned on her phone.

He waited impatiently till it came on, and she went to voice messages to play his mail...it's the first one.


Her eyes popped, and she slowly looked up to see him smiling lightly.

"Calling you a whore was foolish. Actually I saw Jace complimenting you that day in our room, and you were smiling at him. I got jealous and...and I'm so sorry for blurting that shit. I really do love you, my feelings are real and i won't take you for granted" he said frankly, and Jarvis felt her throat drying up.

She should be jumping happily into his arms right now, but she couldn't do anything, just staring at him speechlessly.

"Please say something Jarvis... I can't breathe" Nikki said, looking so nervous.

"I dunno what to say" she replied, and he came closer to hold her arms.

"Just tell me you love me too, you feel the same right?" He said.

"Can you... give me some days?" She asked.

"How many days?"

"A week, I need to gather my thoughts and settle some things... Before then" she said.

"Sure, I'll wait" he replied, and she smiled.

"I'll see you tommorow then"

"Yeah, goodnight" he gave her a light hug, and she went in afterwards.

He released a heavy sigh, and his phone rang.

He picked angrily immediately he saw the usual number.

"Can you just leave me the f**k alone? Please!" 



"What's with all the posters I'm seeing on the hostel walls?" Jarvis asked when she entered the room.

"Aw! Welcome back! As you can see! The freshmen festival is next week and students are going crazy about it!" Dorothy gushed.

She's standing on her bed eating from a bowl of milk custard and pie.

"Freshmen? Isn't it supposed to be school festival?" Jarvis asked, sitting on her bed to take off her shoes 

"Actually, first semester's is called freshmen festival and second semester's is finalists festival. You freshmen own this semester" Scarlett replied from her bed. 

"Oh...cool" Jarvis smiled, taking off her gown.

She's left in her underwear when she walked to Dorothy and took the custard and pie from her.

"It takes a whole week so Monday is costume day! Tuesday is swimming hole visitation, Wednesday is friends night outing, Thursday is bonfire and camping, Friday is the competition for Mr and Miss fresher then rave party at the warehouse, Saturday is the football match! Next week is so fun-filled I can't f**king wait!" Dorothy squealed.

"And I think you both should go for Miss fresher, I'd like to see one of you as the winner" Scarlett said.

"About that...I signed us up for the competition already!" Dorothy said.

"What!" Jarvis spranged up when she brought out the signature cards.

"I can't! I've never been a fan of competition!"

"Well you can start from here! You only have to find a accompanist" Scarlett said.

"I need a accompanist?" Jarvis's eyes widened.

"Yes! A hottie from your level and department" Dorothy winked.

"You're such a troublemaker!" Jarvis threw pillow at her, and she threw it back.

"Seriously?" Jarvis picked the pillow and threw it back.

Soon, it became a fun pillow fight, and Scarlett joined them.

Jarvis's laughter was the loudest in the room. To think that she was already thinking of ways to take Jace away from her head, and this happened.

She can't ask for more, her roommates are the best!

Well except Nicole.


Jace arrived at the hostel just now, and he went straight to the housing office.

"Any problem again Jace?" The man asked.

"JD, get me her number" he replied simply.

"Who's JD?"

"Do I have to spell Jarvis Dobrev out for you?" Jace glared.

"Oh... The fresher?" The man smiled and got the laptop.

Her number is on her housing form, Jace only looked at it once before typing on his phone.

He saved it as he walked to his room, and he met all of his friends in.

Gabby and Craig are playing Xbox while Nikki is reading.

They all pretended not to see him as he entered the bathroom straight for a shower.

He came back shortly and changed into a white shirt and joggers. His rings are back on his body.

He sighted Jarvis's bubble gum pack on top of the drawer and went for it, throwing one in his mouth before facing the guys.

"What's with the silence?" He asked.

"Did you just ask that? Gawd! Are you trying to drive us mad? gee!" Gabby replied.

"How do you suddenly disappear without telling anyone, and you'll also refuse to pick our calls or give us a hint of your location. Are we really your friends?" Craig said.

"I and Craig called more than ten times yesterday but you weren't answering. Can you please tell us all we need to know and stop doing this everytime?" Gabby added.

Jace sighed and looked at Nikki...

"Are you ok? Your forehead is plastered" he asked.

"I'm fine, and sorry if I got y'all worried. You'll get to know all you wanna know soon, not just now. I'll be at the workshop" Jace replied and left.

Getting to the workshop, he met Collins with the girls already waiting for him.

"Molly! Get me mad supply of it right now I might go crazy if I don't take it within five minutes! Fast!!" Collins yelled madly, his eyes so red.

"And we both might die too if we don't feel you inside us. Serve us" Megan said.

"Get me the Molly!!!" Collins screamed, his eyes looking murderous, hair scattered.

Jace went to a wall locker in the workshop and opened it, bringing out a stash of the drug which he dropped on the table in front of him.

He started swallowing the pills impatiently, shaking as he did...

Megan and Latto started stripping, getting ready for him, but he wore his gloves Instead and started gathering tools for his work.

"Wolfie!" Megan called out.

"Quiet down, i have too much to handle already and I can't add you both to the list. Give me a break" he replied.

The girls exchanged glances and wore their clothes back, leaving their bra and panties on the ground.

They angrily left the workshop.



Prof. Marcus didn't come for lecture today again, so after the third class, Jarvis went to the office to check on him.

"Is Prof on seat?" She asked his secretary.

"Jarvis?" His voice replied behind.

"Goodmorning sir" she said cheerfully, and he smiled handsomely.

Two minutes later, they were already inside his office, sitting face-to-face.

"Best student, how may I help you?' he asked, and she smiled.

"I was worried cos you missed two classes already which is unlike you" 

"I travelled to England yesterday and I arrived today, had something to settle" he replied, and her mind went to Jace...

"We're actually stepbrothers. Same mother, different father" he continued.


"Jace is the son of Klaus and I'm the son of Danny. The only connection we have is our mother... Brenda" he further said.


"He definitely won't like it if he knows I'm telling you all this" Marcus said.

"He won't find out, we're not friends" she replied.

"Really? Thought you both had a rapport or something" 

"It got ruined" she replied.

"Let me guess...he returned from England yesterday and talked harshly to you?" He said.

"How did...

"Pushing people away is what he does best. Even his friends don't understand him, he's a broken child who witnessed something tragic at a tender age" he replied.

"What are you talking about?" She asked curiously, and the alarm on his desk rang.

"I have a class with the 200L students right now, we can finish this conversation later ok?" He stood.

"Sure sir" she smiled, and they left the office at once but in different directions.

She was blocked by Ashley when she came out of the office building, and she ignored her, but immediately she took a step forward, Ashley pulled her back roughly.

Her manicured fingernails digged deep into Jarvis's arm, leaving claw-like marks on it...

"Let me go!" Jarvis quickly freed herself. Her arm started stinging.

"You told me to pick a location yesterday, why don't we do it here?" Ashley said.

"What exactly do you want from me and who are you?"

"Ashley for your information, and i want you to leave Wolfie alone! I saw you both shopping for groceries together two days ago, when did you both get so f**king close!" Ashley shouted jealously.

"This is about him?" Jarvis smirked.

"Yes! And i overheard some girls talking about how he whispered something into your ear in class, what the hell was it?" Ashley demanded.

"You sure you wanna know?" Jarvis went closer, and Ashley's body tensed.


"That was exactly what he said, now you can die in peace" Jarvis said, and Ashley swallowed as she left her.

Jarvis has no idea why she told her exactly what Jace said, but she felt better after saying it .

They haven't even seen each other since she left the orphanage last night, and it's even better that way.

She's not ready to encounter him, and also Nikki's confession is still making her think, so her head is filled.

Next class is by 2, so she started heading to the cafeteria for lunch.



Scarlett and Nicole came out of their last class together as usual, and Scarlett smiled when she saw Ronnie in the same hallway.

"Are you guys still not talking?" Nicole asked.

Scarlett didn't reply, she kept going, and Ronnie pretended not to see her too till she walked past him.

Surprisingly, he held her back.

"Did you just ignore me?" He questioned.

"Oh you expect me to go after you like drool as usual? Well if you're gonna play this game of ghosting, then two can play it, and it's just starting" she smirked, roughly releasing herself.

"Scarlett!" Gabby called from the front.

"Hey Gab!" She rushed to him, and they left the hallway together.

Ronnie walked away furiously, and Nicole smiled.

"Why am I enjoying this so much? Tommorow is another Rizz party, should I add more fire?" 



Jarvis got burger and juice for lunch, and immediately she settled to eat, Jace sat in front of her, and she scoffed.

"I think you're on the wrong seat"

"Jarvis, can we talk?" He replied seriously but softly.

"No. There's nothing to talk about" she replied and made to carry her tray away from the table, but he grabbed her hand, and she froze.

What the hell! Did her body just respond to his touch? 

She felt crazy goosebumps and immediately tried to take her hand away, but he held tighter, staring at the bruises she got from Ashley's nails.

"Who did this?" He asked calmly.

"None of your business. Aren't we supposed to be hating each other?" She replied, avoiding his eyes.

"Again, who did this?" He asked, calmer than the first time.

Jarvis finally looked at him, but she turned away immediately.

"Ashley" she muttered, and as if planned, Ashley came into the cafeteria with her friends that instant.

"Wolfie!" She waved, and he stood, walking furiously to her.

His hand grabbed her neck, choking her hard.

Every eyes in the cafeteria widened especially Jarvis's...

"J....a... Jace" Ashley struggled as forceful tears came out of her eyes.

"I told you I was gonna kill you if you meddled in my business again, did that sound like a joke?" He muttered, his orbs so spiteful as his palm tightened on her neck....

 Blood came out of her nose and her facial skin reddened.. she's losing consciousness.

"No... Jace!!" Jarvis shouted, but he wasn't listening at all.

Nikki's strong hands pushed him away from Ashley, and Ashley fell on the ground, crying loudly. Her neck is full of bruises already.

"The hell are you doing!" Nikki shouted.

"She hurt Jarvis" Jace replied.

"And why are you concerned about that? Jace stay away from anything concerning Jarvis, I won't let you steal her from me" Nikki said, and Jace smirked hauntingly.

"STEAL? You're the one who once stole something from me so don't you dare use that word for me again...ever" he muttered, and silence descended in the cafeteria.

It's like that statement built a lump in Nikki's throat as he stared at Jace, and a flash of fear was evident in his eyes...

The silence was finally broken when his phone rang, and he got it to see the usual number again.

He switched off the phone and was about to return it into his pocket...

"As usual, you didn't pick" a female voice said from the cafeteria door, and all attention shifted to the door where a tall classy girl is standing.

Sleek hair, kissy heels and unique red gown... there's a mean look on her peculiar face, and she's dragging a bag behind.

 Nikki's eyes widened insanely...

* Who's she?

* She's f**king hot!

* Her style!

Students started murmuring, and she smiled with her lips.

"I'm Esther Laurence, Nikki's girlfriend, all the way from New York" she said, and Jarvis gasped.


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