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I Hate You Jace - Episode 27&28




I Hate You Jace - Episode 27&28


By Naomi Cindy B.


"Let my tongue meet yours again, inside our mouths" Jace whispered, and Jarvis gulped shakily as his cold hand went to her neck.

He pulled her closer at once, and she gasped as their lips almost met, but then she felt a sharp touch on her navel, and she held her breath...

Thanks to the crop top, he has easy access to it, and he started by drawing invisible circles, dipping his pointer finger into the small hole and tracing it round gently

"Mmm" Jarvis released a raw moan into his face. She didn't try to hold it.

"Damn" he whispered hotly and brought his lips even closer.

Right now he only has to move closer one more time and their lips will be on each other, but he kept caressing her navel, making her stomach hollow up as she panted louder with open mouth.

She should be standing up from his laps now and stepping away from him. He's her enemy, he's supposed to be the guy she hates madly, but she couldn't help it.

Her mind is screaming at her, but her body ain't ready to stand at all, maybe the sound of the pouring rain on the roof is blocking her senses but she's not thinking at all.

She's supposed to be in love with Nikki and not be the one getting touched on her most sensitive spot by this guy right now,but...

His fingers on her body...his fingers are... Gawd!

"You can stand if you don't want this" he whispered, his minty breath burning and making every single hair on her body rise...

She still couldn't move.

What the f**k is he doing to her? She has never experienced these deep sensations before.

He traced his fingers out of her navel, and their eyes were sinking into each other without any blink as he started trailing them down her tummy.

She held her breath again, but she released it all when his hand got to the band of her denim trousers...

Her chest was heaving madly as his hand found the button, but he suddenly stopped his fingers movement and smirked thickly before making the last move.

Jarvis could swear that she already felt his lips graze slightly on hers, but a knock on the the door interrupted the moment, and she quickly stood from his laps.

"F**k it" Jace muttered, standing and walking to the door.

Jarvis bit her lip and sat back innocently on the bed, her body still unable to calm...

"Ms. Zoe" Jace said when he opened the door, and the woman smiled.

"The kids are back from the library and the caregivers are currently tucking them to bed. I don't think the rain is stopping soon and it's dangerous to drive like this, are you guys staying here for the night?" She asked, and Jace looked back at Jarvis.

"Jarvis?" The woman asked.

"I... I have no choice" she replied, and Jace smiled secretly.

"Then I'll get you a thicker duvet and bring you dinner" Ms. Zoe said and walked down the passage.

Jace went back to sit beside Jarvis, but she shifted back this time.

"Suddenly feeling awkward?" He teased.

"I dunno" she replied, looking up slowly so their eyes met again.

They stared at each other for a minute before Jace broke the silence...

"I forgot to add how Ares was good with the fingers too, in Wet Kisses." 

"What do you mean by everything you said about the book earlier?" She asked curiously.

"Nikki is my best friend. He wrote the book so you can say I was beside him when he was writing every chapter." He shrugged.

Another knock on the door brought him to his feet, and this time he opened the door widely.

Ms. Zoe came in with their dinner on a tray and a caregiver came in with her, holding a thick duvet which she dropped on the bed.

"Give me a call if you need anything else" Ms. Zoe smiled.

"Sure" he nodded.

"Have a good night, Jarvis" she waved.

"You too" Jarvis replied, and the two women left.

"You should eat now" Jace said, opening the plates of food.

It's fried rice and chicken then juice and water bottle supported with drinking glasses.

"What about you?" Jarvis asked.

"I'm gonna eat too, you really don't expect me to leave my food for you right?" He replied, and she scoffed.

"Who said I needed your food, don't even know if I can finish mine"

She picked her cutleries, but first she picked out the carrots in the rice before eating each fork

"Not a lover of carrots?' he asked.

"At all" she shook her head.

"Happy picking" he taunted.

"Taunting me gives you a kind of joy" she said.

"Absolutely" he replied, and she almost threw her fork at him, but then she noticed a eating habit about him... He drinks water a lot, like after every three or four forks, he drinks water.

She almost laughed, but he'll surely find something to taunt her with if she does, so she kept quiet.

They finished up shortly, though none of them could finish their plates.

Jace lay on the bed immediately, and she frowned.

"Aren't you supposed to sleep on the ground?"

"Are you kidding? The weather is cold!"

"Of course! But you've been shirtless since we got here and I don't see you shaking" she replied.

"C'mon don't pretend. I know you kind of like my body, I pulled off my shirt for you" he winked naughtily, and she threw the pillow at him which he caught.

"Ain't sleeping on the ground. The bed is wide enough for two" he said, laying on his back.

Jarvis rolled her eyes and climbed the other side of the bed, covering herself with the second duvet.

Things just kept getting crazier and it's like she has no control over it.

She ate with her supposed enemy, and now she's gonna be spending the night in a room with him, on the same bed while he's f**king shirtless, and some moments ago, he touched her...

She doesn't even wanna think about it, so she shut it out of her mind and closed her eyes.

"Can't believe I won't be reading tonight. I hate going to bed without reading" she muttered.

"You can count the ceiling" Jace replied from the other side.

"Shut up Jace" she replied, and he chuckled.

"About Bren...

"If you're gonna ask about the woman we met at the store earlier, don't do it" he cut her off, and she went silent.

The silence lasted for almost five minutes...

"Little cat?" He called, but no answer from her.

He went closer and removed the duvet from her face only to see her eyes closed. She's fast asleep.

He wanted to cover her back and shift away immediately, but he couldn't.

He found himself staring non-stop, especially at her lips...the plump flesh...

He suddenly covered her and shifted back to his own side.

He got down from the bed and got her phone from her bag.

He saw when it went flat earlier in the car, so he plugged it and got his own phone.

He missed several calls from Craig and Gabby already, then messages from Collins and the girls.

COLLINS: Where the f*+*k are you bastard! I need Molly!

MEGAN: I'm so f*+*king horny! 

LATTO: Wanna have your d*+*k tonight, let's hookup! 

He was about to drop the phone when he saw a new message from GRANNY DONNA.

His eyes flicked, and he clicked it slowly.

GRANNY DONNA: Come home tommorow, unfailingly!

He immediately dialled his agent's line...

"Man, can you book me a early flight to England tommorow? Yeah..."

He hung up, and his mood went sour as he sat on the bed edge, burying his face in his palms.



Jarvis was still sleeping when Jace came out of the room, dressed in corporate suit.

The dye in his hair is gone so it's back to black, and his earrings are off too. His finger rings, lip ring and the one on his brow... He got them all out, looking so different as he walked down the passage.

Ms. Zoe came out of her room, looking so worried.

"Will you be fine? Who knows what she's gonna do this time? Should I call Marcus?" She asked.

"I'll be fine, I've always handled it"  he replied

"Will you be coming back today?" She asked.

"Of course, I need to get to the airport before 5;30" he said, and she hugged him.

"What should I tell Jarvis?"

"I went on a trip" he replied, breaking the hug to leave without looking back.

Despite his refusal, Ms. Zoe dialled Marcus's line immediately.



Jarvis's eyes opened at once, and she sat up in bed immediately.

She yawned slightly and frowned when she saw Jace is nowhere in the room.

She was about to get down when Camille came in.

"Hey!" Jarvis smiled.

"I thought you left!" Camille said happily. She's in her uniform already.

"The tummy cramps didn't come back at night right?" She asked.

"Nope, and thanks for yesterday again. I wish you could come here often" 

"I will" Jarvis replied.

"Hot Daddy is on a trip to England, so don't wait for him" Camille said.


"I'll make you breakfast. You should eat before leaving" Ms. Zoe said by the door.

"No I'm fine. I have a class by 9 so I have to go clean up at the hostel" Jarvis replied and quickly got down

She arranged her hair with her fingers and got her bag, rushing out of the room without her phone.



"Oh my gawd! Finally!" Dorothy shouted when Jarvis came in.

"Don't ask for details, don't ask for stories till I come back! I need to get to school in forty minutes" Jarvis said immediately.

"Ok fine! Save the gist till you come back. I'll be here cos I don't have any class today!! I'm so happy!" Dorothy squealed.

"Lucky you" Jarvis replied and rushed into the bathroom.

She did everything in a hurry, so in twenty minutes, she dressed up in a simple floral gown and her boots, carrying her backpack to go with it.

"Bye! See ya!" She blew Dorothy plenty kisses before rushing out, only to bump into Nikki by the door.

"Jarvis!" He gasped, hugging her immediately, but she broke the hug and started leaving.

He pulled her back and met her furious face.

"I have a class to attend, and you shouldn't be talking to a whore remember?" She said.

"You're not a whore, i know you're mad at me and you have every damn right but can you just allow me to give you a ride? Please" he said, and she gave him an unsure look.

"Please" he said again, and she followed him to the park

He drove them silently to school, and she was fast to come out of the car.

"Did you check your messages? I left you a voicemail" he asked.

"Maybe after classes" she replied, and he smiled slightly.

"I'll see you then"

Jarvis rushed into the building and bumped into someone for the second time today...Ashley

"I don't blame you. You're f**king Slow Poison and Wolfie, it's normal that you're now blind" Ashley said hatefully.

"Can we finish this talk after my classes? Pick a location" Jarvis pushed her out of the way and rushed into the class.

"B**ch" Ashley muttered.



Granny Donna herself sent a driver to pick Jace up at the airport, and the Lamborghini is currently just driving into the magnificent Braun palace-like mansion which is surrounded by guards in black.

Jace came down from the car looking blank, and he gave the mansion a long stare.

He couldn't hold back the emotions which appeared in his eyes immediately, this house holds a lot of memories, his deepest scars started from here.

He finally walked into the glittering mansion and met maids in line, all bowing for him as he walked past them till he got to the dinning where the stern looking woman is sitting.

Granny Donna, looking like her usual stern self with her glasses, woolen blouse and permed hair.

She has lots and lots of dishes in front of her, waiting to be consumed.

"I'm here" Jace announced.

"Sit" she replied, and he did without arguing.

Granny Donna picked her spoon to start eating, and he did same without waiting for her to say it...

"You got new tattoos?" She said, her sharp eyes looking at his hand.

"Few" he replied.

"And what did I say about tattoos the last time you came here?" She said, dropping her spoon.

Jace threw his spoon on the ground too. It's starting.

"Just do what you always do, bully me and don't look for excuses" he replied firmly.

"Take off your suit and shirt" she ordered, and he looked up.

"Take them off!!" She yelled, hitting her palms on the table as she stood.

Jace threw his suit off and unbuttoned the shirt, throwing it off too, and her eyes widened.

"You got worse! Is your body a map? How could the heir of Braun Group be full of tattoos like a tout! What do you want the shareholders to say!!" She yelled.

"Heir? Are you kidding? I'm not your grandson! You're only taking out your anger on me cos I'm a bastard!" He yelled back, and she flung a plate at him, hitting his head with it.

The ceramic broke on his head, and blood oozed out immediately, but he said nothing.

"Thankfully you know you're a bastard! But my life got ruined because of you and you should at least pay me back by being a responsible child and not behaving like a bastard that you really are!!!" She yelled furiously.

"Why don't you just kill me and stop the unnecessary yells? F**king kill me" He replied bitterly.

"Yes! I plan to do that!" She snapped, and surprisingly she brought out a gun, aiming for him.

"Shoot" Jace smirked, and she was about to really pull the trigger when Brenda barged in.

"Donna no!! Please don't!!" She shouted, rushing to cover Jace from him.

"Why are you in England shameless woman!!! I only invited him!!!" Granny Donna yelled.

"Shoot me instead, it's all my fault!" Brenda replied, but another person came in... Marcus.

He was fast to snatch the gun from Granny Donna, and the old woman fell unconscious on the chair immediately.

"I'll take care of her, you both should leave" he said

Jace didn't bother to pick his suit and shirt before starting to walk out .

"Jace!" Brenda rushed after him, but immediately she touched him, he pushed her hard, and she fell on the tiled groud, hitting her head 

She went unconscious too.

"Even better" he muttered.

"Jace!" Marcus shouted.

"Screw you Marcus!" Jace spat ragingly, waltzing out of the house.



Jarvis smiled when she came down from the taxi she rode here.

Today's classes were even more hectic than yesterday's even though Prof. Marcus wasn't around.

She didn't notice the absence of her phone till the last class, and that was when she remembered she forgot it here, so she came straight from school to get it.

The main building was so quiet when she got in, and she guessed the kids are in the library with Ms. Zoe.

She went to the room and was surprised to find her phone plugged with full battery.

It must be Jace.

She got it and came out of the room with the plan to go meet the kids at the library, but she stopped on her tracks when she saw Jace by the door with an untreated wound on his head.

"What happened to you? Why are you wounded Jace?" She asked shockingly and made to touch the wound...

"Don't touch me" he said, and her hand dropped.


"You should leave" he interrupted, and she frowned.

"What are you...

"Just because we spent a night together in the same room doesn't mean we're close or anything so stop already! You hate me, and I hate you too. We hate each other... insanely" he said without blinking.

Jarvis felt her throat shaking badly as the words hit her.

"You're... you didn't change after all. I fooled myself" she said with a breaking voice, and he almost laughed.

"Change? Why would I? I'm a bastard, a psycho, a jerk, a mad fellow! And I'm cool with everything so just stay away Jarvis!" He shouted.

He just called her name which only means he meant every word...

"I shouldn't have believed your fake niceness in the first place, and you can go to hell for all I care...I hate you so much, Jace" she said hurtfully.

"Good" he replied expressionlessly, and she turned around at once, rushing down the passage, away from the devil...

Her backpack was jumping on her back, and her hair was flowing as she raced.

She didn't know how much his words hurt till she felt a tear fall from her right eye as she ran down the stairs.


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