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I Hate You Jace - Episode 25&26




I Hate You Jace - Episode 25&26


By Naomi Cindy B.


"Hot Daddy?" she muttered, and Jace adjusted her in his arms before raising his brows slightly.

"Yes baby" he lowered his lashes, giving his lip a gentle bite.

Jarvis's collarbones contracted immediately realization hit her, and she quickly jumped down from his arms, but then she saw the black dog again, and she hid behind Jace whose expression is back to firm.

"You jumped into my arms without my permission, and you jumped down without my permission too, and now you're hiding behind my back? You're breaking my rules real good today" he said.

"Make it leave!" she replied behind him.

"And where is your please?" He said.

"Seriously? You want me to beg you again?" She scoffed, and Jace carried the dog immediately, facing her with it.

"Please! Please!!!" She shouted fearfully, and Jace smiled naughtily before dropping it.

The dog sprinted away, and Jarvis exhaled loudly, holding her chest.

"Now wasn't so hard, was it? Little cat." Jace said.

"I hate you" Jarvis rolled eyes, still breathing erratically.

"Jarvis!" Camille came rushing, and her eyes widened when she saw Jace.

"Hot Daddy? You're here!" She shouted happily, hugging him.

"Why do y'all call him Hot Daddy?" Jarvis asked.

"It's obvious! He's hot!" Camille grinned.

"Where are the others?" Jace asked, stroking her hair with his right hand.

There are many wording tattoos on the back of that hand, but Jarvis's eyes caught a particular one, and she couldn't help but look more closely,...  Wet Kisses!

It was written in italics with pretty flowers as the background...

She saw him holding a copy of the book when he saved her, and now there's a tattoo of the title on him? How shadier can he get?

"The others are still eating lunch, they came back not long ago" Camille said.

"Then you should go join them. I'll come to you guys when I'm done showing little cat around" he said.

"Little cat?" Camille blinked.

"Oh... that's the nickname of this fine glass of wine" Jace gestured at Jarvis who rolled eyes at him immediately.

"You both know each other?"

"We're practically enemies, but we'll be good" he replied, and Camille nodded.

"We'll be waiting! Have fun Jarvis!" She waved at her before leaving.

Jace breathed out softly, his right hand diving into his pocket as he faced Jarvis.

"I'll show you around, you don't have to beg for that" he said.

"Jerk, you won't ask how I got here?" She replied.

"How did you think I found you here? I met Ms. Zoe immediately I arrived, and she told me about a girl who's fine as hell... She told me what you did for Camille and just by her description of your round cheeks and plump lips, I knew it was you" he said.

"And...you really own this orphanage?" 

"Someone I hate sends me money every time, so instead of pouring the cash into the sea, I built this place" he replied, moving forward to get her fallen bag and sneaker.

Jarvis smiled slightly, but she stopped when he started walking back to her.

He handed her the bag but he surprisingly squatted in front of her and placed the sneaker in front of her bare foot.

"Get your small foot in" he said.

"Why? Why would you wear my sneaker for me? Why have you been acting nice since you saved me?" She asked, and he hardened his jaws.

"Yunno what? Wear it yourself" he said, standing up.

Strangely, Jarvis felt pained, but she wore it nevertheless. It's lace-free, so it was fast.

He took her to the birds cage first, and she gasped when she saw the pretty peacocks, showing off their wings.

There's a hen cage too, then the nests for sky birds.

There's a playground for the kids, then their reading library stocked with books, then the fruit trees.

"I wanna taste the coconut, they say coconut water tastes good" Jarvis said when they got to the tree.

"There are plucked ones inside" Jace replied, and they finally ended the tour, going into the main house together.

"Hot Daddy!!" The multitude of kids shouted when he showed up, and Jarvis gasped.

She couldn't count, but they're surely more than 100, and Camille seems to be the eldest among them.

"Eaten?" Jace asked, squatting in front of the youngest boy.

"Yes Hot Daddy!!" They chorused again, and a big, wide smile covered his face as he stroked his hair.

"Any problem when I was away? You can tell me now" he said, but no one talked.

Jarvis was battling in her head as she stared at Jace...is this really the school psycho of Finley College? is this Wolfie of Rizz Hostel?

It's so hard to believe he has this side to him. 

"There's still twenty minutes before your reading time, you can use the playground" Jace told the kids.

"Yayyy!!!!" They squealed, rushing down the stairs.

The most interesting part is that they don't look like orphans, they're all dressed neatly in nice clothes which got Jarvis smiling.

"You're not leaving yet right? Promise me you'll still be here when we come back" Camille said to Jarvis 

"Promise" she said without hesitating, and Camille smiled before joining the others.

"You might be interested in coconut water" Ms. Zoe said, coming out with one nut which has a straw inside it already.

"Thanks Ms" Jarvis took it and drank immediately, feeling refreshed.

"It's good!" She nodded.

"I know, right?" Ms. Zoe smiled.

"Isn't it time to shop for groceries?"  Jace asked.

"Was planning to go tommorow" she replied.

"Nah, I'll help with that, just give me the list" he said, and she happily wrote him the list.

He took it and climbed down the stairs without waiting for Jarvis, but she quickly dropped the coconut and ran after him, meeting him by his car.

"Why are you making me run?" She panted.


He entered the car, and she joined him through the other door.

"Hey is something wrong?" She asked.

"I was being nice, but obviously you don't want it, so I'mma just coil back into my shell" he replied blankly.

"So this is about the sneaker I didn't let you wear for me? You were the one who dropped it and told me to wear it myself!"

"And that was after you asked that needless question of why I'm being nice" he replied.

"Shouldn't I have asked? I mean... you're the almighty Jace who wanted nothing but to see me cry but you suddenly changed and...

"I'm not ready for this conversation" he cut her off.

"Fine then! Fine!" She shot, and he drove out roughly.

Jarvis scoffed immediately. No one can tell her anything else, this guy is surely bipolar cos how the hell was he smiling some minutes ago and now he's mad?

What kind crazy mood swing is that??

Her eyes widened when she remembered her phone, and she got it out.

It's got just 2 percent battery, and as a result it's in silence.

She missed calls from Scarlett, Dorothy and Nikki already..

"Damn" she muttered, calling Dorothy immediately.

"Girl, is your hobby making me worried? Where are you the time is 6:30pm already" Dorothy said over the phone.

"I'm safe, and I'm with... someone I know, so don't worry, I'll be back soon" Jarvis said.

"Now I can breathe, come back soon! Gabby and Craig wants to talk to you, and Nikki asked about you countlessly already" Dorothy replied.

"I'll see you soon" Jarvis said, hanging up.

Her phone went off immediately, and she dropped it to look over at Jace whose eyes are still on the road.

"So I'm the someone you know? I don't have a name?" He said.

"Are you mad about that too?" She replied.

"I'm not crazy, little cat" he said.

"Of course you are" she made faces, and he smiled.

"I can see you through the mirror yunno?"

"Whatever" she smiled, closing her eyes.



"She's with someone she knows?" Scarlett asked after Dorothy dropped the call.

"Our girl sure has a secret. Maybe she got another guy and moved on from bloody Nikki already. That guy is wasting her time" Dorothy said.

"Thought you liked him" Scarlett said.

"Yeah and I still do, but he's being fishy and I won't let him hurt her!" Dorothy replied.

"You're so protective of her" Scarlett smiled.

"That's cos she's my first friend, and I'll do anything to keep my Jarvis safe from the claws of bad guys!" Dorothy said cheerfully, and Scarlett suddenly got a singlet which she wore on her bra, then shorts...

"Are you going to Ronnie's room again?" Dorothy asked.

"Yeah,if anything is the problem, then we should sort it tonight" she replied, leaving the room.

"Alone again! Jarvis please come back soon!" Dorothy said, getting herself a pack of fries from the goody bag.

She got her phone too and was munching the fries as she left the room, walking down the corridor.

It's already getting dark, but she plans to return to her room before 7 anyways.

She faced the hostel pool direction and as usual she has to pass through the biggest park.

She quickly hid behind a car when she saw the usual red exotic car drive in.

She peeped out and saw Nicole coming out as expected, but this time she's not with the man, she's with a guy who looks like the man's driver.

He obviously just came to drop her, but Dorothy held her breath when she saw them kissing too!

"Geez!" She gasped.

"What are you looking at?" Craig's voice came behind, and she quickly pushed him to the car she's hiding behind.

"Shh, don't ruin things" she whispered, placing her finger on her lips.

He went mute with a serious look on his face, and she continued peeping at Nicole.

She broke the kiss with the driver, and he smiled sheepishly before getting back in the car, driving away.

Nicole left with various shopping bags too, and Dorothy smirked.

"I can't believe this" she muttered, bringing her face back to Craig's.

"And you, why are you here? Are you stalking me?" She asked, and and he suddenly leaned in, coming straight for her lips...

"Craig!" She shouted, and he stopped.

"Oh... That was...

"It's ok, I'm leaving anyways" she replied, walking away with a racing heart.

Craig dipped his hands in his pockets, watching her leave silently.



Scarlett met Ronnie just coming out of his room when she arrived.

 He's with some guys from his department, and they're obviously going somewhere.

"Ronnie we need to talk" she said.

"Not now" he replied.

"You've been avoiding my calls and me all day! You won't talk to me and it's driving me nuts! What the hell is...

"Let's go guys" Ronnie cut her off, leaving with the guys.

"Ronnie! Ronnie!!" She screamed. No reply till he was out of sight.

She continued standing there, by his door like a fool.

She was almost in tears when Gabby showed up.

"Hey, are you fine?" He asked worriedly, and she faced him slowly.

"Do you mind drinking with me?"


Nikki is currently driving his way back to the campus since he has searched everywhere in the hostel for Jarvis already.

Dorothy doesn't know her whereabouts too.

Maybe she's refusing to come back cos of the words he said.

He f**ked up real bad.

She wasn't picking up before, but now her line is off, getting him more crazy.

He pulled up in the campus park and ran all the way to the library, but she's not there...it's empty.

He came out, breathing heavily as he got his phone again... His body was shaking real bad as he pressed it on.

He quickly dialled her line on voicemail to leave a voice message...

"Jarvis please... just come back to the hostel...I love you" 

A tear fell from his eyes immediately he sent it.

"I'm so sorry... Please come back"



"Onions?" Jarvis said.

"Done" Jace replied, picking it from the shelves and dropping it in the basket.

They've been on this fifteen minutes ago, and they filled up four shopping baskets already, they're on the fifth.

"Salt" Jarvis said.

"Done" Jace replied, picking one sac from the shelf to drop in the basket.

"This ain't making a damn sense, I should be the one calling out the list and you should be the one picking out the groceries" he said.

"You're taller by an inch, and also, I'm only helping, Mr. Jace motherf**king Braun" she replied, bringing her face closer tauntingly

"Are you sure you're ready for what's about to happen?" He whispered in a sensual tone, staring down at her lips.

Jarvis's mind wavered, and she couldn't blink as she stared back at his lips...


The tension became so high that they both felt sweat crawling down their spines...

"Jace" a familiar voice distracted them,, and they turned to see Brenda standing behind.

Jace's expression turned bitter instantly, and he walked away.

Jarvis gave Brenda a pitiful look before rushing after him.

He already payed for their items when she got there...

"Have the groceries delivered to Hope Orphanage ASAP" he told the  woman by the desk and rushed out of the store.

He didn't say another word before getting in the car, and seeing how his mood changed already, Jarvis didn't bother to ask.

She kept quiet too as he drove them back to the orphanage.

She was too busy thinking about what just happened that she didn't notice the time is already 7:30, and that dark clouds are gathering in the sky.

Immediately he drove into the orphanage, the raindrops started coming, and they had to run into the main building.

The rain got heavy immediately, and Jarvis gasped.

It's the first rain of the year,, how is she gonna get back to the hostel tonight?

Ms. Zoe left a note that she's in the library with the kids, and Jace entered another corridor immediately he read it.

Like a lost puppy, Jarvis kept following the moody guy till he entered a room, and she entered with him.

He yanked off his shirt despite the cold, and Jarvis's lids moved as she stared at the perfect body...

He got a joint stick from his pocket and was about to lighten it when she went closer and snatched it.

"The smell travels far and you know it. There are kids in the library, you can't subject them to second hand smoking" she said.

He left her and went to the window to lean on the frame, acting like he doesn't see her.

Jarvis had time to look around the room... it's a bedroom. Judging by the drawings on the wall, it's obviously Jace's.

She gently sat on the bed to ease her legs.

She can't possibly fly back to the hostel since it's raining hard outside, but the only person with her is obviously upset.

She remembered her dead phone and brought it out, but how would she ask a moody guy for a charger?

How should she start a conversation???

She remembered the Wet Kisses Italian tattoo she saw on his hand and decided to start from there.

"Umm... Why do you have Wet Kisses tattoo on your hand?" She asked, and he was silent for about two minutes.

Ouch! That pains.

She was already regretting asking when he suddenly turned and she blinked.

"Cos I know every damn sentence in the book, word for word. I know every scene in my f**king head! I know every word Ares said to Nina and I know how many s*x scenes they had! I know how many times they kissed and how many times Nina complimented his tongue cos he was so good with the tongue during kisses and inside her! I know where the inspiration of the book came from and I know every friggin emotion behind it!" he said loudly, leaving Jarvis's mouth hanging open.

"What are you talking about?" she said and made to stand...

"No. Don't" he stopped her,, and she kept sitting...

He walked to her, and before she could move, he picked her up and sat on the bed instead, then he brought her to sit on his laps, straddled.

Jarvis gasped and suddenly couldn't breathe. It got worse when their eyes met.

She could feel him under her @ss, and her nervousness grew as his seductive eyes pierced into hers.

He looks drunk, but at the same time insane...

 She swallowed nervously when she finally found her voice...

"What are you... doing" She stuttered.

"We couldn't finish something at the store earlier, how about we do it now? I hate unfinished businesses" he whispered nasally, not breaking the eye contact.

Jarvis knew what he meant immediately, and she swallowed again.

Her breathing came back, but it was loud, zigzagged and heavy, fanning his demanding face.

"Let my tongue meet yours again, inside our mouths" Jace whispered, and Jarvis gulped shakily as his cold hand went to her neck.


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