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I Hate You Jace - Episode 23&24




I Hate You Jace - Episode 23&24


By Naomi Cindy B.


"Yes you're not the only one, but in your case, you look like a whore!" He shot directly at her, and her eyes widened madly.


Nikki's eyes came down immediately he realized the bomb he just dropped, and he swallowed...

"I...I didn't mean to say...

Jarvis shifted back from him, and he went closer, but she stepped back again.. 

"I didn't mean that I swear, Jarvis...

"Thanks, thanks for telling me the truth about how you really feel, Nikki" she said hurtfully. 

She made sure to not let out a tear before starting to walk out, but Nikki held her back fast.

"Please say something, I...

"Let go of me! A whore? You could have told me you don't like it and I'd have understood your anger but calling me a whore? And do you even think you have a say in what I wear? I wear crop tops at home and my aunt never complained! You're not even my boyfriend yet Nikki!" She shouted, and his arms dropped from hers.

"I'm sorry, please...

Jarvis was already out of the class by now, and Nikki staggered back, diving his fingers into his hair.

"F**k! No"



Jarvis checked her face in her phone screen to make sure it's not puffy before entering the class.

They still have five minutes before the class, so Prof. Marcus isn't here yet, but the class is full already.

Thanks to Nikki's distraction, she didn't get a seat in the front 

She sat in the middle, settling her books on the desk before sniffling.

Nikki's words kept ringing in her head, and no matter how hard she tried to look for something to chase it, it stayed.

She has no friends in her own department to chat with, so she's left with herself till someone settled behind her.

She wouldn't have bothered, but the smell of mint and smoke made her look back to see Jace, and she blinked.

"What are you doing here?"

"What was that jargons in the gift box you gave me?" He asked seriously, leaning forward. He's still chewing the gum slowly.

" It's mint flavor, your scent, so I figured out you might like it and you do, you're chewing it right now" she replied with a knowing smile.

"How petty, you could have said thanks with a more memorable gift" he said, and Jarvis was about to reply when Prof. Marcus came in.

She quickly faced the front, getting her pen.

"You all had an enjoyable weekend, I assume" Prof. Marcus said, dropping his briefcase on the desk.

"I wish weekend could be extended to three days" a student replied, and the rest laughed with the Prof himself.

He picked the marker and was about to start writing on the white board when he noticed Jace behind Jarvis...his eyes narrowed.

"Jace? The last time I checked, you're a final year Sculpture student, can you please leave the class?" He said, and Jace rested back on his chair.

"What if I don't leave?" He said, and students gasped.

Jarvis looked back with wide eyes..

"How could you talk to him like that" she mouthed.

"Do I have to talk to him differently cos he's a Prof? Stop it, little cat" he replied bluntly, rolling his fox eyes.

Jarvis went silent, not knowing what to say again.

She's the only one in this class and the whole school who's aware that they're brothers, and obviously, they don't have good relationship just like it is with Brenda.

Is there anyone Jace has a good relationship with? There's hardly none.

"Should I rather tell what you hate most to the whole class?" Prof. Marcus said, and Jace smirked.

"Nice try threatening me"

"Leave the class, Jace" Marcus said sternly, and he finally stood.

He leaned in to Jarvis's ear and whispered something before finally walking out of the class.

The eyes of all the girls glared sharply at Jarvis, but she's smiling while replaying what he whispered in her head.

"We're talking about Pride and Prejudice today" Prof. Marcus said, finally writing on the board.

Jarvis smiled widely immediately.

She finished the novel just last night, and it's sure that she'd be able to tackle any question from it 

Finally the distraction she needed is here.



The 8 o'clock class is two hours, and it ended just now.

Students started filing out of class cos the next class is by 11.

Gabby and Craig stood at the same time, and they were already walking out when they noticed Nikki isn't following.

They turned at once to see him still sitting, and they exchanged glances before walking back to him.

"Dude, everything ok?" Craig asked, but no reply.

"Gee!" Gabby hit his desk, and he jumped.

"Ok mad! What's going on?" Craig asked, and he sighed.

"Can you guys help me talk to Jarvis? I think she's f**king mad at me and...

"The relationship hasn't started yet, and you're already making her mad?" Gabby raised his full brows.

"And why haven't you asked her out yet?" Craig asked.

"That's not important right now. She's wearing a crop top and I mistakenly called her a name for that" he replied.

"What name?" Craig asked.

"It doesn't matter, guys help me coax her, please..." He begged.



Scarlett and Nicole came out same time, and Nicole stretched.

"I don't think I'll be attending the rest of the classes for today" she said.

"We have a practical class Nicole, and you know how important it is. This is our final year girl, do you wanna get spilled over?" Scarlett replied.

"I don't care, I have somewhere to go and I should be on my way in ten minutes" Nicole replied.

"Do whatever you like" Scarlett said, getting her phone.

They're out of the building by now.

She dialled Ronnie's line, but he's not picking.

She has called him almost ten times since daybreak, but he's not picking.

He didn't send his daily morning message this morning too, and that only made it more suspicious.

"Ronnie? Are you both having issues?" Nicole asked.

"No. I think he's just busy with classes" Scarlett quickly said, and she suddenly saw him across the lawn.

"Ronnie!" She shouted, running after him.

Nicole smiled and clicked her tongue.

"That was easy" she said, remembering her chat with Ronnie last night in his room.

She got a call from MY ATM and picked with smiles all-over her face as she walked to the park.


"Hey!" Ronnie said blandly when Scarlett got to him, and she frowned.

"Hey? Ronnie what's going on? I expected your morning message but it never came and you were already out of your room when I came to check on you. You've not been picking my calls too and...

"My classes are much today, not my fault" he cut her off, looking uninterested.

"C'mon baby, did I do something wrong? Are you mad at me? Tell me what I did and I'll say sorry" she said, holding his arm with an hand while caressing his face with the other.

"You always make time for me even when you have choky schedules, are we good?" She asked, looking at him emotively...

"Scar, let's talk later ok?" He said, taking her hand away.

"I have a class now" he smiled slightly and rushed off.

Scarlett released a nervous sigh.



The students assignment are arranged on their spots already, and each student is standing beside his or her work.

Mrs. Sally is doing the strict job of checking everything out and selecting the ones suitable for showcasing.

Ashley's work got rejected, and her eyes widened...

"I did everything you instructed! This is my image as you can so why?" She said.

"Yes it's your image, but where is the substance?" Mrs. Sally faced her, and she blinked.

"Didn't I instruct that when sculpting a human image, the personality should be expressive, but this ain't just it Ashley. You should redo it before tommorow if you want marks for this work" Mrs. Sally said and went over to Jace's work.

She didn't even look at it twice before nodding.

"As usual, I think you should sign up for Gifted Hands, I'm sure they'll take you in without interview, you're too good Jace" she said.

"Ion plan on working under anybody" he replied simply and walked out of the workshop.

"Wolfie!" Ashley rushed after him, and he turned to face her.

"Any unfinished business?"

"Please help me talk to Mrs. Sally, I can't spend another night in the hostel workshop redoing the work, please...

"Can you get lost?" He glared, walking out on her.

He stepped out of the building, and from the rooftop, Megan and Latto were watching him with one leg on the edges.

"Isn't he changing somehow? He beat up the gang boys? Does he even realize he's part of the gang?" Latto said.

"You both are at fault for not telling me before sending the guys" Collins replied behind them.

He's sitting on a chair, smoking with about six Rizz boys behind him. His lips is still wounded as a result of Jace's punch.

"We wanted to take care of things buy ourselves for once, we can't rely on you everytime" Megan said as they walked back to him.

"And where did that land you?" He replied. They went mute.

"I promised to make him pay and I will" he said further.

"The problem is not Wolfie. All these started when Jarvis stepped into the hostel. The target is her, and with him around, he'll always come to her aid" Megan said.

"During her confession at the Rizz House, I heard her telling Wolfie that she can't swim, what if we come in there?" Latto said.

"The school festival is a week away, plan till then" Collins smiled.



Dorothy rushed into the full house and didn't stop walking till she got to the stand where she leaned on and inhaled.

"I've been having classes back to back since morning, Computer Science is after my life" she said funnily, and the server in front of her smiled.

"Anything you wanna ease your hunger with?"

"Pizza! Pizza and diet Coke" she quickly replied, searching her bag for her meal card, but she couldn't find it.

"Did I forget it in the hostel? No! This can't happen now I'm f**king hungry!" She shouted.

"She'll use mine" Craig's voice said beside her, and she scoffed before facing him.

"You think I want to?" She rolled eyes, and her stomach made funny noises.

"Yes, you want to" he smiled, giving his meal card to the server.

"Damn you" Dorothy held her tummy as her pizza and coke got prepared .

Five minutes later, she was already sitting with the lunch, stuffing her face with pizza.

"You still won't talk to me? Hmmn? Babyish" Craig asked.

He's sitting in front of her with the usual smile.

"Just stop talking" she said,her voice choky cos of the pizza.

Craig smiled as he watched her eat with great appetite.

"When will Crazy pants be done with her classes?" He asked.

"She's loaded till the evening, why?" 

"Nikki provoked her. I and Gabby need to talk to her" he replied.

"Wait...is Nikki impotent by any chance?" She asked in a whisper.

"Why would you say that?"

"He should make a move already!" She snapped loudly

"Chill, i'm not Nikki" he said.

"Of course! You're Craig who kissed a bikini bone by the pool!" She shot, taking the last slice of her pizza and coke bottle.

She started walking out.

"Wait... This is about the girl I kissed?" Craig laughed, standing to go after her.



Jarvis came out of the school gate with several other English students, looking so exhausted.

Their last class ended just now, and it was tiring.

Nothing is in her mind right now than getting to the hostel, eating and sleeping.

She was about to wave down a taxi when she saw a middle school student ahead.

She's obviously going home from school, but her blue skirt is stained at the back.

Jarvis rushed after her immediately, and she started following her closely, covering her bloodstain unnoticed till they got to the front of a convenience store where she blocked her.

"Who are you?" The innocent looking girl said, and she smiled sweetly

"My name is Jarvis, and we need to take care of you right now. Have you ever menstruated?" She asked.


"Then you just got your first, and right now you're stained" 

"What!" Her eyes widened.

"Don't be scared, I've got you covered" Jarvis said, and she nodded.

They entered the store together, and she got her pads.

Thankfully, she has enough education to know how to wear it.

Jarvis had to buy her a new skirt and undies from the nearby store to replace the stained one, and when they came out, she hugged her.

"Thanks for helping me"

"You're welcome cutie, what's your name?"

"Camille" she replied.

"I'll pay for your taxi, you should ride home" Jarvis said.

"No. My place is just some feets away" Camille said.

"Then I'll walk you home" Jarvis said, and she smiled.

They held hands, and a three minutes walk brought them to Hope Orphanage.

"You live here?" Jarvis asked surprisingly.

"Yes, come I'll introduce you to our mother figure" Camille pulled her in, and she didn't resist.

Everytime, she feels a deep connection with motherless or fatherless kids, and it's happening again.

The orphanage compound is so wide and beautiful, and she was gaping at each angle as Camille took her deeper and deeper into the peaceful environment.

There are flowers surrounding every building, and trees of different fruits. Fields and nests for birds.

It seems Camille is the only kid in the orphanage who's back from school cos she's not seeing the other kids yet...

"Cami?" A female voice said ahead, and Jarvis was shocked to see Ms. Zoe, the hostel general kitchen headmaid walking in their direction.

"Ms. Zoe?" She said.

"Ms. Zoe, meet Jarvis, she took care of me and saved me from embarrassment today" Camille said, showing her the pad and stained skirt.

"I left school before the others cos my stomach was aching, I didn't know it was because of it" she explained further.

"Thanks so much miss, I appreciate your kindness a lot. Seems you know me but I don't" Ms. Zoe said.

"I'm Jarvis Dobrev, a student of Finley and I stay at Rizz hostel" Jarvis smiled.

"Oh! There are lots of students, I'm sorry I didn't recognize you"

"It's fine, I wouldn't have believed if anyone told me you're the owner of this place" Jarvis said.

"I don't own it alone though, someone built it and only appointed me here to take care of the kids" Ms. Zoe replied.

"You'll meet him if you stay longer! We call him Hot Daddy" Camille chirped.

"I want to" Jarvis replied.

"Then I'll change my uniform and take you around, I'm coming!" Camille rushed in.

The other kids started returning from school too, and Ms. Zoe had to go take care of the younger ones.

Jarvis felt at peace with the serenity a lot, and she was smiling as she walked around alone, plucking from every flower she comes across.

"Oh my gawd!" She gasped when she saw a cat tiptoeing under the hyacinth flower.

She squatted and tried touching it, but the cat ran away.

"It's so cute" she smiled, but then she heard a growl behind.

She recognized it immediately, and she slowly turned to see what she was expecting.

A black dog!

She's an insane lover of cats, but she's scared of dogs since she got bitten by one when she was young.

"Don't come closer!" She told the dog like it's human, but that triggered it, and it started walking to her.

"No!!" She shouted childishly, running away from it.

The dog started chasing her, and her eyes widened at it's speed.

"Camille!! Ms. Zoe!!" She screamed, throwing down her bag as the race got more serious.

"Camille!!" She shouted again, losing one of her sneakers.

She looked back with a racing heart and saw the dog right behind her, about to catch up.

She fearfully turned around to continue her race, but then she saw someone coming.

Without minding who it might be, she jumped on the person, clipping her legs so tight on his waist and her arms around his neck.

Her face went to the crook of his neck to stay fearfully, and his strong arms held her protectively by the hips, but his scent made her look up slowly...

She was still panting nervously till their eyes met, and she gasped, her hold lessening on his neck.

"Hot Daddy?" she muttered, and Jace adjusted her body in his arms before raising his brows slightly.

"Yes baby" he lowered his lashes, giving his lip a gentle bite. 


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