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I Hate You Jace - Episode 21&22




I Hate You Jace - Episode 21&22


By Naomi Cindy B.


"So who's next? Come closer before it gets cold" he said, smiling meanly at the remaining four.

They kept their stand till he dragged the body to base of the stairs where he left it at.

"Scared now? C'mon I'll make it less hurtful. We're all friends yunno?" He winked teasingly.

"Collins won't spare you for this" one of them said.

"And who the hell is that?" Jace frowned, and that particular one walked briskly to him.

He threw a fast punch at Jace's face, but he caught the fist and flipped him over his shoulder with that.

He thudded hard on the ground, and Jace twisted the wrist, breaking the bones for real.


The cracking sound echoed on the concrete walls.

Jace kicked him hard, sending him rolling on the ground, back to the other three.

The three came at him at once, but he lifted his boot to the face of the first one, hitting him on the chin and that made him stagger back to the floor.

One of the remaining two was able to punch him in the face, but that was how far they could go cos Jace lifted that one off the ground completely, mounting him on his shoulder before throwing him at the wall.

His forehead got greatly wounded, and he was bleeding hard as he landed back on the ground.

Jace touched his punched face and sighed when he saw no blood, then he turned to the one guy standing,but immediately their eyes met, he started walking backwards.

"You'll regret this Wolfie! I'll make sure you leave the gang! Bastard!" He shouted, finally running out.

"Is that another way of thanking me for not wounding him?" Jace muttered, glancing at Jarvis who's still lying helplessly on the ground.

He was about to go to her when he saw Wet Kisses on the ground. Must have fallen during the fight.

"Damn" he picked the book and walked to Jarvis afterwards.

He squatted beside her and said nothing as he began untying the knots on her.

He's really good with it cos he figured them out within two minutes, she became free and stood slowly, but she couldn't even look him in the eyes.

She just begged her mortal enemy to save her, and the next thing to say is not even forming in her head.

At the same time she's still scared. Her singlet and tights are the only things covering her nakedness from him right now.

He's the same person who barged into her room on her first day at the hostel when she had just her towel on her body, same guy who saved her from acid...

Why always him?

"Did they do something to your throat? You can't talk anymore?" Jace broke the long silence.

"My clothes" she said, covering her arms with her hands. She's still not looking up.

"Why acting awkward? Last time in your room I saw you in only your towel and it's even shorter than this so...

"Please... please find me my clothes" she cut him off, closing her eyes.

"Whatever" Jace rolled eyes, walking away from her to search for her clothes around, but he found nothing.

The four guys are still on the ground, but one of them is wriggling consciously, so he went to him and pulled him up by the throat.

"Where the hell did you bastards keep her clothes?" He asked.

"It's in... the car" he replied weakly, and Jace let go of him. He fell back on the ground...

"Ok it's in the car and the last guy standing probably left with it already. Dear Jarvis, I think you're gonna have to return to the hostel like that" Jace said, and she quickly looked up.

"No! No I can't possibly go back like this, I can't...

"Thought you weren't gonna look up" he said, and their eyes met.

She didn't try to look away, and he smiled slightly.

"Let's get outta here" he said with a thick English accent, leading the way out.

Jarvis rushed after him, and when they got to his car, he opened the backseat and brought one of his collection of white shirts which he handed to her.

"You can wear that on the tights, at least it'd cover your b*+*bs well and you can just pretend like the tights is a bum short" he said rawly, and she slowly took the shirt from him.

His scent filled her nose immediately, and she couldn't smell anything else when she put it on, it's so strong.

"You can help yourself with the door" he said, entering the driver's seat.

Jarvis looked at the door and sighed. 

She's wearing her enemy's shirt and now she's gonna be riding in his car?

Can this night get any crazier?

Why is he even here and why was he holding a copy of the book? And the fact that he's able to switch between his nasal and deep voice perfectly is actually insane. How is he able to do that?

She has a lotta questions, but she got in the car nevertheless, and he drove them away from the house.

Her eyes caught the window... He fixed it already, and she touched it slightly.

"You're not allowed to touch anything, who knows what you might do again" he said.

"Break it? I don't usually do that unless it's deserved" she replied.

"Are you telling me I actually deserve how you broke it?" He faced her.

"You deserved more, I should have thrown a stone at your head too" she replied, getting bolder.

"Whoa! Little cat is back to her defensive mode" he laughed.

"Stop calling me that, and what were you even doing at the house?" She asked.

"Don't tell me you're getting weird ideas like I came to save you. I've been there since 5. It's Rizz House anyways, and I go there to cool my head anytime" he said.

"Why did you save me when I asked?" She asked.

"I know I'm a f*+*ker, but not wicked enough to tolerate rape, and also...it was sweet to hear you beg" he said in mockery.

"You're the cause of everything, those guys are Rizz boys like you and it's obvious they're after me cos of you!" She shot.

"That wouldn't have happened if you hadn't broken my window" he replied.

"You deserved that!" She snapped.

"And a lot of thanks" he said, and she went silent.

"Are we back to square one now?" He said, and she blocked her ears with her palms, staring out of the window.

"I somehow hate your silence, Hey little cat!" He said loudly.

"My name is Jarvis!" She snapped at him.

"I don't like your name" he replied, and she laughed.

"You think you have the right to say that? Jace Braun sounds like James Brown" 

"James what? What the hell is that?" He frowned, finally driving into the school park.

"Bad night to you!" Jarvis rolled eyes and stepped out of the car, but Jace was fast too, so he blocked her.

"You seriously aren't gonna say anything about what happened tonight?" He said.

"Nothing to say!" She replied and turned to go another way, but he blocked her again.

"I'm gonna do something nasty if you don't get out of my way seriously" she said.

"Kick my balls? I'm just gonna spank ur @ss if you try that" he smirked, and she pushed him hard.

"You're sick!" She shot, rushing away from him.

Jace was laughing as he watched her run till she entered her block.

"And what the hell is James Brown?" He suddenly remembered what she said, then he got his phone and googled it.

"The f**k! How dare she compare my name with this she-male" he muttered, squeezing his face.

"Wolfie!" Collins voice made him raise his head and turn back, but his face was greeted with a punch from Collins immediately.

His phone fell as a result, and he staggered on the car as his lips bursted.

"How dare you wound our boys! You can act like a madman all you want but you should know how to control your madness in the gang! They're part of us how could you!" Collins spat.

Jace wiped his lips, and when he saw the blood, he slowly lifted his lids, giving Collins a deadly look before charging towards him.

Before Collins could defend himself, he already returned the punch to his jaw but it wasn't over.

He punched him again on the stomach this time, and Collins staggered on the car instead.

Jace grabbed him by the throat, and Collins choked.

"I sure know how to control my madness but not when the boys tried to rape! I told you from the start that I don't support it and I will never be a part of it even if the person is my f*+*king enemy!" He shouted, and Collins pushed him away, breathing heavily.

"You punched me" he muttered, spitting out blood.

"Do you want more?" Jace smirked.

"I can screw you over from the gang!" Collins yelled.

"Ain't going nowhere if I'm not ready to leave!" Jace replied and picked his fallen phone then  walked out on Collins.

Collins spit out blood again, resting his palms on his laps.

"I'll make you pay, soon"


ROOM 20*

Jarvis could already hear crying sounds when she got to the door, and that made her open the door quickly.

"Jarvis!" Scarlett gasped.

"Where the f*+*k were you!" Nicole shouted.

Dorothy cried more as she stood from the chair she's sitting on.

"Why are you always making me scared!!! I thought you got kidnapped again!!!"

"We called the cops and they already searched the whole hostel" Scarlett said.

"What!" Jarvis gasped

Dorothy quickly went to hug her, and Scarlett released a relieved sigh.

"What's with the tights and shirt though? Where's your trousers? Your top where did it go?" Scarlett asked.

"I actually got kidnapped for real" she replied.


"Yes" she said, and their eyes came wide as she started telling them the story...

"Wolfie saved you?" Scarlett said shockingly.

"He'd be heartless if he didn't, they're all from the gang so they're probably fighting for him" Dorothy said, hugging Jarvis again.

"I'm just glad you're fine. I told you everyone loves Jace here, so you going against him would bring hatred" Scarlett said.

"I'll be more careful from now on" Jarvis replied.

"That's Wolfie's shirt on you" Nicole said.

"Yeah" Jarvis replied simply, and Nicole sneered secretly.

"I need to go shower" Jarvis took her toiletries bag and entered the bathroom.

Maybe the stress of looking for her exhausted the girls cos everyone was already asleep when she came out, everyone except Nicole who's not in anymore.

"Where did she go?" Jarvis muttered.

She changed into her fancy PJs and settled on the reading table.

Time for night reading, her daily routine.

She got her notes and textbooks then tied her hair up.

Her target GPA is nothing less than 4 points, and she's standing strong on that.

She was about to start reading when she sighted her goodies bag.

She lifted it and started looking for any suitable thing to say thanks.

She finally found a pack of bubble gum and smiled, keeping it on a different spot.

Her mind went to Nikki for the first time tonight, and she got her phone to text him, but she remembered Dorothy's words...


She was about to drop her phone when a knock sounded on the door.

"Who please?" She asked, but no answer, so she went to open and surprisingly met Nikki there.

"Nik" she smiled, and he embraced her in his arms immediately.

"Are you ok?" She asked.

"How would I be when you went missing!" He said, breaking the hug.

"You knew about it?"

"Dorothy told me about it and you got me almost crazy. I thought something bad happened and had to confront Collins and his gang" he said.


"But you're fine now, it's all that matters to me" he said, holding her face to rub slowly.

They held eyes, and she smiled when she felt the rapid beating of her heart.

"Yeah...I'm fine now" she whispered, and his throat moved slowly as he leaned in.

When she felt his lips on hers, she blinked twice, and before she could close her eyes, he broke  it and stroked her hair.

"Goodnight, I'll see you tommorow" he smiled, and she nodded.

He left, and she went back into the room, sucking on her bottom lip.



Scarlett adjusted her singlet to go lower in the front when she got to the door, and she sniffed herself to make sure the perfume smell is still on her, then she knowingly unbuttoned her bum shorts in the front, folding the edges to reveal her shinny waist beads.

She knocked on the door, and Ronnie opened up almost immediately.

"Nicole?" He frowned.

"Hey Ronnie! Can we....talk?" She asked.

"Why? What do you have to say?" He asked.

"Something you need to know about Scarlett" she replied, going closer to him.

"What do you mean?"

"Will you invite me in or not?" She smiled, touching his neck.

He took her hand away and sighed.

"Come on in"

Nicole smiled and stepped in, shutting the door.



Nikki, Gabby and Craig have an early class, so they left for the campus already.

It's just Jace inside, and he's having a class soon too, so he's already preparing.

He came out of the bathroom with just his white towel hanging loosely around his waist, showcasing his shaved v-line.

There's a navel ring on his navel and tattoos of two butterflies on the left side of his tummy. He looks extra hot with the sticky wet hair too, and the exposing dark tattoos all-over his skin gave him a demigod look as he started walking into the adjoining dressing room.

A knock on the door stopped him...

"Come in!" He said loudly, and Jarvis came in, but her eyes widened when she saw him like that.

She was holding a gift box, but it fell from her immediately, and she wasn't even aware till it hit the ground, calling her back.

She swallowed emptiness as she picked it and started looking back up to see his body again.

"You want me to remove my towel so you can have a better look?" He said, and she cleared her throat, looking away from him.

"By the way you look s+xy in what you're wearing" he said freely.

She's wearing one of the crop tops she bought at the boutique, and it left her flat tummy exposed, then her denim is tighter than the initial ones, so her curves are out in the right places right now.

"I'm here to..." She said, stopping shortly then rubbing the box she's holding.

"To what?" He moved closer.

"To..." She said again, biting her lip.

"You don't do that in front of me, I don't know what I might do" he said seriously, and she quickly stopped the bite.

Unknown to them, Nikki is watching from the thin space between the slightly open door.

He actually forgot a book and came back from school to get it.

"I'm running late, what do you have to say?" Jace asked, and she pointed the gift box forward with closed eyes.

"Thank you for saving me last night!" She said in a rush, and he gave her a long glance as he took the gift box from her.

"Don't open it yet! Let me leave first! Bye!" She said, rushing out of the room.

"She can't be giving me a ring" Jace muttered, opening the box.

He brought out the bubble gum pack and smirked.

"Bubble gum for thanks? Is she f**king kidding me?" He muttered, opening it to throw one into his mouth.

"Not bad, little cat" he smiled, looking at the pack again.



Jarvis got down from the taxi in front of the school and got her phone to check the time.

Her first class is Prof. Marcus's as usual, and it's by 9 so she still has time.

It's currently 8:40.

She slowed down and imagined the look that'd appear on Jace's face when he sees the bubble gum pack.

It made her giggle, but then his towel image appeared in her head...

She slapped herself and blinked.

"Come back to your senses, Jarvis"

She stepped into the English Block, but the first person she met was Nikki who's walking in her direction.

"Nikki!" She waved, but he grabbed her hand when he got to her and took her out of the hallway into an empty class.

"Nikki! What's...

"Why would you wear that to school?" He questioned her crop top.

"What's wrong with it?" She asked surprisingly.

"Everything is wrong Jarvis. Your tummy is out" he said, looking so pissed.

"Nikki i'm not the only one wearing crop top in this campus, and...

"Yes you're not the only one, but in your case, you look like a whore!" He shot directly at her, and her eyes widened madly.



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