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I Hate You Jace - Episode 19&20




I Hate You Jace - Episode 19&20


By Naomi Cindy B.


"What are you doing, Jarvis?" He questioned, making Jarvis blink twice in utter embarrassment.

"What do you...mean? We were kissing...

"Can we go slow?" He asked, and she bit her lip before nodding awkwardly.

"Yeah...of course. Sorry if I made you uncomfortable"

"No, let's hit the streets" he smiled, opening the car door for her.

She got in, and he sighed before getting in with her, driving her out of the hostel.


"Wolfie!" Megan called out when Jace walked past the front porch, and he stopped to face them.

"Any unfinished business?" He asked freely, and Megan walked up to him.

"I'd have pretended like it's nothing cos you're a weirdo for real, but not when Latto saw you kissing that freshman last night at the Rizz House" she said.

"I don't think I'm in the mood to talk about her right now" he said and turned to leave, but Latto was already behind.

"We're all craving to see her cry and that's just the best solution, we're always here for you" she said, coming closer to rub his chest.

She held eyes with him as her hands glided down to his p@nts.

"And...I and Megan missed this" she said, grabbing his d*+*k together with his jean.

"We want you tonight, it's been too long" she said, leaning in to kiss him.

Jace responded shortly before breaking it. 

"Tag along" he said simply, walking in.

"Let's go get some d*+*k!" Latto pulled Megan in, both following him side by side in the filled hallway till they got to the front of his room where they met Ashley waiting.

"You again?" Megan scowled.

"I'm here to talk to Jace, not you" Ashley rolled eyes and faced him.

"I'm sorry about how i pushed Jarvis at the workshop, I know you're mad that I butted in but if you can just forgive me this once, I promise to stay on my lane as just your friend, please Jace" she begged desperately.

Jace stayed mute, just looking at her like a boring newspaper.

"Wait....what the f*+*k happened at the workshop?" Latto demanded.

"Do I have to tell you stories? I'm not here for you like I said" Ashley rolled eyes, and Megan raised her right heel to her face instantly, giving her a hard kick which sent her to the ground.

"Ahh!" Ashley whimpered painfully, holding her bleeding cheek.

"You'll tell the story b*+*tch, come here!" Megan pulled her up from the ground and started dragging her away with Latto.

"Jace! Jace tell them to leave me alone! Jace!!" Ashley was shouting as she was taken, but Jace only frowned and entered the room.

It's booming with pop music as usual, and Gabby is the only one in. Shirtless, sweating and moving to the music as he drank from a full bottle of alcohol.

"Dude" he smiled, lowering the music sound immediately. He dropped the bottle too.

"Where's Craig?" Jace asked, settling on the second bed before taking out a cigar box.

He lightened one and was smoking as Gabby sat beside him.

"He's probably with Dorothy" he said.

"Is he into her or something?" Jace said and was about to take another puff from the cigar when Gabby took it from him.

He took a puff, and Jace smiled.

"Admit it, you've been waiting for me to come so you can have this" he said.

"It's been a while since I had one, so yes, I've been waiting cos I needed it" Gabby replied.

"Why? You don't smoke without a reason. Is it Scarlett? The chic you're crazy about. I still remember you asked her out same day as Ronnie, but she chose him over you" Jace mocked.

"Mocking me isn't necessary, d*+*k" Gabby stood, walking away from him.

"What? You guys mock my madness, it's a free world" Jace said, getting himself a new stick.

"And that's because you're refusing to tell us how Brenda is the cause of your problems and what she did. You're way to complicated to understand. Who'd believe that you're a son to the richest family in England when you're busy selling drugs here? Jace...

"You know what I hate? The fact that you guys always find a way to bring up Brenda in every conversation, for real that name irks me!" Jace shouted angrily.

"See? Your crazy mood swing again! One minute ago you were talking freely with me then I mentioned Brenda and now you're shouting" Gabby said.

"I'll be at the workshop overnight" Jace grabbed his bag and left the room, meeting Collins by the door.

"Buddy!" Collins hung his arm on his shoulder, leaving with him.

Gabby came to the door and sighed out, dropping the cigar.



The girls brought Ashley here, and she was forced to her knees.

Megan is sitting on a chair in front of her while Latto is standing behind Megan's chair.

"Now you're gonna tell the story till the end. We have a d*+*k to f*+*k so don't waste any more time" Latto said.

Ashley looked at the two one after the other, then she made to stand...

"Stand and die" Megan threatened, and she returned to her knees.

"It was Jarvis" she said.

"Gawd! That name is everywhere this days!" Latto complained.

"She came to the workshop and slapped him two times, claiming he kissed her back when she was drunk" Ashley explained.

"Wait wait...you mean to tell me that girl slapped Wolfie twice, and he did nothing?" Megan's eyes widened.

"Wolfie is not the type to lay low. What's going on?" Latto said.

"Maybe he's waiting for us to fight it for him since she's a stupid freshman and a girl, and that's exactly what we're gonna do. Call Rizz boys and let's get it done tommorow night" Megan replied, and Latto made the call immediately.

She was done in two minutes.

"Five of them will be available, and they should do it outside the hostel this time" she said.

"Out!" Megan shouted as Ashley, and she rushed out of the room.

She got out and adjusted her top, smiling as she walked away.

Finally, Jarvis is in trouble.



There are quite a number of students around and inside the pool, having their Saturday night fun with cocktails and alcohol.

Craig is sitting on one of the recliners, wine cup in hand while staring at the jolly students.

He came here with Dorothy, but she claimed she wanted to gift him, so she left some minutes ago to get the gift, and he's currently waiting.

He drank from his wine cup again, and his phone buzzed, a text from Gabby.

• Tried talking to Wolfie about Brenda again, but as usual, he got mad.

"He's f**king exhausting, let's see if he's gonna keep shut forever" Craig said and returned his phone.

"Hey! Craig?" A girl in bikini came over, and he looked up to see a familiar girl.

"Remember me?" She asked with a seductive smile.

"Yeah, we f*+*ked last semester during the school festival" he said.

"Well this semester's festival is approaching, we could f*+*k inside the bus again" she winked.

"You weren't bad" he smiled, and she took the wine cup from him, drinking it all before bending over to kiss him.

Dorothy was coming in with her gift when she saw that, and she automatically turned back, walking away from the environs.

"Told him to wait for my gift, and there he was kissing a bikini bone? What was I expecting? He's Jace's friend anyways, all jerks" she was talking to herself as she walked.

She came out to the second hostel park and saw someone in the dark shadows.

She retracted her steps and took a good look, and her eyes widened when she saw Nicole!

She's just coming out of a car with the man she introduced as her dad, and they kissed!

"Oh my f*+*king gawd!" Dorothy gasped.



Nikki settled for one of the brightest streets of Washington, so having fun was easy.

Hamburgers, sausages, Tacos and Nachos, Burrito, gelatos...

From one shop to another, they've been enjoying the street foods and Jarvis's silly comments.

"I've been hearing of Pennsylvania but this is the first time I've ever entered here. Only rich people live here according to what I heard" she said when they got to front of a pet store.

"My mum lives in this street" he replied.

"What! Really?" She faced him quickly.

"Yeah, and don't ask about my dad. He's dead" he said.

"I'm sorry" she replied.

"Don't pull that pity face" he said, and she laughed.

"Maybe someday, we can visit my mum together" he said, and that statement brought a lil bit of hope to Jarvis's heart.

She finally noticed they're in front of a pet shop, and her eyes widened when she saw a cute kitty cat, colour white with a cute coat on.

"My gawd! Aw, so cute!" She gushed, bending in front of the illuminated glass to touch the body in admiration.

Nikki squatted beside her, staring at her face. It's obvious how much she loves felines, and he wants to keep seeing that look, so he opted for the only available option.

"I'll get it for you"

"Huh? No! We came for street foods! Not a cat!" She replied.

"But you love it" he said.

"But we're not here for it" she replied with a funny face.

He laughed out, and before he could talk again, she pulled him away from the glass.

They continued their outing till 9, and Jarvis's tummy was already filled with food when they returned to the hostel.

"I'm so full!" She said as she got down from the car.

"Sorry for overfeeding your tummy" he replied, and she laughed.

"I enjoyed myself, thanks for taking me" 

"We'll see tommorow?" He said.

"Of course" she replied, and he was already leaning in for a goodbye kiss when she stepped back.

What if he initiates it again and she hardens it then he feels unconformable again?

"Goodnight Nik" she waved, and he waved back with a big smile as she rushed into her block.

He was still smiling when his phone rang, and he got back in his car to pick the call.


ROOM 20*

"And she's back!" Dorothy shouted when Jarvis came in.

Nicole is on her bed too, only Scarlett is not available, spending the night with Ronnie again.

"Tell me how it went! First kiss with him?" Dorothy asked impatiently.

"Let me ask a question. You're a guy and I'm the girl who has a crush on you. You like me too but we're not dating yet. You started a kiss but you were too slow and I wanted it fast so I deepened it and brought your idle hands to my waist, but you broke it and asked me what I was doing...

"Trust me, the guy is bullshit-ing you, who does that in this century?" Nicole cut in

"Wait... don't tell me that happened with Nikki... Did he seriously ask you that question?" Dorothy said.

"I just...I felt desperate like I forced the deep kiss on him and I had to stop myself from thinking about it throughout the outing. I felt...

"Cheap?" Nicole cut in again.

"Shut the F up Nicole! If there's anyone cheap here then it's..."

Dorothy stopped talking and grabbed Jarvis, entering the bathroom with her.

"Am I cheap?" Jarvis asked.

"No baby you're not. You're head over heels for this guy and you want him bad, you can't control yourself around him and it's not your fault. All you have to do is know how to draw the lines. Don't be too forward till he officially asks you out" Dorothy said, and Jarvis smiled.

"Thanks boo"

"Come here" Dorothy hugged her.



"Aunt Caroline!" Jarvis literally flew out to the arms of the waiting woman, and they hugged tightly.

"Thought you wouldn't be coming anymore" she said.

"I'm actually preparing for a trip, so i don't have much time. My boss is going to clear her goods in Chicago, and as usual, I'm gonna follow her tommorow" Caroline replied.

"So you literally came to say bye" Jarvis said.

"C'mon I'll be back on Tuesday and by Wednesday I'll come see you again. How's life here? Are you coping well?" Caroline asked.

"Sure, but I need some cash to buy some recommend books"

"I'll wire you some when I get home, here" Caroline handed her a bag of goodies.

"Thanks Aunt" she hugged her again.

They exchanged byes, and Caroline waved as Dorothy who's waiting behind before leaving.

"Please tell me there are hotdogs in that goody bag" Dorothy said as they walked back.

"It's all mine" Jarvis hugged the bag to her chest.

"I'll kill you" Dorothy replied, and they laughed.

"Babyish!" Craig's voice suddenly called from behind.

"Wait that's Craig" Jarvis said.

"Not answering" Dorothy replied, walking faster till they entered their block.



"So... You're mad at Craig cos he kissed a girl?" Scarlett laughed.

She came back minutes ago and joined the girls to take in the clothes they washed earlier from the clothesline.

"Cos he kissed another girl while waiting for my gift. He should have at least waited till i give him the gift" Dorothy replied.

"Then tell him that" Jarvis said.

"I'm not ready to face him" Dorothy replied, and the girls laughed again.

"Can't find my black bra" Jarvis suddenly said.

"Are you sure you didn't leave it in the laundry room after washing?" Scarlett asked.

"I'll go check" Jarvis gave the clothes she has packed to Dorothy and rushed downstairs.

Immediately she entered the laundry room, she was injected on the neck from behind just like how it happened the night Jace abducted her.

She slept off on the ground, and she was zipped in a black body bag before getting carried out.



Jarvis opened her eyes to meet herself on the ground, but she's not free.

She was tied with wide legs and arms like a starfish, and her trousers and top are already gone. She's in her singlet and thighs only.

She was about to scream out when she saw five guys walking around her, and they're all naked!

Nothing is covering their bodies except their tight boxers, showcasing the sizes of their pillars.

"No...no don't do it to me! Let me go!! Don't touch me!!!" She shouted horrifically.

"Let's start" one of them said, and the rest lined behind him.

He came forward, and Jarvis started crying helplessly.

"Please don't do it! Let go of me!! I did nothing wrong!!! No no no no!!!!!" She screamed as he started pulling her singlet away from her body.

"Someone help!!!! Help me!!!! Please no!!!" She cried again, and the guy smiled, obviously having fun with her cries..

"No one is coming to save you, so save your energy" he said.

"Are you sure about that?" A nasal voice replied from the rails, and the guys looked up to see the popular face standing there, resting his arms on the metals while looking down at them calmly.

"Wolfie?" One of them said, and Jarvis flipped her lids, looking up at him too.

He's holding a copy of Wet Kisses surprisingly, and there's a different aura around him tonight... calmness.

"Jace" she muttered.

"Wanna join the fun?" One of the guys asked.

"Not interested" Jace replied.

"Then just watch as we teach her lessons" the first one said and continued taking off Jarvis's singlet.

"Don't do it please stop!!!" She cried out again.

"Are you guys dumb or just plain stupid?" Jace's voice came again.

"Are you gonna stop us again? Wolfie!" One of them shouted.

"You only have to say the word, little cat. I'll give you all of tonight cos I feel like breaking something, but not ceramics this time....bones" Jace's expression hardened.

"Please... please save me" Jarvis's desperate plead came, and he smiled.

"Get out of here Wolfie!" The first guy stood.

"I can't hear you" Jace replied in a mocking tone, and he climbed the stairs to Jace.

"Leave!" He pushed Jace's chest, but Jace grabbed his hair skillfully, bringing his head down to bang on the rails violently.

Blood wet his face immediately, and he fell unconscious on the ground.

Jarvis swallowed nothing in her grounded position.

The eyes of the other four came wide as Jace pulled the left leg of the unconscious guy.

He started dragging him downstairs like that...

"So who's next? Come closer before it gets cold" he said, smiling meanly at the remaining four.


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