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I Hate You Jace - Episode 17&18




I Hate You Jace - Episode 17&18


By Naomi Cindy B.


"C'mon punch me, and I'm gonna kiss her again right now Nikki! She's gonna f*+*king cry and heaven will not fall!" Jace sneered, and Nikki's fist stopped in the air.

"Why are you holding back? Aren't I the famous punching bag?" Jace said angrily, and Nikki's hand went down.

"Why are you doing this? Why are you always like this what the hell happened with Brenda! You said she's the reason you became like this but you have refused to tell us what the hell she did! You use her sin as an excuse to act like a psychopath! Can't you just open up and allow everything to end? It's frustrating!" He shouted, and Jace laughed lightly, running his hand through his hair crazily before facing him again.

"So this is about Brenda again? Why do you all do this everytime? We're talking about this fool here and you suddenly switched to Brenda?" 

Jarvis swallowed immediately she heard that statement. He just called her a fool.

"Cos if not for the madness inside you caused by Brenda, you'd have apologized for kissing Jarvis when she was drunk!" Nikki snapped.

"For f*+*k sake! I was sitting in my corner when she came to my laps, confessed her feelings for you to my face and kissed me! Now don't even tell me I should have resisted cos I'm not a Reverend and I'm not impotent! I kissed her back and we both enjoyed it! She m0aned" Jace snapped back, getting more angry.

"What!" Nikki gasped.

"Yeah. She's right here, she remembered every detail and that's why she's here, ask her if she moaned or not" Jace replied flatly, and before Nikki could talk again, Jarvis rushed out of the workshop.

"That proves it" Jace shrugged.

"You're growing worse, you need therapy" Nikki shook his head and started walking out of the shop too.

"You might need one too, we can visit a psychologist together" Jace replied, and Nikki looked back at him with a scowl before leaving completely.

Jace picked the sculpting knife he dropped earlier and stabbed the table with it furiously.

"Jace!" Ashley gasped terrifically, and he faced her.

"Never in your life, I mean ever...if you interfere in my business again, I'll kill you" he muttered and pushed her out of the way.

She landed on the ground and he waltzed out of the workshop.

The anger was still flooding through him as he made his way to the general kitchen.

Luckily he met no student on his way there, and when he finally got there, he grabbed the first plates hanger he saw and pushed it to the ground, making all the ceramics shatter.

He pushed the second and the third, and bits of broken plates filled the kitchen within a minute, but it wasn't enough to quench his fury so the fourth hanger went down.

He grabbed one of the plates and threw it straight, at the wall.

The bits flew back to him, and a big piece sank into his palm, making him groan as he rested on the island.

His eyes are so red, and the line between him and tears right now is so thin. He wants to cry, but he's holding it in so well as blood dropped from his hand to the island.

"Jace?" The head of the kitchen staffs came in, and he lifted his head to look at the woman...

"Ms. Zoe" he said slowly, and she came closer.

"You did it again" she said, looking at the mess on the ground.

Her eyes shifted to his bleeding hand, and she took his wrist immediately.

"Come let's get this treated" she pulled him out of the kitchen to the store room where she got a first aid box.

She sat him down and squatted in front of him, removing the bit of ceramic in his palm first before starting healing treatment on it.

"Did you buy this first aid kit with your money because of me?" He asked.

"Yeah, you come here to break plates at least twice a week, and you always get hurt. I can't just watch without doing anything when I know it's not stopping anytime soon. If there's anyone who knows the density of what Brenda did, then it's me" she replied, looking up at him.

"You're too strong" he said.

"Did you think about telling your friends yet?" She asked.

"No. Though they're dying to know, but I don't want to. If they find out then sympathy will start, and I hate pity so it's better they remain in the dark and hate me for my madness" he replied, and she nodded.

"What about you? How are you coping like nothing happened?" He asked, and she smiled.

"I'm fine, so far I get to see you alive everyday" she said and widened her arms after bandaging the wound.

"You could use an hug" she said, and Jace hugged her immediately.

"I'll send you money for the broken plates, and the kit" he said, and she stroked his hair.

"Just reduce your smokes, please"

From the storeroom door, Prof. Marcus was watching them, and after releasing a sigh, he left the building and walked to his car in the park where he dialled Brenda's line.

"Is he fine? Did he throw tantrum again?" Brenda's shaky voice asked.

"Yeah, but Ms. Zoe is handling him well so don't panic" he replied, getting in his car.


Nikki almost ran around the whole hostel in search of Jarvis before he found her in the old football field.

She's sitting alone on the bleachers, staring into space.

He inhaled before walking to her, and she didn't notice his presence till he settled beside her.

"Nikki" she faced him slowly, and he smiled.

"You were hard to find"

"You're not mad?" She asked.

"Mad? Why would I be? You were drunk, and also...I haven't really asked you out so..." He said softly, and her mood brightened.

"I promise to drink in moderation from now on, one cup is my limit and I'll stay on that" she said, and he chuckled, taking her right hand.

"Can you wait a while?" He asked.


"I mean...we both know how we feel about each other but I can't ask you to date me yet, I still have things to settle before that stage, and...

"I'll...wait" she cut him off, and he smiled.


"Yeah, anytime you're ready" she replied.

"Do you want to go out with me tonight? A little fun on a Saturday night won't hurt" he said.

"Where are we going?" She asked excitedly.

"A night street food outing?" he said.

"I can't wait, honestly" she beamed.

"Me too" he replied and scooted closer.

"About Jace..." He said.

"No I don't wanna talk about him" she shook her head.

"He's not being like that for no reason. Though no one knows why but...

"I'm not ready to listen to you defending him Nikki. He's the same person who almost killed Dorothy, same guy who set leg on my way and made me fall, same guy who abducted me and I almost got raped, and now he kissed me back in my drunk state? I even heard he's into drugs too and...

"He's from the Braun family in England" Nikki interrupted, and she stopped talking to look at him.


"Yeah, the richest family in England, the prestigious family headed by his Granny Donna" Nikki said.

"Then why is he selling drugs?" Jarvis replied in shock.

"I dunno, like I said... he's complicated" Nikki said.

"Yunno what? Enough of Jace, let's hit the stadium" she stood, holding out her hand for him.

He took it and she pulled him up, then they both ran down the bleachers, smiling as they sprint to the stadium which is now crowded than before.

"Gawd! Is this for real?" Jarvis gasped.

"Nikki!" Gabby's voice yelled from the field.

The lineup for the finalists football players isn't complete without him. It's finalists against sophomores.

"I have to go now" Nikki said, giving Jarvis a peck on the cheek before letting go of her.

She began blushing as she searched for her friends in the crowd, and she didn't search for long.

They're at the edge, and Dorothy pulled her into a seat reserved for her.

"What took you so long?" Scarlett asked.

"Kissing Nikki again?" Dorothy teased.

"Her cheeks are all red so that must be it" Nicole added.

"Can we just watch this match without y'all teasing me?" Jarvis said, and they laughed before facing the field.

"What department is Ronnie in?" Jarvis asked when he saw him among the finalists players.

"Business Admin" Nicole replied before Scarlett could talk.

"Why would you answer that? She asked me" Scarlett said.

"Doesn't matter. The question is answered now anyways, stop overreacting" Nicole rolled eyes.

The cheerleaders started cheering loudly, and the match started fully.

Jarvis was shocked to see Megan and Latto among the cheerleaders, and she shook her head when she saw how their n*+*ples are jiggling on their chests.

"They always have nothing but their bodies to offer" she muttered and returned her attention to the ongoing match.

The finalists played their opponents so hard in the first ten minutes, and it got all the onlookers screaming their names individually, especially Nikki.

He's really good at dribbling and that actually helped a lot cos when he made the third pass to Craig, Craig scored the first goal for them.

* Yayyy!!!!!!!!

* That was hot!!!

* That's it!!!

The stadium heated up with screams, and Jarvis couldn't help but admire Nikki's skills immediately.

He's a good writer, he's brilliant, handsome and now he's a good baller? 

"Nikki is too good" she said loudly, and Nicole scoffed beside her.

"You're saying this because Wolfie is not playing today. He'd have scored the first goal earlier" 

"That's true, Jace is the best player in this school, inarguably" Scarlett supported.

"It's not important, all I see is Nikki" she replied, and they laughed.

The match ended with 3-1 with the finalists as the winner, and after the jubilation, students started leaving the stadium.

Ronnie was the first to come over among the guys, and immediately he got to the edge, Nicole rushed out and pretended to slip.

She was expecting him to catch her just to anger Nicole, but Ronnie shifted back, and she fell heavily on the ground.

"Let's go baby" Ronnie pulled Scarlett out of the seats, and they left together.

"Babyish!" Craig came for Dorothy, and she hugged him despite his sweaty body.

"You played well, don't worry I'll give you a gift, then another one for bringing me safely to the hostel last night" she said,.

"Cool" he winked, taking her out of the stadium too.

"I felt so proud when you were playing, you're awesome" Jarvis told Nikki when he got to her.

"I had you in mind throughout, reason I did well" he said, and she smiled widely as they left hand in hand.

Nicole is still sitting on the ground where she fell at, and when Gabby came over, he matched her head, making her sprang up.

"Are you blind?" She glared 

"Oh... You were there? Sorry, thought it was the staircase" he smiled and walked out.

"F*+*k you all!" Nicole shouted crazily.



Jarvis settled for the small boutique since she doesn't have much to get expensive clothes.

She came with Dorothy only though, Scarlett is busy with Ronnie and Nicole would never come anyways

She picked out few blouses already, and now they're in the skirts and pants section, picking out things too.

"So...what did Nikki say?" Dorothy suddenly faced her.

"Said I should wait till he's gonna be ready. He has things to sort" Jarvis replied.

"Seriously? What's taking him so long? He might be smart but he's slow" Dorothy complained.

"His reasons are valid, chill boo" Jarvis replied.

"You always have a reason to defend him, you're really head over heels" Dorothy grinned.

"We're going out together tonight though" Jarvis said.

"Then you should dress to kill! Make him drool! He'd be tempted to ask you out immediately he sees you!" Dorothy said fast.

"It's just a street food outing! Nothing much" Jarvis replied.

"Make it count baby! Look at this!" Dorothy said, taking a p@nties set from the hanger.

It's lacy and white with a tiny ribbon in front of it, then there's a heart-shaped hole at the back.

The bra is so cuppy and full, same colour with the pants. It's s+xy.

"Imagine wearing this under your dress, c'mon! I'll chose the dress myself!" Dorothy said, and before she could talk, she pulled her to pay for the set.

The things they got were still getting packed when Prof. Marcus entered the boutique.

"Prof. Marcus!" Jarvis said surprisingly.

"Jarvis Dobrev?"

"What are you doing here sir?" She went closer.

"I came to see someone" he replied, and she nodded.

"Thanks for lending me Pride and Prejudice, I'm already in the fiftieth chapter and it's quiet interesting too" she said.

"I told you, and I'm sorry about what happened between you and Jace...the abduction" he said.

"How did you know? It happened in the hostel so...

"Let's just say I'm keeping a tab on Jace" he replied.

"Why would you...

"He's my junior brother" he replied, and she gasped.


"Don't tell him I told you though, and don't tell anyone even, wouldn't want him to come barging into my office" he smiled 


"Have fun" he smiled, entering a particular room.

"What did he say?" Dorothy asked Jarvis who's still looking shocked.

"Nothing much, let's go" Jarvis covered up with a smile, and they left the boutique together.



Nikki's phone was ringing as he came out of the guys room, dressed in a big hoodie and joggers for the outing.

He got the phone to check, and when he saw the number, he picked this time.

"Call me back in two hours" he said and hung up.

He made his way to room 20 and smiled when he saw Jarvis waiting in front of it already, dressed in a jean skirt and a long sleeved top with a layered design in the front.

She tied the base of the top in a bow though, and it covered the front of her skirt, leaving only the back view out. She's not carrying a bag, just her phone in hand.

She looks prettier, and Nikki hugged her immediately he got to her.

"Hmm, you took so long" she said, breaking it.

"Did you wait long?" He asked.

"Kidding" she smiled, and he suddenly leaned in

Jarvis's eyes widened, and she almost closed her eyes when he stopped coming closer.

"Let's go" he grabbed her hand, and she followed him as they walked out of the corridor.

Megan and Latto were sitting together on the front porch of the block when they stepped out, and Megan sighed.

"Isn't she so b*+*chy? Kissing Wolfie last night then today it's Slow Poison?" 

"You wanted to tell Collins, why did you change your mind?" Latto asked, taking the cup of alcohol in front of her.

"I figured we could take care of this ourselves" Megan smiled.

Jace was just getting out of his car when Nikki and Jarvis arrived at the park.

He walked past the two like he didn't see them, and when Nikki tried to reach out to him, Jarvis pulled him back.

"Don't, I don't want another fight" she said, and he held her shoulders gently, pushing her gently to his car.

"Then o guess we could do this before leaving" he said, and her eyes widened when he started coming for her lips again.

This time, she decided not to close her eyes till he was close, and she slowly shut her eyes.

It's finally happening!

When she felt his lips on hers, she screamed madly in her mind, held his shirt by the sides as she began responding.

She got admission into Finley partly because of her crush, and here she is, kissing that crush already!

She took her hands off his shirt and wrapped them on his neck gently, but the weird thing is the slowness of his lips.

She spiced things up by hardening the kiss, kissing him so fast and trying to get their tongues to meet, but he's refusing to open up.

He's not touching her too, his right hand stayed in his pocket and the left one was pressed on the car window.

She started moving her body closer to his own, trying to get him to move, but it didn't work.

She hates to admit but she wants the steamy kiss she had with Jace last night to happen with Nikki right now.

She took his hands and placed them on her waist then she started trying to get him to open up his mouth again, but then...

Nikki broke the kiss immediately, giving her a confused look.

"What are you doing, Jarvis?"


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