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I Hate You Jace - Episode 15&16




I Hate You Jace - Episode 15&16


By Naomi Cindy B.


She kissed him!

Crazy things take place in this house every Friday night but this is the craziest Jace has ever experienced so far.

Say he's in his corner and his mortal enemy fell on him and kissed him while thinking he's another person?

He wants to stop it judging by her personality, but the way she was trying so hard to open him up was insane, and immediately he opened his mouth, she glided her tongue in, making him lose it.

Her plump lips were so soft and the way her tongue worked in his mouth was to die for.

Before he knew it, he was already kissing her back, and he could feel her smile against his lips as her arms went encircled around his neck.

She was pressing her body on him, and he took the offer delightfully, getting a hold of her thighs.

He was running his hands through the soft flesh as their tongues fought for space in their mouths.

The sound of them kissing could be heard in the corner, they're both pro kissers, it was so damn crazy.

He moved his hands higher on her thighs, and when he touched her on the @ss, she folded completely into him, hardening the kiss while running her tongue on his lip ring.

"Mm" a m0an came out of her, turning Jace on more than he already was.

No one told him kissing an enemy was this enjoyable, but since she started it, he has no care.

The taste of the beer she had stayed in the kiss throughout, and she pulled at his lower lip as she broke the kiss, her arms still on his neck. 

"Gawd, that was sweet" she smiled drunkenly, and her head dropped on his chest.

She slept off, and Jace sighed, staring at her wet lips.

She's seriously gonna be like this after turning him on with a darn kiss?

He stood and left her to fall on the couch, still deeply asleep.

He only had to walk few steps before a girl blocked him.

"Wolfie! Wanna have me? I'm available" she smiled shamelessly, turning around for him.

Jace impatiently pulled her into the room they're in front of.

There are over 50 rooms in the house for those who wish to sleepover. 

Once they were in, Jace got a small pack from his pocket, and he picked one from the  numerous protections inside, dropping his pants on his knees before wearing the con.dom on himself.

In the next minute, the girl was already shoved up against the wall, her cheeks smashing on the hard surface and her @ss popping out.

Her elastic short skirt was twisted and knotted to the point that Jace could see his d*+*k descend and emerge from her when he started taking her from the back.

"Yes yes Jace! Yes!" Her m0ans came loudly.

He could feel her constricting around his pounding c0ck as he gasped and huffed for air. Her fingers grew white as she cried in delight

She hugged herself against the wall and began panting, but Jace was far from finished.

"Oh Jace!" 

He continued slamming into her, and he could feel her p+ssy pulse, drenching him in her fluids.

He heard her murmur something against the strong s+xual scent around them, but he was too distracted to hear what she was saying.

He kept f*+*king her brains out, and soon she started crying.

Jace eventually pressed both of his hands on the wall and emptied into the protection.

 Pleasure waves  rippled through his bones. He groaned till the last speck of peak faded away, leaving only little sparkles beneath his closed eyelids.

He took a step back and let go of the girl, trying to keep his frantic breathing under control as she pulled down her skirt and turned do him. 

"They weren't lying, you're damn tasty. I hope we do this again" she said and gave him a peck before leaving the room.

Jace left his belt hanging undone, and the metal was clashing as he walked to the only chair in the room and fell on it, closing his eyes, but his moment was cut short when Ashley came in.

"Jace!" Her angry voice sounded, and he opened his eyes. 

"Did you f*+*k that girl? The one who just came out of this room" she asked.

"Yeah, through the back" he replied flatly.

"What!" She gasped, and he finally stood.

"Is it new to you? You've never heard of the girls I've taken? Blame it on them for always bringing themselves and I don't resist!" He said.

"I thought we were friends" she said and surprisingly started crying.

"Are you insane? Look just because you came to the station to get me in the morning doesn't warrant that I'm in any way into you!" He snapped.

"I knew you were gonna say that! You really don't know how bad your words hurts right? I've had a crush on you since we always got paired last semester but people warned me to stay away cos you're toxic but I couldn't. I kept hoping for a change and...

"F*+*k your hope I'm not interested in you Ashley, you wanna be friends with benefits? Get on the bed and I'm gonna give you a good f*+*k" he said loosely.

"You're mean" Ashley said, wiping her tears.

"Thank you" he replied, walking out of the room.

"Damnit" he muttered as he slammed the door.

He was about to climb down the second stairs when when he remembered he left Jarvis in the corner, and there are tons of bad guys in this house, so he went to there but met Nikki, already carrying Jarvis in his arms.

He turned to leave immediately but he wasn't lucky...

"Jace?" Nikki called, and he turned.

"What's up gee?" 

"Are you ok?" Nikki asked, and Jace looked at sleeping Jarvis in his arms before replying.


"I figured out you saw Brenda today, reason for your fake smiles" Nikki said.

"My smiles weren't fake, I was doing myself a favor" Jace smiled again.

"I'm the closest to you, and i know how to tell fake and real you apart" Nikki replied.

"Finnee, what's your point?" Jace went closer with a groan

"You slammed her on the car earlier tonight, you shouldn't try that again. I won't just sit and watch if she gets hurt. If you wanna vent your frustrations, you can come to me and punch me as much as you want but stay out of her way" Nikki replied.

"Are you threatening me? I guess Slow Poison is finally acting like one" Jace chuckled.

"I'm not threatening you, it's a friendly warning from me as your best friend" Nikki said and finally took Jarvis down the stairs.

Jace rested his arms on the rails, watching as he took her out of the house completely.

His phone dinged, and he got it to see a credit alert from KLAUS.

It's 1M dollars.

He scoffed and made a transfer immediately. He sent all the money to an orphanage account. Hope Orphanage.

"Hey Wolfie! We need more supply of Molly at table 10" a male student walked briskly to him.

Jace followed him downstairs.


Scarlett is currently in the kitchen where the drinks and shots are coming from.

She hasn't seen Ronnie again since he left him earlier, and her phone is already off, out of battery.

She doesn't even wanna see him yet. She has to settle her mind and balance her thoughts first so she won't say anything stupid to him.

A bartender came into the kitchen to get a tray of Jell-O shots, and she took four small cups from him.

She scrapped one with her finger and took the shot, squeezing her face slightly as it went down her throat.

"Busy alone?" Gabby's voice made her look up, and she slightly smiled.


"Yeah?" He replied, sitting beside her on the ground. They both backed the island.

"You ok? It's unlike Scarlett to sit alone when there's a crazy dance going on out there" he said, and she chuckled.

"Maybe I'm just tired" 

"Lies, Ronnie has been looking for you, did something happen?" He asked.

"What does it mean if a girl sees lipstick print on her boyfriend's chest?" She asked seriously.

"It's either he cheated or he bumped into a girl, it happens" he replied, and she nodded.

"Thanks, cheers" She said, picking a Jell-O cup.

Gabby smiled and picked one too, and they clinked before taking shots.



"Hmm!" Jarvis stretched herself, pouting a bit before opening her eyes.

She was about to start wondering how she got back here when she remembered Nikki.

It's definitely him, and he obviously did it after the steamy kiss they had.

She remembered every details of it, every move of his hand on her and every swipe of their tongues. He was so good with the tongue.

He kissed exactly how Ares kisses Nina in Wet Kisses, and now that she's thinking about it, she couldn't help but blush again.

He was so good at it, and when she remembered he actually touched her, she giggled, biting her lip excitedly.

"Someone got a memorable night" Scarlett's voice woke her from her thoughts, and she got down from the bed.

"I and Nikki ... Yunno..." 

"Kissed?" Dorothy said from her bed 

"You're up?" Jarvis said surprisingly.

"Please tell me you kissed madly" Dorothy said impatiently.

"We did, we kissed" Jarvis announced.

"Oh my gosh!" Dorothy squealed.

"It's a good start, maybe he's gonna make the next move and ask you out soon" Scarlett said.

"I can't wait" Jarvis replied.

"You look sad somehow, are you ok?" Dorothy asked when she noticed Scarlett's face.

"I had a misunderstanding with Ronnie last night" she replied.

"What! Why?" Jarvis walked to her.

She hasn't replied when they started hearing voices from the door.

Dorothy rushed to open the door, and they met Nicole with a man in suit.

Jarvis raised her brows cos he's the same man she saw with her at the Rizz House last night.

"Hey guys! Meet my dad! Dad, meet my roommates" she introduced, and Jarvis couldn't help but feel uncomfortable.

Her dad? There's no single similarity between them.

"Hey girls, and I'm gonna come take you all out one of these days" the man said.

"Yes sir" the three chorused, and he eventually left 

"Your dad is handsome" Dorothy said.

"I know, right?" Nicole smiled.

"I'm sure you took after your mum cos you don't look like him at all" Jarvis said.

"Huh? Yeah...I guess" Nicole replied awkwardly and stood, grabbed her towel and entered the bathroom.

"Thank gawd she used perf, I'd have fainted" Scarlett said, and the girls laughed.

A knock on the door interrupted them, and Dorothy was the first to get to the door as usual.

Ronnie is standing there, and Scarlett stood immediately she saw him.

"Do you want me to swear? I didn't cheat with any girl, Nicole bumped into...

He hasn't finished when Scarlett walked to him and hugged him tight.

"Don't talk, I love you" she said, and he inhaled in relief before hugging her back.

"I love you too baby"

Dorothy and Jarvis stuck hands, and ten minutes later, they're already out of the room, wearing their fitting thighs and singlets.

It's Saturday, the hostel sports day...

"You said you wanna go shopping for new clothes today" Dorothy said, banding her hair back.

" Yeah, after we leave the stadium. Let's go together" Jarvis replied.

She was palpitating as they made their way to the stadium.

What's gonna be her reaction when she sees Nikki after the hot kiss they had last night?

 She's damn nervous.



Both are done preparing for the stadium, and as usual their singlets are transparent, no bra so their n**ples are out.

They're both part of the cheerleading club, and Megan is the head cheerleader.

"You won't believe what I saw last night" Latto said as he tied her sneakers laces, her body tattoos glossing sassily.

"The f**k is it?" Megan asked, getting her rose toy from where she dropped it last night.

It's still so sticky with her juice as she threw it in the drawer.

"Wolfie kissed Jarvis" Latto replied.

"You're kidding" Megan faced her with rolling eyes.

"He f*+*king did! Ain't gonna tell you lies this early morning" Latto snapped.

"He kissed the girl who got him arrested? Is that why he turned us down last night? We need to meet Collins" Megan said.



While everyone is busy preparing to go to the stadium, Jace is busy preparing to go to the workshop.

He packed everything needed into his black cross bag and started leaving.

"Dude, don't tell me you're out again. You didn't play last Saturday too" Craig said.

"I have an assignment so I'll pass. Ion feel like balling" he replied, chewing gum with his two hands in his pocket as he left the room.

"How did we all become friends with this weirdo?" Gabby said, and Craig laughed as they left the room together in their jerseys.

Nikki got a phonecall from the same person who called last night when he almost kissed Jarvis.

He switched off the phone this time and left for the stadium too.

He entered same time same time as Craig and Gabby, and he smiled when he saw Jarvis by the door.

It's like she has been waiting for him, and she gave him a tight hug immediately he came in.

He didn't hesitate to hug her back, stroking her hair. 

"You should avoid drinking from now on" he said, and she broke the hug to smile prettily.

"Maybe not, I got my first kiss while drunk so I'm gonna drink till I die" she said, and he frowned.

"First kiss?... Wow! That's...with who?" He said awkwardly, feeling his heart falling.

"What are you talking about? We kissed, you kissed me back and....you touched me and...we even used tongues, it was deep and... Nikki...

"I seriously don't get it, we never kissed, I saw you in the corner and took you out...

Jarvis's eyes widened immediately, and she stepped back from him...


"Wait!" She quickly said, trying to recollect as she held her head.

She closed her eyes, and the memories flooded back at once. Immediately she saw the face, he went totally insane.

"No... No no no it can't....

"Jarvis!" Nikki went closer again, but she started rushing out of the crowdy stadium before he could reach her.

She was pushing everyone out of her, and she already had tears in her eyes when she got out. 

She gave her precious first kiss to the person she hates most in the world, the worse case ever!



Jace was putting on his gloves in preparation for the assignment when Ashley came in with her bag.

They got paired again.

No words were exchanged as she dropped her bag on the table and brought out her uniform.

She took off her top without minding Jace's presence, and Jace didn't bother to raise his head to look at her till she was done changing.

"Where do we start from?" She asked, and the door opened roughly.

Jarvis barged in tearfully, looking so mad as she stormed towards them.

Jace dropped the sculpting knife with him and faced her direction.

She stopped in front of him and dazed his face with a loud slap which made Ashley gasp out.

"How dare you! You stole my first kiss like it's nothing? I hate you!!!" She yelled, and Jace rubbed the inside of his mouth with his tongue tip before looking at her.

"That was your first? I'd have done more than that if I knew it was"


"Yeah, anything to hurt you. And you kissed me! I was on my own when you crawled to my laps!" He shouted.

"Jerk!! You could have resisted!! I was drunk!!" She shouted back.

"Why would I resist? I must admit your lips are delicious" he smirked, and another slap landed on his face from her.

His cheek burned, and he was about to grab her and slam her when Ashley stepped in and pushed her back.

"Bounce off!" She scowled as Jarvis fell on a pile of ivory, hurting her wrist.

"I never said you could intervene" Jace faced Ashley, seemingly furious.


Ashley was cut off when Nikki came in.

"Jarvis!" He rushed to her, and when he saw her peeled wrist, he got pissed and stood to face Jace.

"I told you I won't stand and watch if she gets hurt again!" He yelled with angry eyes.

"It wasn't my fault" Jace replied, and Nikki grabbed his shirt with his right hand then he raised a punch to his face with his second hand.

Jace smirked evilly.

"C'mon punch me and I'm gonna kiss her again right now Nikki! She's gonna f**king cry and heaven will not fall!"


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