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I Hate You Jace - Episode 13&14




I Hate You Jace - Episode 13&14


By Naomi Cindy B.


"Option one, drop the bottle and run. Option two, wait for me, and I'm gonna force that liquid down your throats. Pick one" 

Jarvis's eyes opened slowly, and she was still shaking as the tall girl brought the bottle down.

She dropped it slowly and signalled for her minions to let go of Jarvis which they did immediately.

They left afterwards, leaving Jarvis to wonder what just happened.

She continued staying still, swallowing hard repeatedly as the shock started leaving her.

The opening of a car behind made her turn, and her eyes widened when she saw who her savior is.


He looks totally different, smiling as he shut his car door.

He dyed his hair deep blue, and the bruises on his face are gone. There's a lip ring on his lower lip corner, and there's another ring on his left brow. His earrings decreased tonight, just one hoop per ear but he still looks just as s+xy or even more.

He's wearing a ripped baggy Jean and a fitting white singlet, the pinkness of his lips standing out on his face even though it's night.

Jarvis got over her shock quickly and stood straight, facing him when he got to her.

She got a whiff of his scent immediately... MINT and SMOKE

He gave her a long look from her head to her toes before smiling naughtily.

"You look hot, I love your bum shorts, and your curves are s-xy" he said straight, and she blinked before scoffing.

"I know I'm hot and s+xy, I don't need you to tell me"

"I bet no one has told you that before. You blinked before replying, it's a fact" he replied smartly, and she looked him in the eye.

"So what are you trying to say? You want me to bow at your feet cos you called me s+xy? I'm not like the thousands of girls in here who're dying for your handsome face" she said, wanting to tear the smile on his face off.

"So you're admitting I'm handsome" he said with a bite on his lip, and she pushed his chest back, making him stagger.

"What the f*+*k is wrong with you? You abducted me last night and I almost got raped, but here you are pretending like nothing happened and trying to start a conversation with me!" She shouted angrily.

"You didn't get raped though, I wouldn't have allowed that and I didn't" he replied.

"Are you defending yourself now? Well it's useless cos once a jerk always a jerk! You don't deserve a mother like Brenda!" She shot at his face.

"Excuse me?" He frowned.

"She came to me and almost went on her knees in front of me all because of you, you don't deserve her" she said, and he smirked.

"Stop talking" he muttered.

"What? Are you gonna abduct me again? Many are praying for mothers like her but you ...

"I said stop!!!" He yelled, the veins on his neck coming out as he grabbed her roughly by the shoulders, slamming her back on Nikki's car.

Jarvis swallowed nothing as she looked at his face, and she saw nothing but anger and hatred as his eyes burned deep into her. He looks possessed right now.

"You know nothing about my f**king life so stop talking right now or I'm gonna have to make you stop by force! You want her? Then take her! I see you're hungry for a mother and it's obvious you didn't grow up with one so take her! You can have Brenda as your mother!" He spat at her face, making her swallow again.

"Jace!" Nikki's voice interrupted them, and he let go of her, facing him with a scowl.

"Get her out of here before I lose it" he muttered.

"What the hell happened?" Nikki asked.

"Let's go Nikki" Jarvis went to hold his hand, pulling him to the car.

Nikki gave Jace another look before finally getting in with her, zooming out of the hostel.

Jace remaining standing there, releasing heavy breaths as a thin line of sweat climbed down his face.

All he could see in his head right now is Brenda.... Jarvis brought back the memories by talking about her like that, and he badly needs a distraction but there's none.

"Wolfie?" Ashley's voice made him turn to see her all dressed for the party.

She couldn't conceal the lust in her eyes immediately she saw his new look, and she stopped on her tracks for a bit, staring senselessly at him.

Jace took that fleeting moment to recover, but it wasn't enough, he needs to get to the party as soon as possible.

He got in his car, and Ashley quickly rushed in with him.

"Let's go" she said, and he smiled a little before driving out of the hostel.

Ashley smiled happily, feeling so lucky to be in his for the second time today.

Since she went to the station to get him in the morning, it seems they got a little bit closer, and she couldn't ask for more.

She turned on the car radio, and pop music started barring loudly as he drove down the road.


"Jace didn't do anything, right?" Nikki asked as he drove.

"Huh? No he didn't" she said absentmindedly.

"Are you ok?" He asked, stopping the car to give her his full attention.

"He's got terrible anger issues, he slammed my back on this car when I talked about Brenda, I dunno..." She said.

"Slammed?" His eyes widened.

"I'm not wounded if that's what you're worried about" she quickly said.

"In anything you do, just avoid talking about Brenda anywhere around him" Nikki replied 

"But she seemed like a nice woman when she came to me though, she's...

"Jarvis" Nikki cut her off, and she smiled.

"I'm not the type to get curious, sorry I got carried away for a while, now let's come back to reality" she said.

"Better" he replied, taking her right hand.

"And I've been wanting to do this even before we left the hostel" he said, kissing her knuckles gently.

Jarvis blushed so hard immediately. If his lips are this soft on her hand, then how softer is it gonna be on her lips?

She really wants to have her first kiss with him and no one else.

She began fantasizing again, and her cheeks got redder and redder.

She didn't tell him about the acid, and she did not feel the need to tell him. It'd only get him worried and that's the last thing she wants right now.

She just wants to spend the remains of tonight with him in peace and have fun.

"What are you thinking about?" Nikki's gentle voice woke her from her thoughts.

"You" she replied flatly, and he smiled as she took his second hand.

She started playing with it, and he continued the drive with the other hand.

Another ten minutes brought them to the Rizz House, and Jarvis marvelled at the magnificence immediately.

Rizz House is for fun, but how could a fun place be so big and beautiful???

No single white light though, all the surrounding lights are red.

The house was already at crumbling limit cos of the ear-splitting music blarring from it, echoing on the ground and walls.

Jarvis suddenly saw Nicole at the park, but she's not alone.

She's with a man in suit whom Jarvis concluded to be her dad immediately, but what kind of dad takes her daughter to a Rizz House?

She said it earlier that her boyfriend is gonna bring her but that can't be her boyfriend, definitely.

"What are you looking at?" Nikki asked beside her, and she quickly faced him.

"Nothing in particular, let's go" she smiled, biting her bottom lip .

They stepped into the house together, and her eyes widened again at the crowd of students in. The dance floor is already full, but particularly, she saw Dorothy and Scarlett at a chug table, and they're currently drinking beer like water, obviously a competition.

Gabby, Craig, Ronnie and several other students are busy cheering them on, and Jarvis smiled excitedly.

"Ok I think this night is gonna be fun" she said, leaving Nikki's side immediately.

She rushed to the table and Dorothy screamed out when she saw her.

"Come here!" She hung her arm on her shoulder, giving her a cup of beer too.

Jarvis drank it all at a go and raised it up, making everyone scream.

"Ok what are you guys doing to the innocent girls?" Nikki asked.

"They needed the booze" Craig replied, and the a loud uproar happened on the dance floor when Jace came in with Ashley.

"F**k! What did he do? He looks hotter!" Megan said from the table she's sitting at with Latto and Collins.

Collins is currently crazy though, muttering trash as a result of the drugs he took.

"Threesome?" Latto winked, and Megan stood with her.

They walked to Jace and blocked him together.

Latto pushed Ashley away from him and Ashley fell.

"Threesome, you can't just come here looking hot like this without having a taste of us" Megan said, rubbing his chest.

Latto started caressing his jean, trying to get a hold of his pillar.

Jace smiled and took her hands away from himself.

"Tone it down tonight, I need distraction but I'll find it somewhere else" he said, walking out on them.

"Seriously?" Megan scoffed.

"Is it because of what happened last night? He has never rejected s+x?" Latto said.

Jace went straight to his friends and gave Craig a tight hug.

"Get off!" Craig shook him off, and he grinned.

"Thanks for the punches last night, I needed them"

"Motherf*+*ker" Craig muttered, and he faced Gabby.

They did a fist bump, and he stroked Nikki's hair.

"What's up with you tonight? You're smiling" Nikki said.

"I dunno, I'll be right back" Jace replied and his eyes met with Jarvis who's currently on the third cup of beer.

Jarvis turned her back on him and continued drinking, then he smiled and went upstairs.

"He's so complicated" Gabby smiled.

"But he's always the Jace we all know" Nikki replied.

"Where's Ronnie?" Craig said when he noticed his absence...



Ronnie came out for some air, and he had to undo his shirt buttons to take in as much as he wants.

He's not a smoker like Scarlett, but he has a bottle of alcohol which he's drinking from.

He brought out his phone when it buzzed in his pocket, and he smiled when he saw a text from Scarlett.

• Where are you?

He quickly typed a reply.

• At the balcony, I'll be right back.

He sent that and waited two more minutes before turning to leave, only to bump into Nicole who's just coming into the corridor.

"F*+*k! I'm sorry Ronnie!" She quickly said.

"It's fine Nicole, didn't know you're here too" he replied, and she was about to reply when her eyes went to his open chest.

Her lipstick stained it as a result of the bump, and she smiled.

"I'll see you around"

Ronnie smiled again before leaving the balcony, walking back into the party.

"Babe!" He pulled Scarlett to himself when he arrived, and she was about to give him a kiss when she saw the lipstick stain on his chest.

"You're unbelievable" she pushed him away angrily and started leaving.

"Scarlett!" He rushed after her immediately..



The dance was getting more and more heated in the dance floor, and those who don't have a partner yet are currently looking for theirs.

Craig dropped the cup of beer with him and started looking for Dorothy with his eyes, but he was surprised when he saw her sitting on a chair, her head on the table.

He walked to her and knocked on the table, making her wriggle.

"Is it morning already?" She mumbled.

"Hey, Dorothy" he called, and she raised her head slowly.

"Hmm! Craig" she smiled, palming her face cutely. Her cheeks are so red as a result of the excess beer.

"I thought you said you could handle the beer" he smiled, sitting in front of her.

"And i did! Look at me, I'm fine" she pouted, and he smiled again.

"You're heavily drunk, come let's get you out of here" he said, standing to help her up 

"I can't feel my legs" she muttered.

"And you're telling me you're not drunk? Silly" he said, picking her up in his arms.

He started taking her to the couches.


Jarvis and Nikki are alone in their own world in the dance floor, and judging by her red cheeks, she's drunk too.

Though she only chugged two cups, but her tolerance is so low.

She was dancing so wild in front of Nikki, and he was watching her with delight.

They say drunkenness brings out people's wild side, it's true after all.

Her hair was doing it's own dance on her head as she moved with the music, and she was smiling at him.

He's gonna admit that he's so damn attracted to this girl, but what if he can't speak out yet? He still has some things to sort out and he has to wait for the right time to spill it.

She turned her back on him and began rocking his body, but he stopped her, and she faced him back.

"Why? You don't like it?" She pouted drunkenly, her eyes so drowsy.

"Jarvis, i...

"Shhh" she placed a finger on his lips, and she smiled as he went silent.

Immediately her finger went away from his lips, she started leaning in, and Nikki understood what's next immediately.

He shifted his eyes to her lips and his throat moved hungrily.

Jarvis closed her eyes and was about to close the space between them when his phone rang.

"I'll take this" he quickly said, rushing out after getting the phone.

Jarvis stood in the middle of the floor for a while before moving her feet.

She started looking for him in the crowd of students.



Jace is currently hiding from girls who'll definitely offer their bodies.

He needs distraction, but not just s+x right now. He needs to smoke and that's why he's in his corner in front of a room.

He was about to lighten his joint when he sighted Jarvis climbing the stairs.

She's holding a cup of beer which she's drinking from despite the fact that she seems drunk.

Jace gave up on his joint and rested back on the chair, watching her till she got to him on her tippy toes.

She staggered when she tried to maintain her balance, and she almost fell but she didn't.

She drank the remaining beer in the cup and wiped the trickles on her lips before smiling at him.

"I finally found you Nikki" she said drunkenly.

"She lost her senses" Jace muttered, enjoying what's going on so much.

She's now seeing him as Nikki? Someone needs to tell her not to try drinking again.

"I think I've had a crush on you longer than i remembered. It started when i started reading Wet Kisses last year, and even though I didn't see your face, i fell in love with your creativity, and i decided to become a writer cos of you" she muttered, and Jace turned serious.

"When I saw online that you can't swim, I was so happy that I have one similarity with you cos honestly I can't swim too. We're both aquaphobic" she smiled, licking her lips.

"So... don't get mad at me if I can't control myself around you, I'm just a crazy girl in love... please understand" she smiled, coming closer.

"To show you how much i care about my feelings for you, I'm gonna give you a gift tonight at the count of three" she said and licked her lips again...

"1..." She mumbled.

"2..." She came closer.

"3..." She finished up, and her butt landed on his laps immediately.

Jace's eyes widened when she held his face and connected their lips.

She kissed him!


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