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I Hate You Jace - Episode 11&12




I Hate You Jace - Episode 11&12


By Naomi Cindy B.


She tightened the hug, and Nikki smiled too, closing his eyes on her shoulder.

She could stay this way forever, and it'd have lasted longer if Nikki didn't break it after a minute.

"So...are you really coming to the Rizz House tommorow?" He asked curiously.

"Is it cool there? What's it even about?" She asked, holding his right hand before knowing it.

She just wants to continue feeling him .

"Rizz parties happen every Friday, like an upgraded version of TGIF, and tommorow is Friday, It takes all night" he explained.

"All night? My Aunt warned me against parties and final year guys though" she replied.


"Oh...I stay with my aunt, lost my parents as a baby" she said.

"Sorry about that"

"It's fine, but about the party...

"You can stay back if you don't wanna come" he quickly said.

"No. I really wanna see what it looks like over there, you only live once yunno?" She replied, rubbing the back of his hand she's holding.

"So you're gonna disobey your aunt for the second time?" He smiled.

"Second time?"

"You said she warned you about final year guys, but here you are with me, and you said she warned you about parties too, but you just agreed to go to one tommorow" he said teasingly.

"Whatever" she chuckled, and he looked around the room.

"Do you wanna sit? I can make you cornflakes" she said.

"No. I don't like it" he replied, and she went into the kitchen where a really small freezer is.

She opened it and luckily found two sodas which she took out to him.

"Soda?" She raised the cans, and he smiled.




The guys took Dorothy in, and she wowed immediately she entered.

She was thinking their room is the widest, but this is even more wide and spacious.

There's a separate space for couches apart from the two beds, and there's a TV too, Xbox and a really big speaker for music.

Surprisingly, the room is so neat and smells like smoke obviously from Jace's joints

 Craig sprayed perfume in the air, and the smell of candy filled the room.

"Hmm! I'm in love with the smell" Dorothy inhaled the air.

"Nikki's spray" Craig confessed, and she laughed, falling on one of the couches.

"What do you wanna take?" Gabby asked.

"You guys still haven't told me why you brought me here and left my friend with Nikki" she rolled eyes.

"Obviously to give them time" Craig replied, settling beside her.

"Wait... Does Nikki.... like... Jarvis too?" Dorothy asked carefully.

"Too? Crazy pants likes Nikki?" Gabby asked.

"Isn't it obvious? She's head over heels and...

Dorothy covered her mouth immediately and blinked thrice, making Craig giggle.

"Oh no, I shouldn't have spilled that" she muttered.

"Say what you want to eat, you're not going back till Nikki comes back" Craig said.

"I lost appetite for my cornflakes" she replied, looking at the cup. The milk got cold already, thanks to the cold weather.

"Then?" Gabby asked.

"Noodles, I want noodles" she replied.

"Are you a kid? First cornflakes and now noodles? And I don't even wanna talk about how babyish and tacky your headband is" Craig said.

"Shut up" Dorothy rolled eyes.

"I'll go get the noodles, i think the hostel kitchen is still active" Gabby stood, walking out of the room.

"You guys are nicer than I thought, just that Jace is a...

"F*+*ker? Yeah he is, and he knows" Craig stood, putting on the TV before walking to the bed where he took off his shirt 

Dorothy quickly looked away, but she turned back slowly and stole glances at him.

He's got tattoo too, but only on his right chest, the tattoo of a sunflower, and it's beautiful, she admitted immediately.

She turned her face to the TV when he looked her way, and Craig smiled, grabbing his towel before walking into the bathroom in his pants.

Dorothy inhaled when Gabby finally came in with her noodles.



Nikki returned to the guys room some minutes ago, and it was Craig who escorted Dorothy back here.

"Goodnight Babyish" he said when they got to the door, and she shot him a deadly glare which made him laugh as she entered the room.

"Welcome back" Jarvis said from where she's sitting on her bed.

"How's it? Did you kiss him?" Dorothy asked.

"What! Kiss? What the... we only hugged and drank sodas" Jarvis said.

"I thought it went deeper. He's the coolest of the guys and he's nice" Dorothy replied, and Jarvis yawned.

"Shall we?" Dorothy asked.

"Please come here" Jarvis widened her arms, and Dorothy went to her.

They slept off together on Jarvis's bed.



"So how was it?" Craig asked when he came back.

Nikki is sitting on the couch, eyes on the TV while Gabby is into his phone.

"Nothing, what were you guys expecting? She's my junior and...

"Finish that statement and I'm gonna smack your f**king head. Tell me the number of girls you've talked to before she came. It was like you were repulsive to them and you were even rumoured to be gay last semester, but she came just yesterday and you're already spending time with her?" Gabby said.

"If you like her, go for her, and if you don't, don't you dare play with her.... Slow Poison" Craig said.

"Not again" Nikki threw his head back on the couch, and Gabby laughed.

"About Jace..." Nikki said.

"We'll get it settled tommorow, he needs the cell break tonight" Gabby replied.



Scarlett walked into the corridor hand in hand with a handsome dude, and they faced each other when they got to her door.

"So... I'll come pick you tonight for the party?" He said, brushing her hair back.

"I'll be waiting, and if you're free at 12 we can eat lunch together in campus" she replied.

"Sure, I love you" he said.

"More baby" she replied, and they kissed.

The door opened, revealing Jarvis and Dorothy.

"Aww!!" They chorused funnily, making them break the kiss.

"Babies!" Scarlett gasped, her cheeks turning red 

"Ronnie, meet my new roommates Jarvis and Dorothy. Girls, meet Ronnie by boyfriend" she introduced.

"He's so handsome" Dorothy remarked.

"I know, right? Nice to meet you" Jarvis said.

"Same here girls, please take care of my girl" he said sweetly.

"Aww!" Jarvis and Dorothy chorused again, and Scarlett began blushing.

"I'll see you later" Ronnie beamed before walking out of the block.

"How was the night at his place? Details!" Dorothy asked immediately Scarlett came in.

"You can't be serious" Scarlett laughed but it didn't last.

"I saw the gist at Rizz Hotspot last night, Jarvis are you ok? Wolfie really got arrested?" She asked.

"Rizz Hotspot?" Jarvis said in confusion.

"Oh...it's a group where we share hostel gists, I'll add you guys can't believe I forgot" Scarlett replied.

Jarvis took her time to explain everything, and Scarlett nodded at the end.

"Serves him right, but be careful, every girl in this hostel wants him so you have a lot of haters right now" Scarlett said.

"I don't care" Jarvis replied.

"And Nikki came here last night! He spent close to an hour alone with Jarvis" Dorothy said.

"Here? OMG gist me! Did he make a move?" Scarlett asked, and Nicole came in immediately.

Her hair is a mess and her makeup smeared, her heels are in her hand 

already, her bag on the other hand

"Gosh! I'm so tired! Hmm!!" She grunted, and the three kept quiet till she got to her bed and fell on it, sleeping off immediately.

"Rizz parties are Fridays and yesterday is Thursday, where did she go?" Dorothy muttered.



As the son of the owner of the hostel, Collins has a whole block to himself, and it's located at the end of the hostel.

He's still in bed with Megan and Latto on each side of him, both totally naked cos they hopped on a hot threesome last night.

A knock on the door woke him, and he grunted, lifting his head slightly.

"Who the hell?" He demanded, and the knock came again.

He left the bed, and a scowl appeared on his face when he saw Nikki Gabby and Craig by the door.

"Oh, avengers?" He laughed.

"Get Jace out of that place before 9" Nikki said.

"Is that a command?" Collins frowned.

"Aren't you his buddy? You were so jealous of our friendship last semester and tried to turn him against us severally but it didn't work. Now that he's in trouble maybe if you use your father's connection to get him out he might consider you" Gabby replied.

"I already contacted my dad since last night, he's gonna be released this morning. I'm not a useless buddy after all" Collins smiled.

"Good" Craig rolled eyes, leaving with the guys.

"D**ks!" Collins shot before going in.

Ashley came out of a corner in front of the apartment, and she started smiling as she walked away too.

She heard everything, and nothing is more soothing than hearing about Jace's release.



Jarvis's first class was 8-9, Prof. Marcus's class.

He loves morning classes a lot and she likes it that way.

The class is just ending, and she rushed to him before he could leave the class.

"Yes, Jarvis?" He smiled.

"You talked about Pride and Prejudice, and it's not in the school library, it's not in the hostel library too. They said they're out of it" she said.

"You can have mine, I'll drop it with my secretary. Come by my office by 12 to get it from her" he replied.

"Really? Thanks very much sir" She said happily.

"You're always welcome" he replied, walking out.

"He's too nice" Jarvis smiled, leaving the class too, but she stopped when a woman blocked her.

She'd have concluded that she's a lecturer, but she doesn't look like one. She's so stunning with her brown hair and eyes...

"Can I talk to you please?" She smiled.


Jarvis sat with the unknown woman at the bay, facing each other on a table with two coffee cups in their middle.

The woman smiled again. There's something about her eyes, it reminds her of someone and she couldn't pinpoint till she talked.

"I'm Brenda Braun, Jace's mum"


"I got the news of his arrest just this morning, and I begged earnestly for his release but the cops insisted I met you. They need your agreement before they'll let him go. I know he did something bad, he has always been that way but can you please let him go for my sake? Please..." Brenda shifted her chair back and made to kneel.

"No no no! Please don't!" Jarvis quickly held her back, and she started crying.

"It's my fault that he turned out this way, I'm really sorry about what he did to you so please..." She sniffed, wiping her tears.

"I'll give my agreement" Jarvis said softly.

She might hate Jace to the core, but still... This woman is a mother.

The fact that she didn't grow up with one made mothers one of her weaknesses, and she's not a softie but she's so full of pity for her right now.

How could such beautiful kind woman end up with a blockhead as a son?

She gave her agreement to the cops over the phone, and Brenda left after thanking countlessly.

She drove herself to the police station and surprisingly, she met Jace coming out already.

Thanks to Collin's dad's influence, he was released even before Jarvis's agreement came through.

"Jace" the woman smiled, unable to hide her happiness at the sight of him.

"Don't come close" Jace warned with much venom in his voice.

"I...I missed you, I do" Brenda said at the verge of tears, and he smirked his usual one...

"That feels like needles in my ears, stop talking please, I don't wanna lose control here" he said.

"I made you this way, but if you give me a chance...

"You only need to die, then maybe I can throw your chance on your grave" he replied spitefully, and his Maybach drove in with Ashley as the driver.

"Hop in!" She smiled, shifting away from the driver's seat.

He got in and drove away roughly, leaving Brenda standing.

She rested on her car and started crying again.

"Just one chance Jace, one chance" 



The girls are currently getting themselves the needed hots for the party.

Everyone including Nicole is dressing for Rizz House.

Jarvis settled for bum shorts and a simple top with a small opening at the back.

Thankfully it's not snowing tonight, the temperature came down so it's safe to dress lightly.

She went for black sneakers this time, and thankfully it goes with the dress.

 She applied a little layer of eyeliner, a sprinkle of powder and three choker necklaces on her neck.

She was wearing her earrings as she faced the others.

They're all done already, just waiting for her.

"Don't ask, you look hot" Scarlett winked. She's in a slim gown and really tall heels, same as Nicole, but Dorothy is wearing a free floral gown, though it's short and cute.

"I'm good to go?" Jarvis asked.

"Mhua!" Dorothy blew her a kiss, and she laughed.

A knock sounded on the door, and Craig came in after Scarlett answered.

"Oh wow! Isn't this room too hot for me to enter? You girls are s*xy!" He remarked immediately.

"Well except one for person who still looks like a baby doll for a party" he continued, and Dorothy gave him a stinging side eye.

"Ronnie is already waiting, I'll meet you guys at the party" Scarlett said, rushing out.

She met Gabby by the door, and they mistakenly bumped.

Thanks to his quick hold on her waist, she didn't fall, and their eyes met 

"You good?" He asked.

"Yeah, thanks Gab" she smiled, and he let go of her. 

She walked out, and he couldn't take his eyes off her throughout.

"My boyfriend is gonna give me a ride too, we meet at the party" Nicole did the same.

"Boyfriend? She's full of surprises" Dorothy muttered.

"Let's go baby doll!" Craig pulled her out, and Gabby joined them, so it's only Jarvis left in the room.

Nikki came in last, and she definitely noticed the glint in his eyes when he saw her outfit.

"Hey" she smiled nervously, suddenly feeling heat.

Ok they say you get extremely nervous in front of your crush, it's happening.

"You look ... good" he said, and she gave her lip a bite.

She was expecting spicy words like HOT or S£XY, but maybe he's not the type to give such compliments, so she's fine with it.

"Shall we?" He tendered an hand, and she placed hers on it.

She could feel crazy currents flooding her body as they walked down the corridor, thanks to his soft hold on her.

His palms are so soft that she wants to take it and kiss it.

She was still thinking about it when he suddenly stopped.

"Can you wait at the park for me? I think I forgot my car keys" he said.

"Sure, don't take long" she replied, and he left hurriedly while she started walking to the almost empty park.

All cars are out cos 99 percent of students are at the party already.

She got to Nikki's sports car and was about to drop her bag on the trunk when two strong arms grabbed her from behind.

"What the f**k!" She struggled, but the hold on her doubled up. More arms grabbed her to hold her in place, and she couldn't move.

"Who are you guys? Let go already!" She struggled again, and their leader came to the front...

She's a tall blonde girl who looks so hateful, and she's carrying a open bottle with her.

There's plain liquid inside it, and flames is oozing out of it.

Jarvis might not be a science student, but she has a brain functioning enough to tell her what it is.


"No" she shook her head fearfully and tried to break free again 

"It's useless, five strong girls are holding you so quit trying. You'll pay for getting our Wolfie arrested, you need to be taught a lesson" their leader said from the front, and Jarvis's eyes widened as she raised the bottle to her face.

"No!!!" she screamed horrifically, expecting the hellish burn and face destruction...

"Freeze!" A voice said from inside one of the cars, and the leader's hand stopped midair.

She really froze, and her five minions behind Jarvis exchanged glances.

"You all have two options" the voice said, sounding nearer this time before talking again.

"Option one, drop the bottle and run. Option two, wait there for me, and I'm gonna force that liquid down your throats. Pick one"


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