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I Hate You Jace - Episode 1&2



I Hate You Jace - Episode 1&2


By Naomi Cindy B.




It's a really cold winter morning, the atmosphere is literally freezing as Jarvis pushed her window open. 

A big smile appeared on her round face when she beheld a new day.

She rested her arms on the window frame, her hair half-scattered accros her pretty morning face.

"Hmm!" she pouted, stretching lazily, but it was interrupted when her phone suddenly dinged in bed.

Her eyes widened, and she slammed the window shut before rushing back to the bed, jumping on it to grab the phone.

She hissed out in disappointment when she saw it's a WhatsApp group message, not what she was expecting.

"Why is my acceptance letter not coming? The school resumed since a week ago but I'm still here! Today is the last day of admission!" She ranted, jumping down the bed.

"Now if I don't get admission this year, I'm gonna toss myself into any available garbage truck!" She ranted on, walking to her small book shelf.

She's an insane lover of books, and that's why she's gonna be studying English at Finley college, but now her admission is taking time.

If she doesn't get the letter today then it's over.

 She'd have to take entrance exam into another college which she's not even ready to do.

She really needs to go to Finley not only because of studying, but because the writer of her favorite book is a final year English student there.

She pulled out the purple book from her shelf and kissed it with a big smile on her face.

'Wet Kisses' by Nikki Ronald.

She has read it countless times, but each time feels new, she can never get tired of it.

She opened to the middle page and was reading her favorite scene as she walked into the bathroom.

She glued the book to the wall and pressed toothpaste on her toothbrush.

She was brushing and doing slow dance moves, reading at the same time, feeling so ecstatic.

The dance got crazier each minute even though there's no music.

The chiming of her phone from the bedroom made her eyes pop.

"My acceptance letter!" She gasped, rushing to the bedroom with the toothbrush in her mouth.

She grabbed her phone from the bed but cursed under her breath when she saw it's another WhatsApp group message.

"Now I'm convinced that my browser is problematic! Aunt Caroline!" She shouted, leaving the room with the brush still stuck in her mouth.

The smell of eggs and bacon hung in the air as she entered the kitchen, there she met her Aunt Caroline cooking breakfast.

She lost her parents at a tender age, and since then she has been staying with her aunt, though she's not rich, but they're living comfortably.

"The acceptance letter finally came?" The woman asked, facing her.

"Goodmorning Aunt!" She hugged her, and Caroline kissed her brown hair before letting go.

"Please tell me the letter is here" she said, and Jarvis finally removed the toothbrush before sighing out.

"I'm gonna have to visit the internet cafe and log in over there, I think my browser is misbehaving"

"Maybe?" Aunt Caroline stroked her hair fondly.

"It's definitely malfunctioning,. I'm gonna go take a warm bath and be on my way" she replied, rushing back in.

It only took fifteen minutes before she rushed out again, fully dressed for the cafe journey.

A skintight jean, more than three thick tops and a pullover then a big beanie cap which covered her ears, and black boots.

"Bye aunt!" She hollered, walking out of the house.

"Wait!" Aunt Caroline rushed out of the kitchen with a plate of waffles.

Jarvis opened her mouth wide as she shoved one inside which she was chewing as she rushed out of the house.

"Give me a call!" Caroline shouted after her.

"Sure!" She shouted back.



The school resumed since a week ago, and as expected, the hostel is so full of students already, especially freshmen.

They're everywhere, dragging their bags around the hostel looking for their rooms.

Students who aren't lucky enough to get the school hostel come here... Rizz hostel is f**king wide.

A brand new Maybach suddenly drove into the biggest parking lot in the hostel, and it took a minute before the hot driver came out.

There's a really naughty smirk on his face and a thin stick of joint between his pink lips which he's blowing smokes from.

He's wearing a white shirt, but his dark tattoos are visible from under the shirt, and the ones on his arm are glaring dangerously.

He's has hoop earrings on both ears, and he has rings on all his left fingers. He looks too wild as he rested on his car body, smoking without any care.

As usual, he got deep stares from girls, and the smirk on his lips grew thicker.

He's Jace anyways, the School Psycho, Popular Wolfie.

"Jace!" A familiar voice called ahead of him, and he raised his brows to see his two main chics approaching him.

Latto and Megan, the hostel biggest  b**ches who're final year students like him.

They both have nose rings on, and just like him, they're full of tats.

"Didn't know you resumed already" Latto smiled, taking his joint from his lips before kissing him.

"Well here I am" he replied after the kiss, and Latto laughed, taking a puff from the stick before returning it to his lips 

"Hey, Meg" Jace winked at the second one.

"I got something new, you might wanna see" Megan winked back, taking off her top right there.

She's not wearing a bra, so immediately she pulled her singlet down, her b**bs fell out.

There are new expensive clamps on both n**ples.

"Like what you see?" Megan smiled, moving closer so he could touch.

"F**k, that's ... s*xy" he smiled, touching the br*asts.

"Ohh" Megan moaned openly

"New ride? A friggin Maybach!" Latto suddenly squealed when she noticed the new car.

"Then we have a celebration to do tonight. Threesome in your room?" Megan said, putting on her top.

Jace replied with a nod, and the girls gave him kisses on both cheeks before leaving.

A new student bumped into Megan, and before she could say sorry, she gave her a push and the poor girl fell with her bag.

"This is why I hate freshmen, they're always blind!" Latto sneered.


Jace's friends came out eventually, and he grinned when he saw the shocked looks on their faces.

"Damn! Dude just got a Maybach!" Gabby shouted.

"Gee! I'm proud of you Wolfie!" Craig roughed Jace's hair.

"Get off" Jace hit his hand away.

"We need champagne before going for a ride" Gabby said.

"I got that" Nikki's voice said behind, joining them with a bottle of champagne and his book in his second hand. He's the slightly gentle one.

"Thanks, Slow Poison!" Craig said as he took the bottle from him.

"Stop calling me that, Craig" Nikki replied.

"Slow Poison" Jace called knowingly to anger him.

"Stop it, ok?" Nikki said calmly, and Jace smiled slightly before puffing on his smoke.

For an unknown reason, Nikki is his favorite of all his friends, even though they rarely talk.

Nikki is not the talkative type like Gabby and Craig.

Gabby popped the champagne, wetting the car with it as Craig's mad screams filled the park.

"More keys gee!" Gabby said.

"And more p*ssies to f**k inside!" Craig added, and Jace chuckled as he got himself another roll of joint.

"You've smoked enough for today" Nikki took it from him.

"Stop overreacting, this is just the sixth stick" Jace snatched the joint back from him.

"Whooa!! Let's go for the ride!" Gabby said, breaking the champagne bottle.

"I'm driving'" Nikki said.

"No I am" Jace replied.

"You're high, Jace" Nikki said.

"I'm driving, dude" Jace insisted firmly.

"No qualms, if we die then we go to hell together" Craig grinned, entering the backseat with Gabby.

Nikki sat beside the driver's seat in the front, and Jace was about to get in too when his phone rang.

He fished it out of his denim pocket, and his expression hardened when he saw "Brenda" on the caller ID.

He swiped red and switched off the phone, getting in the car to drive them out.



Jarvis arrived five minutes ago, and she booked a session already 

She's currently sitting in front of her system, about to log into her portal.

She closed her eyes and clasped her hands, muttering a silent prayer.

She took a deep breath and typed her login details.

She held her breath as she scrolled down, and her eyes widened when she suddenly saw something.

She scrolled back up, and she gasped.

Her acceptance letter! It has been there since five days ago!

"Yes!!!!!! Jarvis Dobrev you made it!!!" She screamed, jumping on her seat without minding the others.

Another girl suddenly screamed out too just beside her.


Jarvis turned and saw her screen

An acceptance letter from Finley College is right there too.

"Finley too?" She asked.

" You too?" The girl faced her.

"Yes!!" Jarvis jumped.

"Yayy!!!" They both hugged, jumping on a spot till the operators drove them out for making too much noise.

"I'm Dorothy Williams by the way. I lost my parents last year and I'm currently staying with my uncle who works as a bank accountant. I'm gonna be studying Computer Science in Finley cos I'm so in love with computers! " The girl said once they were out.

Jarvis blinked once, staring at her. No need of a soothsayer, Dorothy is a talkative.

"Well...I'm Jarvis Dobrev, I lost my parents since I was a baby, and I stay with my Aunt who works at a supermarket. I'm gonna be studying...

"English!" Dorothy cut her off.

"How did you know?" 

"Maybe because I saw a copy of Wet Kisses in your bag" Dorothy smiled, and Jarvis looked at her cross bag.

The novel is really showing.

"You're obviously a fan of Nikki Ronald. I'm not really a fan but I read Wet Kisses too and it's such a bae! I love Ares and Nina so much!" Dorothy gushed.

Ares and Nina are the leads of the novel.

"You can't love them more than me" Jarvis said simply.

"I won't deny that, you're obviously a die-hard fan" Dorothy laughed.

Jarvis's eyes brightened when she saw a passing woman who's carrying a white cat...

"You like cats?" Dorothy said.

"I love them! You're so observative" Jarvis replied.

 Dorothy suddenly sighted a coffee shop across the road.

"Wait here, i'll get us warm coffee!" She said and made to cross the road, but she had to retract her steps when she almost got hit by a speeding car.

She fell on the road, hurting her knees despise her jean pants.

"Dorothy!" Jarvis rushed to her, and her eyes popped when she saw she wounded her knees.

"I'm fine" Dorothy said.

"No you're not" Jarvis shook her head, helping her up.

Wet Kisses fell from her bag, but she didn't notice.

"Gawd, I'm so sorry" a really cool voice said beside them, and they both turned to see a hot dude who looks really sorry.

Jarvis swallowed her words, his handsomeness choking her as she stared, and surprisingly, he stared back.

"Are you ok?" His words brought her back.

"I'm good" Dorothy replied"

"Nikki is she ok?" Two other guys came down from the car, and Nikki stood straight.

"She's got wounds on her knees" Nikki replied.

"Gawd, why are they all so handsome?" Dorothy muttered.

"I knew this would happen, that's why I told Jace to let me drive" Nikki said.

"We all know Wolfie only listens to himself" Gabby shrugged, and Jarvis raised her brows.

"Wait...you guys aren't the ones who drove the car?" She asked, and that instant, Jace came out of the car.

He's on the eighth joint, and he's not even looking at them as he rested on the car body, smoking away.

"Motherf**ker" Jarvis muttered and started walking to him.

"This won't end well" Gabby smiled.

"But is it only me? Her b**bs are really big" Craig muttered.

"You're crazy" Gabby chuckled.

Nikki picked the fallen Wet Kisses and smiled slightly as he stared at the cover.

"I know you're a unremorseful mad man, but you almost killed my friend!" Jarvis fired when she got to the smoker.

"She's not dead though" Jace replied without sparing her a glance.


He brought out his wallet and got dollars which he pointed at her.

"For the damages" he said with a degrading look.

Jarvis took the notes from him and tore them to bits then poured it on his face.

"Ouch! I'm getting her number before we leave this place" Craig said.

"Now that I'm really looking at it, she's got really suckable b**bs" Gabby replied, and they both chuckled.

Nikki was still staring at the book with him. He opened the front page and saw her name. Jarvis Dobrev.

"I should have known you're a jerk, sick psycho" Jarvis shot at Jace's face and turned to leave, but Jace knowingly placed his leg on the way.

She stumbled on it and fell, hurting her knees.

"Ah!" She moaned painfully.

"That turned me on" Jace smirked, looking down at her.

"How dare you!!" Dorothy shouted, grabbing a stone angrily.

She walked to the car and was about to throw it when she saw it's brand new Maybach.

Even if she sells her organs, she won't be able to afford it.

Her hand went down, and Jace smirked tauntingly.

"My mum warned me against fights today, so I'm just gonna let this slide. Let's go Jarvis" she said and dropped the stone.

Surprisingly, Jarvis stood and walked to her, picked the stone and looked at Jace's annoying face.

She's not the crazy type, but jerks like him trigger her.

She threw the stone at the front window, and Jace's smirk disappeared as it cracked.

"Jarvis!" Dorothy gasped.

Nikki looked up from the book, and his eyes widened a bit when he saw the cracked window.

"Jace: 2, Crazy pants: 10" Craig laughed.

"Crazy pants indeed" Gabby grinned too.

"Are you insane or something?" Jace demanded lividly, storming to her.

He grabbed her by the collar with his two hands, and her three layers of blouse lifted from her tummy, revealing her bellybutton.

Nikki looked away immediately...

"Wolfie!" Craig called, but he wasn't listening.

"Now what are you gonna do about my f**king car?" He demanded, his breath reeking of mint and smoke as it hit her face.

"Trash it" Jarvis muttered, cursing him with a mean smile.

"Say that again" Jace's eyes darkened, his hold tightening on her collar.

"Trash it, and don't forget to trash yourself too cos you're the principal trash" she replied boldly, and he was about to talk again when she gathered saliva from the back of her throat.

His eyes flickered, and before he could let go of her, she spit it out to his face.

The saliva landed on his right brow, slipping down his eye...

"Crap!" Gabby and Craig chorused.

"Let me go, else the next one is going into your mouth" Jarvis muttered daringly.


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