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Exclusively Yours - Episode 8



Exclusively Yours - Episode 8

Subtitle; {Please, Love Me}


Olivia's POV

I smile at my reflection in the mirror, nodding my head in satisfaction as I admire my choice of clothing. I have paired an off-shoulder mint blue blouse with a matching floral skirt that stops just above my knees. To complete the look, I slip on a pair of black ankle boots.

I raise my hand to sweep my hair into a ponytail, but then I remember what Riccardo told me in his office. His voice still lingers in my mind, "I like your hair up, wear it like that more often."

Like héll I will!

I refuse to be dictated by anyone, especially someone that I hàte.

After contemplating a hairstyle that doesn't involve putting my hair up, I decide to take some strands loose on both sides of my head. I clip them back with a mint blue bow, adding a touch of fairytale princess aesthetic. Picking up a lipgloss from my container, I apply it to my lips.

Yes, I am finally ready.

Although I déspise him, I won't dress any less than usual when meeting him. I am a Donovan, and we carry ourselves with pride and elegance.

As I step out of my apartment complex, I glance left and right, searching for the ride that Riccardo said would be waiting for me when I am ready. 

I am prepared now, yet I don't see any sign of a ride.

Suddenly, a car pulls up in front of me, and the driver rushes to open the door for me. I raise an eyebrow at him, feeling a mix of surprise and embarrassment. 

Does he really think I can't open the door on my own? Or perhaps that creépy bastàrd instructed him to do so.

I take a moment to observe the car. It is an SUV, the color resembling fog–twilight fog, to be specific. 

PSYÇH RUNAWAY: Get in, I'm waiting.

Who cares if he's waiting? He can wait forever for all I care.

ME: If you think that's reassuring, think again.

PSYÇH RUNAWAY: Sunshine, get in the car and don't make me mad. You wouldn't like the sight.

I roll my eyes and reluctantly enter the car as the driver closes the door. As much as I want to resent the car, I find it impossible. The soft leather seats are welcoming, and a pleasant, post-rain smell fills the air.

A smile graces my lips when I catch the driver looking at me through the rearview mirror. "Hi. I'm Olivia. And you?"


"How long have you been working for Riccardo?" I force my tongue to speak his name.


I try to lighten the atmosphere by laughing. "Wow, you really know how to give someone the silent treatment."


Why won't he talk?

Can't he talk? 

No, I'm sure that jérk must have instructed him not to speak to me. He is capable of anything.

"You know, it's rude to not reply when someone is talking to you, right?"

"It's also rude to keep talking without pause, ma'am." He bites back.

A gasp escapes my mouth, shocked by his comeback. Not only did he indirectly call me a parrot, but he also called me "ma'am" in a tone that clearly indicates he is insúlting me.

I narrow my eyes at him, and he diverts his full attention to the road. 

"Take that back right now."


"I said, take it back."

"And I said, no."

I continue to glare at him, and he returns the stare.

I prefer it when he's not talking.

If he wants war, I'll give him war.

The rest of the ride to God-knows-where is quiet and seemingly endless. I begin to wonder if he's truly the driver supposed to pick me up or a psychopàth out for blòod until he finally comes to a stop.

Naturally, I wouldn't need any help opening the door, but I deliberately wait for him to come around and open it. I want to show him I'm the one in charge. He opens the door, and I offer him the sweetest smile I can muster before stepping out.

Paníc, féar, and anxiety wash over me as I take in my surroundings. The place he dropped me off is literally in the middle of nowhere. Before I can even consider turning back, he speeds away, leaving me stranded.

I inhale and exhale as many times as possible, trying to calm my racing heart. The moon and stars are the only sources of light in this desolate place. If I were to move any further, I would be entering the ominous woods.

To say I am scaréd would be a major understatement. I am beyond scaréd; I am petrifíed and on high alert as I hear something rustling nearby.

I want to stay put, to turn back and find my way, but my legs have other plans. Against my will, they take slow and cautious steps towards the dark and eerie woods that seem anything but welcoming.

The trees loom tall and powerful, the air growing more tóxic with each step. I hold my breath, gripping the handle of my handbag tightly as if it could protect me from any hàrm.

All my senses are heightened in apprehension. I can hear the loud pounding of my heart and every little sound the woods produce. Crickets, owls, ravens, crows, and all sorts of nocturnal animals sing a spooky song, intensifying my feàr.






The footsteps draw nearer, growing louder. Whoever this person is, they seem to revel in my horrór, taking pleasure in my féar.






A hand wraps around my waist, and a head rests on my shoulder. I let out a shrill scream that fills the air, quickly followed by the person's laughter.

That laugh.

Why do I recognize it?

I inhale and exhale, catching a whiff of the woodsy and rain scent in the air. I turn around, shoving my hand into the person's chest and delivering a slap across his face.

"What the héck is wrong with you, Riccardo?!" I yell, glaring at him with pure fúry. 

In the moonlight, I see his sinister smirk. "Hello, Sunshine."

TBC 📖✍️
I swear, he actually scares me, but he calls her sunshine, so I forgive him 🤭🤭

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