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Exclusively Yours - Episode 5



Exclusively Yours - Episode 5

Subtitle; {Please, Love Me}


Olivia's POV

I took two deep breaths, then gathered my hair into a loose ponytail, securing it with the scrunchie on my wrist. 

Another sigh escapes my mouth as I stare at my reflection in the mirror. I feel exhausted, feeble, and famished, all while having the inexplicable urge to jump out the window. It's a tempting thought, but tossing him out the window shouldn't even be considered.

Taking one last deep breath, I exit the bathroom and am met with a startled gasp as I see him standing just outside the door. He leans against the wall with folded hands, wearing a bored expression that changes upon noticing me.

"Are you alright?" His concerned voice unnerves me, leaving me momentarily speechless. "Are the clothes satisfactory? Should I get you another set? Do you..."

"I'm fine," I respond, interrupting his barrage of questions. "Can we talk now?"

His black orbs scan my face, searching for any signs of discomfort, but fortunately, find none. "Certainly, have a seat."

I sit down on the sofa, crossing my legs out of habit. Our gazes lock as he takes a seat across from me at the table.

"Yes?" he prompts, encouraging our conversation, but I don't even know where to begin.

"Hmm," I begin, pursing my lips, trying to come up with a good topic for discussion. Based on his expression, it seems like he has all day to wait for me. "If I agree to marry you, will you return the bakery to my aunt?"

"Yes," he replies steadfastly.

"And how can I be certain of that?"

"I never go back on my word," Riccardo answers, his tone reflecting his rich and refined background.

"Why do you want me to marry you?" The question escapes my lips before I can properly form it. "I mean, why me? Out of all the women in the world, why do you choose to 'love' me?"

He shrugs his broad shoulders, almost bulging out of his shirt. "I don't know, maybe because you're special or maybe because you're different. I can't explain why I'm drawn to you, but I am."

How did I end up in this mess?

"What if, one day after we're married, you stop 'loving' me? What then?"

A small smile plays on the corner of his lips as he shakes his head. "I don't believe that will happen."

How can he be so sure?

"I'm one hundred and one percent certain that we will last forever."


"I don't love you."

"You will, soon."

"No, I won't."

"Don't be so sure, Sunshine."

"Not even cupid can make me love you," I snap, to which he merely smirks.

"Don't worry, baby," he murmurs in a low, deep, and calm voice. "It's only for seven hundred and thirty-one days."

Wait, what?

"Sunshine, it's a contractual marriage between us."

"Seven hundred and thirty-one days?" I ask, quickly calculating in my head. "Why not just say two years?"

He shakes his head again. "My way seems longer."

"Whatever," I roll my eyes. "So, the contract is for two years only?"

He nods.

"Nothing less, nothing more?"

Another nod.

I hmm thoughtfully, weighing the pros and cons of marrying this maniac for two years. Letting out another heavy sigh, I look up at him to find him already staring down at me. We're only a few inches apart, considering he's seated right in front of me on the table. Our eyes meet briefly, and I quickly look away.

"So, what's your answer?" he asks, rising from the table, and I release a breath I didn't know I was holding. His hand stretches out to me, and I glance at his palm before meeting his gaze. "Will you marry me, Olivia?"

Do I even have a choice?

Slowly, I let my hand meet his, our palms brushing against each other as mine rests on his. "Yes."

"Yes what?" he presses.

Suppressing the urge to roll my eyes, I respond, "Yes, I will marry you."

"Good!" Riccardo exclaims with a wide, almost infectious grin, revealing his dimples. "You've made the right choice."

"Of course." Even a blind person could see the sarcasm and fake smile on my face. "Where's the contract?"

His smile remains unwavering as he retrieves something from his desk. Returning to me, I see that it's the contract, already prepared and waiting for our signatures.

Surprised that he had the contract ready even before I agreed to this charade, I look at him intently. "You can review it and let me know what you don't like. Any changes will be made immediately."

"If you think that's comforting in any way, Mr. Torrence, you're sorely mistaken."

He smirks. "Is that so, Mrs. Torrence?"

An embarrassing hiccup escapes my mouth, and I instinctively cover it, ignoring his persistent gaze as I start reading through the contract.

• Party A is allowed to kiss Party B if the situation calls for it in public.
• Party B officially belongs to Party A after signing the contract until its end, and cannot engage in any romantic relationships outside of the marriage.
• Party B has equal rights over Party A in private and public settings.
• Although this is a contractual marriage, Party A and Party B will make every effort to make it work.
• Party A has the right to use endearing names for Party B.
• Party B is legally married to Party A and can request anything except a divorce.
• Under no circumstances will Party A force Party B into any uncomfortable situation.
• If any circumstances arise that may lead to an early divorce, Party A will not sign the papers.

I sigh, roll my eyes, and hiss as I read each word on the paper. "Pen?" He places a pen on the table, and I take it without glancing at him.

With one final sigh, I ink my signature onto the contract, committing two precious years of my life to this unfortunately handsome lunatic.


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