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Exclusively Yours - Episode 19



Exclusively Yours - Episode 19

Subtitle; {Please, Love Me}

           ✿⁠✿✿⁠✿✿⁠✿✿⁠✿✿⁠✿✿⁠✿                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Olivia's POV 

I can't stress enough how much I hàte Riccardo right now. He promised to be here, but he isn’t, and I knew I shouldn't have believed him in the first place. Of course, he would leave me to deal with the entire lié.

Just when I'm about to snap, he comes waltzing in like some sort of prince charming, with his irresistibly dimpled smile aimed solely at me. I can tell because his eyes immediately lock onto mine before he smiles.

"I hope you guys aren't bothering her?" he says as he sits down beside me. His hand snakes around my waist and I freeze momentarily, then unfreeze and look at him, only to be met with an innocent smile.

He is anything but innocent.

Riccardo is a dévil in disguise as a human.

As much as I háte to admit it, he has an effect on me. His words and his touches seem to have a sinfúl impact on me, and I hàte it. Whenever he touches me, a fíre lights up inside my body, and instead of wanting to extinguish the flames, I find myself wanting more of his touch.

His words are electrifying. His touches are breathtaking, quite literally. I feel my face start to heat up as he strokes his finger back and forth on my waist in a rather sensual manner.

The friction becomes unbearably suffocatiñg, and I struggle to breathe. I part my lips slightly, looking at him and silently telling him to stop, but he feigns cluelessness.

"Excuse me," I stand up, halting everyone's conversation. "Where is the bathroom, please?"

"I'll take you," Nicole offers.

"No, don't worry. I'll take her," Riccardo interlaces our fingers in a firm grip, not allowing me to let go.

No words are spoken as he leads me to the bathroom. He even takes me up the stairs, and I start to wonder if he's actually taking me to the bathroom or somewhere else.

With his other hand, he presses on a doorknob and pushes open the door. I look at him and then back at the dark room.

"There's no monstér in there," Riccardo chuckles.

"I know that because the monstér is standing before me," I retort.


I roll my eyes and enter the dark room, with him following right behind me. I stand still, waiting for him to turn on the light, and when he does, I realize we're in his room. I didn't get a chance to look around before my back hits the wall and his hands wrap around my waist.

"Riccardo, let go," I try to squirm out of his grip, but it's a feeble attempt as his hold on me is always firm. "I'll scream if you don't let go."

"Go ahead," he challenges.

I raise my eyebrows, surprised that he isn't scared by the threàt of his parents intervening.

"Have I told you that you look exceptionally beautiful today?"

"Don't flatter me. You're not going to bribé me with that. You weren't there. Why weren't you there with me like you promised?"

"I got caught up with my dad. I'm sorry, truly."

"That doesn't justify you not being there with me. You're the mastermind of this facade, so stick to the damnéd plan," I snap, my anger boiling.

He winces and steps closer, closing the small gap between our bodies. "Language, sunshine."

What is he, a five-year-old?

A mocking scoff escapes my mouth as I tilt my head defiantly. "What did I say about telling me what to do, say, or wear?" I pause for a second, glaring at him. "I'll say whatever the héll I want to say, and you won't do a dàmn thing about it. You don't own me."

For a second, his face is unreadable. He nods his head once, his eyes becoming a shade darker, and a maniacal smirk tugs at his lips. "You're forgetting something. I actually own you for 731 days, so I suggest you stop acting like a bràt."

A bràt?!

If anyone is a bràt here, it's him.

"I haté you."

"I love you too."

"I said I haté you."

"And I said I love you too."

I sigh, closing my eyes briefly to calm my rising nerves and anger. When I open them again, they lock with Riccardo's eyes.

"Good girl," his voice deepens, rough and rich, igniting a flame inside me. My body squirms on its own, not to get out of his grip but to be closer to his warm body.

It only takes him two seconds to notice my reaction, and I try to look away from his intoxicating eyes, but he releases only one hand from my waist to hold my head in place.

Riccardo tilts his head and brushes some strands of my hair behind my ear. He lets his finger linger around my ear, and I feel my oxygen leaving me. "Do you like it when I call you a good girl? Does my sunshine like getting praised by me? When I call you a good girl, does it have an effect on you? Does it make your body hot? Does it leave you breathless? Does it?" He waits for a second, or maybe two, before he slowly, oh so slowly, lowers his head to my neck and breathes me in. "Does my sunshine have a praise kink?"

I don't.

Do I?

My eyelids flutter as he takes the hair resting on my shoulder and moves it to the back with a swift motion. His hand that remains on my waist starts to move up and down, and his breath fans my neck.

I can't breathe.

My mouth drops open, searching for any spare oxygen in the room, but it seems far from reach. Riccardo pulls back from my neck and trails his thumb gently on my bottom lip. His eyes are hooded with lúst and immense hunger.

"God, you're so perfect," he mutters more to himself than to me.

The firé burñs inside my body, consuming me whole. His warm and hard body presses me against the cold wall, and his hands stroke my waist and face possessively as if he's claiming me.

I gasp when his lips brush against mine, and he does it again and again, just barely touching his lips to mine.


My words are cut off when he clasps his lips onto mine. He lets his lips linger for the briefest of seconds before tilting his head to deepen the kiss. 

I should refuse.

I should push him away.

I should slàp him, but I can't.

My eyes close, and I melt into his kiss. When I let out a small moan, he delves deeper, pushing his tongue into my mouth and tangling it with mine. He grunts, pressing further into the wall as his mouth battles mine in a passionate clash.

Riccardo sucks, nibbles, bites, and devours my lips like it's his last meal. Grunt after grunt, moan after moan are swallowed in the passionate exchange. His hand tilts my head gently as he intertwines our tongues in a fíght that I wasn't even keen on partaking in at first.

He tastes minty and sweet with a hint of alcohol. He keeps swallowing every sound I make, and I swallow his grunts. I sweàr he spins us around, and my back hits the soft surface of a bed. He climbs over me, not breaking the kiss.

My hands wrap around his neck as I tilt my head in the kiss, or rather, the makeout session. His hand travels from my waist to around my body, heating me up more than necessary.

I can't breathe.

I literally can't breathe.

I tap him to break the kiss before I suffocate from lack of air. "Riccardo..." I manage to say, pushing him an inch away from my mouth. "I can't breathe."

His heavy breath reaches my face, and I close my eyes, trying to regulate my own breathing. His head falls to my neck, and his hands return to my waist.

"I feel drúnk," he mutters, his chest rising and falling against mine. I can hear his heart beating fast. "You make me feel drúnk, Olivia."

I gulp down saliva, touching my lips that feel swollen from the intense kiss. "Get off. Get off now," I say, looking at the bed we're on and realizing where we are.

His index finger gently grazed my lips, and I felt a wave of annoyance wash over me as I saw the smug grin on his incredibly attractive face. "I'm the reason for this," he boasted, his eyes locking with mine. "You kissed me back." His chuckle reverberated, his gaze shifting from my lips to my eyes, exuding both pride and satisfaction. "But you claim to despisé me."

The truth is, I do hàte him.

I'm certain of it.

"Riccardo, get away from me this instant."

He removes his grip on me, and I quickly get off the bed. My legs wobble, almost causing me to trip, but Riccardo holds my elbows and brings me flush against his chest. I gasp.

"Guess I'm not the only one who's drunk," he smiles. "The bathroom is that way."

What bathroom?

Oh, great.

Just awesome!

How am I going to go back to them with my swollen lips, a clear evidence that I just engaged in a kiss?


It could be a good thing. It might convince them even more.

All I have to do is not dié of embarrassment.

Easy peasy.


TBC 📖✍️

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