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Exclusively Yours - Episode 18



Exclusively Yours - Episode 18

Subtitle; {Please, Love Me}


Olivia's POV

Do you know that feeling when you're nervous but have to act like you're not?

Well, I do.

From the moment I stepped into the Torrence's house, I've felt off. Like I'm not myself, and I usually don't feel like that. But when you know deep down in your heart that you're about to go into a family's living room, sit with a family that loves each other, smile at them, then líe straight to their faces, and ultimately break their hearts.

That's what's going to happen.

I just need to put on this charade for two years, and then it'll be over.

I tuck the wavy strands behind my ear, wearing a not-so-fake smile as I listen to Annika, Riccardo's mother, tell me stories about Riccardo's childhood. 

"That's so cute," I say in a high-pitched baby voice, pointing at a picture where Riccardo is sitting on the floor, wearing only a diaper with frosting smeared around his mouth. Annika's eyes travel from the picture to me, then back to the picture, with a glint of happy memories in her black orbs. "He kept his baby pictures away from me."

I keep up the liés.

I'm not hurtíng anyone.

"Rick is like that. By the way, he doesn't have any copies of them."

I nod my head, my eyes still lingering on the pictures. "He was a cute baby." It's the honest truth. "His cheeks are so puffy."

After Riccardo left, who knows where, Annika made me sit with her to look at the pictures. I thought it would be boring at first, but it turned out to be fun. I admit, I'm nervous as héll, and I thought he would be right here by my side, as he promised, to lié to his mother who seems to be warming up to me. But, she's actually cool.

Annika is a middle-aged woman who was a retired famous model and prima ballerina. She moves with so much elegance and carries herself with grace. Her smile is adorable, messing up with her perfect model face, and it also makes her eyes smile too. Her deep, shiny, shoulder-length hair frames her fair face.

She's simply stunning.

She faces me, and I stop staring at the pictures for a second to face her too. "So, how did you meet my naughty little boy?"

One of the things my mom taught me was to never let them see your nervousness because they will use it against you.

I stare at her, almost locking our eyes together but change my mind because it would be harder to líe while looking straight into her eyes. I cross my legs out of habit and lick my lips. "At a gala. He bumped into me, spilled his drink on me, and didn't apologize. I was beyond pissed since it was a white dress. I met him the next day at a cafe, and he apologized with the excuse that he had a rough day the night before, and offered to buy me coffee. We also met at the same cafe the next day, and he got me coffee again. We kind of exchanged numbers after the fourth 'coincidental' meeting, and it kicked off from there."

Annika hums softly and flips the page of the photo album, still staring at it. "Gala? What do you do?"

Should I lié?


Why should I lié?

"An editor."

"What kind of editor?"

"A book editor. Like, novels editor."

She cocks her head at me, her eyes swimming with some happiness. "Oh, that's nice. You read?"

"A lot," I reply, letting out a small laugh. "It's practically my job."

"Ah, I see. Do you know Stefan?"

"Stefan Salvatore?" I blurt out without thinking, and I wish the ground would open up and swallow me, but she laughs and closes the photo album, shaking her head.

"No, dear." Her laughter lingers in the air, as does her smile. "Stefan Coleman. Do you know him?"

Hello, yes!

Who in the world of novels doesn't know Stefan Coleman?

He's like the god of awesome novels. I've read every one of his books and have every copy signed by him.

I nod my head, feeling speechless or maybe I'm purposely keeping quiet so my voice won't come out like a crazy fangirl. 

"He's..." She begin but stop as she turned her head to the door. A bigger smile tugs at Annika's lips. "Hey, baby."

"Mom," a feminine voice brushes the air, and I turn to see who it belongs to. The owner rushes to Annika and hugs her tightly. "How are you doing?"

"I'm wonderful. You?"

"Great." The girl drawls out, her gaze finally meeting me, and her brows furrow with confusion. "You are?"


"Riccardo's fiancée." Annika completes my sentence, and the girl's mouth falls open and her eyes widen. "Nicole, unfreeze."

I hold in my laugh at the immediate response to the command. The girl stands up straight and stretches out her hand, a smile replacing her shock, but it still lingers on her face. "As my beautiful mother just said, I'm Nicole."

"Olivia." I repeat, taking her hand in a firm shake and beaming at her. "You're Riccardo's sister."

"And you're Riccardo's fiancée." She retorts, almost like she's in a trance, as she looks at me from head to toe. "I didn't even know he had a girlfriend. How much did he pay you?"

He didn't pay me.

He coercéd me.

"Zero dollars because I don't need to get paid to love Riccardo." I try not to puke in my mouth as those words leave my lips or act disgustéd in the slightest. I even wear the fakest smile I can muster. "If I was getting paid, I would have left after just a year, after bagging all the money he paid me, but we've been dating for three years now."

"That's huge."

"What's huge?" A masculine voice chimes in, and I think my head is going to explode as I quickly turn to look at the person with such a familiar voice. His eyes fall on me, and he smiles. "Oh hi. Have I seen you somewhere before? You look oddly familiar."

I try my best not to freak out as I stare at him. He stands tall and handsome, holding a baby in his big, strong arms, smiling down at me. "We have met countless times."

"Excuse me, should I be jealous?" Nicole teases, or at least I hope she does. "Olivia is so pretty, and you're hot. Should I be bothered?"

Yes, he's hot as héll, but that doesn't mean I want him. I'm his die-hard fan, but I know my limits.

"No, please."

"I'm just joking, and he knows it. Where did you two meet?"

"Book signing events. Meet and greet events, and book-related events."

I won't allow myself to be the starting point of a fight between a married couple.

No. Not in this life.

His eyes flash with recognition, and his smile turns into a grin. "I remember now. You're Olivia Donovan." He extends his hand to me. "You already know my name, but please pardon me. I'm Stefan Coleman, the dad to this handsome boy right here."

I shift my attention from him to the baby and offer a small smile at the cute baby. "Hi." A high-pitched baby voice comes out again as I tickle the baby's tummy. He giggles his toothless giggle, and I just want to squeeze him because he's so freaking adorable. "What's his name?"


Where the héck is that síck bastàrd?

"Be right back," Nicole says and leaves the living room, heading in the same direction that Riccardo used to, leaving me alone with his mother.

I give myself ten more minutes before I snap. I can't fake smile anymore because my mouth hurts and I feel hot and heavy.


What did I get myself into?

TBC 📖✍️

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