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Dark Moans - Episode 9 & 10




Dark Moans - Episode 9 & 10

Theme: ( The Bad Boy And I...)

Genres: College/ Romance/ Erotica. 

By Summer Gold R.


"Wait...what?? Chipmunk?" Stanley looked at her in shock few steps away from the students. 

"Why are you looking so shocked?" Juliette asked. 

"Of all nice names,you can't find any but...Chipmunk?" Stanley asked. 

"What do you mean? Chipmunks are really cute,I've loved them since I was a kid,I always wanted to have one as a pet,they are absolutely cute" Juliette said 

"I don't care if they are cute or not,I want another name" Stanley disagreed. 

"Never,agree now or when I get a chipmunk as a pet,I will name it Stanley" Juliette said and Stanley's eyes widened. 

"Are you crazy?" He snapped. 

"Yes I am,see you later chipmunk" She smirked at him when they both got to the hall she was supposed to receive lecture. 

Stanley chuckled and walked away. 

As Juliette entered the hall,all eyes well on her but she wasn't moved. 

She knows rumors and news go viral than anything else in this school,they were staring,the boys eyes digging holes in her body but she didn't care,she found somewhere to sit and dropped her bag. 

She could hear the whispers going on. 

👥 Everything on her screams money. 

👥 They are all new. 

👥 But how come?

👥 I heard she's dating Stanley. 

👥 That's not true,Stanley can't date someone like her. 

👥 But she's damn hot.

👥 She's really hot,do you see her skin

👥 How come she's been hiding such banging body all this while? 

Juliette smiled inwardly and brought out her phone. 

👥 Her phone!! Gosh!!

"What do you think happened?" Winnie asked. 

"What else?" Minnie scoffed.

"She finally outsmart Georgiana,let's see if she would be able to face her now" Winnie said. 

"Georgiana is more crazy than you think" Minnie said. 

"Then we won't allow her,don't worry,I'm chatting her up after class" Winnie smirked And Minnie chuckled. 

"You think she's gonna answer?"

"She doesn't have a choice,I like her tho" Winnie said and Minnie smiled. 

"Hey Juliette" Goldie called as she entered with Mina. 

"Hi" Juliette said softly. 

"Love the skirt,where did you get it from?" Mina asked. 

"Oh....Train Vintage" Juliette replied and everyone gasped. 

👥 That's the most expensive clothing store in New York

👥 What the heck

"Wow,pretty" Goldie said and Juliette smiled. 

"Thanks for the other day" She said 

"It's fine" Goldie smiled and walked away with Mina. 


"I still can't believe you didn't tell us a thing,that was intense" Daniel said as soon as Stanley entered the class. 

"It was supposed to be a surprise" Stanley smiled and sat down. 

"Really? So she really came to you and you planned all these together? Since when did you start talking?" Holland asked. 

"I've never spoken to her,that was my first time meeting her also. But honestly,she's cool" Stanley smiled. 

"She's hot bro,not cool,she's hot" Daniel said. 

"Don't go there,that girl isn't the type who fall in love with guys" Stanley said. 

"So...you two are just gonna......"

"Right" Stanley nodded. 

"But....why you and not me? I love things like this!" Holland screamed and Daniel slapped his head. 

"She went for the school owner,use your sense" Daniel said and Stanley chuckled. 

He stood up and entered another room in the class,he returned with a can drink in his hand. 

"I came to school because of her" He muttered. 

"I guess no more skipping of classes now" Daniel grinned and Stanley smiled. 

"Maybe" He said. 

"But still,she's hot. Like what the fuck,you picked those outfits right?" Holland asked. 

"She asked me to"

"You're so bad dude,but I love it. Who said Georgiana is hot? Stanley why not introduce us to her...."

"Why?" Stanley asked. 

"Just...friends. If she's close with our best friend then we shouldn't be left out" Holland said. 

"I agree with Holland" Daniel said. 

Stanley nodded. 

"But do I need to introduce you? Do it yourselves" He said. 

"Very nice" 

Stanley opened the can drink. 

"Damn,Holland how do you drink this? I hate the taste" Stanley groaned. 

"Why take it if you can't drink it?" Holland scoffed. 

"Don't tell me it's alcoholic" Stanley said. 

"5%" Holland said and took it from him,he started drinking up. 

"Why the fúck are you drinking? The prof will be here soon" Daniel grabbed it from him. 

"Let me have a taste" He muttered and Stanley laughed. 

"You're kissing me indirectly if you drink that" Holland said. 

"I know" Daniel said. 

"Gosh,you're so greedy" Holland said as Daniel threw the can in the bin and it entered. 


"Can someone please speak up and tell me what's going on exactly?" Magnolia asked. 

"I have no idea right now,that isn't real right? It's like I'm dreaming. Juliette? And Stanley? How come?" Edith asked. 

"You saw those outfits right? They look so f**king expensive,is she really dating Stanley?" Magnolia asked. 

"I told you they aren't dating,have you ever seen them together?" Georgiana snapped. 

"That's true,so what happened all of a sudden?" Edith groaned. 

"I'm going to ask Stanley after morning class,I'm sure they are both faking it,no chemistry" Georgiana said. 

"But,what did she whispered to you earlier?" Edith asked. 

"You...are...dead" Georgiana said in Juliette's voice. 

"Is she crazy? Just because Stanley is on her side doesn't make her story different,she's still the poor pauper we know" Magnolia hissed. 

"Don't worry,I will make sure she regrets everything" Georgiana said. 

"I wanted to kill her badly,everyone is talking about her,those dummies said she's prettier than Georgiana" Edith said. 

"Never,she doesn't even come close and they know that,the only thing she have is that stupid @ss of hers" Magnolia said. 

"Why would she change from those baggy trousers to that? Is she planning anything? She's not trying to compete with me right?" Georgiana laughed. 

"She can't compete of course,she has nothing" Magnolia said. 


Juliette walked out of the hall after the three hours lecture,sighed out and looked around to see different eyes on her. 

'You signed for this Juliette' she said to herself. 

"The boys looks like they wanna eat you raw" She heard a voice behind her and she turned to see Winnie and Minnie. 

'They are...those cute twins' Juliette said inwardly. 

She have always wanted to talk to them anyway,they have never made fun of her even when everyone did,rather they always defended her even behind her back. 

"Hi" She smiled. 

"I love your transformation,are you planning something?....." Minnie covered Winnie's mouth immediately. 

"Don't ask her anything,it's none of your business" Minnie said and then faced Juliette. 

"Don't mind her,she's......"

"I planned to make those who bully me pay,but my main target is Georgiana" Juliette told them. 

Winnie grinned. 

"Gosh,I think I love you" she said and Juliette smiled. 

"Wanna be friends?" Winnie asked. 

"Of course,I've never had a friend in school" Juliette muttered. 

"Then you and I....."

"What about me?" Minnie snapped. 

"I thought you aren't interested,anyways Juliette. If you wanna kick anyone's @ss...I'm the best person for that" Winnie said. 

"Really?" Juliette was confused. 

"She learned taekwondo in Korea a little bit before we came here" Minnie said. 

"Oh wow!!" Juliette screamed excitedly and Winnie chuckled. 

"Let's go eat first,I'm hungry" Minnie said. 

"Me too" Juliette smiled. 

"Wow,just now they are friends?" Goldie muttered beside Mina as they followed them. 

"You sounds like you also want to join them" Mina said. 

"No,I'm just curious" Goldie said and Mina smiled. 


The boys were about leaving the class when Georgiana walked in,Holland and Daniel looked at Stanley. 

"We need to talk" Georgiana said to Stanley. 

"Don't go without me,just wait outside" He said to his friends. 

Daniel and Holland went out and Georgiana moved closer to him. 

"What's going on?" She asked. 

"What are you talking about?" Stanley asked. 

"Juliette of course,what's going on with her? There's this Crazy rumor already that you two are dating but I know it's not true" Georgiana said. 

"You are right,we are not dating" Stanley said. 

"Then what are you two? Why would you come to school with her to cause such rumors...."

"You can say we are accomplice" Stanley smiled. 

"What? How?" Georgiana asked. 

"Your time is up...it's exactly one minute since you started talking" Stanley muttered. 

"Why would you time my conversation with you!!" Georgiana screamed. 

"Because I can't keep my friends waiting for you" Stanley smirked at her and went out. 

Georgiana sighed out. 

Even though she's still not satisfied with his answer,but as far as he's not dating Juliette,she's partially okay. 


"So your favorite food is what?" Winnie asked Juliette. 

"I don't have one...but I love pizza. I buy it even when I won't have any money left with me" Juliette said. 

"Awwwn,now you can eat it anytime you want" Minnie said. 

"I guess" Juliette smiled. 

The kings walked into the cafeteria and the students started murmuring like always. 

Juliette looked up and her eyes met with Lennon who have been staring at her as long as she has noticed since she came into the cafeteria. 

Stanley saw her looking and he followed her gaze,they fell on Lennon. 

"They are staring at each other" Holland chuckled. 

"I think he's crushing on her" Stanley smiled as they sat down. 

"Really? Then why not?" Daniel asked. 

"I have no idea,but isn't it useless now?" Holland asked. 

"I don't really care about her personal life,come on" Stanley said. 

Georgiana came in with her friends and Magnolia walked straight to Juliette's table. 

"Hey bitch" She called and Juliette looked up. 

"Hey,don't embarrass yourself here" Minnie said. 

"Shut up,I don't have any word with you" Magnolia snapped and Minnie scoffed. 

"Why aren't you denying that you and Stanley are dating?" She asked. 

"She must really enjoy the sportlight so much" Edith scoffed.

👥 They aren't dating? 

👥 Really? 

👥 Then what are they?

"Everyone,isn't it obvious? She's not in Stanley's level,so why would he date her?" Magnolia asked. 

"So you're the one on the same level with me?" Stanley asked and all eyes well on him. 

Magnolia frowned. 

Stanley stood up and walked closer. 

"Which one is your headache?" He asked. 

"What are you talking about?"

"Is it because she's prettier and sexier than you will ever be,or because you don't have the chance to bully her again,I woukd really kill you if you try it,or are you mad that she's no longer the poor Peach,I mean Juliette again?" Stanley asked. 

The students laughed when he mentioned peach. 

👥 So cute

👥 She's really a peach. 

"Stanley,why are you defending her? You said you two aren't dating" Georgiana said. 

"So what?" Juliette stood up. 

"You must be so angry that he doesn't give you his attention that you've been dying for" Juliette said. 

👥 Whoa!!!!!

"How dare you!!" Georgiana yelled and made to slap her. 

Stanley grabbed her hand and pushed her back. 

"Violence is no longer allowed in my school Miss James,,if you still wanna enjoy your stay here" He said . 

"You heard that,I'm gonna spank your @ss" Holland said. 

"She's got no @ss tho" Daniel said and the students started laughing. 

Georgiana bite her lips,feeling so embarrassed,she ran out of the cafeteria. 

Magnolia and Edith glared at Juliette for a second before running after Georgiana.  

Stanley winked at Juliette and returned back to his seat,Juliette smiled. 

"Okay,I'm loving this,and you said nothing is going on between you two?" Minnie asked. 

"Of course,we aren't dating" Juliette said with a mouthful of her food. 


Juliette sighed out loudly as she finished using the restroom,she washed her hands and stared at herself in the mirror. 

She remembered what happened earlier in the cafeteria and a smile escaped her lips. 

"Finally" She muttered. 

She opened the door and almost screamed when she saw Lennon standing there. 

"Hey!! You scared me!!" She said loudly. 

"Do I look scary?" Lennon asked. 

"No" Juliette muttered. 

"Why are you here?" She asked. 

"I just...followed you,somehow" Lennon replied and they began walking together. 

"You really don't wanna give me your contact?" He asked. 

"Why would I?" Juliette looked at him. 

Lennon chuckled. 

"You're so hard" He groaned. 

"I just want to be your friend,trust me" He said. 

"Just friends?" Juliette asked. 

"Yeah" Lennon replied.

"I've never had a male friend" Juliette muttered. 

"Then that makes me number one" Lennon smiled.

Juliette nodded and input her number in Lennon's phone. 

"You look even more pretty now tho,but you've always been pretty" Lennon said and Juliette smiled. 


They entered the hall together.

"Later" Juliette smiled at him before she joined Winnie and Minnie. 

"Now what? Lennon?" Winnie asked. 

"He want us to be friends" Juliette said. 

"You are blushing" Minnie said. 

"That's not true" Juliette shook her head. 

"I was just joking,but then...be careful,I don't trust him" Winnie said. 

"Don't worry about me" Juliette said. 


Juliette entered the office and met Stanley sitting,looking serious. 

"Someone decided to get serious with his life" Juliette said. 

"Is it bad?" Stanley asked. 

"I'm not here for that,why did you text me?" Juliette asked. 

Stanley stood up and walked closer to her. 

"You don't really think I'm gonna pass this look by right?" He asked in a flirty voice. 

"Why not?" Juliette asked. 

"I can't....you're too hot right now" Stanley said. 

Juliette looked around. 

"But,this is....."

"I don't mind right now" Stanley said and Juliette smiled. 

Stanley grabbed her by the waist and slammed his lips on hers,she opened up at once. 

They both moved in such a fast motion,taking each others clothes off,so fast. 

Stanley carried her at once and dropped her on the table and broke the kiss. 

"F..k,how can you be so sexy?" Stanley groaned and Juliette chuckled. 

"Stop wasting time already" She Said. 

Stanley smiled and opened her thighs widely. 

"Oh" Juliette moaned and bit her lips. 

Her back rest on the table a little and Stanley sunk his face in between her legs,he gave her a fast lick with the tip of his tongue. 

"F....kkk!!!" She let out a crazy moan. 


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