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Dark Moans - Episode 7 & 8




Dark Moans - Episode 7 & 8

Theme: ( The Bad Boy And I...)

Genres: College/ Romance/ Erotica. 

By Summer Gold R.


They shook hands,smiling at each other. 

After that,Stanley moved back a bit,looking at her face. 

"Why don't we seal the seal properly now?" He asked and Juliette understood what he meant. 

"Here?" She asked. 

"No" Stanley shook his head. 


"I think I'm rich enough to afford a hotel" Stanley replied and Juliette nodded. 

"Then......let's go" She said bluntly. 

"Wow,you've really made up your mind" Stanley's eyes narrowed. 

"You think I was gonna change my mind if you mention that?" Juliette asked. 

"You look like the....virgin type" Stanley replied. 

"I am" Juliette said and his eyes flashed. 

"You look disturbed... What... You've never fucked a virgin?" Juliette asked. 

"You caught me" Stanley muttered. 

"There's always a first time" Juliette rolled her eyes and walked out. 

"Whoa" Stanley chuckled and followed her. 

Juliette walked into Lennon just as she came out of the office.

"Hey" Lennon called. 

"Oh,Lennon" Juliette also called. 

"Why are you here? You just ran out of the class" Lennon said. 

Stanley showed up and Lennon frowned slightly. 

Stanley scoffed with a smiley face before walking away. 

"Thanks for earlier,I need to go" Juliette said and immediately followed Stanley. 

She met Stanley waiting for her already. 

"You're so fast" She said. 

"Get in" Stanley opened the door for her. 

"Didn't know you're a gentleman...." Juliette muttered. 

"Such a wrong word to qualify me" Stanley chuckled and also entered the car. 

"I know" Juliette muttered. 

Stanley started the car and there was silence. 


"Stanley and Juliette together?" Graham asked looking surprised. 

"Do they look close?" Dylan also asked. 

"They left together in Stanley's car,I'm still confused" Lennon scoffed. 

"But why are you worked up about it?" Graham asked. 

Lennon sighed and stood up from where he was sitting. 

"That's not your business,I suddenly lost interest in the class" He scoffed and walked away 

"Something is definitely wrong with him,I can sense it" Graham shook his head. 

Dylan sighed out and faced his phone back. 

Graham took the phone from him and ran off. 

"You bastard!!" Dylan screamed and followed him at once. 


Daniel and Holland closed their laptops as soon as the professor finished her lecture. 

"Where's Stanley by the way?" She questioned. 

"Do you miss him?" Daniel asked with a flirty smile. 

"Don't give me that face Daniel,but I miss seeing his face,where is he?" She asked and Daniel chuckled. 

"Wait,how can you miss Stanley's face when mine is available? I feel so bad right now" Holland shook his head and the professor laughed.

"Make sure you pass the assignment to Stanley,or get ready to be punished" She said. 

"You're so cute when you're angry,so I won't do it" Holland grinned. 

"That better be a joke,see you stubborn guys next week" She smiled and walked out of the class.

Daniel groaned tiredly and stood up. 

"I'm going to call Stanley,where the fuck did he go?" He scoffed,dialing his number right away but it was turned off. 

"Maybe his dad called him again,He's good at unexpected calls like this. Can we just go home? I'm tired" Holland grabbed his bag and put the laptop inside,he removed the bandana around his head and arranged his fluffy. 

"Should I dye my hair?" He asked. 

"Don't try it,I hate it" Daniel said immediately. 

"Why are you talking like my girlfriend?" Holland teased. 

"If you dye your hair,don't appear in my face,honestly" Daniel said. 

"Gosh I hate you" Holland scoffed. 

"Your hair is perfect this way,just,straighten it a little for a change" Daniel smiled and rough his hair. 

"You're so cute" He touched his cheek. 

"Touch my cheek again and I will just........" 

"Don't you dare say that word!!" Daniel screamed and ran out of the class. 

Holland laughed. 

He was going to say kiss. 

"Wait for me!" He ran after Daniel. 

👥 Hi Daniel!

👥 Holland,you're so cute. 

They both waved at the girls. 

"Hey" Georgiana steppee in their way and they both raised their brows. 

"Where's Stanley?" She asked. 

"I'm sure you know how to call him" Daniel said. 

"His phone is......"

"Exactly,continue calling till he answers" Daniel said. 

"Let's go" He said to Holland before he started walking. 

Holland smiled at Georgiana and followed Daniel. 

Georgiana scoffed. 

"You know those two are crazy" Magnolia and Edith came over. 

"Daniel is so annoying,but why can't I hate him?" Edith groaned. 

"I hate him" Magnolia rolled her eyes. 

Georgiana sighed. 

"Do you really think it's true Stanley left school with Juliette? How? That dirty cow with Stanley?" Edith scoffed. 

"She said she saw them clearly" Georgiana muttered. 

"Without Evidence? Anyways,let's go,I'm planning to take some hot pictures for my Ig" Magnolia said and walked away with Edith. 

"Wait for me bitches" Georgiana followed. 

"You heard that right? So I wasn't dreaming,Juliette actually left the school with Stanley. He even opened the car door for her" Goldie said sounding surprised. 

Mina said nothing as she ate the ice cream gently. 

"You're not going to say anything? I'm still thinking if I'm crazy" Goldie groaned. 

"What's so surprising about it tho?" Mina asked. 

"What do you mean?" Goldie asked. 

"Juliette is pretty,so why can't she go out with Stanley? I mean... Very pretty. She's literally gonna be a baddie if she's rich" Mina smiled. 

"I've never heard you compliment anyone,not even me your best friend" Goldie frowned. 

"I take it back then" Mina chuckled. 

"Better" Goldie scoffed. 


Juliette opened her eyes slowly and groaned,she sat up,she was still naked but Stanley wasn't anywhere,he left. 

Juliette turned to the other side of the bed and found a bundle of dollar bills on the table and her eyes flashed open. She took it and saw a small paper under it,she took it and read. 


Juliette looked at the money again. 

"He wanted to throw it out? Is he crazy?" She muttered and got down from the bed,she went into the bathroom to wash up. 

'You're no longer a virgin Juliette,not the old Juliette anymore....I don't care if I look cheap,I don't give a damn about anyone's opinion,I'm going to live my life just the way I want from now on' 

She was thinking in her head as the the water from the shower washed her body. 

'Am I going to regret it?'  She asked herself. 

'I also don't give a damn either,one thing I'm regretting now is that.....I was a good girl,but not anymore'  she replied herself. 

'You are gonna look cheap to him' her subconscious sense said. 

'I've been cheap my whole life,and also poor. So I will just delete the poor and focus on being cheap' she replied and turned off the shower. 

She stared at herself in the mirror and then walked out.

After dressing up,she put the money in her bag and walked out of the hotel room. 

As soon as she walked out of the hotel building,she found a drug store and entered. 

"Welcome pretty,how may I help?" The pharmacist asked. 

"There's a drug girls use after having sex right?" Juliette asked. 

"Oh....is it your first?" The pharmacist asked. 

"Yeah" Juliette replied. 

The pharmacist left for a second and returned with the tablet. 

"Levonorgestrel pills" she smiled at Juliette who only have a blank expression on her face. 

"Does this prevent any infection or pregnancy?" She asked. 

"Both" The pharmacist replied. 

"Give me a lot" Juliette said. 

"You only need to use them once......"

"I'm not going to have sex once" Juliette said and the pharmacist gave a 'what the f**k' look. 

"But,you can always come back.....".

"I don't think I will have such time,as long as they aren't gonna expire soon,give me" Juliette said. 

"You don't really look the bad girl" The pharmacist chuckled. 

"I just started" 


The pharmacist gave her the drugs and packed them. 

Juliette paid and walked out. 

Her phone buzzed and she checked it out,a text from Stanley. 


The address is a bus stop. 

"What's his plan?" She questioned no one in particular as she got a taxi home. 

"But,why won't he come to school? Lazy" She scoffed. 


"He said 10am" Juliette sighed out,she stood up from the bench where she was sitting and groaned. 

She's been waiting for an hour. 

She suddenly saw a car stopped in front of her and the window whined down. 

"Hey yo!" Stanley grinned and removed his dark shed. 

"You should have said 11am,you kept me waiting"  Juliette said. 

"Well I'm here now" Stanley said. 

"You should at least say you're sorry" Juliette snapped. 

"Sorry? That's funny" Stanley chuckled. 

"Wow I guess rich kids doesn't say that" Juliette said. 

"They do,but I can't. It sounds.....Eww" Stanley shook his head. 

Juliette scoffed and entered. 

"You really look angry" Stanley smiled. 

"You did it on purpose right?" Juliette faced him. 

"I didn't know you will be there at exactly 10am ,come on it's not my fault" Stanley started the car. 

"I see,it was my fault. So where are we going?" Juliette asked. 

"A salon" Stanley replied. 


"You don't expect me to talk to you in school when you look this way,that's like an insult to my name" Stanley said and Juliette frowned. 

"You have a pretty face okay? But your clothes,your shoes are even torn,come on......."

"Because I have no money,that's it." Juliette snapped. 

"Well I have money,we had a deal right?" Stanley smiled and Juliette rolled her eyes. 

"Your smile is ugly tho" She muttered. 

"Your voice actually dropped when you said such a lie,but I will forgive you" Stanley winked at her. 

"Oh wow! I hate guys who are so confident about their face" Juliette said loudly. 

"Your taste is an ugly one,I understand" Stanley chuckled. 

Juliette rolled her eyes and looked away. 


👥 He looks so much like the last son of Mr Brooks 

👥 It's him,are you blind?

👥 Damn he's hot!

👥 Didn't know he's got a girlfriend,he came with her.

👥 But she doesn't look rich,maybe she's just a nobody. 

👥 Gosh he's hot,his lips.   

"Gosh,can they just keep quiet?" Stanley groaned,opening the magazine in his hand aggresively. 

"Hey,I'm here" He heard Juliette's voice and looked up. 

"Oh wow,much better." he smiled. 

"Yeah I trimmed them off a little" Juliette replied,touching her thick black hair. 

"I prefer it long,it was touching your butt somehow" Stanley muttered. 

"But,it's still long,it's almost reaching my waist" Juliette said but then suddenly looked at him. 

"Hey,excuse me. I'm not doing this because of you,what are you thinking?" She snapped. 

"Oh sorry sorry" Stanley chuckled and Juliette rolled her eyes. 

"I love the nails tho" He teased. 

"Yeah you have such a nice taste unexpectedly" Juliette said. 

Stanley was the one who picked the color and pattern. 

"I paid the bills,let's go" He smiled. 

"The money you gave me yesterday....."

"That's just yours,do whatever you want with them" Stanley replied and they walkee out. 

"So these was the plan you were talking about" Juliette said. 

Stanley faced him. 

"You're the first girl I'm gonna spend this much on" He said. 

"Huh? Really? What about those girls......"

"They are not poor,most of them just want my attention" Stanley smirked. 

Juliette scoffed and entered the car.

"You're the first I will be opening the car door for" Stanley said. 

"That's enough dude,you're the first person who touched me. That covers all" Juliette snapped. 

"Oh....right" Stanley touched his head and entered the car. 

"Where next are we going?" 

"You need clothes,you can't be wearing these hoodies around me,I won't let you talk to me" Stanley said and Juliette chuckled. 

"You finally chuckle,I thought you don't laugh" Stanley said. 

"People who smile always like you are the most wicked" Juliette said. 

"But....I'm not wicked" Stanley said. 

"You're not wicked but bad,your smiles are.......annoying" 

"You know that's a lie" Stanley laughed. 


"No no no" Stanley shook his head as Juliette came out with the next outfit. 

"I told you I'm not dressing up for you" Juliette half yelled. 

"You asked me to help you pick some baddie clothes,and I'm the best teacher coz I love baddies. So this is isn't it" Stanley said. 

Juliette rolled her eyes and went in again. 

They've been shopping for almost two hours,they've picked a lot of clothes,shoes,bags,accessories,cosmetics. 

"Gosh,I'm so hungry" Stanley muttered. 

"You might want to have this" One of the attendants came with some snacks. She was smiling Brightly. 

"No thanks,I don't take food from strangers" Stanley said immediately and focused back on his phone. 

"Oh" She mumbled and walked away. 

Juliette came out. 

"This is the last one I'm picking,how's it?" She asked and turned around. 

"You look so hot peach" Stanley smirked. 

"Peach?" Juliette raised her brows. 

"Your @ss look like a peach,so hot" Stanley grinned. 

"Don't ever stare at my butt you pervert!" Juliette yelled. 

Stanley laughed. 

Juliette went back in and came back wearing her hoodie..

"You should just throw all these shits away please,please" Stanley groaned. 

"I will do that after today" Juliette replied. 

Stanley paid all the bills, worth millions. 

"You need a new phone too......"

"I will get that with the money with me,you've done enough for now,thank you" Julette cut in. 

"But,the phone will get to me soon,I already paid" Stanley said and immediately his phone rang. 

"He's here" he said went out. 

"That dude is a reckless spender" Juliette mumbled. 


The school was filled up as always,the students walking and doing other things,minding their businesses. 

But their attentions all fell on the car that suddenly drove in,Stanley's car. He didn't stop in the parking lot,he drove right deeper into the school,the engine screaming loudly,it's a porshe. 

👥 Don't tell me Stanley got another car!!!

👥 That car is hot!!

The students screamed,all eyes on the car and then Stanley came out. 

Looking even hotter than always,,he smiled like the brightest sun. 

👥 Stanley!!!!!

👥 He's a damn murderer to be this hot!!

He winked at one of the girls and she act like she fainted. 

But then,Stanley opened the car door,everyone stopped to see what was going on. 

👥 A girl is in the car 

👥 Don't tell me he got a girlfriend 

👥 She look so hot and classy,who's she?

Juliette stepped down from the car,it took them some seconds to recognize her. 

👥That's Juliette!!

👥 It's Senior Juliette

👥 How come she's looking so hot?

👥 She's a baddie

👥 Someone hold me,I really can't breathe. 

Juliette smiled seductively as she walked beside Stanley,she was putting on a tight mini skirt,her @ss shaking dangerously in it,the crop top made her boobs so firm and seductive to look at,she's a complete baddie with a mermaid face. 

👥 She's hot!!!

👥 Please no one should ever mention Georgiana as the prettiest girl in our school,she's no where beside Jukkete. 

👥 She's the queen!!

👥 Georgiana's @ss are flat by the way. 

👥 I love you Juliette!!

'To hell with their love' Juliette said inwardly but still smiling at them. 

Juliette saw Georgiana and her group standing and watching with shock on their faces while Georgiana was glaring angrily. 

Juliette smiled and walked over to them. 

She stopped in front of Georgiana who said nothing. 

"Hi" She smiled and then lean closer to whisper into her ear. 

"You....are....dead" She whispered and then smiled st her. 

Georgiana glared. 

"Let's go Peach" Stanley called and everyone gasped. 

"Okay Chipmunk" Juliette smiled and they both joined hands before walking away. 

👥 That's Insane!!


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