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Dark Moans - Episode 5 & 6




Dark Moans - Episode 5 & 6

Theme: ( The Bad Boy And I...)

Genres: College/ Romance/ Erotica. 

By Summer Gold R.


"And till when is that?" Stanley asked. 

"Until I leave this school" Juliette answered. 

Stanley laughed and jumped down from the tree,falling in front her,he smiled at her as their eyes locked. 

"Wait,you really think........you're my type?" He asked,looking at her from her legs back to her face. 

Juliette shook her head. 

"But I'm pretty" She muttered. 

"Hmm" Stanley chuckled. 

"And also,my body is also precious to me. It's the only thing I can offer you because I don't have anything else,if I was rich,I wouldn't be bullied in the first place. And it's not possible to fight because no one likes me to begin with,I'm all alone" Juliette said 

"Well...." Stanley pulled his hands into his pockets. 

"I will think about it,maybe I'm interested" He smirked. 

"Your phone" Juliette opened her palm. 


"I'm gonna give you my number,so call me when you're ready to reply me" She said. 

"Oh....okay" Stanley smiled and handed over his phone. 

'Why does he smile so frequently?' Juliette thought but ignored it,the only the on her mind right now was her plan,nothing else. 

She input her number on Stanley's phone and saved it with her name. 

"Hit me up when you're done thinking" She said and without waiting the next second,she walked away. 

"Whoa,I guess school will be more fun now" Stanley chuckled,pulling out a wrap of smoke and lighter. 

*But....what's my gain?*

*My body*

Stanley laughed,thinking about that again. 

"Gosh she's interesting" He mumbled,puffing out the smoke,he just couldn't stop smiling. 


"Enjoy your meal" Juliette bowed as she served the customer. She commented brought out her phone from her apron to check if there's any call or text from Stanley but none. 

She sighed out and bite her lips. 

"Why is he not calling?" She muttered. 

"Juliette! Come take order!" She heard the manager yelled. 

"Yes ma" She put her phone back inside the apron and rushed to the so called new customer who just entered only to find Lennon. 


Lennon smiled and waved his hand. 

"What are you doing here?" Juliette asked. 

Lennon looked around. 

"I thought I entered a restaurant" He said and Juliette cleared her throat. 

"You're welcome,please kindly place your orders" She said,bringing out a small jotter and pen. 

"I don't think you need that tho" Lennon said and Juliette looked at him. 

"What do you want?" She asked. 

"Cake" Lennon smiled. 

"Huh? Cake?" 

"Yeah,a full cake,I love it" Lennon said. 

"Who the hell eat cake as food,it's dessert" Juliette said. 

"Then I'm having dessert,why are you complaining?" Lennon scoffed. 

"What type of cake do you want......"

"Chocolate and milk" Lennon replied. 

Juliette looked at him and shook her head. 

'Rich kids doesn't seize to amaze me' she said inwardly. 

"I will be back" She said and Lennon nodded,focusing back on his phone. 

Juliette walked away and returned with the cake as requested. 

"Whoa....why does it smell so nice?" Lennon took the fork immediately and digged in. 

"This is crazy" Juliette scoffed and walked away,leaving Lennon. 

"Do you know that dude? He's so hot" One of the waitresses asked Juliette. 

"No I don't" Juliette muttered. 

Hours later,Juliette walked out of the restaurant after her shift was over. 

"Hey Julie" She heard the voice and she turned back. 

Lennon was leaning on his car. 

"What.....why are you still here?" Juliiete asked. 

"I just finished what came to this street for,are you going home already? I will drop you" Lennon said and Juliette raised hee brows. 

Just... Since when? 

As long as she can remember,None of those students ever give a fuck about her,why now? What's in his head? 

"No thanks,I will find my own way" She muttered and immediately walked away without turning back again. 


As Stanley and Holland passed the front of Daniel's room,they could hear the loud moans coming from the room.. They both exchanged glances.

"I thought that bastard was the one who suggested that we go out to get dinner tonight" Holland said. 

Stanley laughed. 

They entered Holland's room and Stanley sat down on the bed. 

"Thinking about it,that girl sound so bad" He said and Holland laughed. 

"I was about saying that,I pity my friend's ears,gosh" he said. 

Stanley's phone rang and he immediately hung up the call. 

"Who's it? The person have been calling for some minutes now" Holland said. 

"Mrs Brocks" Stanley muttered,referring to his step mom..

"Did something happened?" Holland asked. 

"I don't really care,but I'm sure she's calling me just to show dad the evidence that she did called me,and I ignored her. I don't give a damn about that pretender,for real" Stanley scoffed. 

"I'm hungry,gosh I hate Daniel" Holland groaned. 

"I'm gonna order food for us,I didn't even wanna go out anyway" Stanley muttered and took his phone. 



"He still wouldn't answer?" Easton asked. 

"That bastard" Alexander scoffed. 

"It's all your fault!! How could you bully your kid brother every time?!" Opal,their mother shouted at them. 

"That's enough,Stanley won't be coming tonight,so let's all eat in peace,no more word" Mr Brocks said

They were supposed to have a family dinner together,reason why Opal was calling Stanley. 

"Wow mom,your cooking is just too amazing. It's so bad you can't cook everyday" Cortez said. 

"Is she your servant? Why would she cook everyday for you? I'm still annoyed she choose to cook once in a while" Mr Brocks snapped and Opal smiled. 

"I really feel bad that Stanley isn't here,he used to love my food when he was young,I miss those times" Opal said. 

"It's only you mom,I've never liked him anyway" Easton scoffed. 

"Easton!!" Mr Brocks yelled and they all flinched. 

"You should at least have more sense than your two brothers but you're acting even more dumb,you think anything will change if you keep on hating him,I've warned you countless times,if you keep up with this act,you might make me loose my mind. Either you like it or not,Stanley is my son and I will never overlook it if you ever try to hurt him,do you understand?!!" 

"Yes.....dad" Easton muttered. 

Everyone kept quiet. 

"I lost my appetite" Mr Brocks dropped his cutlery and stood up.

"Honey... "

"Stop it" He cut Opal off and walked out of the dinning room. 

"That man....must be always show us that he loves Stanley more?" Alexander scoffed. 

Opal scoffed. 

"I warned you,if you really want to gain a lot from your father,be nice to Stanley" She said. 

"Mom,why are you acting like you care about him? We all know you don't like him either" Easton said. 

"But I'm not as dumb as you all to show it to your father,your father likes Stanley more than you're thinking so use your heads and don't spoil things for me!!" Opal yelled at them. 

"Unbelievable" Alexander scoffed. 

"But don't worry,even if he likes him more. It doesn't change the fact that when your father dies,that poor boy won't gain a thing,I will make sure of that" Opal said. 

"Is father dying?" Cortez asked in a whisper and Easton slapped his head. 

"I'm just asking" Cortez groaned. 


Ryan and Finn walked into the hall together and they went straight to sit down on the seats where the HBs always sit,it was Ryan's idea. 

"Violence loading,I like it" Finna chuckled,dropping a big textbook on the desk where no one was sitting. 

Ryan chuckled. 

"Anyone here?" Winnie and Minnie came over. 

"I can see it in your eyes they you love problems,I love it" Ryan said to Winnie and she laughed. 

They both sat down,Winnie even put her legs on the table. 

"Girlie,I can't defend you anymore" Minnie chuckled. 

Finn shook his head,trying not to laugh. 

The students were already watching them and whispering. 

"This is going to be interesting" Ryan muttered. 

"Okay,something is definitely about cooking" Goldie giggles and Mina looked up. 

"Are they Juliette friends?" She asked. 

"No,I've never seen them with her. But the twins are quite crazy,Winnie specifically" Goldie said and Mina chuckled. 

"Oh,the HBs are here" Goldie muttered,seeing them walked in. 

The three girls frowned the moment they saw the people seating down in their position. 

"What's going on?" Magnolia asked,glaring angrily. 

Nobody talked. 

Ryan was scrolling through his phone,Finna was reading. Winnie laughing while playing game on her phone,Minnie looked at Magnolia and smiled. 

"What do you mean?" She asked. 

"What are you doing here? Get up" Edith also moved closed. 

"Oh,I didn't know you pay higher school fees than us,sorry" Minnie smiled. 

"Why's this bitch smiling? Is it funny?!" Magnolia yelled. 

"No,but it's more funny because you're disturbing my peace!!" Winnie banged her hands on the desk. 

Finn and Ryan flinched and hit their heads together. 

"Ouch!!" They both laughed. 

"Why not walk away,you're disturbing everyone" Mina spoke up from her seat and all eyes fell on her. 

"Stay out of it" Georgiana said. 

Mina scoffed,she wanted to talk but then changed her mind. 

"Girls,that's enough,let's find somewhere else" Georgiana said. 

"I love your decision" Minnie smiled. 

"I hate it...I want to fight" Winnie said and Minnie tap her back. 

"Another victim will show up" She said and the students started laughing. 

"I will trust you" Winnie muttered,still glaring at Edith and Magnolia. 

The HBs turned and bumped into Juliette who was finding her way. 

"Hey!!!!" Georgiana yelled angrily. 

"She's going to pass her aggression on her,poor girl" Goldie shook her head. 

"Oh,I'm so sorry I didn't......" Before Juliette could finish,a slap from Georgiana landed on her face and the students gasped. 

Juliette's cheek turned red immediately. 

"Watch where you're going bitch!!" Georgiana yelled and tried slapping her again. 

Someone held her hand from the back and Juliette looked up,it was Lennon. 

"Let go of me!!" Georgiana yelled. 

Lennon threw her hand off and she almost fell down 

"Hey Lennon! Are you insane?!" Magnolia shouted. 

"You're the insane one here,you're beginning to look stupid" Lennon said and Edith scoffed.  

They all stormed out of the hall. 

👥 What was that?

👥 I've never seen Lennon standing up for anyone. 

Lennon faced Juliette again. 

"Are you okay?" He asked. 

Juliette was about to reply when her phone buzzed. 

She read the text and immediately ran out of the hall,leaving Lennon standing. 

Lennon sighed and went to join Dylan and Graham. 

"She just ditched you" Graham mocked. 

"Do you like her something?" Dylan grinned. 

"Stop it" Lennon muttered and sighed out,thinking about Juliette's red face. 


Juliette opened the door and entered,she met Stanley sitting on the table with a glass of wine in his hand. 

'Is he really a student or just passing time over?' Juliette asked herself,staring at him.  

Even the way he dresses screams just wealth,but why doesn't he care about the school affairs? She have never seen him being active to be called the school president. 

"If you're done checking me out,sit down" Stanley said with his forever charming and flirty smile. 

"His smile says it all....a complete bad boy' Juliette said in her head. 

But she already made up her mind,she sat down and Stanley dropped the glass in his hand. 

"I thought about it for a minute" Stanley said and Julliete frowned. 

"One  minute! And you kept me waiting all day?" She asked. 

"Like you said,I'm going to protect you and you let me fuck you anytime I want" Stanley said. 

"You're right" Juliette said. 

"But,Are you really sure you want to do this? Just for the bullies to stop?" Stanley asked. 

"No" Juliette replied. 

"I'm going to have my revenge on them for all they've done to me,I want to make them regret messing with me" She muttered. 

"You can't revenge If you're this poor" Stanley scoffed. 

"That's why I came to you" Juliette said and Stanley chuckled. 

"So I will even spend my money" he said. 

"Please....help me. Usually,I'm not like this,but I've been restless these days,if I don't do what's in my mind then....I might just die" Juliette muttered,maintaining eye contact with Stanley. 

"Then.....Deal" Stanley smiled and Juliette sighed out. 

"I'm not the type who fail to keep my promise,so don't worry....I have a plan on my own,I'm sure you will love it" He said and Juliette smiled. 

"Thank you" She said. 

"But one thing" Stanley looked at her. 


"Don't fall in love with me" Stanley muttered and Juliette chuckled. 

"Don't worry,I'm not in the mood for love,I'm not part of the girls crushing on you either. So don't even think about it for once that I like you" Juliette said and Stanley smiled. 

"I love girls like you.....bad girl" he said. 

"Don't fall In love with me either" Juliette said.

Stanley chuckled. 

"I don't do love,I just fuck" he said. 

"Then...we are on the same page" Juliette said. 

"Right" Stanley smiled. 

They shook hands,smiling at each other. 


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