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Dark Moans - Episode 43 & 44




Dark Moans - Episode 43 & 44

Theme: ( The Bad Boy And I...)

Genres: College/ Romance/ Erotica. 

By Summer Gold R.



           [ A SCENE LIKE THIS ]

Juliette grabbed Stanley's hand and dragged him to the car,Stanley was still in the state of shock. 

"Are you going to start the car or not?" Juliette asked after they both entered the car and Stanley didn't move. 

"Am I your man?" Stanley asked but Juliette ignored him. 

"Answer me,am I your man? Huh?"

"Must you smile?" Juliette snapped. 

"Why are you asking?" 

"It's because you always smile at every girl you see,that's why they keep flirting with you" Juliette said .

"I just..can't help it" Stanley said and Juliette rolled her eyes. 

"So I'm your man... "

"Stop asking" Juliette muttered and opened her ice cream. 

Stanley smiled and started the car .

"Here" Juliette fed him from her own pizza. 

"Whoa,it tastes so delicious" Stanley said. 

"You have a nice taste" Juliette smiled. 

Stanley left the rocky city and started driving along the lonely highway bridge,no car from coming from or going,the streetlight was so beautiful. 

"Let's stop here" He said and the engine went off. 

He faced Juliette who was still busy with her ice cream. 

"You got something on your lips" Stanley said,his eyes on her lips. 

Juliette tried wiping it but Stanley was faster,he wiped her down lip slowly with his thumb. 

They both ate the snacks in silence until Juliette broke the silence. 

"I've always heard you talk to your dad....what about your mom?" She asked,chewing the piece of pizza in her mouth slowly. 

Stanley was silent,he didn't utter a word. 

"It's okay if you don't want to tell me,I'm just curious" Juliette said. 

"I don't know what she looks like" Stanley said. 

"She.....passed away?" Juliette asked and Stanley shook his head. 

"It was a one night stand" He said with a shaken voice. 

Juliette was speechless that moment. 

"And she left me with dad since I was a child,at least that was what I was told. I've never set my eyes on her,maybe only when I was a baby,so I guess it's all true" Stanley said further. 

"I have a step mom,and three step brothers tho,,they don't treat me like a family tho. So I only have my dad" Stanley added. 

"It must have been so hard living among such people" Juliette muttered. 

"That was why I left.....I left home when I was eighteen, Dad didn't allow it at first but then,Holland and Daniel stayed with me,and I guess he trusted them enough. So those two are like my real brothers like I told you" Stanley said. 

"How about now? Does your brothers feel bad for you and treat you like a family?" Juliette asked and Stanley chuckled. 

"You really think people change that way?" He asked. 

Juliette sighed and moved closer,she hugged him. 

"Do you feel bad for me?" Stanley asked. 

"No,just an encouragement hug. You're doing perfectly well Chipmunk,really well" Juliette said. 

Stanley smiled and wrapped his arms around her tightly. 

"You're the first person I'm telling this,only Holland and Daniel knows" Stanley muttered. 

"Don't worry,your secret is safe with me" Juliette said. 

They disengaged shortly after and Stanley smiled. 

"What,why are you smiling?" Juliette asked. 

"I love it...being here beside you without thinking about s.+x,I just want to spend time with you" Stanley said. 

Juliette said nothing and looked outside the car. 

"Shall we go out?" She asked. 

"Let's do that" Stanley agreed and they both got down from the car,walking to the bridge abutment,they rest their arms on it,staring down at the water. 

"It's pretty" Stanley said. 

"Yes it is" Juliette smiled. 

They saw some small ships in the sea and Juliette focused on them. 

"Wow" She muttered. 

"You look so amazed" Stanley chuckled. 

"I've never been in a ship,I wonder what it's like" She said. 

Stanley smiled. 

After spending some minutes there,Juliette checked the time. 

"I think we should go,it's getting late" she said. 

"I don't want to leave you" Stanley pouted which made Juliette laughed. 

"That was quite cute,but aren't we gonna meet in school tomorrow?" She asked. 

"I guess" Stanley muttered. 

"So...what are you doing this weekend?" He asked her,hoping she would tell him the truth. 

"Uhm....I will be going to the Broadway show" She replied. 

"Really? I was thinking of going with Holland and Daniel too,I even got you a ticket,I guess I'm late" Stanley mumbled and Juliette's eyes brightened. 

"You got me a ticket? Really?" She asked. 

Stanley nodded. 

"Wow" Juliette muttered and looked away before smiling. 

"So you're going alone?" Stanley asked. 

"No,Lennon got the ticket,so we are going together" She replied and Stanley nodded. 

"Let's go,I will drop you home" he said. 

"You're not angry right?" Juliette immediately asked. 

"Of course not,but I will get mad when I make you mine finally" Stanley said and Juliette blushed. 

"Such a sweet tongue,just sweet tongue,nothing else" She said. 

Stanley laughed. 

They entered the car and Stanley drove off. 


Winnie and Juliette were just coming from the campus café,they got chocolate muffins and creamy coffee,it was all Winnie's idea. 

"I love the muffins" Juliette said after taking a bite. 

"I told ya" Winnie smiled,wiping the stain off Juliette's lips. 

"So....the ticket was from Lennon?" Winnie asked. 

"Yeah,but I later discovered that Stanley got one too" Juliette smiled. 

"Really? But he's late. Lennon won" Winnie said and sipped from her coffee. 

"Girls!!" They heard the voice from the back and turned,Mina waved at them and walked to them. 

"Oh someone is finally in a good mood" Winnie said and Mina smiled. 

"Morning Juliette" 

"Morning Mina,you look pretty" Juliette said. 


They all entered the hall together,Minnie came over and took her snacks from Winnie. 

"Why eating this early morning?" Mina asked. 

"This is exactly what I want to eat this morning" Winnie and Minnie said at a time.

"Let's say I'm an accomplice then" Juliette smiled. 

"Where's Goldie?" Winnie asked. 

"She's not here yet?" Mina asked,looking around. 

"Not yet" Juliette replied. 

"Girls!! Check the school page" Minnie said excitedly. 

The girls all picked their phones immediately. 


1. Music Bands Battle Night

2. Campus Fun Run 

3. Short movie play. 

4. Basketball Championship 

The students who also saw it were already murmuring,all excited. 

"This is just incredible,I thought this semester would be boring because no fucking update,but now I guess I'm wrong!!" Winnie screamed. 

"I know right? This is amazing" Mina chuckled. 

"What do you guys have in mind to do!!?" Goldie ran in,she already saw the announcement too. 

"I'm joining the music band" Mina said. 

"Me too" Goldie smiled. 

"Fun run,I love race" Winnie grinned. 

"I can't run,so music band for sure"  Minnie said. 

"Juliette what about you?" 

"Can I go for two?" She asked. 

"Of course you can,as long as one doesn't disturb the other" Winnie said. 

"Fun run and acting,I love race and I also love acting" Juliette smiled. 

"That's amazing,I'm sure you're gonna get the lead role" Goldie said 

"When is the audition starting?" Mina asked and Winnie immediately checked. 

"It's starting today" she said. 

"So sudden" Minnie shook her head. 

The HBs walked into the class,they were also talking and smiling. 

"I'm sure Georgiana will join the acting group" Mina said. 

"I was about saying that" Goldie said. 

Juliette looked at Georgiana who smirked at her. 

"I will get it" Juliette muttered. 

"You should" Winnie smiled. 


"What? You want us all to join the play?" Holland asked in confusion. 

Miss Estella,the play coordinator nodded. 

"But,we have something else to do" Daniel said. 

"I don't even know how to act"  Holland scoffed. 

"You can be the friends of our lead" Estella said. 

"Lead? Who's the lead?" Daniel asked. 


Holland and Daniel turned to Stanley who also looked up from his phone,he was surprised because he never auditioned for that. 

"Is it automatic or what?" He asked. 

"Just you,you're the perfect person for the role we have in mind" Estella said. 

"If Stanley is acting,then I'm in" Daniel said. 

"Me too" Holland immediately said. 

"But I'm not even interested" Stanley spoke up. 

"Stanley" Estella called. 

"What is the movie about?" Stanley asked. 

"Romance...like Romeo and Juliet but not same" 

"Whoa!!!!" Holland and Daniel exclaimed. 

"I heard that play is super steamy and romantic,kissing scenes too." Daniel said. 

"The kissing scenes would be added too?" Stanley asked,getting interested already. 

"Of course" Estella replied and Stanley chuckled. But when he thought of Juliette,he shook his head. 

"I don't think I'm interested" he muttered. 

"But why!" Holland and Daniel screamed. 

"Who knows who the female lead would be,I can't be kissing just anyone,my lips are expensive" Stanley said and they all laughed. 

"The audition is ongoing,let's wait for the reveal" Estella said. 

"Then I will wait" Stanley nods. 

Estella walked out of the class. 

"What do you have in mind?" Daniel asked. 

"Juliette,I don't want to get on her bad side by flirty,she seems like a jealous type" Stanley smiled when he remembered last night. 

"Jealous type? You two aren't even dating" Holland scoffed. 

"I'm thinking...how should I ask her out?" Stanley asked. 

"Just tell her,how else?" 

"No,I need to put more effort,should we go on a vacation together and....."

"Why would you do that just because you want to ask a girl out?" Daniel cut in. 

"I don't know too,I just have this urge to do something crazy." Stanley muttered. 

"You're whipped" Holland shook his head. 

"I know" Daniel also shook his head while they stared at Stanley with pitiful looks on their faces. 


"I got it!!!" Juliette screamed and hugged Winnie tightly. 

She just came out of the audition hall and she got the lead role,only Winnie was waiting for her,the other three also went for their audituon in the music band. 

"I knew it!!" Winnie also screamed,they started jumping around while still hugging each other. 

"You should have seen Georgiana's face when she came out,I knew she failed" Winnie said mockingly. 

"She got the second female lead role,but I guess she want the lead role precisely" Juliette said when they started walking away. 

"Of course,what do you expect? She always wants to be ahead of everyone" Winnie scoffed. 

"I wonder who the male leading character would be tho" Juliette said. 

"I saw the female coordinator talking to Lennon earlier,I guess he's an automatic character,what if he's the lead character?" Winnie asked. 

"Lennon?" Juliette asked again and Winnie nodded. 

"That's cool" Juliette muttered. 

"You sound somehow,are you expecting it to be someone else?" Winnie teased. 

"Of course not!" Juliette screamed and ran away,Winnie ran after her. 


"Can't believe that poor girl got lead role,not Georgiana" Magnolia said and Edith hissed. 

"Those people don't even know anything,how is she better than our great Georgiana?" She asked. 

Georgiana said nothing,the only thing in her head that moment was Stanley. 

She overheard the coordinators talking about Stanley being the lead character,that was the main reason why she went for the audition and now she failed. 

"Are you really not going to talk? Isn't it annoying that girl won against you?" Magnolia asked. 

"Well,I'm still in the play. Let's just see as things would be" Georgiana said. 

"I'm annoyed,for real" Edith scoffed. 

Georgiana saw Ryan and Goldie walking together and she rolled her eyes. 

"Can't believe you have such amazing voice Ryan" Goldie said. 

Ryan also joined the band. 

"Was that really amazing? I just love playing the guitar,nothing else" Ryan said. 

"Of course,you're really talented. Do you wanna become an idol?" Goldie asked and Ryan laughed. 

"Stop being extra please" He said and Goldie smiled. 

"I love the way you laugh" She mumbled. 

"Let's have lunch together" Ryan said and Goldie immediately nodded. 


Juliette let out a nervous sigh as she walked into the hall,alot of students were there already talking loudly. 

Holland and Daniel were present too. 

The first person she saw was Lennon. 

He waved at her and she immediately walked over to him. 

"I didn't know you were interested in things like this" Juliette said. 

"I was invited" Lennon muttered. 

"Really? What role?" 

"Second lead...stuck in a love triangle" Lennon scoffed. 

"I got the lead role" Juliette bragged. 

"So you mean I will be chasing after you in the movie just like I am doing in real life?" Lennon asked and Juliette chuckled. 

She saw Georgiana glaring at her from the conner of the hall which she ignored. 

Estella and other coordinators came in. 

"I see we are all here,except our male leading character" Estella said. 

*Who's he?*

*I'm sure he's going to be handsome*

"Oh,here he comes" Estella smiled and all eyes turned to the entrance. 

Juliette's eyes widened,the students gasped. 

*It's Stanley!!*

*What the fuck!!!*

*I should have gotten the female lead role!!* 

Stanley's eyes met with Juliette and he winked at her. 

Lennon scoffed. 

"So we are complete now" 

"Please distribute the scripts according to their rules"  one of the coordinators said and Estella immediately started disturbing. 

"Please go through it,our female lead and male lead,please come forward first" 

Stanley and Juliette moved to the front and murmurs started. 

"Go through your scripts please for five minutes" 

Five minutes later**

"What do you think about it?" The coordinators asked. 

"Interesting" Juliette said. 

"I love it,there are some scenes we don't really need to rehearse" Stanley said. 

"What scenes?" 

"A scene like this....." Stanley looked at Juliette and she raised her brows. 

Before she knew it,he grabbed her by the waist and smashed his lips on hers,in front of everyone. 

They all gasped. 

Lennon's phone fell from this hand. 

But the craziest part was when....Juliette started kissing him back. 

*What the HECK?!!* 


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